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  1. No, is not showing up here, no matter which skin i pick 😞
  2. Can we have a toggle for Valkyr Prime "details" ? The new "Leonessa" skin looks amazing, but i think it would look even better with the Prime braces and rings instead of the Corpus bolts, so, can we have a toggle for those parts on alternate skins, pls ?
  3. People complaining are the reason why self-damage has been removed from the Javlok, and that weapon worked AMAZING with Ember's passive.
  4. I see... still, even if lore-wise he had elemental magic, game-wise it would be more beneficial (and, I belive, more code-efficent) to have overall damage increased (which also includes the elemental damage) rather than just the elemental portion of it.
  5. About that passive: 1) Primal forces: Why only elemental damage ? Can it be overall damage ? 2) Sly alchemy: What if there are no orbs ? Can it be an increased health/energy regen instead ? 3) 3 death defiance per mission feel too little, can it be on a timer like Oberon's Phoenix revival ? 4) Having these bonuses based on RNG feels a bit clunky, can there be a way to somewhat control which one/s to activate, pls ? Thatìs my feedback and TY for your time on the rework ^.^ !
  6. Can we have it ? Sure we have the Stug but... that's not really the same thing ._.
  7. Just fought the wolf again... today i met him twice... both times he dropped NOTHING... not even a "common" piece. After the second time it gave me nothing i literally dropped off the mission and shut off the game. If this is meant to make me to trow money at the game for trading the parts or keep me engaged, is failing big time... just so you know.
  8. I play this game at least 3 hours a day since the event begun, and so far i can count on two hands the amount of times i've seen him... and on one hand the times he dropped a hammer piece at all (which was always the same too). The drop rates of his hammer are the worst thing in all the matter, definitely a step back from boss rewards as a whole. I play this game since it was released to the general public, and back then the boss rewards were INFURIATING. Nowadays you always get a warframe component, but back then there was only A CHANCE it could drop anything at all... sounds familiar ? Why make such a leap backwards with a limited time event ? Is it to encourage us to spend plats ? Because if that the case, sadly, i'm a "poor" player who purely grinded his way to MR 26, because can't buy plats anytime. Sure I did buy some skins, but the only time i may afford to buy some "premium currency" is when i get a 75% discount, and i still can't make use of it most of the times. I was used to get a large discount every now and then with a certain frequency until the new year came along, and now i still have to see any since January. I hope i'm not sounding like trowing some kind of accusation around but... coincidentally, it's since the beginning of this year that the RNG as a whole seems to have gotten way worse than usual, not just for the discounts but also for the relics and prime drops as well. DE, if you're doing this because you want us to buy plats, first, i can't trow money at you anytime i want, second, I WANT TO GRIND FOR WHAT I CAN EARN WITHOUT SPENDING PLATS... But, sadly, the stupidly low spawn chances of the wolf himself plus the "backward mentality" drop rates of the hammer pieces themselves are telling me you don't want me to. Isn't it ironic that a game about grinding is not letting me grind ? I'm also gonna add this: It might be an overreaction, but I already left 2 other games because of how the respective developers decided to "go for the money and give a middlefinger to those who work hard" (those two games are Smite and TF2, and you can all see their state nowadays), please, don't turn me off from this game. You did a great job so far, don't flip the "F-U switch" like these other guys did. I may have 4667 hours so far in Warframe, but i already dumped two games which i was "invested" into, i wouldn't have a problem leaving another one.
  9. Can we skip the dialogues in the Profitr missions yet ?
  10. I'd like to toggle the details AND scarf separately... because i do like a lot the scarf but not the blades on the arms
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