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  1. Great work DE, IMO this is the best armor set to date. However I must ask if there is no channeling effects on purpose?
  2. This looks friggin awesome. Though his syandana looks pretty tiny on him.
  3. I really cant wait to see Warframe expand. The new war looks like something that will happen late 2019 or early 2020. But what I'm wondering is when we will hear plans of finally dealing with the void or the man in the wall.
  4. Loved the stream, although I'm curious as to why we didn't get a tease for Chroma prime's accessories (from an advertising standpoint). Though I do agree, Chroma may need some ability tweaking. Like @Tsoe said, his most powerful abilities are passive and not very interactive. My main gripe is that his augment mods should be something already in his kit and not take up a valuable mod slot. There is no justification for his first ability's augment mod to even exist. Its nearly as bad as his third augment that knocks down enemies and applies a puncture proc. I don't think I need to stress how we feel about rag doll explosions but as cc it feels out of place for Chroma. I think his 4 is fairly good, and even better if we can use his pelt to hover and direct the damage ourselves. I would like there to be an option to controlling his 4th ability similar to his augment but let us pilot it.
  5. When will we get battle royale? Are there any plans to making a new boss fight that will hunt you down like the stalker, gustrag and Zenuka? Will there be a teleporter between cetus and fortuna? Since we got some old events to return, when can we see the rest of the events return?
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