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  1. We tuck it away into storage for repairing and maintaining the foundry. It's a pretty complex fabricator.
  2. How would Steal work as far as it being used on an enemy? Are you talking about, for a level 30 enemy; 30 damage, scaling with strength mods applied without weapon mods; 30 damage, scaling with strength mods before weapon mods; 30 damage without strength mods, affected by weapon mods; or something else?
  3. They said a while back in a devstream that it was going to be tied to relevant story content.
  4. You're misunderstanding the limitation. It's not that it requires being on the ground, it's that it can only be used once in the air and then you have to touch the ground to reset, similar to double jump and aimglide.
  5. Thing is, they're not supposed to be /that/ much better than the normal frame, and even if you don't agree, those stat improvements can make a massive difference either globally on that frame, or for particular builds. We already have two more slots than we did for all frames back when we had abilities as cards, and while it would be nice to have a slot added for augments, having a slot on primes specifically is more than a bit silly.
  6. Can't casually bother my friends for one mission by idling if I just preview it.
  7. I bought it to slap on my Rhino for all of one time, and will never use it again. Completely worth the 50 plat, same thing I did with Limbo's agile.
  8. I don't think she betrayed us, not really. Ballas was a threat to us AND she cared about him due to her pseudoMargulis persona. The Sentient Mothers have direct influence over their children/exert a hive-mind influence on them (we know Natah as having been "riven" from them and that they'd want to reclaim her from Hunhow). It seems likely to me that she isn't in full control of her own actions, and that it wasn't her who actively chose to experiment on Ballas' half-dead body or betray us further, but rather that it's her mother actively influencing her interpretation of events and even her own actions.
  9. Originally they weren't going to have enhanced stats at all, and as it stands, most of them ARE significant upgrades to their normal counterparts because of those stats, or otherwise offer quality of life improvements (Rhino vs Rhino Prime's speeds). What OP is asking is wholly unrealistic and unreasonable.
  10. I agree with the idea, but I also wouldn't mind if it were implemented in such a way that the player would have to be selective (for example, a purchasable/craft-able lens extractor as opposed to simply being able to remove a lens at any time with no cost).
  11. I've never had a problem with air-cast restrictions for things that made sense, only ones that didn't quite feel like they did (Stomp and Link are perfect examples, respectively). I'm an avid Rhino user, especially because of his Stomp, so if I need to use it I'm either on the ground or wall-latched and it's near reflexive for me. That being said, I'm not going to be bothered if it gets additional use-cases or effects (Heavy Impact passive buffing Stomp somehow when it would otherwise be triggered by the fall?). Other abilities getting similar treatments to either given example where applicable seems like a nice addition.
  12. So far I haven't disliked any of the challenges. I do think paired challenges like the 60 minute Kuva survival/60 minute survival with a friend are cool in particular, though. While I personally wasn't bothered by the gilding and forma challenges, every one of my friends that I play with were annoyed by them and understandably so (the forma I think is the least unreasonable of the two, where making a modular for no other reason than the challenge AND having to level it once, spend standing/resources to gild it... ehh, it would be fine IF a new modular had been dropped that same week).
  13. Melee weapons also by and large require close quarters, therein lies the risk. Likewise, adding reach to a weapon makes the visible model different from the hitbox, meaning you still have to familiarize yourself with the weapon's new affect. If you go down continually because of the self-damage, that's on you. It's very easy to be mindful, I've said this numerous times and it's demonstrable. You have no said a single thing new or impactful to this point. That you think self-damage shouldn't be in the game is already abundantly clear, but your reasoning is fairly flimsy considering how ridiculously easy it is to avoid self damage. It isn't punishing unless you lack the ability to remember not to fire an explosive weapon at your feet or in close quarters, or your situational awareness is so poor that you fire indiscriminately despite knowing that enemies and allies can jump in front of you (again, not difficult to avoid if you're mindful). If you can't adapt to a mechanic that is so predictable and simple, don't use explosive weapons, and that goes double if you think other weapons are a better option. Use the better option, it isn't difficult.
  14. Is there any news on the previously mentioned "Devil Trigger"/Living Weapon melee mode, and whether it's still planned to be added into the game during the melee phases?
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