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  1. Ash can teleport through glass if weres enemy presently behind it eddit : had to download fraps to show this
  2. I always run with my chroma and wyrm with negate , its a cake walk for me as for archgun I suggest using resolute focus mods , its must for negatting cc 100% of the time , for weapons sniper as primary , catchmoon for clearing enemys and becons around you and as well zenistar for added protection . Additionaly you can use specter as they scale with enemy level , suggest trinity for energy and healling .
  3. If your refering to thermia fractures heres a guide
  4. Warframe base foundations are anti crossplay , cross save might happen but not cross platform play
  5. hammer shot is preaty useless , youl be better of with 90% elemental if yo uwant more raw damage , hunter munitions for overall more damage but in tics or a riven with cd , ms , dmg and good negative if not vigilante armamanets for more ms and small chance for set bonus to proc .
  6. bad4youLT


    Did you ever played nightmare LoR or JV ? how about public sortie spys or spys in early levels , I as vet failed arbi defense not to long ago in full squad of high mastery rank players . When you lose in warframe you lose everything you picked up and mission rewards , this is the "risk vs reward" system in warframe . In D2 if you would to fail nightfall , raid or anything in general worst thing what wouyld happen is you getting booted out of activity while in raids you just start over from current stage your in , all the stuff you picked up you get to keep even if you lose . On top D2 way of difficulty is no different from WF , you just dont get to use abilitys so offten and guns in general are weaker .
  7. If a purchase was made a year ago you obviuosly wount get a refund
  8. bad4youLT


    What risk ? You cannot fail D2 raids the way you could in warframe , if wipe hapens you just go to begining of the stage while in warframe if you failed you would have to start over on top lossing raid key
  9. bad4youLT


    I miss LoR , it was preaty good
  10. bad4youLT

    Boltor Prime

    Boltor's got buffed not to long ago in sc , cc and riven dispo , I got decent riven for boltor p and its fairly decent status and crit hybrid
  11. People seem to forget that Excalibur Umbra is just a poor mans Excalibur Prime , that is the whole reason he exists for apart from beeing chinas Excalibur Prime
  12. DE Steve confirmed on twitter that archwing rework is coming , we dont know when or if its with imperion but what Steve said the aim is to make it like Zone of Enders
  13. PC , xbox , ps4 and switch account information is kept on diffirent servers , to allow corssplay information would have to shared between whem , this opens up major security issues and from my understanding not only they are very time consuming to solve but also expensive and highly risky action
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