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  1. A really terrible example is the Knell they changed it recently so that Harrow gets a 2 bullet mag on it (default is 1) while simultaneously, increasing its reload speed from 1sec to 2secs. So now its buffed for Harrow as a 'signature' but nerfed for Everyone Else. its that 2nd part, nerfing for everyone else that I have a problem with....
  2. It works fine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_cooling
  3. 1. macro it then 2. in that case, does the old trick of Locking Zenith to Semi mode still work? it used to be: hit reload, halfway thru the reload animation tap Alt. Zenith now swaps to alt mode but doesn't fire a disk. So its now in alt mode, but not alt mode, and doesn't expire.
  4. I'm on a PS4 and the 'Virtual Mouse Cursor' is not as natural to move around as on a PC since its 'virtual' I can't just "random access" that cursor, it has momentum; like driving around a little arcade spaceship with a joystick. unlike a PC user I am not constantly flicking that cursor all over the place as casually as my eyes scan the screen. its not a natural thing for Console Players to do on their controllers. Please consider that DE; the mouseover screens are harder to view for Console players versus the PC's your UI team develops on. interfaces that feel slick on PC, are much clunkier on Console.
  5. is it really that big of a deal to Press Alt after you Reload? you can even write a macro to do that automatically if you keep forgetting Since the seethru walls radar has a range based on where the disc landed; and I'm typically going to be moving around, its natural to be hitting Alt periodically to reset it manually anyway...
  6. I would actually suspect that Veterans are Less Important in terms of DE's Profit. veteran players are less likely to Buy Plat with Real Money; because they have the in-game resources to leverage Trades and skim plat off Newer Players instead. likely its the new and intermediate players who do the most Real Money Conversions.
  7. Its a free login booster and they used to be just 3 hours each. not this 12+hour scaled stuff quit getting greedy, 12hrs is more than enough time to milk that thing for its worth within your real-life schedule.
  8. I have to say one bright side of Nightwave and Wolf Cred being used to purchase Aura Mods is that it makes selling Aura mods much more Lucrative for a low level player who might need them, grinding NW for wolf cred can take quite a while, plus Nora's weekly inventory often doesn't have the ones you might want; no one wants to wait a whole week for it to reset top it off with the removal of Random Alerts eliminating the hope of getting an Aura mode for 'free' with lucky timing and players are more willing to Buy them off Trade Chat now. Its really nice to be able to make some Easy plat for once, so tired of pulling teeth to make sales on rivens and whatnot...
  9. I miss the random alerts always something to do with alerts Nighwave? not so much, most of the bounties I finish within 48hours. random alerts dripfeed, self-regulating pace. much better, less downtime
  10. Buy Netduma Gaming Router Force Host for the luls, kick anyone you want for whatever reason you want off squad profit?
  11. Grolls are easy to get I get em all the time quit farming Kuva, its ineffective. there's this trick with the Chat window; one of the tabs is called Trade switch it over to Trade, then type "WTB Groll for (your weapon) 1000plat" and bam, you get your Grolls super easy way to skip all that grinding.
  12. I've had the same problem too Host Leaves everyone who stay's gets screwed, cause you can't end the match; just have to reboot and loose all your rewards. more host migrations going wrong; just like everywhere else in the game...
  13. Yeah the Engines not connected is annoying Considering the 'Starter K-board' is the same flatbelly/step10 parts, but does have them connect I'm assuming that a Crafted K-board not looking the same even with same parts is a Glitch. This is pretty much why I choose the Fatboys engines for mine.... at least they're magical Orokin tech that's supposed to levitate away from the body.
  14. humh thanks for info PS4 also has a "plains of eidolon remaster update" but our update is labeled 24.8.1 instead of your PC 24.8.3 most of the update content regarding PoE changes are the same, but the 'bug fixes' section is different I guess they didn't have time to carry it over to PS4 ...seems odd considering all the Main content is the same...
  15. You used to be able to fire through it with projectile weapons the bug appeared around the very first Fortuna reveal many months ago been reported back then but DE never said anything. Either they're too busy to fix it, or too busy to read the forums and even know there's a problem.
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