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  1. Some things this game saves, like for example graphical settings game saves only locally. But about railjack i am not sure. However i did also experienced the "loss" of items in the railjack fitting, i did not play it for very long time and now i see most of the avionics versions are gone, I assumed there was some balancing done in the meantime but i didn't follow patchnotes recently, as i came back after like 4 months break. It turned out they were just stripped away, same for reactors and guns, i just had to equip them again.
  2. my overall Kills/Deaths is 0.5 even though i have 3k kills. The only thing that it tells me is that i'm garbage LOL, not have some special skill. I rarely hear people calling themselves "skilled" and even then there are bigger fishes that eat them too so... It is like in any other game, One think of himself is skilled but in reality there are better players, And it is the same in titles you mentioned. It goes as far that i got called noob by people in chat just for having more loses in lunaro then wins - W/L 250/300. And i won't call myself skilled in this either, it isn't something that
  3. lunaro would be just a walking simulator with throwing balls and checking each other on ground, this is something that would put it back even behind things like Rocket League, which people already were kind enough to compare it to without even thinking... You know, there is this rocket fuel in RL that lets you reach ceiling in seconds? There are also mechanics like flip reset, air dribbles, dribbles, air shots, power shots....? You know that those are REQUIRED TO EVEN PERFORM MODERATELY in that game, not stomp others, just to have ANY CHANCE of getting somewhere, there are tons of guides
  4. i mean new to PvP in here, not new to the game. It is pretty obvious fresh Warframe players won't even have any idea what other parts of the game look like fully. And i doubt it is due to "aboundance of interactions" and "no explainations". Warframe was a place that was knows for it's community and it's huge helping focus towards fresh players, unless something changed? Can you enlighten me on this? Also many people i see on Facebook group, or commenting under the videos where i look at different content creators says it's complexity and modding is fun and all and they are eager to get deep i
  5. yeah i completly agree, some of the things with connection could be done better, like lag compensation mechanisms. Just because we slash grineer in half which works regardless of 50 ping or 400 ping doesn't excuse it can be left like that. And does not excuse that DE could host dedicated servers themselves...
  6. then why every discussion i have with totally new players i meet in this mode, more than half of the time result in "oh i don't like losing you know", or "i don't have time to learn this sh&^@#ampt"? And other half of the time they leave after being killed once or twice? This game is just overcasualized and people don't like tiresome tasks of "getting good" or have really vague definition of "getting good". Also nobody said that "people actively search for PvP in the game that mostly focus on PvE". Contrary, in my case i played since 2014 and did not even think about playing PvP in th
  7. I have started my "Conclave journey" 2 years ago, starting it from Lunaro, and now i play annihilations. I was garbage in both, as you may propably guess Warframe with it's "press E" and atterax never ending crits did not teach me how to aim at people, especially those that were moving fast. During this time i have come across 2 people that were toxic, other than those 2 people, rest even offered to spend time being shooting targets or offered sparrings so i can get grip on "mechanics" and provided usefull tips/information what works and what doesn't. Now i teach others what do/not_to_do
  8. I think the problem does not lie in the "graphics team should go and do bugfixes" The problem is that there is too much people involved in the graphical/art design because that sells the game, i get it, they make the money like that. But on the other hand while things like "X does not match on frame Y and Z syandana clips through frame B" are usually resolved pretty fast while other bugs in the game that affect gameplay take unreasonably long to fix. And then we have nerfs that we all wait for to one day come into game This imbalance hurts gameplay, while what we get is mor
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