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  1. Because you spend more energy, which could be used to cast something else more useful, like a 4 or a brand new globe in a new position if you need to. Sorry but, no, his 2 is "not bad" only against trash mobs, and even then doesen't go beyond the "not bad". Even talking about it's augment, you're better off equipping Oberon, which Hallowed Ground has better CC capability and damage over time than Frost 2 + augment, without even needing one in first place. And his 1 is fine, is a low cost ability that turns off one enemy regardless of it's level. That can be very effective if you think about it, even mobs such as superhigh level bombards become useless ice statues with it, and all for a mere 25 (or less) energy. The only thing it would be missing is being 100% effective against demolishers (atm it only slows them down), then it would be just perfect.
  2. I still feel like having a self-buff would be better since Frost has already one "static" ability with his 3. Your idea would actually work better as an augment for that rather than a whole new ability, since all it would do is add the patch within the globe range without spending more energy.
  3. Tbh i have no problem with his 1, is a nice "turn off that heavy bombard/napalm/whatever heavy" ability... MAYBE give it armor strip like his 4 ? So you can use it when you either wouldn't want to waste energy to press 4 or you don't have enough energy for a full 4.
  4. The icy avalance is based on the number of enemies hit, this "new" 2 would provide a set armor value affected by power strenght Thing is, you would be forced to stay around the ice patch instead of just giving yourself a buff period and move freely from one point to another to drop bubbles or do whatever. Plus, Oberon would become lesser viable since Frost is already a preferable warframe over Oberon in most cases.
  5. Frost has been the first warframe I would define as a main, and as time went by his 2 became lesser and lesser effective, and as it is right now is "fine" at best and only at lower levels. Because of this, I have an idea for a different and more "tank" oriented ability: Ice Aura, which would create a freezing aura similar to the sentinels perk, but with the added benefit of also increasing Frost armor value. Range and duration would be increased by the respective mods, while armor increase would be affected by power strenght. The ability would also synergize with Frost 3, as the snow globe hp pool is affected by his armor value, which would be increased by the new ability. Thoughts ?
  6. Would be nice to maybe give it alternative stats then. The Ignis itself has more proc than crit chance so maybe the Corpus one can be the opposite and have more crit than proc ? Probably because the Kreska is listed as a Machete, and we don't have dual machetes
  7. Because there is a lot of hostile stuff flying in the air as well. Hitscan bullets, projectiles, enemy melee dash attacks, and any kind of random thing that can come your way and potentially knock you off course as you pass by, and even more so if you are holding a gun instead of a melee... unless you can parry those. Sure you might say "Hey, just direction slam to the guy about to shoot"... ok, then what about the other guys that are going to shoot, will shoot, and are already shooting at you ? Because this is not a 1V1 game or a beat'em up with a few shmucks here and there, this is a game with lots of different enemyes in lots of different places. Also because you can perform more accurate jumps without worrying above the things just mentioned First off, "Not worth tbh" sounds more like "Is not worth for me" and if you think so, cool for you, but what you seem to be missing is that "not worth for me" does not equal "Is not worth having at all period". Also, sorry if I sound sarcastic here but... it doesen't bring more survivability ? Really ? Parrying bullets doesen't bring more survivability than jumping straight into them ? Did you actually stop and read that phrase before to post it ? Because that's kinda irrational if you stop and think about it No, it doesen't. You do not block the same way as before because is indeed "automatic", which equals "Not when I want the way I want". You can experiment this yourself by doing a combo and stop to parry an enemy attack, most in particular the Heavies ground slam, it just doesen't work because you have to wait for your guy to slowly finish the animation before it goes back to idle mode for the parry, when before all you had to do was press M2 right after landing a hit and you were already in "parry" mode. Not to mention that right now the switch from melee to gun when pressing M2 also makes certain combos inconsistent because the game can read the input as a "weapon switch", instead of just the button itself Yes, we will have a new combo system, but nothing is set in stone so we don't know yet 100% how it will be, so what if it will involve pressing M2 ? Because the moment you ground slam at them you are going to open yourself for the other hundred enemies attacks ? And yes, might be faster but is also a lot more unreliable when you need accurate jumps, especially when you need to time/coordinate yourself to avoid something like a triplaser. We are actually providing you plenty of arguments. Sorry if I say this but the only one not providing a viable argument against a glide-parry is you, since all you say is "directional ground slam" everytime, which while being a nice thing doesen't solve the issue or make the glide-parry less effective. He actually does, and again, all you have to say is "directional ground slam", which again, doesen't make glide-guarding less relevant just because "is faster". Ok, this is where you lose me, basically what you are saying is "Well DE made it, so stop giving feedback because nobody (aka, me) cares" Not sure if this was intentional on your part but this comment shows you a toxic fanboy who doesen't want people to enjoy the game in a different way than his own, and if that's your stance... why should we listen to you then ? And here you prove my previous point even further, all I read is a "Is stupid, is not fun, melee gliding bad" ramble. You don't like melee gliding ? Ok, cool, nobody is forcing you to use it, but don't be a prick at others who would want such a feature because, and here is the interesting part, you could ground slam and aim glide with a gun even before the glide-parry was removed from the game, so in the case DE would bring it back, nothing would change for you... unless you really don't want people to enjoy the game in a different manner than you do. Or give them all a middlefinger parrying all the S#&$ they trow at you, that makes as much sense, is just different... but apparently is not something you like so it must be bad because of that 😛
  8. Usually we get the "new enemy weapons" either before or right after the introduction of the goons using them, but these have yet to be released for us so... can we have them too, please ?
  9. Still, is a bit of a problem to have M2 also bound to both aiming and gliding if you want to glide with your melee out
  10. Since now M2 switches from melee to firearms, it has become a bit problematic to glide while holding a melee weapon so... Maybe I'm missing something but can we NOT switch from melee to guns when pressing M2 ? It is especially problematic when some combo does require M2 to be performed. Pressing either R or M1 should be enough for a weapon swap, especially considering that channeling will be removed later on.
  11. Imo Warframe is going to be better without some of them. Let's face it, people like Reaper Hunter and Life of Rio were doing nothing but complaining about everything. The complaints became so petty and pathetic they even started crying for things that don't affect them or anyone else really, like the "low" price of prime items in trades, which imo is the equivalent of crying at Nintendo for adding an easy mode to their games since, you know, if you want to farm the items yourself or buy thorough prime access to support the game, you can still do that undependantly from how much traders ask. And let's not forget: those were also people who, quoting "Uper Echelon Gaming", went "Coo-coo for Cocopops" over Anthem, almost saying stuff like "this game will give DE a run for their money" and "Warframe is dead", while labeling everyone who either were (rightfully) not interested or didn't trust either EA or Bioware as "Toxic Warframe fanboys". How does Warframe fare ? I think it is doing fine for an indie F2P game from a small studio, we still have a lot of entertaining content creators and youtubers (my personal faves: Brozime and Quiette Shy) that give credit when credit is due, and rightfully criticize the wrong... instead of, you know, crying and complaining at every update for everything without understanding or caring about the point. All we have lost are really just a few spoiled crybabies with no talent for anything but petty ramblings, and Warframe will fare better without them.
  12. 4800+ hours on Steam alone here and... Yes, I'm personally very satisfied with the state of Warframe, so much so that it would be faster for me to just say what I'm not satisfied with rather than what I enjoy about the game. The only two things I'm not really satisfied with the game, are the balancement of some warframes that DESPERATELY need some proper rework, and having zero control over the Riven mods rerolls. Those are the only two things I'm not satisfied with the game, everything else, I like ^.^ !
  13. I see... still, even if lore-wise he had elemental magic, game-wise it would be more beneficial (and, I belive, more code-efficent) to have overall damage increased (which also includes the elemental damage) rather than just the elemental portion of it.
  14. About that passive: 1) Primal forces: Why only elemental damage ? Can it be overall damage ? 2) Sly alchemy: What if there are no orbs ? Can it be an increased health/energy regen instead ? 3) 3 death defiance per mission feel too little, can it be on a timer like Oberon's Phoenix revival ? 4) Having these bonuses based on RNG feels a bit clunky, can there be a way to somewhat control which one/s to activate, pls ? Thatìs my feedback and TY for your time on the rework ^.^ !
  15. Can we skip the dialogues in the Profitr missions yet ?
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