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  1. Really, why would i not want to cast an ability to it's maximum power ? To me this kind of mechanic says "don't bother wasting time on this, use something else". To make an example, Ember's 1 has a charge mechanic on casting to increase it's... firepower (pun not intended), but here's the thing: Why would i want to waste time on holding 1 when i can have the same if not better results almost istantaneousely by pressing 3 or 4 ? The only reason i would use her 1 at this point is if i only have 25 energy and i have an urgent need to knock down an enemy... but even there it doesen't do much
  2. Venari can change behaviour in-mission, Sentinels and pets cannot, and that's the difference: the first would still be the most versatile to can change from offensive, devensive, or passive at the press of a button, while companions are preset before to begin and stay that way until you finish. Sayd priority is irrelevant for a good 90% of the abilities because most of them are done so quickly that the next task can be performed almost istantly (the shield boost of the sentinels is istantaneous, the freezing aura is always active, and so on). Besides, i'm not asking for ALL the compan
  3. If warframes have their abilities as "default" without the need of a mod, why can't sentinels and pets be the same and have at least one of theyr abilities as such ? Like, why for example the "Scan" for Helios has to be a mod instead of just being there by default ? Or the cloak for the Huras ? Or, the Smeetha charm ? Or any of these abilities ? Even the "attack" mods could be the same. Sure i would prefer to choose if i want my sentinel to shoot at anything in sight, return fire, or don't fire at all, but even that would be better off being an "option" you can toggle (Aggressive, De
  4. 1) You have a pet that you can control... sure it costs energy to summon but you can directly control the behaviour of your pet depending on the situation. I and a lot of other people wondered if it was possible to do something like this with companions and Kohra made it true, i like it ! 2) Even better than 1: YOU CAN HAVE VACCUM AND A CAT AT THE SAME TIME !!! Nuff sayd, just that, almost feels like we are inching at babysteps speed thorward an actual UV, best feature ever in a Warframe !
  5. Today i wanted to put my prime accessory "Vala Sugatra" on a weapon and color it... i found out the coloring on this accessory doesen't work propely because the golden parts don't get recolored and the thing itself barely changes (half of it seems uncolorable). Can we have the Vala Sugatra prime have all it's parts recolorable, please ?
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