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  1. Many people, including myself, pitched the idea of a modular warframe, i was hoping Xaku would be it, since he's made from other warframe parts, but alas. Whenever someone suggests the idea of modular warframes, there is always a plethora of comments simply saying "no thanks" "that would break the game if it isn't already broke " "DE would never do this" But now DE sorta did it, it's confusing and sounds a bit broken, but they did it I'm, of course, excited and can't wait to try it out. In fact, i think it being limited to only one power swapping per frame, is a bit disappointing But what happened to all the people who were against it? What's your opinion on this?
  2. Well this is completely disappointing. My hype overshadowed the truth behind Xaku as well, i misread the stream and thought he had an ability that is a copycat of different warframe abilities Well, better luck next time, Time to go back and play spacelords.
  3. Amalgamation is a word that is used for somethig mostly a creature who is a combination of different animals I used this word because i don't know the true name of the process I don't mean the Amalgams from Jupiter
  4. Ability swapping, you will be able to slap other abilities to a different warframe, I'm asking if we can name them
  5. I hope so, it seems like we've gone this far, might as well do that and name them
  6. I'm finally going to have my own modular warframe, a Copycat! I wonder if we can name them
  7. No they have a cycle power that allows them to use a set of warframe abilities At least that's what i got from the stream
  8. But wait a minute what does that mean for Xaku?, don't they already have an ability that mimics other abilities?
  9. Ok so i just saw it What does that mean for broken warframe? Can i have more COPIED POWERS NOW? MODULAR WARFRAME INTENSIFIES
  10. Ability what now? I'm sorry i've been away from the game for a month or so, and haven't watched the latest stream Can someone explain, while i quickly go through the vastness of google search?
  11. So they have a set of already established replica of abilities? Or i can set it up in the arsenal before a mission?,
  12. I'm exaggerating of course, don't take this title seriously...but i was longing for a warframe, that can: 1.copy a warframe ability 2.copy enemy weapons. Well they don't actually copy guns, but i'll take what i can get here I presume many wanted a warframe that can copy other powers but yeah, i think i've found my new favourite warframe!!! Additionally, this warframe reminds me of mr nobody from doom patrol series, they look out of place and imperfect, i love it ^^
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