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  1. Yep. Invisible walls. DE, I've got more details on this thread:
  2. There are DEFINITELY invisible walls now, at least in Gian Point. I'm getting hung on on stuff that doesn't make sense. I think it's involving that new landmark you put in there: Frost Prime beseeches you: Fix the new invisible walls!
  3. Ever since the Arcana Update/Hotfix, I've noticed these new things in Railjack: (btw, THANKS DE for updating the missing Player list while engaged with RJ stations! It's back. :) ) 1. Minor Cosmetic Glitch: Scrap Icons in the 'Wreckage Capacity' UI are showing as blank instead of with pictures of guns, reactors, etc. I've confirmed this multiple times today doing several railjack excursions. Screencap: 2. Invisible Walls in Veil Proxima So far, I've only done Gian Point, but I've been running into invisible walls in areas that should be clear. I do a lot of
  4. THANK YOU for fixing the Railjack bug where you can't see the player list while in a station. Bug note: When I returned to Dry Dock and went into my railjack control panel to scrap the scrap, most of the scrap icons were blank. As in the Lavan Photors MKIII card didn't have a picture of photors on it.
  5. I was super excited yesterday to finally pull my Voidrig Necramech out of the foundry. I know I'm late to the party, but ... now I get to partake in the affinity bugs that have apparently been plaguing other players all this time?? For hours, I've been running around on Orb Vallis trying to rank up my mech, and I keep LOSING AFFINITY. Even now, I'm getting frustrated wasting time trying to get from rank 26 to 30 and I keep losing my progress for no reason. The rank goes up, then it's back down again. Same with the Arquebex. I see its rank going all over the place. Multiple times now, I've
  6. She showed switching to cold, then casting a cold Elemental Ward. I think just having that toggled on while running around in melee would be badass. Being able to fight with a sword/whatever while also shooting fire or lightning or whatever? Setting things on fire while swiping through crowds with an axe? That makes a lot of sense for Chroma, and would make Spectral Scream a utility, a status primer, and an elemental damage buff of choice for melee combat. It'd be worth having, and cool 1 ability.
  7. #[DE]Bear, I don't know if you're aware, but ever since the Deimos update, you can't see the player list and their stations (indicated by an icon) in the upper right part of the screen anymore whenever you're engaged in a ship station. This means that when you're a pilot, or in the arty, or in a side gun, you can't see the player list, where people are, or even who's on your ship unless you hit "L" and look at the tactical menu. As a pilot, this is hugely inconvenient. Once I start a mission and am flying around, I can't even tell who's on my ship, if I'm alone, or if people have randomly
  8. Fantastic idea to have an elemental toggle, and I like the change to Spectral Scream making it 100% status. Can we please allow melee attacks while Spectral Scream is active though? I'm still not sure whether or not I'm supposed to be able to use my melee weapon while Spectral Scream is toggled on, because that's really buggy, but it would make a lot of sense for Chroma to be able to do that.
  9. Thanks you! Please fix this RAILJACK BUG: Ever since Deimos came out, you can't see the list of players on your ship in the upper right anymore whenever you're engaged in a station; in the pilot seat, arty seat, or on a side turret. The only way to see the player list and where they are is through the tactical menu or when not engaged in a station. This makes it difficult as a pilot to know what people are doing, or even that anyone has joined your ship at all! Please fix!
  10. Wanted to point this out. Surely DE knows about it? When you move warframe mod loadouts around in the Arsenal, like swapping A for B to switch places, Helminth replaced abilities don't move with it. Example: Say I have a Mesa where I replaced her 1 with Pillage in "A" and replaced her 1 with Quiver in "B". If I wanted to swap A and B by dragging the loadout tabs, I'll switch those loadouts and the mods (and loadout custom names) would move, however, the abilities remain the same. Swapping A (Pillage) and B (Quiver) would result in the loadouts changing places, but Pillage would
  11. Ever since the Halloween event, and I've been grinding mother tokens (and Scintillant for a Quassus--holy smokes, that's not exactly a 'common' drop), I've been running into a strange K-Drive bug. Most times, when I hurry to the gates, then rush to get out into the bounty, I hop on my K-Drive immediately to go faster until I can get outside to my archwing, and I'm finding that as I jump onto the K-Drive, I automatically swing around 180 degrees and face the gate again. TYPE: [In Game] DESCRIPTION: [When leaving the gates to do a bounty, and deploying the K-Drive to get outside more
  12. I concur. The mission start flashbang is awful. I've been researching how to disable it, thinking it might be a video setting thing. Guess it's a new bug?
  13. You got a perfect roll, so it'd be a small waste of time to go for another toxin one for valence fusion, but usually as you fuse one after another to upgrade your Kuva weapons, only the final weapon's element really matters.
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