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  1. I'm attempting to help my sister finish her thermia fractures before the event ends and we got her up to 83 points by 11pm Eastern. Now today at 3pm were trying to finish things out but when attempting to place a coolant capsule in a thermia fracture it gives the prompt and takes the coolant but doesn't initiate the meter or spawn enemies. We have the same load out as we had the previous night with me playing host in an invite only instance. We also attempted making a public lobby and switching who was hosting and the thermia fractures will still not activate.
  2. Can we get just a little more clarification as to why it's not possible to remap secondary fire/melee channel to other buttons? My secondary fire sits on square atm, how would this break the melee system? I've found a way to circumvent this issue on PC by using software that allows my controller R3 and square to be recognized as keyboard keys and that has allowed to me to invert them the way that I need them to be, but it's not that simple on PS4.
  3. Well atm its for Power A, reason being is that some warframe's abilities require relative accuracy (and in the case of ivara the ability to both press and hold a button) and R3 gives you that by not forcing you to take your thumb away from the thumbstick. Its much more responsive there and I cant put it on the touch pad or the right face buttons (or the triggers now) because it would force me to pull my aiming thumb away. The alternative is now putting it on the left face which is already housing my consumables, transference, B, and D but the sacrifice is losing control over movement while I cast my A. I could add the ability menu button back in, but oh wait, you can only bind transference to any button that isnt the face buttons so the end result is that i now have to press two buttons, nither of which are on the thumbsticks, to do the same thing. If Sprint were just an always on thing like they stated they were looking into, then I would map Power A there but until then i cant lose my functionality to control my sprint. This is why the ability menu needs to be recycled into a sub-menu that can be bound with ANY actions or hotkeys or at the very least open up what can be bound to the swipe pad so we can free up button real estate for actions that actually require a button. And I mean seriously does perma-binding a mechanic (thats really only used to trigger one mod) to a button really make sense? Channeling should just be scrapped and life strike adapted to fit into the new melee system. I mean there was no issue with completely eradicating any use for mods that require you to block on command.
  4. This will make me quit the game. I'm not saying this to be melodramatic and I'm sorry if I cant provide better, more constructive feedback, but I'm simply stating that if I can't remap this garbage mechanic that I never use then I, a 5 year veteran of the game, am done. This doesn't just discomfort me, it forces me to remap in a way that completely neuters my play style and makes me wholly ineffective or causes my hands physical stress. If you're going to go through with this at least make it so that i can remap a few logical actions to the swipe pad, like opening the consumables wheel which we were told was coming with Fortuna 2 in that pre-release thread. EDIT: And before anyone asks me to play the changes before I give feedback, I play on PC too and I've all but already quit playing there completely because of this.
  5. Are there any age restrictions s this year for purchasing the VIP or Legendary tickets? My sister would like attend as a VIP with me this year, but she will only be on the cusp of turning 18 when Tennocon arrives. Any clarification on this would be great because I know in 2017 there was alcohol served at the brunch but I didnt see any at the 2018 brunch.
  6. Just to clarify, the fix to map consumables to the touch-pad is coming with this change? As of right now we can not and it's one of the more glaring frustrations I have with playing with a controller.
  7. I'm pretty certain we will, it was probably another version merge mistake that caused the omission.
  8. As someone who was forced to adapt to a hybrid of classic and new I completely agree and support the quoted suggestion. The power menu should just be a sub menu of hot keys that can be accessed on the fly. The consumables wheel is clumsy at best on controllers and we have very limited buttons for gear hotkey bindings. As a side note, the fact that some actions can not be bound to the touch pad strikes me as odd and frustrating. The biggest example is opening the consumables wheel. This does not require a held button press so there is no good explanation for why it cannot not be placed on the touch pad. Allowing this would free up one of my d-pad buttons and enhance the ergonomics of my controller layout.
  9. Thank you, I am not alone! (Playing Okami for the billionth time but on my switch and I have to say this is the best version yet)
  10. Also you can't map your touch pad anymore on PS4. Simply cannot select any part of the touch pad.
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