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  1. because they already do that? it seems you don't know a lot about the frame, i don't blame you though. his feast' damage scales both with unlimited amounts of enemies inside his gut, and with nourish strike AND with enemy level his nourish's damage and healing scale with enemy level his regurgitate scale with enemy level his pulverize scale both with enemy level and with enemies inside his gut up to 10 times, the shockwave from jumping scales with enemy level inside his gut, the collision damage from hitting enemies with the ball scales with enemy level that you hit
  2. did a lavos troll you or something? i don't understand that one, i mean he's pretty strong for a 4 frame, yes he needs a buff but % damage to enemies shouldn't be the answer to everything, it's actually the laziest most uncreative idea someone can come up with, sorry
  3. I will post a screenshot soon for proof, this seems to be a ps4 issue as i saw on Triburous' video he had liquids.
  4. No guys i meant the ones on his shoulders, they're missing the liquids like it shows in the starting screen
  5. Just wondering why did they forget about that? It seems obvious, and they're even on the starting screen of OV update.
  6. Neat, as the warframe incarnation of gluttony, it fits his theme. Wonder what you'll do with his old passive though... Great, i second this, as grendel, you don't even have enough time to benefit from the increased armor, having it scale with mods is great, hope it gets a lingering duration as well when you puke all enemies at once, so you get the armor buff after you killed all enemies inside his gut Nice added benefit, although i have pulverize for that. I love the swiping style, and we don't want another toggle on an already expensive ability The thing is, it
  7. My friend, i went over some of these texts, and not going to lie, i was immediately sold after i read this, you truly care about grendel, and appreciate his immense fun factor. They called me a madman, but i have a 16 forma grendel pulverizing everyone in it's path So give me some time to fully read that text so i can discuss it well with you, brb
  8. Here's Octavia's problem: the game is literally playing itself. in regular missions (not profit taker) you don't really need to do much work. and people know that very well. Synergy Suggestions: Sticky balls!: mallet can be placed on walls or ceilings for strategic gameplay Acoustic resonance synergy: when Octavia is standing on an AMP she can damage any nearby mallet to contribute 10% of the damage done to it. this can be either a new synergy or an augment. Combo breaker synergy!: any successful metronome buff activation increases the timer of octavia remaining abi
  9. First of all, i am happy that finally DE is addressing this stupidly broken melee powercreep. You have no idea how boring it is to one shot high level armored enemies only with one swing and no need for 12x combo. Second, don't be that toxic towards players who actually want balance in the game. You're mad because all you want is more power without any limits, this is not going to be a game anymore if everything is made of cheat codes
  10. Thank you enderman for the concept :D i have no idea how you come up with these awesome names XD the Warframe feels like a really fun parkour themed Warframe. Although i imagined something more insectoid, the thrusters feel cool too. She reminds me of a mix between Zephyr and gauss, two Warframes that i really love and use :) good stuff, thanks again ;)
  11. We don't have a lot of parkour enhancing abilities except infested mobility, we always get a sprint speed boost or a total speed multiplier For example, Saryn's molt is a 5 seconds speed multiplier that works similar to volt's speed. But less duration and no melee speed. Can we turn it into a parkour speed multiplier? It makes sense in context, snakes don't run they jump(kinda) and crawl :D This increases saryn's escape artistry as a parkour speed is a lot stronger and more effective than a typical run speed.
  12. Is this still bugged? Still want to try saryn with this, so spores would pop themselves
  13. So are we going to ignore the fact that the vials located on his shoulders have no liquid in them? Or that the potions on his waist lack the glass and the liquid? Or the fact the one of the snakes in his noble animation look like it's about to throw up? Fix it DE
  14. It's pointless if it adds nothing to gameplay. Changing the songs should have some added value, but it doesn't, you don't need more than 1 song, spammed at repeat to get maximum damage
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