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  1. I thought the same thing, because it seemed to always do it when the her image distorts. Now this bug that freezes the camera when you hit an enemy with void strike has got to get fixed.
  2. Is the bug fixed that randomly locks the camera when you use Void Strike?
  3. Is there a fix in there for the camera becoming static after Transference?
  4. Put everything we've got into the hype thrusters!!!
  5. Do not remove cursor on consoles. It's 2018 and consoles as a platform are overdue to grow up. Being locked in menus with only dpad support is extremely outdated. People will get used to their new freedom.
  6. Hey Danielle, will we ever regain the ability to update Warframe in Rest Mode again, without having to first turn the system on? It used to work this way.
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