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  1. tdlr: The relay Dry Docks are only in the second+ tier relays: And the Cy Bp got moved to the market a few patches ago:
  2. This years Dog Days event has the same reduced prizes as last year. Since I didn't expect it to return after 2019 I grinded it a bit. But with the last event reruns it kinda hurts knowing I "wasted" 7.200 pearls by buying in the more expensive first year. That are ~20 more nice roller floofs I could have earned. DE had returned resources to the early adopters in other cases/revisits, so could this might be possible for the pearls, too?
  3. start S#&$posting: content when, raids back when, crossave when Set your own "endgame": like speedrunning missions/bosses, doing endurance runs, complete the codex/profile, collect all warframes/weapons, build a dojo, subsume all frames, etc. or play something else till there's new stuff you are interested in. Sometimes it's really nice to play some singleplayer games that are just finished at some point.
  4. If you are shopping via the market terminal you can do that: bonus: you can see all weapons at once and not just primary, secondary, etc.
  5. I thought not consumed abilities were grey-ed out and at the bottom of the list? (Has been a while since I did this so I don't know it that's still the case) The number of missing/consumed frames is also shown at the top right corner of the list: Since I also had to farm some Warframes again, I made an excel list anyways and marked all the parts I needed and which I already had build/subsumed:
  6. - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ Sounds a bit like a worse 'New Game+' feature. And given they are trying to get a 'true' cross-save mechanic working I would prefer that over your system. Stripping Tennos of their with plat bought frames is the opposite of what the market usually offers: skipping the MR lock and getting a free potato. There are so much more (unnecessary) mechanics with your 'locking this till then' and 'reseting this and that' that it most likely results in bugs (and maybe even some other abuses). Just getting a 'regular' cross-
  7. DE members said multiple times they are working on a concept. This one was even very recent: - https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/mquwct/we_are_digital_extremes_developers_of_warframe_ama/guiijex/ But since DE often had an issue with showing stuff to early/ stuff that just started to be worked on (hence the [DE]lay memes), they moved on to a system where they tell us what's close and what can be expected to be shipped soon™. And working from/covid didn't make things easier for stuff like mo-caping for the new war ("Revealed during TennoLive 2019. The New War ⁠—
  8. ahh, yet another cross-save/migration thread, because people are to lazy to read the FAQs or use the search bar... For the current situation don't look futher than the Support/Community FAQ: - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182180-Can-I-merge-or-transfer-accounts- - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ For everthing else on this topic we don't have a definitive answer. They said a few times here and there, that they are working on a cross-progress concept, but they haven't confirmed or denied if it's ever going
  9. At least for PC: U 29.10.0: U 30.0: But I currently can't find when they were introduced. And iirc Cambion Drift has rare caches which can spawn at some dedicated spots.
  10. It was a twitch drop after a charity stream: And it was a 24h GotL alert after the monday dev stream:
  11. DX10 cards are no longer supported: So you might want to upgrade, but given the current gpu market you could also try streaming games with services like "GeForce Now".
  12. Never noticed that besides the auto textbox focus or pressing the wasd/arrow keys. But this can be turned of in the settings:
  13. Thank you very much! Speaking about (RJ) Defense: Can we have a talk/workshop about the 'new' Corpus Defense tiles/maps? As awsome and glorious they are looking, they are sadly not the best/most fun to play. Both maps (Corpus Captial Ship and Corpus Gas City) are really large, especially the corpus ship one and together with the 'slow' enemy movementspeed, multiple floors and low spawnrate at the beginning and end of a round they are very tideous to play. And especially with the corpus rj expansion this is kinda sad to see, since I normaly really like running longer d
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