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  1. Math can tell you the probability and likelihood It doesn't tell you the future So to you the difference between 2% and 34.39% isn't "dramatic increase" ? Said mmo's usually have multiple types of dungeons and other things and systems for unique and special rewards . Warframe at the time had only thing and it drove entire player base to spend their time in it , even Devs themselfs in one of the devstream admitted being bad hence why they "blew up" the void . Doesn't change the fact that they rotate and don't stay state static like
  2. 10% if you're opening relic by your self , its 34.39% then its 4 radiant relics Also you just admitted being wrong Except this isn't entirely correct . 1) you don't need or have to refine every relic and I very much doubt you do that 2) you can get refined relics from ESO , void storms and partially refined relics from endless missions 3) you don't have to have specific relic to other relic rewards as other player rewards can chosen 4) the whole relic sharing mechanic get rids of one of the major problems void key system had , the key leechers .
  3. 100K is 100.000 , those umbral pedestals cost 1.000.000 each so I'm guess you meant 100KK ( 100.000.000 ) .
  4. Star chart resources aren't tradable , only small number of open world resources like gems and fish are tradable . If you need alloy plates go farm them at Ceres Gabii .
  5. If your PC can't run open worlds then forgeting about farming debt bonds so that could farm gyromag . Buying Xaku with platnum is your only choice .
  6. Illusion ? You are increasing your odds at getting rare item through refinement and stacking same relics , something that void key system did not offer . Explain to me how exactly it is an illusion . Void keys were the same minus the traces grind , on top you had to deal with void tile set fatigue . I was sick of the void , all I did was sit in the void for days and not playing the rest of the game . Better loot ? you mean orokin cells , fusion cores , void keys oh and lets not forget the Loki Prime systems ( or was it chassi
  7. The whole event is satire , if your looking for story content you're in wrong place , also this event is 3 years old so you could have looked it up on youtube or something to find out that what kind of content it is .
  8. Account data transfer was one time only then this game first launched on consoles and on top you will never be able to transfer your account from consoles to PC as it was from PC to consoles only .
  9. First of all wrong forum subsection , secondly I advice taking a look at warframe market .
  10. So you telling me the old void key system was better ? Do I need to remind that relic system offers - fixed number of rewards per relic and per tier - no filler like resources , fusion cores ( endo ) and other keys ( relics ) in the relics reward pool - reward information is displayed for every relic and their rarity tier - player can affect drop chances with refinement - player can further increase hes or hers chance of getting rarer items by teaming up with other players that have the same relic - player will not lose access to primes if said p
  11. Relic system is far cry from the old key system , back then we had to look at wiki to see what each key has , drop tables had things like other void keys , orokin cells , fussion cores and there was no way to affect or just drop rates making rare item stupid rare . So no , relic system is in good state .
  12. The very same picture of orbiter is in codex , you can also orbiter in relays skybox .
  13. Login , claim forma , start building new forma , log out .
  14. This is orbiter , your home . The outer shell is landing craft which is separate from Orbiter . https://imgur.com/bkKCPlF Landing crafts aren't orbiters .
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