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  1. I would like to adress a few points in my feedback: 1. Battle Avionics and clear meta around them 2. Resoruces 3. Archwings 4. Breaches 5. Artilery 1. Battle Avionics We all saw you trying to "fix" the meta around Railjack weapons, which is nice but while you do so, Battle avionics are overlooked. Would you be suprised if I told you that only 2 Battle avionics are being used by players? Void Hole and Particle Ram. There are clearly most used Battle Avionics and nothing else is really standing up to them. Tether was interesting despite it is broken and explodes randomly and it's effect is gone - its RNG if this skill works. Also Seeker Valley, skill I was most hyped for - deals 0 damage above Earth. Seeker Valley is simply useless, it doesnt do anything on Veil - it does like 10-20 damage which enemies can heal off instantly. I think there should be a % scaling on that or it's damage should be improved Tether would be almost a perfect little replace for people that couldn't get the void hole. But its bugged and explodes randomly giving nothing back. Also why would anyone use Baby Void Hole instead of Void Hole? I did not get to try more of the avionics (despite particle ram i mentioned above) but people already say they simply dont stand up. I think you should take a look at battle avionics and give players the choice, not only leaving Void Hole and Particle Ram supreme over everything else. 2. Resoruces I got tons of diffrent resoruces and after the changes Economy looks mostly fine despite Titanium. While other resoruces drops everywhere and are required like 8k per part, Titanium have way less places it can drop from and amounts needed for parts is double the other resoruces. I think there should be some tweaks to Titanium drop. 3. Archwings I dont think there is much new to say from me: Odonata - Was a tanky starting archwing, now dies from everything and even it's shield doesnt work properly Itzal - It is not used after the removal of blink. Look its second ability allowed you to stay cloaked and move if you used blink during it. I Think you should put stealth of Itzal on a duration and increse drones damage to make it viable. Elytron - His abilities, all of them (despite 2) works on a system "hit a wall to trigger" it was nice in closed spaces of archwing missions but now it has to be changed. As it was the monster DPS it should stay on it's pedestal of DPS Archwing. Change 1st ability as its useless totaly, 2nd is ok, 3rd allow us to detonate it during flight like void hole, 4th same as with 3rd ability and increse of damage Amesha - THE Archwing of railjack. Im mad because community said since this archwing was added that its broken, but archwing missions were so unpopulated DE just let it slip. Now as it causes problems in the newest expansion its time for fixes. Well good. Balance it out with other archwings and we are good. Archguns and Melee Archwings deal 0 damage to Railjack ships (not mentioning few examples - hi Cyngas meta) All weapons should be balanced for railjack so players can have a choice to stay on guns or fly around, it should be up to player to choose. So all of the guns should be balanced over in Archwing missions AND Railjack so all choices are more or less viable. (Same for archwings) Removal of hitscan also hit hard as there is no indicator where to shoot on archwings like we have on RJ guns. Either speed up the projectile or give us indicators like on railjack, cuz this change made RJ archwing and normal archwing hardly enjoyable experience. 4. Breaches From the day one I saw the abuse of 60 seconds timer and immortality afterwards. Im happy you are adressing that and I hope you will continue to do so, as RJ doesnt feel hard after you learn this trick. Its only the matter if my ship is fast enough to pick up resoruces to get to repair breaches. Please keep working on that cuz if this stays - RJ doesnt feel as challenging anymore... 5. Artilery It was a cool concept to have such gun on our ship. But on veil it starts to get useless... I get it that you dont want players to just pew pew CrewShips (CS) off the sky one after another. My solution? Decrease ammo to 3 or 2, incerese damage like A LOT and lets see how it works. Also as every part of our ship can be customized and changed - Guns, Shield, Engines etc. We cant do anything about this artilery. Maybe allow it so shoot out seeker valleys? Allow for mini tethers? Allow it to buff railjack or debuff enemies. Just make the gun more viable - give it more super powerful options but limit their usage and increse costs to use them. Let them be super powerful destroyers or super powerful debuffers or buffers. It can be added as reward on upcoming corpus tilesets. Just think about it, to make every part of RJ more or less viable. Thank you for reading~
  2. Hope Titanium drop chance will be increased as well. One gun or engine takes crazy amount of it to be build. Its so hard to make weapons 😕
  3. Are we going to receive any further changes to Ember and Vauban? There was a huge thread about it and yet no suggested changes were made o-o
  4. Ember and Vauban improvements when? ;^;
  5. So far satisfied with Ember rework, not so much with Vauban EMBER I will start from saying the same thing everyone does... EMBER IS TOO ENERGY HUNGRY Passive. Passive sometimes doesnt count, enemies are burning around me and i get no bonus for it 1. Make fireball cost less to spam it, well still adding a combo counter still makes this skill bad, inferno costs less per-enemy hit than a single fire ball, why would i choose to spend 50 energy instead of 7? 2. It sucks energy more than her old ultimate and to cool it off you need to spend additional energy when it jumps up to 90 almost instantly. Also it can receive energy from zenurik ability but not energy pizzas? Please change it if you want to keep ember energy hungry. 3. Good ability, too much energy cost 4. Would need to increse damage of the burn or projectile itself, it kinda still doesnt to as much on high levels, make the damage stack with the heat gauge - then i would feel more likely to keep it up then keep it on 50 Ember needs either more energy to spend or less costs, 3 should cost 30-35 at base and fire ball even less, ember is so so so so energy hungry other frames that players used to call energy hungry doesnt even stand up to Ember's name rn. Her 4th damage is not quite enough on high levels, i would love for it to stack up with Heat gauge so we could get more rewards for keeping the gauge high up since its the main mechanic in Ember now, for now it feels like... expensive iron skin. And please please please let her get energy from energy pizzas while 2 is up, lack of it makes her so energy hungry you just cant afford to even cool off yourself. VAUBAN Animations: Cool but makes a squishy frame stand in a place. Well standing in one spot while enemies shoot from all directions seems like a nice death wish alright. Think about animations please 😕 Passive: Good, no problem with it 1. Too weak, doesnt even feel like using it. 2. Teather Granade pulling up to 2 enemies? Waste of energy, Flechette granade... little AOE spot where i can use tether or 4th ability? waste of energy really - dmg and speed ones are okay 3. DEALS NO DAMAGE, problem is when you go for the higher levels and the beam does completely nothing, i think it should have a % scaling or something, since the further you go the only thing you want to use is Dmg granade and bastille 4. Well, feels good I suppose, nothing much changed from these - they feel like good ol' vauban skills and works well. Please think to change granades on his 2 and give 3 a % scaling or something to actually be useful on higher levels. Thanks for reading! ❤️
  6. Played Grendel a bit and so far he seems okay, only stuff that bugs me are: 1. Movement during the Ult - Its hard to go up the stairs, move fast or do anything while you allies clears the room with mesa or volt. I think we shhould be able to roll or use any of the skills to dash us forward. Why? - Revenant got this treatment, Hildryn got this treatment which suggests in this light Grendel should get this treatment as well. 2. Low ground slam range on the Ult - Could be fixed by addint the changes suggested in point one but still, the ground slam seems week and low range. 3. Damage of the ult - The more the levels goes the harder it is to kill the enemies with the ult. I think he should have some % scalling or hold-left-to-deal-more-dmg kind of thing. Why? - Revenant got this treatment just because it was possible he wouldnt be able to kill stuff and high level, so the problem goes back to Grendel. 4. THE RANDOM 2 BUFF - It isnt explained anywhere, you cant control it. Just roll a dice and maybe get a buff you want? I really hate RNG like this, When i use a buff i want to know what buff i get - this is the reason i didnt played titania before - cuz of RNG. Now Grendel comes up with yet another RNG buff, its like throwing a vauban granade but getting a random one instead or having rhino have to roll a dice if he casts Iron skin or Roar. Please think of some way to make it not RNG. AND LET ME PRECISE - If its not RNG, explain it better in ability discription but most of the players i met got confused over it. Why? - Titania got the same exact treatment because her buffs were random. 5. Spitting enemies with 3 - Enemies spit by 3 have weird falloff, often dont hit the exact spoit i want, its RNG by this point if your enemy-projectile hits where you want. So I would suggest making the skill a bit better to aim and make the hit on the enemy more noticeable. Also to make the skill more usefull on high level add a combo counter so spitting more enemies would be profitable on high levels! Why? - To help the warframe be relevant on high levels, Ember got similar treatment this patch so would be nice to get it on Grendel as well. Thank you for reading! ❤️
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