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  1. Hello, I'd like to propose a slight hitbox increase on the Photor convergence . Problem: Keeping the Photor beam on target to ramp up incendiary procs is in my opinion too difficult, especially after the range increase. Cause: -Photor hitbox is a pinpoint spot, rather than what I'd assume was a horizontal line formed by the two beams converging. -[PILOT ONLY] Aiming with the railjack has 2 different "speeds". The first only adjusts the aiming reticle, but the second (when you move your aim further) also moves the entire ship to aim at the point. This leads to a lot of over and under correcting your aim to keep the Photor beam on target. Because most of the damage of this weapon is meant to be dealt at long ranges and by sustained fire, I think a slightly more generous hitbox for its damage point would make it a lot more reliable.
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