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  1. If you want to make primaries/secondaries a better option for high level instead of melee, don't nerf melee. Buff primary. Melee is fine. Incentivize people to move to guns by making guns more attractive; not by making melee LESS attractive. You're effectively taking melee AWAY from people instead of offering something better. That's like making people drive less by making gasoline more expensive. This is a mistake. I actually like the idea of arcanes on guns, but nerfing the melee mods to force people to try new things is a mistake. This is forcing. Heavy handed focus
  2. That was an awful one, yeah. I remember. I was totally at the mercy of enough bad guys spawning near me to accomplish the thing before moving to the next one. I failed a few times before finding a way. You practice first at Simaris's, yeah? One thing I've noticed about these really hard tests is that it's not just about skill. Man, I tried like hell with my Inaros with my best Steel Path everything to beat the MR30 test, but there just weren't ... enough ... seconds. Mastery is also about knowing the right tool for the job instead of just playing your favorite frame. When I thought about
  3. Buggy game lol. Well, at least the Jackal fight is a quick one, right? You can get right back to where you left off.
  4. I had a weird thing happening with my new Nautilus sentinel, and I realized what it was. On two missions in a row, when I 'trapped' the synth target for scanning, I saw it flying erratically up and down, hovering like normal, then suddenly up in the air, moving all around while still tethered to the trap. It's Cordon. When my Nautilus cordons a bunch of enemies, some group up like Ensnare, others end up in the air above them. But it's also happening to synth targets while they in the traps. FWI. Certainly makes it harder to scan them lol.
  5. Gara is a warframe I just can't enjoy as much. Even with 200%+ duration, there's just SO much time spent maintaining splinter storm.
  6. Parts worth less ducats are annoying when trying to farm ducats for Baro. Why oh why would you make more?
  7. Question for the Devstream: Would you consider getting feedback from the big YouTubers and community about nerfing melee weapon speed and rebalances before moving forward with the plans stated last Devstream? Melee and melee Speed isn't a problem. Quick elaboration: The reason melee does so much better than guns is because of the ability to build combo modifiers etc. Nerfing melee speed would be a bad thing. You can't "get through the steel path by just mashing E with speed mods". Any speed mods you put into a melee weapon means not having that mod slot for something else, so it
  8. Did you guys nerf the crewmates some? Tonight my defender was getting his butt kicked and my gunners weren't doing as well. :p That was a little irregular.
  9. Big Bugs I've seen: Bonewidow Hitting Orphix Problems - Type: In-Game - Description: Bonewidow's Ironbride having a hard time hitting Orphix. Hacking at the Orphix is very different than it was in Op Orphix Venom. It's been hard to register hits, especially from other angles, when we could attack the Orphix from any angle before. Even straight on at the eye, I'm missing a lot, then as Bonewidow advances during swings, I have to stop, back up, and start again. Feels like attacks registering is maybe 30% what it was before. - Visual: N/A - Reproduction: Repeatedly reproduced on mult
  10. So why were so many people saying !grabbag on the stream? Do you have to say that to get one? Or is it just mass hysteria?
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