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  1. I guess you can say that flying is generally always faster than running Just make him scale mach rush and he's ll be the fastest warframe ever Because if mach rush scales on it's own...and then sprint speed comes after then he'll have a tremendous boost in speed Maybe if his mach rush scales with duration...in a way where the more time he spends in mach rush the faster he'll go up to 120%, and duration makes the increase rate of his mach rush speed faster
  2. Currently Zephyr is the fastest warframe She has 2 ways of going fast..either by running or flying It's crazy that DE doesn't want to make gauss scale his speed to the extreme like zephyr
  3. Gauss buffed at his limit is the fastest thing in the game But sadly he can't reach this speed without outside buffs...and also DE hasn't thought about making a cap to his speed screen altering affects so they don't want you to reach these speeds alone If you want to go faster than all sprint speed mods, use 2 arcane phantasm and dispatch overdrive But it's still very situational and in open areas you won't find enemies to kill to get the buffs Maybe as an augment he will get faster
  4. My title explained a thousand words "Heat is changing ok that's good means there's potential for other elementals...how about electricity?" Looks like a lengthy title isn't it And the the context is a proposition to change how electricity status works and a hope to change the original elementals What's confusing about this?
  5. Tell them man... Am i getting on your nerves? Good
  6. if only just 1 lua lens drops i'd be 100% happier with disruption
  7. i just soloed profit taker with chroma but why just chroma? i want to solo it with gauss (i saw the video but i still can't solo it with him because the youtuber used another focus school and arcanes that i don't have) and many others mirage for example why does it have to be such a retarded fight?
  8. All i want for it is to get a small buff, not a drastic change in mechanics Like this> RANGE: tesla chain arcs range to increase from 3 to 6 meters CONDUIT: Enemies get primed during 6 seconds damaging any ally nearby with electricity damage over time I think the original elemental damage types maybe need some updated tweaks in their status procs But hey that's just...my opinion 🤔
  9. The mod thay grants your melee weapon 30% increased range on status effects Can we make it a condition overload? After melee 3.0 2m increased range each time you proc a status? I want to use this mod because it feels unique But it's very weak
  10. Try to have situational awareness when you solo this damned fight
  11. What a garbage mission Abysmal enemy spawns Too many things happening at once And stupid Reward drops Archgun holster takes too long and it crowd controls you Not to forget getting one shotted constantly out of nowhere even with tanky warframes Exploiter is 10x better...i at least i see and control what's happening And they don't rain enemies like in PT Do something about this
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