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  1. Fair nerf and good approach considering you are not targeting mods and warfames themeself... which happend in the past that row of mods and warframes was nerfed because of a single interaction with some gun or some mode. Im glad to see this approach instead, I feel this is very fair and deserved. Thank you for adressing it in such manner! (By reading the forum I see a lot of people approve of that approach too! Great work dev team, keep it going! ❤️ )
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Look... I really dont want to be negative cuz I respect your work and love Warframe but... this event really dissapointed me, Im sorry. It looked so nicely but now? Stationary boss that is a bullet sponge? Go, Kill, Defend, Go, Kill, Defend... Im just asking you is this really fun? Im sorry but Im really really dissapointed in this one, really the most boring one so far... Grind doesnt equal fun, and good rewards doesnt equal fun Thank you hope for improvements to this one in the future
  4. Blitz The Void's Scope An executor, sniper warframe with deadly abilities. He wields an exalted sniper rifle and can support his allies while bringing blitz upon enemies. Story: They hear it once, a sudden blitz. Sudden burst of sounds noone could never imagine. Appears to erase everything on it's path. If you are lucky enough you might see it. The Blitz in person, the manifestation of destruction. He was the void's executor. Always following orders, always finding his prey, always erasing it with a sudden blast of blinding light, followed by unified blast of sounds from the deepest parts of the void. Noone lives through to tell stories about him. They just hear a loud series of blasts. ======================================================================================== Passive: All weapons weilded by Blitz have no recoil and have their accuracy incresed. ========================================================================================= First Ability - Ingurgitate Drain: 50 Duration: 15 Range: 10m Blitz's weapons and weapons of allies in range, gain unlimited punch through. Everytime a shot passes through an enemy it gains a buff to damage. Every 3seconds Ingurgitate releases a scanning wave, it marks enemies through the walls with markers visible for a whole squad. ======================================================================================== Second Ability - Overcharge: Drain: 10 per second Range: 10m Everytime Blitz hits a critical hit he replanishes his shields and shields of allies in range. If their shields are full, they gain overshields. ========================================================================================= Third Ability - Bullet-Storm: Drain: 75 Range (Area of an orb bullet-storm): 15 Duration: 10seconds Blitz spawns an orb above the area he used the ability on. He can or his allies can shoot the orb to unleash a hail of projectiles. Orb bombards the area with bullets of a weapon that was shot at it, taking weapon's status damage and basic stats incresed by Blitz's Ability Strenght. ======================================================================================== Fourth Ability - Eye of the Void: Exalted Weapon: Sniper Rifle Drain/Summon: 50Energy Energy per shot: 15 Blitz summons a powerfull sniper rifle loaded up with void energy. It has high Critical change and critical damage stats. Blitz can hold a shoot button to load up the shot. Every second of holding increses damage and makes the shot wider. Allies that has been struck by the charged shot or were 5m away from it gain a buff incresing Critical chance and Critical Damage. Skills and story by me TieTheFox (in-game: CuteFoxyFox) Art by my friend: MicOwc
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