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  1. Spell ICUP. You're equally as culpable as the troll who said to say something backwards, since you thoughtlessly did so. Next time be more cautious.
  2. A grace period isn't quite what the OP is using it as, but it is a commonly used term for being able to pay after the due date of a payment without suffering a consequence from the party you're paying to. What they were asking for makes sense, and doesn't seem like a bad idea. Service connected means that the person was injured while in some kind of service (usually the military, but can be police, fire department and the like as well).
  3. Seems like you need to learn to pay attention. We weren't "promised" Railjack OR the New War in 2018, they were teased at most, much like the Duviri Paradox was teased at TennoCon 2019. Most of your other complaints also seem to either be a disingenuous reading of events or based in a lack of understanding.
  4. It gives you a 90% chance to have a second arrow. The stat bonuses in the UI aren't correct, since it only affects the damage 9/10ths of the time, not 90% all the time.
  5. That's fair enough. I'd like more skill-oriented stuff, or an AI overhaul that makes them more coordinated and less "runs at you, please shoot me, ninja-daddy UwU", but there are definitely parts of Warframe's player base who like that low-skill, AFK-able stuff, or the ability to use a weapon and abilities to clear maps with no effort or thought whatsoever. I think depending on how the melee stuff gets completed (whether we get that "Devil Trigger" esque mode, or have our promised aerial combos and combo counter mechanic changes) it could either make it more skill-based and interesting, or too easy (I know generally people just Atterax/wide-area melee optimal combo spam and chill as it is, but that's incredibly dull). For warframe, it's always going to be a push-pull between casual players and meta-enthusiasts who simply want least-effort-as-possible-per-unit-gained, and people who want more challenging and interesting stuff, especially with player skill, tactical/mechanical play, or risk-versus-reward. So I doubt we're going to be in a likely place for some kind of overhaul to it, they tried things like Spy 2.0, and then ended up through community push and otherwise countermanding that difficulty for most tilesets.
  6. Then your lack is self-imposed, and not the fault of the game. If all you do is one or two things, or play the new thing that is dropped and then complain there's no content, you don't have much of a leg to stand on. Again, there's PLENTY to do in Warframe gameplay-wise, it's just that you have no interest. Which, again, loathe as I am to repeat myself, go play something else for a while. That's a sign of burnout. Sure, it'd be neat if we got some "endgame" stuff, whatever that is, but it will inevitably suffer from the same complaints, no matter how procedurally randomized, challenging or rewarding it is.
  7. Steam's hours are inaccurate. Warframe's account stats are much closer to reality. According to steam I have ~6500 hours in Warframe, whereas my account stats place me ~3500 hours. As for your post being discredited, it DOES discredit this part. You're a liar when you say this but you don't have everything currently obtainable in game. Warframe doesn't really lack content, it has plenty of things for you to go and do, you just don't feel like doing any of that, whether that's trying new "tools" or simply enjoying chopping up bodies with you favorite weapon, helping new players or playing with friends. Either go play something else until it updates again, or figure out a mission type you like to play or something you want to do in game. Generally, MMOs don't have endlessly repeatable content to begin with insofar as getting things from it, you get the good/best gear, then you do daily/weekly things until the next event or content drop or you make a goal/game of something to entertain yourself while you replay that same raid/dungeon/whatever with friends and guildmates.
  8. Gameplay loops being enjoyable or not is highly subjective. That means changes to it are equally subjective. You can change, but not improve, the core gameplay. If you like a game, you like a game, that doesn't make the game good or bad. As an example, No Man's Sky, Minecraft or similar exploration/crafting games are incredibly boring to me, but plenty of other people enjoy them. I want more combat that is more rewarding and engaging in those titles, but I'm not under the illusion that such combat will be added. The core gameplay could be improved /for me/ and other people with similar tastes, but it would be the opposite for people who don't want to have more combat in the game, and neutral to others. You almost never can say something has improved as though it was improved across the board (the thing in question has to be universally discounted or reviled). So yes, if you enjoy the grind, you'll play for longer, but you can't suggest "improvements" as though the changes will be objectively better across the board. Alterations should be handled slowly and with extreme care. If you're bored in the meantime, play a different game, that's how this kind of stuff works, especially in MMOs.
  9. I've never had a problem with air-cast restrictions for things that made sense, only ones that didn't quite feel like they did (Stomp and Link are perfect examples, respectively). I'm an avid Rhino user, especially because of his Stomp, so if I need to use it I'm either on the ground or wall-latched and it's near reflexive for me. That being said, I'm not going to be bothered if it gets additional use-cases or effects (Heavy Impact passive buffing Stomp somehow when it would otherwise be triggered by the fall?). Other abilities getting similar treatments to either given example where applicable seems like a nice addition.
  10. So far I haven't disliked any of the challenges. I do think paired challenges like the 60 minute Kuva survival/60 minute survival with a friend are cool in particular, though. While I personally wasn't bothered by the gilding and forma challenges, every one of my friends that I play with were annoyed by them and understandably so (the forma I think is the least unreasonable of the two, where making a modular for no other reason than the challenge AND having to level it once, spend standing/resources to gild it... ehh, it would be fine IF a new modular had been dropped that same week).
  11. Is there any news on the previously mentioned "Devil Trigger"/Living Weapon melee mode, and whether it's still planned to be added into the game during the melee phases?
  12. It's a not new OR a big deal, so you can cut the melodrama. Inaros, Vauban (especially pre-Nightwave), and Nyx. All Vaulted Prime frames. Every single one of those at the very least is "gated" behind a "temporal event" of some kind, whether that's Baro coming back, monthly rotation or weekly standing in the case of pre- and post- Nightwave Vauban, Infested boss node invasions for Nyx, and the relic availability of unvaulted primes. Anyone getting publicly up in arms over a slight variation of what they do on the regular with no issues is misleading people with the idea that there's something to be upset about to begin with.
  13. Defaulting in this instance is unacceptable as an option for me at present. They made melee channel un-rebindable today and I wrestled with altering my keybinding to keep a semblance of what I had prior to the phase1 last night. I got it to work but had to sacrifice alt-fire, since it can't be bound with channel unless it is on the default (the right stick press), which I currently use for toggle crouch. The sticks are basically my navigation/movement tools. I've played this way for, give or take a few bindings, the entire time I've been playing Warframe. Changing that for a week or so would be incredibly awkward due to that built up familiarity. Currently, I'm having a similar issue with others mentioned above. The game does not respond to controller input apart from when I use the stick to move a cursor in menus. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434), Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz (6 CPUs), ~2.8GHz Motherboard: Z370 AORUS Gaming 7-OP Graphics card: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics Going to try a system restart once Warframe is done verifying, and will edit this post if the restart fixes the issue as some users have reported above. Restarting fixed input detection. The only remaining issue in my case appears to be a lack of controller input detection on the login screen, which is fairly inconsequential.
  14. Thank you for letting us know the controller stuff is being looked into, and thanks for working late to put out a hotfix. ❤️
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