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  1. DE: *broke all slam attacks*... *took away iron vault augment* Me: you took everything from me DE: i don't even know who you are In all seriousness while the suggested rework took old wukong mechanics and playstyles, they added a lot more But here i'm not going to issue my concerns about the clone...or defy...or the fact that you missed the opportunity to make a K-cloud walker ability DE >~< I'm here to talk about his passive It has a huge problem...it's capped Baruuk's passive gives him more survivability...and you deplete your restraint to keep you passive DR active Nidus can stay invincible as long as you keep farming at least 15 stacks Wukong has a great passive but he can't work for it...i can count the amount of times i defied death with defy on a single mission...so I suggest to lower the amount of times you defy death from 3 to 1 And add a passive mechanic with his 1 As long as your clone is active if you take fatal damage your 5 ways of immortality passive will proc but won't consume, your clone instead will die and can come back after x seconds
  2. Ok so mediocre?...also...should you really rely on WOF to kill enemies? Maybe try a new technique...after all Wof is still close to a set it and forget it ability Like i said above...she's not a great warframe at what she's supposed to be...she's a decent warframe at what she is...a weapon buffer...still not like volt's level...but she has other things going for her that volt doesn't
  3. Thank you for your opinion, i can actually understand where people are coming from from your comment Maybe she is a mediocre warframe...for what she's supposed to be not what she is right now...as a gun buffer warframe with CC capabilities...she's OK... And btw revenant is not bad ...his theme is
  4. Your passive idea is interesting...but i don't think it fixes your complaints about ember having to cast her abilities way too much... Also zephyr is in a good spot right now...with the tornado augment you can stack 13 tornados together and shoot enemies engulfed in the them to deal 13x damage...while spreading status procs and dots... It works better and simul yes...BUT it still works ok on real missions...especially if you have a weapon that can group enemies But on the other hand she has a really dumb and useless synergy between airburst and tornado...tornado gets taller 😕
  5. Yeaa but i didn't specifically said x's rework idea is garbage...to be honest i actually haven't seen your ember rework thread yet Also did you just quote your quote?...i quoted you to tell you that no, warframes don't need to kill enemies with abilities to be good...and an example was the list of warframes i mentioned... I said i'd take fire proc over a ragdoll anyday..because i hate ragdolls so much...and fire procs only panics the enemies standing still...so a lot better than disorientate my gameplay with uncontrollable rag dolls I'm not saying ember is as good as mesa because she's not I'm not saying she's as good as saryn because she's not Ember is an elemental type warframe that requires gunplay and specific loadouts to function properly... and i'll explain again i did not compare ember to banshee to see who's better...i'm just saying in terms of abilities ember has more things to do and can survive better...while banshee is a high risk high reward one ability warframe
  6. Chill(no pun intended) But yea i think i agree with you on her passive It's as worse as frost passive and only slightly better than hydroid's friggin tentacle passive Until we get a decent way to lit her up...we just have to work with what we have
  7. Fire doesn't deal reduced damage to armor...it's bad against armor because it's armor Just like how every other damage type gets weaker with armor Fire only deals 50% less damage to proto shields...so yea...it's very balanced
  8. I specifically compared ember with banshee not to say who's better but to clear things up for people (obviously i failed horribly)...the idea is you can watch sound quake try to kill high level enemies...the same way you watch ember try to kill these same high level enemies with world on fire What i'm trying to say is...look at the replies...they completely forgot about how useles banshee's other abilities are and say that she can't be beat because of how far she can multiply her weapon damage...the same people who say that ember suck because she can't kill high level enemies with her abilities alone(wof)...something that banshee can't do...hell even VOLT needs weapons to deal good damage and even with that volt doesn't multiply damage like ember
  9. This why i specifically compared ember with banshee...yet people still don't get the point Wasting time watching world on fire try to kill high level high armored enemies is like watching sound quake try to do the same thing...
  10. Would you rather have a 1 ability warframe or a full warframe with versatile kit?
  11. I'm not quite sure you payed any attention to my post...you just went full passive aggressive...well mmkay! First of all...there are A LOT of warframes that can't use their abilities alone to deal damage on high levels..eg. chroma, mirage, banshee, ember, harrow, zephyr, rhino, volt, ash, mag, nidus, inaros...etc...so no a good warframe is determined "good" by how fun it's abilities are and effective at what they do...and if they provide synergy is it good or not?...also i would very much like if you'd not call my thought process cancerous lol...this is not 4 chan...if you don't have a proper toungue, just read the post and get out Lastly "Also, if anything, Banshee’s (Silence) ability has brief CC stun like Accelerant so she actually is in a better spot for her overall kit usefulness compared to Ember."...this is a proof that you payed 0 attention at my comparison between bansher and ember's stuns Yes silence does provide stun but it's very very short...and you constantly have to move away from the enemy so they can get touched by the aura and apply the stun once again...silence cannot be spammed and can't stunlock enemies While with accelerant you can keep spam it and keep reapplying the stun over and over again...eventually stunlock the enemy...so no banshe only beats ember at her damage multiplier potential...but then again banshee always beats everyone at this job...but the problem is with ember...you actually have multiple choices...you have damage, CC, and you can actually survive more
  12. it also looks like you did not actually read my comparison, please do
  13. accelerant can work fine even without the augment...and if you don't use corrosive and heat on ember IT'S YOUR FAULT...also fire while it's status damage tick is weak, it's damage type it neutral to all health types except shields(the only weak one) so fire is a good balanced damage type...if you equip fire and corrosive damage on your weapon and use your 2 and 3...you'll melt enemies...stun them constantly and get crazy damage numbers
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