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  1. Shame there are still no changes to Gauss' ult casting time and tweaks to his numbers 😕
  2. My Experience and Full Feedback on Gauss and his weapons: 1. Gauss - Passive is okay as long as it is used by his skills - First Ability - Like it a lot with two problems tho: Running INTO enemies directly doesnt deal damage and if it does Its really so low i cant notice, same problem with hitting a Surface. Damage is very little, I think his 1 could have like a volt passive - more he ran, more he deals on imact/run. Or if you consider it pure CC ability and it was the intention then I would say its okay despite some collisions like doors not opening fast enough or Gauss running OVER the thing you want to collide with. - Second Ability - Works well~! Tho... why Cold, Heat, Blast at particular? How many enemies Deal these damage types? Why making it so situational? - Third Ability - Decreasing. Range. Sucks. This ability either feels like - cast to do quick damage - which is too low. Or cast two times to deal more damage or CC - CC works, damage not really. I think range decrease should be taken away and Double Fire cast should be rewarded more. Cuz double cold is worth a lot, double fire is... not so much. In conclusion: - Tweak numbers - Buff double fire cast - No. Range. Decrease. - Forth Ability - Well... Building up the red line is hard in a closed space and rockets that shoots of him seems so random - can we make them less random? Also I think it should be channeled ability - you dont really want to switch off this thing. ANIMATION IS TOO LONG. What is the reason of making "im speed WF" if you gonna throw in a 2 sec animation? Every 40secs? In conclusion: - Rockets should find targets and lock on them - Rockets should deal more damage, more % he has - ANIMATION TIME~! - Some other way of building up redline in closed space, like impacting surfaces more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Gauss weapons Primary: - Too low ammo pool - Good damage and stats Bugs: - I often got it stuck on my back after i was playing on the new instrument emote or while falling off the cliff. Secondary: - Ammo. Pool. Come. On. - Reload time... giving it 20 ammo and 20 years reload time? - Too high self damage. - Good damage and stats - Looks cool In conclusion for weapons: Primary: Ammo pool needs to be buffed. Secondary: More ammo pool, less self damage, faster reload Overall opinion: Gauss turned out pretty weak if it comes to damage, His kit feels overloaded sometimes, chain of diffrent effects, how his ability works together etc. There is so much of it and none of it really gives the warframe the boost of damage he needs. Numbers needs to be tweaked and 3rd ability needs to be worked on especially Fire aspect of it. Reducing randomness on 4th ability would be nice too. But despite these problems Gauss is amazing. Im having a blast playing him and cant stop, He does feels unique and thats what counts. Fix the numbers and buff the fire tho ;3 Weapons are cool but stop thinking that low ammo pool changes anything balance-wise... it is purely iritating and pizza wasting. Just stop. Love ya all ;3
  3. The Leverian idea is amazing! I was really really missing story in Warframe and having the ability to get to know the Lore with addition of another interesting character describing weapons and Warframes of "legends" are so good. I really hope this feature will be added to EVERY Warframe since Gauss now, would be cool to have a special tab for it in the Codex too as well as maybe adding some of these for past Warframes if it was possible. If primes could get stuff like this it would be awesome, I often read Primes' stories on the codex and would love to hear them in Drusus' voice. Great idea, well implemented, add a tab in codex for it and its 100% succes. Thanks for this one ❤️
  4. So I recently had fun with new Secondary - Akarius and I was wondering... It's projectiles explode after traveling 10m, so I was wondering how to make it more viable in close-combat. So how about adding punch through? Will adding punch through will allow this wep to get through enemies and reach these 10m, works or not?
  5. Today I managed to reach rank 30 on nightwave, I went onto my operator screen to put on the suit and it isnt there. Every option i check shows that I have the item but it isnt in my operator UI. Would be glad to hear any words of wisdom or see the problem resolved, thank you ❤️
  6. Lanka Cronitis Polarization: Vazarin +50.2% Fire Rate +97.2% Critical Damage 0 Rolls Price: 600p Feel free to write me Message on forums or better PM me in game. Thank you ❤️
  7. Shame that Garuda in Frame Fighter does not work ;^;
  8. Yet still dont want to give her changes as the feedback was provided? Im sad 😕
  9. Hildryn still needs some changes: - Allow for full movement when shooting with Bellfire - Allow to use second ability while in ageis form - Allow to use our weapons while in ageis form - 3rd ability is still a bit weak >~>
  10. Agreed. If the boss is made for MR1 as well as for MR26 - veterans should be rewarded for finding new ways and tactics. They always say that "If you are smart enough..." - Using Nova's 2 to kill the boss faster is not the "Smart" you want huh? Okie next Chroma's 3 doesnt work on eidolon also Eidolons' energy spike now goes through Harrow's 4. Would be cool wouldnt it? (irony) My point is... why would you remove such mechanic. It was a nice smart way that veterans found. And from all of the tactics and from all of the Bugs that turned into features like bullet jump - this one is removed. Honestly im dissapointed T_T
  11. Still no changes for Hildryn that were asked on her feedback thread. Sad ;^;
  12. So Hildryn is a... weird warframe that sometimes works on late game sometimes not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passive - Everything good here 1st Ability/Exalted Wep - Really good dmg, fast charge BUT allow for the full movement while charging. We had the same problem with Chroma's 1st ability, why keep it here... 2nd Ability - Its amazingly strong. And you should be able to use it while 4th is on! Why? Cuz enemies on high lvls drains her Shields instantly so 4 ability is 100% useless when enemies deals actual damage. If you are afraid it may be broken just decrese its range, put on cooldown, decrese shields gained anything you want, just let her use it during 4th ability cuz you cant really use 4th on enemies that actually deals damage without having overextended on you. 3rd Ability - Tbh... i dont feel this ability. In my opinion its weak and just drains your energy for nothing. I may be mistaken on this one but i prefer spending my energy on 1 or 4 than 3 4th Ability - Very good you allowed for more movement in it, the CC is nice but as stated in second point/second ability its useless when enemies deals dmg. Also make it possible to shoot our weapons during it. Cuz in this moment you are making us use 4th which takes energy over time, 1 that takes energy per shot and enemies shooting at us draining our energy basicly. Overall... Idea is cool... but it needs more work. Additional feedback: If you have big syandana and use 4... you cant see anything. Camera behind hildryn makes it really hard to aim or see anything. I rely on sentinel mods to see enemies on the mini map cuz otherwise i cant see a thing. Thanks for reading ❤️
  13. Could you just rework him as well as Wukong and dont make excuses you nerf Arcanes bacause of CC? Do you really want players just to run around with Arcane Energize and Guardian? Cuz this is what is happening now.
  14. Are you plan to add any new bosses? Melee 3.0? Any changes for Garuda, Vauban, Wukong, Baruuk? Kingpin? Arch melee on the ground? Birds as a companion? Fox themed warframe? :3
  15. Please remove this long animation when spawning Arch gun and remove cooldown... CD is really not needed and it makes annoying to kill the spider
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