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  1. Took you only 6 major updates to do this, but finally.
  2. To be fair, with the amount of credits we are given at the end of Railjack/Profit_Taker, i rarely see those dedicated credit runs, but newer players do have troubles getting through standings required to get to PT, or they don't have any good RJ squad or clan. I do see occasional Index runs for this reason Isn't "decorator" enough? if someone will get decorator, no matter the other room access, a player will "sabotage" anyway regardless of your "room limitation", if it's that player intention. Still will empty your vault, but just with the usage of that one room, still will put plenty garbage in your dojo... Just think of who do you trust. On the other hand - decorator with no space to work isn't really a decorator 1. 600k credits is more than enough for a new player to pay for blueprint crafting cost of like 20 new weapons, or to put into some mods. Modding upgrade is heavy limited not by credits, but by endo. By that time you will get higher mastery rank, you will unlock more of the content of the actual game, and more opportunities for more credit gains and even sources of plat making. 2. Steve did play through the game (fresh start) on stream, but it was long time ago, and i don't know where did he end up finishing at, and idk wether he accepted gifts or not. 3. You can get completely free slots, potatoes, mods, Kuva, and other things like Umbra forma from Nightwave, and from alerts like invasions, fomorian (that is available now but requires access to saturn + archwing), razorback. Devstream have usually Gift of the Lotus missions that give free potatoes. Anniversary weapons also had potatoes already baked into them for double capacity. 4. Pokemon GO has literally the same thing with "slots" and there are also a couple kind of those, like pokemon ones, inventory ones. However, you can easly catch ton of those and hit the limit in couple hours, and to earn yourself pokecoins you have to have an access to a gym that your "team" controlls. Good luck with that when you live outside of the city. P2W? Well, kinda. You got to pay for a flat in a city or be lucky to live in one. 5. What stops you from selling weapons and remaking them later when you become rich with slots, if you enjoy them so much? Are you really going to spend all of the plat on potatoes on early weapons? Even if so, early on you are limited in everything, as in every single game, and trading in this game is incredibly generous. You can make platinum by selling nearly anything, from prime parts, which you can have a hard time getting (because of the gameplay loop with obtaining relics, then traces, then going into radshares for a best possible chance of obtaining rare items) up to even mining stupid crystals on Venus'es Orb Vallis, or fishing, and trading those. 6. Old 200+ plat can't be really compared to the ones nowadays. Also on how old are we talking about? Closed beta times? Update 7? When i started in 2014 i am pretty positive i had the same amount of exactly 50 platinum at start. 7. I can't see the way of getting scammed over a trade. If you don't know the price of an item you trade for, then you go to www.warframe.market and see everything there, on how low/high people sell the item. Also, both sides have to accept after selecting and "locking" in the items, i can't see any "EVE Online" style of scam anyone could pull off against you, or a quick "plat decrease" when a person suddenly changes plat given to you from 100 to 1 the last milisecond a trade window closes. This game doesn't cater to those type of players anyway, but i have to admit when you get into rivens it starts to get close to this (type in "riven mafia warframe" in youtube), but as a "new player" you are nowhere near this point in game to even play with this system yet. What they should really do is for example, to inform you that max rank of weapons is 30 and you shouldn't sell weapons beforehand to not waste your time re-crafting the weapons later on, because you get full mastery and you get maximum capacity for an item like that. Over the course of the game development they dumbed down many things WAY too much for EXACTLY new players, to the point the game literally has no endgame. Maybe you will one day see it yourself.
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