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  1. I'm ok with the idea of having some Grineer unit using the Tonkor or any other weapon from their arsenal that so far has been an exclusive for players (even if I'm still waiting to can use the NoX goo rifle myself)... ...However, I do have a problem when they seem to impact my experience so much that success or failure in defending an objective depends on how many of them I encounter in a single mission. I'm not kidding when I say the only times I failed a condrix ground mission was because the game decided to spawn a bit more of these sniping the OpLink out of nowhere, not because of the enemies getting tankier and dishing more damage to me or the other players, but because of this "new" Grineer unit alone demolishing the objective in a few shots . I don't want to be offensive or anything, but I know there is a recurring theme about "developers not playing their own game", and whenever I think about these units firing cluster grenades in quick succession without ever reloading my thought is always "That is not how a Tonkor works or should work...". I know the Ogris used by enemy units is also kinda different from the one we have, but that's one homing missile with a reasonable timing between each shot, not a bunch of explosives every 2 or 3 seconds ! Again, I'm ok with a grineer unit using the tonkor, but I also belive this iteration has three issues that make it (indirectly) unfun to have around: 1) it fires multiple explosive projectiles with AOE damage at a time; 2) It fires said projectiles with too little time between each shot; 3) It spawns too frequently for a unit with so much damage potential. Because of this, I believe some changes should be made to lessen it's impact on a mission: 1) Make it fire single grenades like the actual Tonkor does; 2) time it like is actually reloading a tonkor; 3) Split the shield lancer into Standard and tonkor, and reduce the latter spawn rate while making it a hybrid between the Bombard and the shield lancer (a tankier shield lancer with a spawn rate in between the bombard and the shield lancer). Lemme know what you guys think.
  2. What about a "Hunting Beast" Warframe ? As, an animal like Warframe that supports it's teammates by damaging the enemies ? Kinda like Harrow but focused on healing ?
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