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  1. People might start complaining about forced stealth , warframe is a horde shooter after all and frames like Loki or Ivara are just mare tools for specific task much like Frost and Limbo for defense tipe missions .
  2. I can see how game might look bloated for new player but removing content wount fix the issue and will only upset player base as older players get to enjoy old content while new player would know be locked out of it . What this game needs is QoL changes and older content revisists and reworks .
  3. Heres a list of games Im looking forward : Hytale , being made by Hypixal , this guys now what people want out of minecraft-esk game , I have fait in them . Lost Ark , people who played it had positive things to say , I been waiting for global release forever and its coming soon . Outriders , this one Im on fence , personaly I lwait for reviews because it looks to good to be true .
  4. If someone doesnt like region they always have an option to disable it , out of sight out of mind . And there are people like me who enjoy random fun , it might not be to your own liking but people have their own taste and preferances . If someone doesnt like pineaple on pizza you gonna ban that and people who like it to ?
  5. DE Steve addressed this once , he said past events are broken and would need to be rebuild from ground up wich is a no go , for the team it isn't worth the time investment .
  6. Or just remove vacuum entirely and replace it with postal service simular to destiny and borderlands 3 .
  7. This wount be a thing simple because DE doesnt officialy support sites like warframe.market .
  8. Then I come back from work and tired I want to relax and ease up , thats is something I cannot do then someone decides to yell at mic or said he had some fun with my parrents if you catch my meaning . I have thinck skin , I been army , this however doesnt excuse competative games community behavior .
  9. I have maxed out railjack and I havent meet someone with your attitude yet , so far people devived by "lets do this fast" and "I want to stay and farm asteroids"
  10. Same thing can be said vice versa , your way of fun might not be fun to me , this leaves us nowhere .
  11. Your nbot going to have many squads or pleasent time with that atitude . Thats littertly what I have suggested .
  12. Rift doesnt affect warframe powers and you can interact with objectives using operator .
  13. My idea was that hardpoints having their own instance of cooldown , one player using abilitys wouldnt inpact the other .
  14. I have to disagree with this part , you're trying to dictate others how to play and have fun here . Instead of locks maybe DE instead should rework hardpoint system , add cooldowns for each hardpoint or something els that doesn't make them share railjacks resource pool.
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