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  1. I hate subscriptions and I've never played a game with one. I despise them actually. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when office 2019 is no longer serviced and all that is left is that 365 bs. I want to own, not rent. If this becomes an option then it starts creeping into my space. Screw that, screw subscriptions. I'd quit.
  2. The same mod should be able to be equipped on Helios as well. Helios can scan plants, until they are complete then he gets lazy. Actually, just make it a basic feature on oxylus but require a mod for Helios.
  3. I believe nezha will be one of next frames to get prime version. May wanna hold off on forma that frame anyway. Personally, I'd never use umbra forma on an unprime varient.
  4. Ok, so it is possible to get a sweeper riven, its just the surprise is ruined early?
  5. I edited the question to be more specific. I meant when inveiled, it would not equip to sweeper. I didn't test on deconstructior when unveil. Did you try to equip when unveiled and then it turned to deconstructior?
  6. So I purchased a sentinal Riven mods from Cephalon and tried to equip it on my sweeper to unlock it. To my surprise, it does not equip on sweeper. Honestly, the only reason I purchased this mod was for a chance at a sweeper riven. Are these just for rifle sentinal mods?
  7. Before they move it to gear, it needs to be an unlockable blue print when build ship, not tied to the ship. Why does my load in screen effect the air support charges available? Once a ship is built, let us use the air support charges like gear, i.e. build them separately. When they were introduced, we didn't have an infinite gear wheel, but now we do. Liset is by far the best air support charge but I like the Mantis load in screen. Why does my air support that I built magically change when I change ships? It shouldn't! As it is designed now, it doesn't belong in gear because it's not gear. It's a useless medical tower that I'll never use or need.
  8. Well I missed out on the lotus empherma even though my twitch account was linked and I watched at correct times. Now I don't give a crap about collecting them all. DE made it impossible for a large minority of players and never corrected it. Was a blessing in disguise. My point is, stop caring. It's the only way to enjoy this game.
  9. Both should have an augment to scan items already scanned. If DE is worried about trickle XP to Cephalon Simarus, just remove XP after an object is complete. HELIOS CAN SCAN PLANTS, just not after you complete them. An augment to allow it to continue also fits theme.
  10. I farmed for it and it was not as bad as your making it sound. I did it slowly when I got a x2 booster from raid combined with log in rare booster, or x2 weekend (or wait for one of booster and buy other). I used a smeeta, a nekros, a hydroid, and a speed Nova along with a nuke frame (sayrn). I am a solo clan. It wasn't that bad if spread it out over x2 boosters (which are free) with strategy above. At time it was easy to make a pug willing to go to 20+ in ODD. Other than the nerf to hydroid / nekros and maybe low amount of players in ODD, it was not nearly as bad as say grinding for khora or most of these emphermas. Seems odd to complain about something you can grind small amounts over time or bypass completely by joining a clan and leaving. I got an open spot, join mine, make your hema, and your welcome to go.
  11. An augment for helios to scan auto and quick melee when scanner equipped. Hekios scans the dame things when they are not "complete" why the hell cant he when it is. Otherwise, remove the codex from the game, it is to clucky now to use. I skipped this because I don't feel like messing with it for even 1 and a public share.
  12. I do not know of any player that enjoys stasis. I do not care about DNA lore. Put a dam rejuvenation Aura in the room, capture a grineer and hit him with melee once per day to heal pet.... Create an automatic injecting device, I don't care. Just get rid of this absolutely horrible pet simulator and let us use them in combat. Or, just make stasis absolutely instant so they are treated identical to everything else. I got tons of credits and don't care about the trickle, I just want to min/max builds. Most players only pick one favorite animal and ignore all others after they get mastery because it's a pain to swap out. It's not fun. Games are supposed to be fun???
  13. Apparently you haven't got to that part about Lotus yet... The only thing stupid is that they announce it. Typical bad guy stuff there. Just quietly send death squad without the threat and fingerprint.
  14. We can throw out unlimited specters. I don't see why we cannot thow out a sentinal when dead. It can be a resource sink, even require a painful resource like argon or nitan, but would be useful gear item.
  15. I agree. Thier excuse is lame, I actively farmed k-drives and it was a grind. Now you can just use universal medallions. I don't care, I'm not complaining. It's just a bad excuse because I could say that about any syndicate. The only reason I was happy about getting them was for conclave. Now I have no reason, I'm maxed on everything else.
  16. It's called time. I have a limited amount for playing and would rather earn the new frame / guns. The frame dropped reasonably fast, I've completed over 600 terminals (usually do 40 waves which is 160 terminals) and haven't seen one of those stupid guns yet. I like distruption, but it's getting old forcing me on same planet / infested. Why run through a to-do list when all the credit rewards are useless (well, already own / have stack of) and stuck on new content drops? No thanks
  17. Looks horrible on frames to.
  18. I like as well but my problem lies with the infested empherma. That thing is ugly if you use any color other than black for energy. Black energy messes up majority of my color schemes, so the infested empherma goes unused. Why does infested empherma make you glow like a fairy? Please get rid of that horrible glow on the empherma, and it would go good together!
  19. Are you being serious? Sarcasm is tough to see in text. Comparing a consumable ship air charge that you obtain from a cosmetic is no where close to sharing Warframe abilities. Yes ship charges are blue prints and available one you obtain ship. You absolutely should be able to use different gear independent of your load in screen. No one is saying put iron skin on ivara... Have you taken your meds today?
  20. I think he was saying liset air charges are useful for spy missions. Ok sure, but I like my Mantis. DE is never going to give us unlockable blue prints for each ship so I'll just run my spy's solo.
  21. The trap should make target immune to damage. My kavat has killed target a few times as well. It's not capture speed, it's the level your running. If your running a low level lith relic for example, the target dies easy. But more importantly, we need quick melee back when have scanner out. Such a pain in rear to swap to scanner in every room, back to weapon, back to scanner... Before we could scan and kill with melee without having to reequip constantly. It's become such a pain, many people rather just kill it which is frustrating when your looking.
  22. +1 I've made this suggestion when ships first came out. Each ship you build should unlock a blueprint. Then you make whatever air support charge you want. Then they may get used. None of them are OP and liset is certainly has most utility. I agree with you on Mantis to, the day of dead skin on Mantis is my favorite ship but who needs a tower when you can jump in and out of body a couple times and be at full health.
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