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  1. Nothing comes close to melee , now you might say "lets buff everything else" but that would just make things worse as you essentially just pushed power creep to new heights. So for the sake balance sacrifices has to be made.
  2. Take a break mate , find a game to play or something and then you feel like coming back, come back.
  3. Energy leeches , nulifiers , CC and status immune enemy's , all things that players dislike in this game exist to curb our power because games balance is wack . 7-8 years ago we weren't in this kind of situation because players power were for the most case in balance. All the nerfs are for the sake of balance.
  4. Buffing guns will only push power creep further and that's something we should avoid.
  5. In recent devstream one of glaring issues within the game has been talked about, melee and its current state. In my opinion melee should be nerfed in way that doesn't take away its power but instead increase the TTK ( time to kill ) , and here's how : - Reduce maximum combo meter count from 12x to 10x - Reduce the require hit number for attaining combo meter to 1 hit for 1x - Change combo meter duration into status affect in similar manner as Condition Overload works So in other words the combo meter would need to be build up for each encounter individually
  6. Considering the state of railjack Ash Prime fits it.
  7. I'm not a melee fan so yes , of course I still play .
  8. Shouldnt title be "rip railjack" instead ? last time I checked railjack didnt represent entirety of the game , just a single small content island .
  9. You mean coptering or chromas vex armour double diping or incert other now patch exploit that existed and got addressed .
  10. Firstly DE is calling it a harness ( prob the stuff that connects you to gun seats ) and from my understanding not all avionics will be converted into harness mods , I imagine stuff like railjack hull , armour and shields will one few avionics that will stay as is and will be host client side .
  11. Melee nerf is a deserved one , right now melee overshadows everything and trivializes entire game . It should be nerfed from my point of view and some other things to otherwise DE cant bring something community been asking for years and that's challenge .
  12. If said mechanic is busted and lets you abuse the game then yes it should be addressed, don't you think so ?
  13. leme gues , invisibility or AI / spawn abuse otherwise you would get insta-gibed
  14. I disagree with this , this will lead only to more power creep . We as players should not be reaching lvl 150 enemys because game brakes beyond that and its not made to go that far .
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