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  1. Guess the remaining days until a new predatory monetization comes up. Remember the database """""issues""""" for storing rng based rivens, that costs an arm in platinum, and are still limited to a hard ceiling of 120 (after spending thousands of plats). How long until this database space issue pops again to store those damn RNG stats kuva weapons ? Same for storing those captured liches as companions. Wild guess of few hundreds of plats to expand a closet to hang 3 liches in there. I give it a couple of weeks until they actually come up with that nonsense to take advantage of the grindoholics that are hunting few liches a day already.
  2. RNG stats on weapons is CANCER I won't touch that steaming PoS until this is changed to a fixed value. Also the valence transfer resolves nothing if the B weapon is inferior, then it is still junk. I liked the farm and the grind til now for years, but this has gone too far.
  3. Yep, especially the butcheri.... nerfs. They can be DElayed inDEfinitely.
  4. To all the people that are applauding they can now earn the stuff they missed on S1 and I1 at the expense of those who grinded it back then ; wait until you are in the same position we are today, forced to grind through useless levels and "rewards" that don't stack and join the hate train. It is now the right time to change this ugly intermission 2 and put all the repeats to the store, so those who missed it can PAY with creds for them, those who earned it should have something valuable for their time too, like a big bunch of credits, consumables, formas of all kind etc. It's an insult to have those dead rewards, and it has to be fixed ASAP.
  5. Totally agree for the first part. For second part, one explaination : Lazyness. They already run out of idea fairly quick with the global synthesis target, few weeks after releasing the Sanctuary. I'm inclined to think they are running out of ideas for NW too, and also a total lack of common sense for not putting those reruns to cred shop or Baro's shop. Totally lame.
  6. Best way to avoid this drama : - think better - make all the repeats rewards buyable in cred shop - therefore fill the gaps with a big bunch of creds - allow us to buy formas with creds, since we'll gonna need a lot with the new weapon exilus... In this state, it's an unacceptable spit to the face of those who grinded S1+I1+S2. Still happy the kuva is finally a permanent addition to the shop, but still 2 weeks too late.
  7. Disappointing dead "rewards" for those who already completed season 1. Would be acceptable if the armor and repeats were replaced by consumables. (umbra forma hint hint...)
  8. Empyrean might become the tombstone of the game if performance issues are not fixed, especially in missions hosting two squads, both on space and on ground. They get tons of suggestions, but never act. At least, critical missions involving rare loot such as arbitration should be hosted by DE, as they partially do with conclave with a dirt low playerbase...
  9. Yes i added it in second points. Those ideas are cheap countermeasures to bad network code that doesnt involve dedicated servers if they keep refusing the idea. If those two were implemented it would be less of a hassle to rely on a gamble for good hosting, i agree with you.
  10. First thing : we need a benchmark to assert computer power towards being host and having a "hosting score" which determines the priority in migration, but also the time you have to wait looking for matchmaking before becoming first host. Without this, toasters will continue to be hosts with good ping, it's far worse and cause so much more game latency. Second thing : also take into account the "quit mission" stats to determine who is the worst and potential leaver to not get the host priority.
  11. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL Need one in my ship. Never seen one in 5k hours...
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