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  1. Yes, this is exactly a post we needed. I agree with all the points presented in this and I want to put my own few sentences. DE and all Warframe Developers, please do understand that all feedback coming from us isnt here to fight with developers or make your lives harder, we want to build this amazing game together but the community input been lowering more and more as the game went on. We understand you have started working on these 3 big open worlds, it was huge project it started and you commited to it, which is good but you did not understand the main key problems wit
  2. So we stumbled upon a weird problem with my friend... He is in US while Im in EU and I usually host our games. We ran at lots of isolation vaults bounties on my hosting and we got no mech mods and no scintillant in any run. But when he hosted 2 times, we got 2 per mission, we got mech mods and parts. You might say it is RNG but its very unlikely. My friend said he went onto missions with other people and he got scintillant at least once per every run, while when we did it many many many times when I was hosting we were unable to spot a single one. I have repaired a
  3. As I mentioned I knew about it and time and wait isnt the problem, its all in the summary :3
  4. So I have been playing Warframe constantly, all the time, farming stuff in Deimos and enjoying the update which I think came out great. But one thing you did really demotivated me and hurt my trust towards you. The Helmith segment as a reward. Helmith segment is the only reward you cannot choose for rank up reward and it's on rank 3. I understood your argument with "We dont want new players to get this too early" I understand it but... the fact you didnt allow the segment to be a rank-up reward is just stunning to me. Im MR28 currently and was playing Deimos day an
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