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  1. The issue isn't that they cater to newbies, so nothing can ever be hard, but that they insist on segregation of loot to the extent that if they actually make difficult content, they'll lock very valuable/desirable loot exclusively in that mode, which is where the complaints come from. If they made very difficult content and only put loot that is reasonably obtainable elsewhere as the rewards, there would be a lot less complaining, because it would be optional instead of "optional". There's also the fact that Warframe is only capable of being 'difficult' in unfair ways because players are so powerful. The only way to even down a player is to deal enough damage to one-shot them before they even realize they're taking damage, or knock them down so they can't react at all. Most people don't like artificial difficulty, and unless the players are using underpowered builds, that's the only difficulty Warframe is currently capable of.
  2. If intermission nightwave is anything to go by, they may all eventually become available as nightwave tier rewards, so there's that.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, this is the plan for the future. While the specific combos may be different, all weapons will have the same basic combo inputs and each of the inputs will be tied consistently to a certain function (Gap-closer, CC, DPS, AOE, I think is the intent). Though as most people have realized, the gap closer is probably going to be bad no matter what, CC can be taken care of with a quick jump slam, and with one of the combos being just overridden (most people are just going to be holding forward all the time, making the neutral combo pointless), there's really only one combo. But, as long as that combo doesn't restrict or control my movement, that's all I need, so it's all good.
  4. I wouldn't oppose it, but you can just type the weapon type in the search bar. Not sure about fire modes, but things like 'shotgun', 'sniper', etc. work. I would like to be able to filter out weapons without a catalyst installed. Sorting by Forma count sorta works, but if the weapon has a catalyst and no forma, it can be hard to find.
  5. The current reticle is tiny, low-contrast, and as a bonus, it fades to ~50% opacity when sprinting, which is 99% of the time that we're not aiming. Especially on maps with lots of snow or bright lights, it can become very easy to lose sight of it. The option for a simple white dot with black outline would go a long way, though the more options the better. Or, a high-visibility ring with an option to change the size anywhere between a dot and a large circle in order to leave the actual sight picture unobstructed. Bonus points if aiming causes the map to fade to 0% opacity instead of ~30%. Especially on maps like Ceres and Europa with very large rooms, the map regularly covers 2/3rds of the screen and makes the low-visibility of the reticle even more problematic. Thank you.
  6. Edit: It appears that it's unrelated to host migration; it just decides to stop awarding standing at some point for no apparent reason. If the host leaves during the fourth bounty stage in Operation Plague Star, players lose all of the bonus standing gained from mixing catalysts and/or phylaxis, but the enemies retain their increased level and Hemocysts spawn as normal. It also causes the final stage to not award standing. This results in a full, max-difficulty run rewarding 425 standing, which is less than the base standing gained from adding nothing.
  7. I'll be honest, I don't really do much with Arbitrations, because they're not fun for me and have terrible rewards. And the fact that most people are doing arbitrations for aura forma blueprints doesn't mean they're valuable; just slightly-less worthless than the other rewards. There are basically three main reasons to do Arbitrations after you get Adaptation: 1. You actually enjoy it, which it seems few people do. 2. You want to sell the rare mods for platinum. 3. You want Aura formas. Since there are easier, more consistent ways to make platinum, and Arbitration adds no fun elements to the core gameplay (and adds several things that are decidedly un-fun), that leaves Aura formas. If they're not going to make Arbitrations more fun, they could at least add some actual valuable rewards like rivens (regular, not archgun) or significant amounts of kuva, instead of moderate amounts of endo with minuscule chances for something of moderate value on the market. 10 minutes gives you an 8% chance for a mod worth 4-30 platinum. For the same time investment, you can get a guaranteed neo or axi relic, and run it, for a part worth anywhere between 5 and 100-ish platinum.
  8. Aura Forma and Ephemera are borderline worthless, and the revive mechanic might make it easier for organized teams, for a random team, it's more likely to result in a party wipe than actually make it easier. And regardless, the increased scaling means that there will be fewer C rotations on average simply due to health scaling making the enemies into sponges, which even if it's not particularly difficult, isn't fun.
  9. I mean, they did just increase the enemy scaling with nothing valuable in return. Players asked for increased difficulty and increased rewards, and DE gave us increased difficulty with the same rewards. I think it's fair to request better rewards to compensate for the already-increased difficulty (although I probably wouldn't go quite as far as the OP).
  10. They ought to just make the keys a one-time use item, and once you unlock a particular node, you no longer need to craft a key to do it. (With the exception perhaps of OD Assassinate.)
  11. Players: It sucks that to grind credits because the only reasonable way is to do the Index over and over again. DE: Well, we can make the Index maps bigger so that the Index is less reasonable to farm credits in.
  12. For the best. The relic packs are generally garbage for getting any specific relic. You'd be better off getting the archgun parts, selling them for plat, then using that to buy what you need.
  13. The issue is that the void has standard reward tables, which is to say absolutely-terrible reward tables. It's not fun having to do 20-minute runs for a single 1 in 10 chance at getting what you need. (Or I guess 5 minute runs for a 1 in 20 chance.) The bounties have decent drop rates for most things, including relics, while sticking them in the void is horribly frustrating because you can spend all day farming and get maybe one or two relics that you need (and you probably won't get the part you need from them anyways). It's even more repetitive and dull than bounties, while also being less rewarding. If the void had reward tables more like bounties, then it'd be fine, but the odds of getting the new relics are low enough that it's just infuriating. Maybe if we could do something with all the worthless relics we get in exchange for a relic that we actually need, it'd be okay.
  14. Tried arbitrations after the update. Not that I really needed to play to know how it turned out. When you don't improve anything about the game mode, it doesn't get any better. Who'd've thunk it? Players: "Arbitrations take too long for too little reward." DE: "Now you can use a convoluted method to revive teammates! Also, enemies scale up faster, effectively making the gamemode even less rewarding because players will see fewer C rotations!" Players: *continue to ignore Arbitrations*
  15. Arbitrations aren't difficult. They're time-consuming, boring, and not rewarding enough. It's less difficult and more punishing. Which would be good if it weren't only punishing you for using something other than a few of the most broken warframes available. The way Warframe is balanced, the only way to die is basically to lose all your shields and health in about 0.25 seconds, so either you're at significant risk of dying in an instant and losing your progress, or you're not, and nothing can threaten you as long as you don't fall asleep from boredom. Very few warframes are really viable without help from another player's abilities. A good Oberon or Nezha can keep a squishier frame in the game, but if you don't have one of them around, you're kinda stuck with one of a couple borderline-unkillable frames if you want to go for any significant amount of time.
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