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  1. This supposed to be the faction tied to Duviri like Solaris are to Fortuna and Ostrons to Cetus .
  2. Do you mean this ? This is from Duviri Paradox
  3. Do you have no active lich / sister ? You can only create lich or sister then you don't have one active . I also recommend creating lich or sister in solo , if player in your group has one the sister candidate / kuva larvling might not spawn .
  4. You also get 25 steel essence for every planet that cleared on steel path
  5. Or just get rid of RNG entirely and make rivens universal , equipping and unlock riven with specific weapon would bind riven to that weapon . Or in other words if I equip riven to magnus and unlock it that riven will be for magnus instead of random pistol riven .
  6. Trials and solar rail conflicts were removed because of serious issues , what you're suggesting here is to remove content because of a quest .
  7. And if you remove them how will newer players be able to rank up quills ? how about arcanes ? how about the time DE spent to make the min the first place ?
  8. I don't think DE will prime any archwing in future duo to upcoming modular archwing system
  9. In OP's defense grinding for standing till max rank doesn't teach the player anything other then "the game is grindy" . I personally think the requirement for Profit Taker heist should reduced to rank 3 .
  10. Never happened to me , are you keeping eye on stasis timer ? it has shorter duration then cataclysm .
  11. Didn't know TA base damage is electricity , my fault here .
  12. Where do you get cold from ? If your weapon has base element of electricity and you add in toxin mod it will combine into corrosive , it does so because toxin mod is the only mod in the build .
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