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  1. Thanks for the fixes Could it might be possible to make the new vault bounties accessible without the need of doing the "old" ones? This series of bounties are kinda long and even if you skip some to do just specific vaults, you'll still need to do the "old" ones
  2. Thanks The Tranq-Waypoint sounds really good, I hope it's not as brokes as most of the other waypoints ^^ And the orbiters inside is a bit overexposed since the U29.5.0 (which gave us the new cockpit consoles)
  3. thank you very much really like the QoL changes (new sounds and less stagger on amps (while this is a nice start, I would still like to see the stagger completely removed)) and hopefully the new vault missions Can we please, please get an Waypoints revisited???? They are a mess! There are 4 waypoint for stuff I already did. And the exit one isn't helpfull if I i still need to look for the right door. (If you have played wf for a while you know which door might be the right one, but especially for new players this must be really annoying) And this is a long standing is
  4. After reaching level 30 on a Warframe you can only increase its power by using mods. For Excalibur i would recommend something like this: Vitality for survivability (doesn't have to be max rank like in the pic and can later be dropped if you are move familiar with the movement system and other game mechanics) Streamline and Flow so you can spam more abilities Intensify (and Augur Secrets) for more DMG on your abilities Since I don't know if you used a Orokin reactor I didn't put in more mods, but this should be a reasonable build at your stage. For his Excalted Blade:
  5. Maybe you should really ask a Mod or the Support? - https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/
  6. Your Necramechs excalted weapon. https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=Arquebex Warframe
  7. A real death tracker would be nice. You can currently only track your deaths via the ee.log. use %localappdata%\Warframe\EE.log to open the ee.log and then search for "killed by" or your name. or you upload it to something like semlars death logger. BUT be aware that the ee.log contains personal information!! https://semlar.com/deathlog
  8. @alex_jonh nice quote, but pls let me out of this. There is so much bugfixing to be done here on Deimos.
  9. We once had a system like that. Got replaced about 4 years ago. If you want to take a look into it: There are good points for the current endo system in the patchnotes and why DE went for it:
  10. The Fomorians returned as a bright star on the horizon. \o/ All parts of the Fomorian mission are very overexposed, making all textures nearly white. (Classic graphic engine, havent tested it on the new engine yet enhanced has a few less bright objects, but overall it's much better) Clanmates have the same issues (same with swapping between classic and enhanced engine). 100% reproducible (tried it at least 3times with each engine) Outside: Inside: Some graphic settings: Borderless Fullscreen 1920x1080 native, 60hz Aspect Ratio, Verti
  11. MMmmh? I´m gonna post this as long as I think it's a bug and needs a fix, or DE says it's intended to be broken.
  12. Thanks Since the lighting is kinda getting reworked, how are the current plans regarding the waypoint system? This is broken and confusing for a very long time now. With Nezha Prime we got yet another Ephemera which can't be obtained by doing "challenging" content. Meanwhile many other are an endless grind like the Lich-ephemeras or the blazing step before it got moved... That's not the "challenging content" - reward they got introduced for. Last time I heard about it was almost 2 years ago: Since I´m currently farming my last missing Kuv
  13. There is nothing we (the players) can do, you'll need to contact the support. This is an issue between you and DE, so you won't get any "official" response here. - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/
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