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  1. Never said I don’t enjoy every single part of the game, what I said is useless to target the night wave once you hit 60 and we need it extended to 100 if possible plus by reaching 60 this shows that I do indeed enjoy the game and i don’t need to flood the system with 6 account to prove that I do. 👍
  2. But it is useless for those who reached 60 and no longer able to receive any further cred to buy more stuff ! Extend that limit to 100 and let us continue with Nora otherwise why should anyone play or complete a missions?
  3. Twitch drop 2.0 was released back in Feb 13th 2021 so if you linked after that date and have received drops then you don’t have to flick through the previous 6 pages 😂 I think DE created this post to see how many will be tuned in 😜
  4. The crown is useless to the majority not sure why anyone want that and do I want to wake up at 3am for it hell NO plus if that d a m n grab bag still around why don’t you make it 2 random relics at the same time to be worth staying awake / watching Otherwise just put the mods itself instead to save us a relic cracking rng run in that very repetitive missing.
  5. First thanks for the update since the majority is talking about Lavos let me then add my 2 cents if you apply Mirage’s 3rd Ability (Eclipse) to Lavos every time you activate Eclipse Lavos start flickering! As if he want to go invisible or got zapped by electricity! Very annoying. I uploaded a clip to YT few minutes ago to show this issue please notice what happen to Lavos every time I activate Eclipse. https://youtu.be/wIU11gx5Rew
  6. There was an update for the game on my ps5 today for WF, last night I checked my MR 15 and I needed under 10k to reach MR 16 after the update I noticed that I need 47k to reach MR 16 !! Did the update reset something or am I just hallucinating? can someone kindly confirm this please, did it happen to anyone else after the latest update?
  7. Yesterday I experienced 20 seconds freeze while I’m at the arsenal (twice) which is something I never ever experienced on PS5 in the past 5 months 😢.. I think I will give WF a long break and switch to Returnal since no one answer my concerns. have fun all
  8. @[DE]Danielle something gone wrong when you try to assign competency point to one of the Crew on PS5, the game will stop or in other word the game will get stuck and you will be unable to proceed !! square & circle stop responding leaving you stuck at the crew tab, crew still moving so it’s not frozen ! The only way to go around it is by restarting my PS5. Never had issue before playing WF on PS5 until today, not sure if the latest update has anything to do with it? Regardless can someone have a look please.
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