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  1. DE's hands are tied , console manufacturors own rights to console accounts .
  2. You cant use k-drives outside of open worlds wich is what makes them a gimic
  3. Cant he just spend those 100K platnum on , I dunno , slots ?
  4. Dont get to excited, its prob gonna end up as a gimic like k-drives .
  5. Cross progresion is planed but not anytime soon as for cross play , its been stated many times it wount happen dou to many problems .
  6. Why do we need this and why people care about gender of fictional character ? This whole thing to me is just stupid .
  7. each player gets randomly rolled on clues and their locations , looking up youtube is kinda pointless
  8. You have to vanquish the Litch it self to stop this whole system conquest crusade .
  9. bad4youLT


    Or just give us an actual rework for hes 4th , not this defiled OG ability that we curently have .
  10. Where isnt a way to tell till its to late , however some signs can be noticed : - wierd player names - low mastery rank - high amount of platnum traded
  11. - Archwing Why ? because mostly its abandoned content that doesnt provide much if anything usefull outside of it . Unline open worlds or even railjack the archwing has nothing usefull to main game .
  12. But we dont know hes mastery rank , if its high enough rank 0 weapon basacly as good as max rank one
  13. Boar prime prob my fav weapon at the moment and I barely see it used by other people .
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