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  1. That moment when you realise you would probably have to wait 4 or 5 years to get gauss prime...
  2. I need that 55% extra sprint speed.
  3. Coaction drift is waaaaay to weak in it's current state It provides 15% of the already small amount of buff you get from the aura mods It needs to be 50% 50% is a noticeable enough bonus but not too noticeable so players can "coordinate" with each other
  4. 1) you just have no room for fun do you, don't be boring 😞 2)i forgot to put it in there...however cut me some slack because there are no 'suggestions' tab in warframe...and you can't put a weapon idea with no concept in the concept tab
  5. Warframe is all about being a champion and there are no better way to feel like an olympic champion than to throw a javelin or to pole vault long distances i am aware that we have spears but they're not the same... my idea is basically a retractable javelin that can turn into a long pole based on your attacks... it has 2 different charge attacks and a special slide! the first one is a basic charge attack that performs a thrust with the javelin the second one is when you land a charge attack while sprinting will throw the javelin away dealing physical damage on impact and in a 4 meters area, and last is when you land a slide attack..instead of a slide you'll perform a pole vault that will lift you and the effected enemy in the air opening them up for air combos
  6. Add on that that natural talent increases most of garuda's animation speeds including the pounce and dash of her 1 and 2 ability Why can't it increases something like danse macabre spin speed
  7. All casting speed does is speed up the animation of the initial(sometimes the final) animations for some abilities For example harrow's 4 ballerina animation, charged abilities and others But sometimes natural talent is inconsistent It works on warframes and doesn't on others For example all of garuda's abilities need natural talent because they do not just increase the intital animation...they also increase the ongoing animation like dread mirror's pounce Blood alter's dash Blood letting's spin And seeking talons' whole animation Why can't they also increase the ongoing animation speed of some abilities like.. Revenant's danse macabre spin rate Gauss Mach rush speed/distance per second mesa's peacemaker fire rate (not that she needs it really) Gara's mass virtify glass spread distance per second And others
  8. i'm sorry if it came out that way from me i was trying to give my feedback on your gauss tweaks while maintaining my opinion with a bit of emotions but i never meant to make my opinion the only valid thing on earth just because i main the warframe it does...it means that he doesn't need any more ways to manage the already manageable battery...you kind of missed the mark with that
  9. I did Multiple times It's quite fun actually And i avoided the rest of the points Because most points you made were somewhat valid so i didn't need to talk about them For example, Yes he does get one shot with other elemental damage like electricity
  10. Bro i killed level 165 with just thermal sunder with 100% strength That's what i meant, people don't know how to use him Thermal sunder is not your standard damage ability...it scales to tremendous levels people can't even realise it And redline makes thermal sunder strip 100% of armor not 50% ...
  11. Also sorry about that I just see a lot of people hating on this great warframe Mostly people that do not know how to build him and just build for a tank build and that's it
  12. This doesn't shy away from the fact that your tweaks are hand holding gauss He can already keep his battery up by just sprinting without using any ability and while both redline and KP active He doesn't need more battery management it's pretty great as is
  13. Well usually because most people build gauss like how they build any other warframe You'dbe surprised if i told you that my gauss build uses all sprint speed mods and yet i still have room for enough efficiency, range and duration to make a powerful build for every content while also having a room for an option slot when he get an augment People usually build him to be as tanky as possible, you build the speed warframe for speed, without speed he doesn't feel right I know a few things...like how to effectively kill high level enemies with just his 3, an ability that many people refer to as his worst
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