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  1. Since some time I saw lack of Garuda's fixes etc. since Baruuk came out. Please do not leave her be. Her main problem in my opinion is her speed. So she is supposed to be a DPS - Assasin. But before you can kill anyone with aany of your abilities... everyone is dead. Her "stab" on first ability doesnt deal damage, to kill enemies you need then to be below 40%, What is a good way to do this? 4th ability. Oke so im charging it... oh no Mesa murdered all of the enemies... oh now Saryn, Volt, Ember, Excalibur, Ash... The list can go but Garuda is too slow. You can use Dread heart... but first you need to stack it spamming 1 button on 1 enemy just knocking him down all the time. Than when you have enough dmg you use it... you clear one wave of enemies... OKAY BACK TO STACKING BABY! - Please just make her 1 a normal finisher - Instead of dealing 1m or 2m dmg make dread heart stack status on enemies not just flat damage. Flat damage isnt good if you dont have a lot. And stacking it on Garuda takes ages and isnt even fun. - So we leave her passive useless still okay. Can we at least make it so the dmg buff stays not dissapears when she heals? - Maybe reverse Ultimate. By that i mean: To deal more damage you need to hold it, than it gets smaller but has more dmg. And is big from the start. Please just speed her up someway. Please T_T
  2. I'd rather not. 1) It's unlikely since it's OP. 2) Puncture/Corrosive/Radiation/Viral are a lot more interesting status to get since your 4 already gives slash. Preference for either puncture or viral for the damage reduction or health reduction for better slash scaling which would match her theme a lot more in my opinion. Orb is op if you charge it for ages. She is slow! Compare her gameplay to other frames. To deal good damage with orb you need to stack it. Which takes lots of time of spamming 1 on one enemy till you run out of enegry or HP. Than you use this to clear one wave than stacks again. Also when you get into arch or nulifier you lose all of the damage you have stacked Also Slash cuz it matches the theme and all of here attack are slash. Flat damage is nice... but not when you need to stack 2m dmg to kill one enemy. And i went how long it takes. SHE IS SLOW. Time you will charge your ultimate 90% of Frames will clear whole map. Pffff even before you finish your 1 animation. It would be kind of okay if she was CC frame. As DE said its on going debate in WF - Damage and CCs. But she has one target CC. Which means she isnt CC frame. She is the slowest damage dealer in the game. I personally do when im playing Garuda. Because there is no way for me to use my abilities. Before I finish up charging my 4 or use 1. All of the enemies are dead cuz we may have Volt, Saryn, Ember, Excal, Mesa.
  3. Well I guess DE will decide if its viable option and we shall see ๐Ÿ˜›
  4. Yeah I know but there is something replacing it as they mentioned. Some super-power mode that Warframes go into while using melee so maybe maybe? ๐Ÿ˜›
  5. Played some Baruuk today and I must say his kit is preety neat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall - His defences feels kinda weak I mean Shield and HP. Personally would focus on his HP and Armor. So get less shields and more HP and Armor in return. 1 is channeled ability so it would be nice to gain some energy from Rage. - Animations - Jeez... what do you guys do with animations nowadays. His animations are freaking long as hell. Can we make them a bit faster? cuz by the time i put on my 4 or 1... im dead ------------------------------------- Passive - Its nice to have such a ability to use exalted without energy cost. I like it. ----------------------------------------- 1st ability - It is nice buuuut the fact that it is channeled ability makes it hard to maintain energy. He has good polarization for energy siphon on his aura but he cant get energy cuz 1 is channeled. I would give it duration as you did with NeZha's 1 -------------------------------------------- 2nd ability - Feels a bit slow but we are kinda used to insta sleeps like 2nd Excal skill or Equinox sleep. But it is nice ability anyway just feels slowish. --------------------------------------------- 3rd ability - Its hard to maintain track of your charges. I like the idea that they jump to your allies but can they just clone or smth? One time i look "ok i have 5 i can get it" second later i die cuz suddenly i lost all of them... and they didnt shoot at enemies I can tell you that, For example Mesa's 2 doesnt go away from her when used. It goes around allies but Mesa keeps the buff all the time. --------------------------------------------- 4th ability - Well it really lacks dmg. I would not really buff dmg tho... would just add status chance, a lot more status chance. - OR he has a lot in energy pool, How about make it: When Baruuk is using channeling he gets additional Crit chance, Crit Damage and Status chance? could work. it just need some status cuz crit is not enough for high lvls ----------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading and also hope you will have some changes for Garuda in the near future too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Would appreciate if you could check out my Garuda's topic as well! Thank you! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :3
  6. Garuda is a nice frame and has interesting theme but her kit still needs some improvements! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passive - Can we make it so the buff decreases with time? Not just... dissapear completly when you heal. -------------------------------- 1st - Make. It. Deal. Damage. I know it gives slash proc sometimes but come on! She has her talons, Why can't 1st skill have Finisher damage of talons? Big jump with stab just to knock down enemy is really not satysfing. And before anyone says anything, yes i know it has execute dmg and what about it? To make it work I need to use 4 than 1 which takes long. It is easier to just shoot the enemy. - Dread Heart - Can we make it so it gives slash proc like ultimate? Make it deal less damage but let it proc slash. Thanks to this it will be easier to jump around and execute people. - Can we make animation of 1 fast as 2 animation? ----------------------------------- 2nd - Its cool. Works nice! --------------------------------- 3rd - Can we get some armor buff? Or anything to make us not die? For now using it on high lvls without quick thinking is death... ----------------------------------- 4th - Slow. Slow as hell and doesnt deal much dmg tbh. Not without T. Fortitude. - Idea to make it work: How about Garuda would start from The Big circle, like it is now but fully loaded amd if she holds it it becomes smaller (like it is when we start holding) and the smaller it is - more damage it deals. Bigger it is - more range but less damage. Thanks to this Garuda could get some speed because she is slow now. Doing her 1-4 combo is slower then just shooting a guy with tigris to the face. --------------------------------------------------------------- Talons - They are super cool! Why cant we use them more? Why any abilities can not stack with it? - Can we have some button to swap Melee weapon with Exalted one? Just slow like arrow to swap them so you dont have to unequip your melee. - Let talons deal finisher dmg when you use 1. You get more moding potential in this way. And how many opportunities! -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading and please do not forget about Garuda just because Baruuk came out now. She still needs some tweaks and please please just focus on her, do the things and have it done. Would highly appreciate that. @[DE]Pablo Please bless us with your amazing Warframe building skills ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry christmas!
  7. Exergis is a really nice weapon. Only problem I have with him is reload. I know this is supposed to be one shot one kill one punch man etc but I would make it abit bit a bity bit higher ๐Ÿ™‚ Cuz now if you miss a shot you are doomed ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks V_V
  8. Please remove this long animation when spawning Arch gun and remove cooldown... CD is really not needed and it makes annoying to kill the spider
  9. @[DE]Rebecca - Any future changes for Garuda? She still kinda feels slow and weak. Can we give her dmg on her stab on 1st ability? Kingpin system? What about Fox Themed Warframe? ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. @[DE]Megan Can we completly remove CD from Arch guns? It is weird! Sometimes you just need to change weapon or something else happens and you lose weapon for 5mins. It is not fun to watch others shoot the spider while my weapon is on CD... Also than you for skipable cutscenes! Now please in Phase bounties give us rewards per stage not for the whole bounty. Also decrese number of enemies spawning on orb assasinations please. Thank you V_V
  11. After the hotfix was deployed and got info I can leave all of my stuff was not registered and lost 3 mesa relics Nice V_V
  12. Hope to see decrese in enemy spawns in Heists cuz now its... no
  13. Thanks for update! Hope to see some Garuda changes soon as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also gonna provide link to topic i was talking about stuff from devstream 120 and Garuda ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. Tbh just give me Fox frame and I do not need any other frames ๐Ÿ˜›
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