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  1. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.3.0 + Hydroid Prime!

    Not only is barrage cancelled when activating undertow but if you cast barrage while in undertow only the first second produces any missles. After that the timer stops as though the skill is paused but there is no visual effect and no damage (using corrosive barrage augment) even after cancelling undertow. Timer remains stuck where ever it was when enemy entered the pool Edit: This is only occurring for me when enemies are in the puddle with or without the augment.
  2. Oh I don't like secrets... unless your secret is another wukong situation. Dropping new content on all platforms at the same time is fun, bugs be damned.
  3. PS4/XB1 Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    Sweet can't wait to add the Ignis Wraith to my clans research collection!
  4. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Sweet, I've been looking forward to this all weekend!
  5. I'll address all 3 questions at once. As far as the fragments go, they hold a hidden story about Ordis's past. Scroll over each completed segment towards the buzzing sound. Collect all to hear the complete story. The Orokin are gone all that remains are outliers that have adopted new factions like the twin queens and those who were around during the empire like alad v. The sentients will be expanding soon. Excal umbra (and the umbra system I assume) will come with the third quest in the chain of cinematic quests. I assume melee rivens are on the horizon.
  6. TennoCon 2017: Tickets On Sale!

    Fixed that for ya.
  7. TennoCon 2017: Tickets On Sale!

    I'm going! Can't wait for brunch and the tour!
  8. Banshee Prime Arrives February 28!

    Unlikely, I'm fairly certain you'll be seeing zephyr and Mirage before a Mesa
  9. Banshee Prime Arrives February 28!

    Bae is finally coming home
  10. Last chance for Volt Prime and Odonata Prime

    Indeed, that's why its... just perfect :D
  11. Last chance for Volt Prime and Odonata Prime

    Vamanos Volt, make way for the Queen B!
  12. PS4: The Glast Gambit (U19.5.7) [+hotfixes]

    Drew I can't buy the discounted platinum packs on ps4 atm. Even though they show as discounted, when I select to buy one they are full price
  13. Winter Platinum Sale Live Now

    Today is Jan 24th and the sale states it goes until today. I see the platinum bundles in the playstation store as marked down but when I click on them they come up full price. I just went a bought $90 to buy the 3k pack and now I can't buy it. I know this is a Sony issue but I'm wondering if there's anyway for my to still get the sale price as no cut off time was specified and it technically still shows as being on sale
  14. New Contest: Tenno Tunes Vol 2!

    I have to agree. The Second Dream set the tone for the games atmosphere and these rap and dubstep songs (and don't get me wrong I like dubstep) just feel alien and out of place like they belong in a different game. I would love a fanmade submission that embraces the atmosphere and molds it into something I wouldn't mind having on the comms in my liset.
  15. PSA: "Winter Glyph I" Glyph to Emblem Scripts

    Yeah I'm confused by all if this. The last day of the first showdown was a glaxion skin and the second showdown had a snowday showdown glyph (two crossed mint scythes and a snow flake) as the final reward, I never got an emblem or a winter glyph I