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  1. Im sure everyone did drop an N-bomb or worst just didnt get caught by a reporter
  2. other players got unbanned 4 the same reason whats the difference between me and them?
  3. i guess the answer is nobody would be satisfied getting a perma ban without a warnning or an email preior on their action
  4. It happed so fast, well i was playing my last mission to get my first prime weapon lex relic and the random player joined with his friend we finished the run then typed me something mentioning that im an Aids] im supposed to report em but i got angry so fast and dropped myself on such a situation they typed nothing back on the chatbox so i left the squad to logout and join again the next morning to see the msg you have been perma banned for violence
  5. It all started when some random player joined the lobby and called me [Aids] for being a good player! Reading lots of articles about some players getting over ban for the same reason [typing N word] most of them got unbanned after submitting a request I tried my best to be nice and patient asking for my worthless Acc that i was playing on for 400 hrs crafting the last component for my favorite prime buying some platinum from the website, trading with players, making friends etc.. after that [we will be forced to revoke your access to Support as well] yes that s what they replied to me. I played alots of games just like any gamer and this is the first time i get permanently banned not denying that it was a mistake breaking their rules but where the time effort and enjoyment I spent playing the game go after. I know most of you would say that you deserve it tho i want to read your ideas and suggestions as I respectively liked the game. Thank you
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