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  1. i mean for them to release on console and as for melee i'm VERY excited for the new changes...even the nerfs...finally melee won't be so dull and boring
  2. this is what i mean i don't understand why so many people don't see it like this maybe the NPC theory is true
  3. If i'm not mistaken exodia brave is going to change which means we're going to have a reliable source of energy other than zenurik But oh...madurai...if we delete zenurik from existence, madurai is actually an amazing school
  4. Hey guys can you take a second look at naramon? To reflect the new melee mechanics and bindings?
  5. This is the melee school, but like many said before, it doesn't have a lot of skills that truly serves melee How? Let me explain more, We only have 3 perfect naramon skills affinity spike, power spike and executing dash We lost the invisibility on crits...and lost the extra crit chance from naramon And instead we got a worst version of loki's radial disarm...and a wrost codex scanner Can't we change these 2 skill trees and actually get something more related to the new melee? Something related to the heavy attack mechanics...combo strength(ex: one hit generates 2 combo hits instead of 1..aka melee's multishot) , status damage on heavy attacks Stuff like that
  6. Did you know that i do this profit taker fight almost everyday and not one drop of these strain mods? It's stupid
  7. Imagine having having a useless augment -this post was made by revenant gang
  8. I'd rather have a functional effective nerf than a boring bland and uninspired power creep
  9. He definitely FEELS fast but necessarily the fastest I do encourage you to try the combination of 2 arcane phantasm and dispatch overdrive, even overdrive alone can still give you that amazing burst in speed that he has and that's close to any other speed warframe buffing gauss It's the only way we have currently
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