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  1. Introduction: Formica is an Ant based warframe with the ability to clone herself almost instantly and infinitely, and these clones can create clones and so on, to overwhelm her opponents and outnumber them. She also has two Prehensile antennas that can extend for up to 24 meters, used to communicate with other clones, strong enough to carry her or lift objects and enemies, and have a pointy blade in the end that can pierce flesh. Stats: Health: 225 armor: 100 shields: 300 sprint speed: 1.25 Abilities: Passive: Formica's Antennas may act on their own so
  2. it do be like that sometimes... we never get to enjoy nice things on the internet!!
  3. Probably till next update, there is a chance they might have something to do
  4. just Quit the game, until they fix it. no need to play an unfinished solo Warframe
  5. Did you focus on what i said? Reave literally does that for you, without even that drawback that you're mentioning. the only drawback, is the time and distance it takes to Hold forward so you can maintain mach rush without having to hold the ability. and i guess sacrificing Thermal sunder is a drawback of itself.
  6. yes, a few actually... First, Mach rush already has an augment, so it's really very unlikely that DE makes another one for it anytime soon second, if you want to Drift with mach rush, While retaining the same speed, use Revenant's REAVE. Simply, press and hold mach rush, then hold forward button to keep mach rushing, then if you want to drift or turn at same speed, cast reave while holding forward (so you won't cancel mach rush) i haven't tested if Reave increases mach rush's speed...but it 100% allows it to turn at the same speed, so in a way it's an increase
  7. i have a 300% strength Volt build that i don't ever change(it's balanced around everything else except efficiency) , i can easily parkour my way through any map with little to no bumps. i guess it depends on muscle memory or mastery, i got used to that fast speed that i can't stand a slow Volt
  8. Seriously, thank you DE, i know you probably planned for Yareli to have a K-drive long before i asked for a K-drive Warframe, but still, i appreciate that you are trying to revitalize long forgotten gameplay modes that have potential. i can't wait to Farm for those cool hyper mobility K-drive mods, (if the ability is moddable) i finally have an new purpose in Warframe lol! besides that, Yareli looks absolutely stunning and her personality is cute. i can't wait to use her in races lol!
  9. Call it an augment, call it a buff, i don't much care, but this is my idea for Thermal sunder Gauss that stacks sprint speed Similar to the way thermal sunder accumulates damage for your next mach rush (kind of useless since no one uses mach rush for damage) Thermal sunder should also accumulates sprint speed that buffs your next mach rush. How it works: Use the heat version of thermal sunder , each heat sunder you're standing on gives you a stacking of x% sprint speed, it scales indefinitely at the expense that you're loosing battery for it, and it's only beneficial for your
  10. Does it matter? it's just another brain dead melee weapon with no special abilities and no perks.
  11. not exactly as intricate as you imagine it it's more like speeva (Nova with minus strength to exploit the speed boost it gives to enemies to accelerate mission time)
  12. for the first time, i'm going to set our differences aside and say that i can't blame you. you're right.
  13. not entirely, especially when you feel helpless like me, and can't fix someone else's problems
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