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  1. I'm a MR 27 player who until this update had every weapon, frame, and companion. This update makes me not want to play anymore. I have only summoned 3 liches and out of what 15 weapons I have managed to draw the same weapon all 3 times, I know have to slog through another 5 hours of murmur grind, while brute forcing the mods, all so I can switch liches again. I got to tell you if I did all that work just for a fourth Ogris to pop up idk if I'd ever come back and I have sunk 4500 hours into this game and been playing since Excalibur Prime left.
  2. I'm 3 hours into farming for murmur and this is honestly the most boring thing I have ever done in this game. Three hours and I am 1/3 the way through the second one. It is so much fun as a MR 27 player to play 10 capture missions on useless nodes, to get a tiny bit closer to a murmur unlocked. Cool the liches steal some of the drops from me. Wow I lost 45 credits out of 4500. I am just so bored of this already.
  3. Man I might get some flack for this, but energy draining eximus are not draining energy in disruption game modes.
  4. Mars disruption isn't dropping any rewards. Done 3 waves before it clicked that we weren't getting anything. Also, Stalker dropped his sigil for us, which I've had for years now.
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