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  1. As a Conclave Player it is nice to see those auguments we used in PvP seeing PvE daylight, even though propably many of those would be not that usefull in the end
  2. i see more and more "conclave" word in hotfixes recently to be fair, nice. Didn't expect that
  3. Very old forum posts were disabled from votings and contributions, and had "upvote" emote left, i think this would have been bettter, but now what's done is done.
  4. Can you get rid of Telos Boltace and shield gate from conclave? Or make shield gate last for .3 seconds EVERY single time shield breaks (Now we got 1.25s from full shield down, and .3 when partial shield recharge occured). Telos Boltace removal, since you added lifted mechanic, has been asked for several months now. It is simple check for you and will make Conclave comfort a bit better, well, to be honest far better.
  5. Well, with skill you are right. Try to aim a headshot on one of the conclave players. Huh? you say you can't? well "just tap heads LMAO" In more polite words. What you created in conclave with this change is you dramatically increased skill gap between pro and noob-skilled players. Nice move.
  6. Ok, after experiencing the new face of conclave after what you did with PvE, It boiled down again, to another thing with PvE changes bleeding into PvP. Combat in eyes of many feels slugginsh. Shield gating created even bigger gap between pro players and total noobs like me. Why you would say? Well, the answer is very simple. You punish people that aim bodyshots, which should have been a positive feedback ("yay you hit him, he will die soon" "...oh wait"), while pro people can, and for very long time, were able to do consistent headshots with whatever arms you have given them. Headshots bypass shieldgates, while very little people can land headshots. Meanwlie people that play regularly and would bodyshotted normally, are punished since they are gated from dealing any damage to oponent. This only deepen skillgap in that part of the content. Please revisit your decision about it in there, or make it lass punishable. At the moment it is the same bull*@$(^AMP as 100% damage block from melee weapons. Some elemental statuses are BUSTED in Conclave with recent update. You forgot that wepons force proc status effects there, of a few different procs, AT 100% CHANCE. Revisit this in regards to that content, please. I would like to enjoy competition, not s)@$!show. Create additional megathread with how recent changes affected conclave, this will be best thing to gather feedback.
  7. Nice that we got that. Does it mean DE crew will more often look in Conclave subforums? Todays update kind of rose our hopes for better future of this content.
  8. I hope this update will not screw conclave. I see your attention for conlave rises. First with some lunaro fixes that we experienced at the Melee 3.0 phase 2 release. And now you actually reduced dual sword spin damage. Would like to get those 2 devs that were pulled out of there again. Or some information if this situation will continue - with more fixes delivered to adress problems there. Would like to see some megathread created for that as well.
  9. @[DE]Megan You dropped lunaro ball gaining momentum again, for client players fix, in the notes somewhere. Can't stress how much happy i am.
  10. REMOVE Kuve Bramma FROM CONCLAVE! NAU! Why do you guys keep doing this??? Releasing Wepons like that and then not flagging them disabled in PvP? With 1.0 dmg Conclave multiplier, basically making it having PvE stat (800dmg) vs. Warframes that have maximum of 300 HP? Another repeat from Pennant?
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