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  1. Also having this problem. Had it reset after every mission end, and at least once mid-mission.
  2. Players: It sucks that to grind credits because the only reasonable way is to do the Index over and over again. DE: Well, we can make the Index maps bigger so that the Index is less reasonable to farm credits in.
  3. Tried arbitrations after the update. Not that I really needed to play to know how it turned out. When you don't improve anything about the game mode, it doesn't get any better. Who'd've thunk it? Players: "Arbitrations take too long for too little reward." DE: "Now you can use a convoluted method to revive teammates! Also, enemies scale up faster, effectively making the gamemode even less rewarding because players will see fewer C rotations!" Players: *continue to ignore Arbitrations*
  4. Arbitrations aren't difficult. They're time-consuming, boring, and not rewarding enough. It's less difficult and more punishing. Which would be good if it weren't only punishing you for using something other than a few of the most broken warframes available. The way Warframe is balanced, the only way to die is basically to lose all your shields and health in about 0.25 seconds, so either you're at significant risk of dying in an instant and losing your progress, or you're not, and nothing can threaten you as long as you don't fall asleep from boredom. Very few warframes are really viable without help from another player's abilities. A good Oberon or Nezha can keep a squishier frame in the game, but if you don't have one of them around, you're kinda stuck with one of a couple borderline-unkillable frames if you want to go for any significant amount of time.
  5. I'm not going to say no to this, but it's unlikely to get me playing more Arbitrations. The real issue is they're a massive time sink. Just make the enemies scale twice as fast and bring rewards back down to standard rates. Having to go ~20 minutes for a C rotation in normal endless missions is bad enough, but 30 minutes for a single C rotation is just not worth the time, especially when it's not particularly fun. Like ESO, if there weren't things I want that are exclusively available in Arbitrations, I would literally never do them because it's just boring and time-consuming, and usually give you nothing good as a reward anyways.
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