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  1. people who actually say that octavia DOESN'T need a rework don't even play her they didn't experience the sickening you get when you play her, she's awful but extremely powerful :(
  2. HOW IT WORKS? so whenever you use tesla rollers, activate the ability to make the rollers release trails when they move Following that trail grant you 2x speed from ALL and ANY actions. And that's it The speed isn't affected by anything it just a nice synergy bonus in case you don't like the pad
  3. i suggested this before, but then, i didn't know about the fact that frost can literally do that. simply, any enemy that got knocked back by Rhino charge and collided with an obstacle or another enemy suffers collision damage equals to 40%-60% of his total health as true damage this is further enhanced by rhino stomp and roar.
  4. These are the exact changes that i asked for when i suggested to rework her way back I also wanted her to use a guitar as a weapon, not particularly an exalted weapon, just like the dubstep gun from saints row. Her metronome should work more in line with how The game Bullets per minute make you play All dreams to be honest, in the end, it's DE choice
  5. Instead of his Sarcophagus Inaros can have Sand trap Basically Sand trap is a hazardous trap. As inaros uses attacks he plants hazardous sand traps at the spot of the attack that when touched they suffer the damage type appropriate to that attack Example: inaros executes a finisher on an enemy, he drops a sand trap, anyone touching the trap will suffer finisher damage equals to the same amount. Additionally, inaros can hit objects and plant sand traps in them when someone touches the trap they suffer the total damage of the weapon that hit the object. Why did i think
  6. i don't think you got my point. i want her abilities to make me active, more interactive abilities that makes me do something more than run around invis also filling all the notes and listening to them on repeat is why i made this post
  7. Octavia is the only musical Warframe in the game but she literally makes me sick with her boring stationary gameplay and repeated music. In my opinion she is the worst in terms of having fun, it really shows whenever i try to play i feel like my stomach got a bit sick from all the flashbacks of her gameplay It doesn't even stop here, her metronome isn't forgiving at all, you can't make a catchy song without failing multiple time to be in sync with it, you have to make a constant repeated note so you can just spam moves and get effects, it's stupid I don't understand people who d
  8. tell 'em hey like the title implies, this is a FUN and IMAGINARY rework that uses a freaking SHAWZIN as a guitar rifle, i went to the extreme with how much fun you can have with a music based octavia with this rework of mine, she can play her own music with the shawzin and not a looped record from the mandachord, keep activating abilities and buffs, actually require the players to stay focused and not just afk the list goes on i removed invisibility because it's too powerful i made the other buffs more accessible and effective aaaand i introduced 2 ne
  9. FIRST THING FIRST, THE MANDACHORD: the mandachord has three sections: beat, rhythm of war and rhythm of harmony the beat activates if you play in sync with one of the rhythms, one rhythm can be active at a time based on the ability you are casting, the buffs and debuffs from an active AMP playing the rhythm will replace the previous ones, to reset the buffs you need to change the rhythms....so basically you have to keep casting different abilities and not spam just one rhythm to get your favorite buff PASSIVE> UNINTERRUPTED: Octavia's immune to status affects and her active
  10. this is his second...no no wait, his THIRD thread, the old 2 got closed for constant spamming lol. but spamming aside, let me tell you my story with this guy.
  11. don't worry kid, ash will get good changes soon to bladestorm, whether you like it or not, no one cares, not even you because you'll still complain anyway.
  12. i want a rework for her, but i'm more focused on sound design now since her animations sound really boring. as for that rework: hold her 1 to construct an invisible solid sound barrier that reflects damage back to the attacker, with sonar weakspots amplifying that damage. hold her 1 while aiming at the ground to create a solid sound trampoline that amplifies parkour velocity by 100% her 1 Projectile changed to an arca plasmor-lookalike sonic scream that can hit sonar weak spots and has a built in amplifier in the Ui (similar to black canary in the injustice 2 video game)
  13. don't you think Banshee needs new sounds and animations? the current ones aren't satisfying enough and they're very outdated i HATE the smoke effect on most of her abilities and that casting sound animation is AWFUL, please rework DE
  14. he's obsessed with ASH. i wouldn't have been blaming him because i get obsessed with a lot of warframes, but i do because he's very mean to everyone who doesn't agree with him, and ridicules everyone's ideas and mains. he's very cancerous
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