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  1. You need to finish "The War Within" quest and not only "The second dream"
  2. 3rd party Seiten: Eine Alternative zu warframe.builder wäre https://overframe.gg/ (kann man auch auf deutsch umstellen und hat z.B. auch die Zaws zum modden drinnen) Zum handeln ist warframe.market recht nützlich, für rivens https://riven.market/ oder https://rivenmarket.com/de Für Clanarchitekten: Eine Clanmap erstellen https://dojoplanner.stom66.co.uk/ und die Räume planen https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1122347-announcement-new-free-dojo-planner/ (erfordert einen Download)
  3. I am currently stuck in a mission because the last crewship is bugged. It´s marked as ally so i can´t shoot it down with the artillery and if I board it i can´t hack it´s core panel.
  4. That´s a 3rd party website, you won´t get any help here.
  5. maybe this? But shield mods ain't worth it most of the time, since you get no armor dmg-reduction on them and dmg can bypass it, since we have no shieldgating apart from Hildryn.
  6. I think in the UI change thread DE was thinking about expanding the system from railjack to other stuff and i fear that there´s gonna be way to much
  7. My bad I thought he wants it ingame from the market 😐
  8. pls no, i really dislike hold to confirm inputs, that makes games so clunky and slow. On console this often is kinda standard but I dont want that on PC, we already have precise input devices.
  9. Yes, another stillborn content island is exactly what warframe needs \o/ (Sorry to you two still playing conclave) Who needs a working basegame anyways, we all want a battle royal mode, an auto chess versio, a candy crush version, a moba version, a catch them all - pokemon/temtem version and much more... didn´t read carefully enough .-.
  10. trial and error is the only way but for proper trial and error the spawnrate is way to low
  11. I tested it right now in the simulacrum: 8x lvl165 Corrupted Lancer (not eximus), killed 7 of them, marked the last one so i could see the distance and walked 10m away. did 2 runs for each build: -> always got 127k as stored dmg, releasing did 2282 and 2283 dmg without strength mods and 2280 and 2284 dmg with strength mods => i would say it has no impact and the small difference might be due to a bit different range
  12. unter menu > options > controls > Railjack > customize key bindings > tactical menu
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