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  1. DESteve openly hates specters and automation if anything, they'll slowly whittle away at their capabilities over time, not add more. (already seen one AI 'rebalance' nerf, more will come)
  2. I'll play them if there was an option to Skip the RJ Taxi portion; its just a bunch of annoying load times, no really fun gameplay to speak of. Just drop me directly into the 'ground mission' stage.
  3. holy zombie thread well, to answer the original question being a total weeb Yareli (obvious anime girl), then Nezha (those chun-li twin tails are adorable), followed by Trinity (cause she goes with the whole 'cyber-tricks' J-pop aesthetic)
  4. My "best" definition is based on the fact that I have problems keeping the buffs active, they tend to time out, thus I value duration highest. Merciless is actually the worst example of this, where when the buff is inactive I find myself unable to get multiple kills within the 4 second window to build it back faster than the decay rate. a longer duration would help counter this. -I understand that AoE weapons can make that much easier, but I'm not always using them. it would be nice if it was balanced to take non-AoE weapons into account and function as more of a generic killstreak arcane instead of a multi-kill arcane. -and No, Deadhead isn't a substitute for that, as it won't activate on status procs; making it more of a specialist arcane for OHK sniping.
  5. Merciless has 12 stacks, with a 4sec duration means it takes 48 seconds to fully decay. while Deadhead takes 3x24 = 72secs to fully decay and Dexterity takes a whopping 6x20 = 120secs to fully decay I thought the point of these Gun Arcanes, was to help Guns to Compete with Melee? Why then, is the Easiest one to maintain and keep active triggered off Melee Kills -not Guns kills at all? If the best one, is based on melee, then its not helping guns to Stand on their Own. I suggest, that these relative durations be reversed. with Dexterity (given the incredible ease of stacking Melee kills) being the shortest duration Deadhead with is precision kill rewards being the longest, and Merciless being in the middle
  6. So basically guaranteed rewards to counter bad RNG probably not the best thing for WF, where Endless RNG Grind is already countered by the Pay Mechanisms. (which, as much as you might hate them, are needed to keep the company running)
  7. No I've already seen what DE is [in]capable of producing (Warframe) without a major buy-out and restructuring of the dev team I don't think a DS2 would be done justice by modern gaming standards.
  8. I consider 38 to be an excellent start..... considering the scale is bottom weighted. (players have tested the drop distributions)...
  9. Yes this is fine. DE has stated, that macros are acceptable, so long as they do not play the game for you as simple key remapping is not an Autopilot, it still requires human Interaction; so it is allowed. The 'use at own risk' statement is blanket C.Y.A. legalese, so DE can cover any and all 3rd party hacks that show up in the future. but DE staff have publicly made their stance on simple macros clear.
  10. In general, Murmur is gained so fast, that all 3 Requiems will be Revealed before you have the chance try out all combos. Making Oull unnecessary for the Final Killing Blow. -by then you already know all 3, so might as well slot in the correct symbol the 1 specific case to use Oull is Early in your 'quest' where Only 1 Requiem is Revealed, and you stabbed once to discover the Revealed Requiem is Not Slot1. in that case, put Oull in Slot1(temporarially), and Revealed in slot2. This allows you to test the position of Revealed, before Revealed2 or Revealed3 appears. As soon as Revealed2 shows, pull Oull out and test Revealed2 as Slot1
  11. Kuva Brakk Do a hybrid Crit/status build viral+heat+magnetic to cover all major factions (choose magnetic as lich bonus) with Secondary Deadhead and Galvanized Shot (note that the gun Condition Overload mods currently only work on hitscan, Brakk is hitscan)
  12. Dead content. DE forgot about it, moved on to working on the Duvri Plains whatever thing instead. Get used to it. Its their standard practice, keep releasing new updates fast enough, people don't notice all the unfinished parts of the previous one. Seems to be working so far.
  13. P.S. all those Nightwave Credits that you had saved up they're Gone Now. they get reset when each Nightwave Season/Intermission ends.
  14. I'd rather it be something like: Kill the Larvling with a Rifle = increased odds they drop a rifle Shotgun = shotgun pistol = you get the idea.
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