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  1. You missed my point. I didn't say anything about a specific 2 second input buffer. You did. I'm saying you're timing is off with the combos, probably because you're not used to the new system, or because you're experiencing lag, as I suggested, which is very much a possibility in this build. What I referred to about being intentional is the new combat system.
  2. There's nothing unintended. This is the new system. The simple "fix" is to not input your combos out of sync. Obviously a new system takes more practice for some people than others, so take some time to learn the way the combos work now. If your frame is doing a full combo that you didn't want, it's because you tapped a button too many times or you were out of sync with the timing. Either that or you're just getting lag. But because you can now cancel inputs like a fighting game, the combos work more similarly to buffering moves from frame-to-frame.
  3. For me, it's been mostly during Kuva siphons or Fissure missions. Nothing out of the ordinary during gameplay, usually using Wukong Prime with my Kavat, but the frame rate has been very inconsistent. I don't believe it has happened when solo, however. And I also noticed the bug is back where the camera stops following you during Kuva Siphon encounters, and it won't reset until you use Transference.
  4. I got a lot of lag and frame loss when playing yesterday (PS4 Pro). For the most part, it was noticeably less smooth, and at times it completely had me out of sync when doing melee combos. I'm still going through settings to see if anything was changed that affected performance, but I'm guessing it's just the update, which hopefully won't need more than a hotfix to correct.
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