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  1. Warframe doesnt have support for crossplay. DE dont have plans for crossplay because as they said wount be pousible dou to platforms running different builds and account data are stored on different servers and console account information are ownd by console manufacturers. However crossave is planet but no dates.
  2. And what if said player wasnt around or ready for raids back when they still been around
  3. Then DE works out better data compresion system , untill that nada
  4. blunderbass + laser sight and its 68.2% cc on plasmor
  5. hunter munitions , slash procs scale of total weapons damage wich results in shiet ton of damage not to mention catchmoon range has been nerfd
  6. Shotguns weak ? Or maybe you just dont know how mod one perhaps
  7. Builds look preaty decent , I seen worse . That leaves me with one question , do you perhaps have dragon keys equiped ?
  8. Did you not know how to farm it ? I could see this take few days but three weeks ? thats just puling a leg . Velocitus or imperator vandal properly moded paired with odonatas shield crit damage buff , fight wount last a minute
  9. DE is droping support for potatoe PC slowly
  10. Its not a bug , its intended , the resoning is that vaykor hek is an upgrade to original hek and already comes with syndicate affect .
  11. As I recal channeling will never return , instead we will get "rage mode" in its place one day
  12. Sounds like people who feel high and mighty because of some number next to their ingame name , the bad apples of our comunity , ignore them simple as that .
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