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  1. Well let me ask other way around. Are people really fine with running the boss 4-5 times then forgetting about it? I think this boss deserves more because of the work put into it.
  2. If Ropalolyst is an Eidolon in my opinion it should drop arcanes as well as Teralyst and his buddies. I think the drop table should be build in a way so Bronze Arcane is 100% reward UNLESS you are lucky and get Gold/Silver/Diamond one, then Bronze get replaced with more rare drop, Ofcourse % would be low BUT i think there should be a way to get arcanes from it because: 1. It is an Eidolon like others 2. Some players do not like or do not have pcs good enough for PoE and so can not or do not want to get arcanes because of it Also the boss fight was introduced a lot time ago on devstream and took a lot time to prepare. In my opinion, we should serve it justice and make it more interesting and replayable more than 4 times. Work that was put into that, lore, coding, projecting etc. i think 4-5 times does not exactly serve it justice. It should have more replayability options not in a way to force players to do so, but to give the option for the players that want so. Thank you for reading
  3. Really like Wisp so far tho have some issues with her 3 and 4 3rd Skill: - Low damage, there is a working version of that skill tho: Pax Seaker. Kitgun arcane. Just make the damage similar or higher (as this is Warframe skill) and in case you would say buffing the skill would be too op. Pax Seaker can proc every head shot and you spend no energy on it and kitguns have lots of ammo. If this is balanced, Wisp's 3rd ability can be stronger defenietly. Or just add blind or stun for the enemies. - Even if it does damage animations are... little so its hard to say if the skill actually worked or not. Pax Seaker gives loud sound indicator and projectiles are visible, with Wisp's 3... im not sure if the skill even worked when I use it tbh. 4th Skill: - Damage is too low - Ticks of damage need to be more Frequent - Animation makes it hard to see enemies, so you just blast it in front of you hoping you will hit something To sum up... I really like Wisp and her design. She just need some number tweaks and animations Tweaks as said above. Tho I must say, bravo animation team you did an amazing job! I spend a lot of time in captura watching her animations in slow mo, especially when she TPs to her Buff thingies with her 3. 10/10 animations, just with 4 too flashy and with 3 to little so would like to see little tweaks to them as well as some number tweaks. Thanks for reading V_V
  4. Sorry but my movement around steam is bad. Could you provide a link to the workshop please? I would highly appreciate it uwu
  5. Is it possible to browse through Tennogen items without running my game via steam? I dont want to download whole game just to look at tennogen. So is there any site outside of Warframe Wiki to look these up? With prices if possible. Thanks in advance V_V
  6. How nice uwu Spread the word! \o/
  7. Yet still dont want to give her changes as the feedback was provided? Im sad 😕
  8. So Wisp looks good so far! Tho I have few things to talk through. Mainly, before I start talking about anything else: Seems like her powers and her "usefullnes" will be depending on how well her 3 and 4 work against enemies. So please do not forget to make it suitable for high (sortie for example) levels as well as low! Passive: Really nice! Nothing against it! 1st Ability: So here I have a lot to say. There are stationary buffs that wont really help in any mission besides Defs, Interceptions, Hijacks etc. The main thing is to make them useable in Ext or Capture missions as well. Noone will stop or slow down to get them and you wont hit anyone with her 3rd ability as well outside Defence type missions. 2nd Ability: Nice! Like it. Tho make it faster so it allows players to use it as a traveling ability like Nova's 3rd ability. Also its just my opinion but it would be cool if the clone exploded at the end or release the wave of energy when 3rd ability is used as well. 3rd Ability: Again. Wont work anywhere outside Defence missions. Let the Wisp herself release the Wave of energy as well with the damage depending on buffs she is carrying so allies can release the wave as well. 4th Ability: Welp... Channeling ability with a lot of damage. Hildryn, Baruuk, Revenant and originaly Garuda (before changes)... It is cool as usual I dont really have anything against aside... you are following a certain build or way of thinking with the character: She will use buffs and move around quickly... THAN THROW A SUN INTO HER HAND AND SMITE EVERYONE. Do you see what I mean? 😛 Dont get me wrong - Ability is good, make it work on high and low level enemies and I really doesnt have anything against it! Overall not so bad. Just please think of adjusting her gameplay for anything else than Defence missions and allow more fluid uses of her 3 and 1 Thanks for reading ❤️
  9. Hildryn still needs some changes: - Allow for full movement when shooting with Bellfire - Allow to use second ability while in ageis form - Allow to use our weapons while in ageis form - 3rd ability is still a bit weak >~>
  10. Agreed. If the boss is made for MR1 as well as for MR26 - veterans should be rewarded for finding new ways and tactics. They always say that "If you are smart enough..." - Using Nova's 2 to kill the boss faster is not the "Smart" you want huh? Okie next Chroma's 3 doesnt work on eidolon also Eidolons' energy spike now goes through Harrow's 4. Would be cool wouldnt it? (irony) My point is... why would you remove such mechanic. It was a nice smart way that veterans found. And from all of the tactics and from all of the Bugs that turned into features like bullet jump - this one is removed. Honestly im dissapointed T_T
  11. Still no changes for Hildryn that were asked on her feedback thread. Sad ;^;
  12. So Hildryn is a... weird warframe that sometimes works on late game sometimes not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passive - Everything good here 1st Ability/Exalted Wep - Really good dmg, fast charge BUT allow for the full movement while charging. We had the same problem with Chroma's 1st ability, why keep it here... 2nd Ability - Its amazingly strong. And you should be able to use it while 4th is on! Why? Cuz enemies on high lvls drains her Shields instantly so 4 ability is 100% useless when enemies deals actual damage. If you are afraid it may be broken just decrese its range, put on cooldown, decrese shields gained anything you want, just let her use it during 4th ability cuz you cant really use 4th on enemies that actually deals damage without having overextended on you. 3rd Ability - Tbh... i dont feel this ability. In my opinion its weak and just drains your energy for nothing. I may be mistaken on this one but i prefer spending my energy on 1 or 4 than 3 4th Ability - Very good you allowed for more movement in it, the CC is nice but as stated in second point/second ability its useless when enemies deals dmg. Also make it possible to shoot our weapons during it. Cuz in this moment you are making us use 4th which takes energy over time, 1 that takes energy per shot and enemies shooting at us draining our energy basicly. Overall... Idea is cool... but it needs more work. Additional feedback: If you have big syandana and use 4... you cant see anything. Camera behind hildryn makes it really hard to aim or see anything. I rely on sentinel mods to see enemies on the mini map cuz otherwise i cant see a thing. Thanks for reading ❤️
  13. Could you just rework him as well as Wukong and dont make excuses you nerf Arcanes bacause of CC? Do you really want players just to run around with Arcane Energize and Guardian? Cuz this is what is happening now.
  14. Are you plan to add any new bosses? Melee 3.0? Any changes for Garuda, Vauban, Wukong, Baruuk? Kingpin? Arch melee on the ground? Birds as a companion? Fox themed warframe? :3
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