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  1. Hydrolyst Hunter is a task from nightwave where you have to kill or capture an eidolon hydrolyst. Me personally I don`t care for the arcanes and I don`t enjoy eidolon hunting coz I don`t find fighting disco lighting enemies fun and there is no incentive to do it in terms of rewards, I am a part of the minority that don`t like eidolons, some people might enjoy playing it but me and other people we don`t want to be forced to play it. Then I have some bad news for you: This won't happen any time soon and most likely won't be something people enjoy in a semi-horde-looter-shooter.
  2. Not possible. - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182120-Can-I-reset-my-Account- You can only delete it via the Support and you might not be able to create a new account linked to that e-mail or username. - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203728870-How-can-I-delete-my-account-
  3. If you have opened the Vault once in your Warframe life, you can at any time start the Arcana Isolation Vault Bounties. For this just talk to the mother near the vault. She now should have the regular bounties as well als the "normal" Isolation Vault mission and next to it there should be your Arcana Isolation Vault Bounty (the tier/loottable is depending on the vaults tier). The missions you have to do during the bounties and the tilesets are randomized once you enter the Cambion Drift. For the rewards each tier has 3 rotations which change every 3 hours (similar to the other open
  4. thanks Are we getting fixes for the the waypoints soon? This is not only an issue on grineer tiles, but also on the other tiles. Especially during the recent relic farm runs it gets pretty annoying if you are slowed down by missing or wrong waypoints.
  5. - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mission_Rewards You can find the droptable here: www.warframe.com/droptables
  6. But you agreed in the ToS that platinum has no monetary value: And since it not only involves DE, but also Steam and the Tennogen Creators you would need their support, too. (That's one reason why the consoles get Tennogen items later)
  7. Might be this issue, should be solved soon.
  8. Thanks <3 especially for making the eros arrow skin a permanent skin
  9. There is an Orbiter Capture for 10.000.000 in the market. In this captura you can summon your Necramech, but it's quite big and gets stuck quite often in there.
  10. Why do open 3 times the same threads for this??? The landing craft ≠ our orbiter. Our Orbiter is much larger and most likely the same for all tenno. Even if the orbiters cockpit is part of the landing craft it would be difficult do have different layouts, since it would make swapping your landing craft more annoying if you always have to remove and replace decorations. - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter
  11. And thanks to people like you we have no more design council challenges, operator only spy as nightwave mission or lua spy as sortie. Don't tell me potato PCs are the reason XD
  12. You can disable the chat in your options > chat >regio chat Or you can try to set up a filter (pretty usefull to filter out the spam during events or baro weekends):
  13. Are we ever getting the operator only spy? It was teased back then when we got the feedback changes for Nightwave:Series 2, but as far as I remember we never got the mission ingame:
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