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  1. I dont think we need any abilitys for K-drives unless its some kind of boost to speed or cloack , I agree on gun use , secondarys should be fine as wel las speed buff
  2. 128* nitain not counting cosmetics and research All points you made are fair , and I agree wolf credit rewards should be increase , that or increase nitain drop chance from other places , also I have alt account who is mr4 with 16 hous in and I already got to jupiter , I havent yet reach the part were "oh yeah I need nitain" but Im not going to argue to someone whos MR is important what much. Eddit : forgot to add in one thing , Il have to disagree with one thing you sayd and what is "want to go at my own pace I Want to finish when I want to finish, so even being able to miss 13k just doesn't tickle my fancy" You can do this , other when daily acts what last only 3 days the rest you have an entire week to complite and by my book whats ample of time
  3. You know WoSs is 11 weeks long , doing every act will let you reach max rank 30 in 7-8th week , you can skip out 13K rep per week and still reach rank 30 , the only thing youl miss out is on wolf credts . As someone who has a job and can really play on weekedns I have to disagree with all nay sayers , this system is better , no rng I get to chose rewards . What nitain ? like you even need what much of it potatoes ? GoL , invasions and events is were most of potatoes come from for me Helmets ? as if your going to play every frame what is out and fashion is end game not for new players Umbra forma ? its for die hard vets like me Cosmetics ? same as helmets , for end game players Like any of you ever noticed the end rewards are focused for veterans while rewards up to rank 8 wich aint hard to get contains what new players trully need , slots and 100 wold credits enough to buy 5 nitains wich new player is more when enough and a potatoe but you can get potatoes early from quests and one does not waist potatoe on mastery fodder items . I dont want to sound like Im attacking anyone here but so far none has provided any good reasoning over system other when alerts gaved you more items but leme ask you this , do you really needed like 5th of what helmet / mod , credit rewards were laughable as DSD on ceres gives 20K + droped cretids
  4. nope , its other way around , if we could get as much nightwave stading as we want with no limits when - all rewards will be earned in one day - people who earned all rewards in day would be burn out because how much grind and work they did - after all rewards are aquired were is no icentive to continue playing , enter the content drought
  5. Heres a thing you prob dont see , time gating is here to prevent content drought , how els can you prevent content drought other when slow burn ? no dev can produce content at the speed people are consuming it .
  6. To quote DE Rebeca "because we are a f2p game what survives on players loging in daily" or something like this she said on twiter. The point of time gating players is to make whem come back and not to let whem blast through entire content in one day , the content that tooked weeks to make and diliver and if what happens what els players have to do later ?
  7. The system is here to time gate players so we dont got entire content in one day , how would you suggest to time gate content otherwise ?
  8. Morphics aint hard to get and if you know how to farm you can get loads of em in few minutes same for hespazym , I can get 100 hespazym in around 20 mins or less in valley next to blown up collant tower same for amarast those two mats have increased mining chance were .
  9. I understand your reasoning however it aint hard to get 100 hespazym especialy now with double resources bonus on valis
  10. 60% is not enough to reach rank 30 , I think its 70% or littke bit more , someone did math on reddit on this
  11. Steve said on last devstream what youl be getting nothing but wolf creds each time you rank up after you reach maximum 30th rank wich will take 8 weeks meaning we will have 2 more weeks left and given we can get 4 ranks per week what makes 400 wolf creds before the episode ends
  12. Steve said what every 2 week ish plot will be uncoverd , remains to be seen
  13. I have a job and I can only play at weekends and yet I finished my tasks in about hour and half , also warframe is not the tipe of game were you can finish it in an about a week , Im looking at you D2 . Wolf of Saturn Six will last for 10-11 weeks , I think its enough time for you to get all rewards and what you need of wolf cred shop.
  14. isint thats the whole point ? what your not supposed to get everything only just what you want or need like alerts just with out rng
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