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  1. Relating to this Having the ability to Swap Polarities around (Moving, not re-forma-ing) as we already can with the Non-Exilus slots; would help a lot.
  2. On it. The drop rates are fine. keeping them low ensures a high plat trade value for the weapons, which ultimately is beneficial for DE and WF in general, as it gives people another reason to purchase Platinum. Same logic for most rare drop items, don't expect to be able to just farm everything in the game in a timely manner; trade is a cornerstone of WF.
  3. Can't find a good reason to incentivize players to play new game mode DE: I know! instead of putting some fresh new rewards in it, we'll take back something that was already easily available and stick it in there. players won't realize that we're giving them something they already had!
  4. Yeah all the parts were just there in my Inventory, I never even specifically went farming for Ash. many duplicates had just accumulated over time randomly from doing Grineer missions. That might not be a thing anymore; the Railjack Ash source, is it a Replacement drop location or an Additional one while the old drops stay?
  5. Platinum is purchased using $real money$. Ask your parent's for permission to use their credit card.
  6. its all about Control In a power fantasy game, where death is actually fairly rare most of the time; the most annoying thing is Being Out of Control; it takes the player out of the Power Fantasy. So things like, being staggered or knocked down, or having your abilities suppressed by a Nullifier, or having your gun ripped from your hands by a drakh master. These are all things that make us feel a loss of Control, they can be more annoying than getting killed. Having your gun recoil go nuts and ammo consumption go up. Having your Movement suddenly change
  7. Dude, even the ps4 controller can gyroaim.... DE's reply is just doublespeak for "we didn't care about it enough to even bother checking" console controls always gets the short stick, DE designs for KB and Mouse first.
  8. as it is, I don't think its worth 100 plat. If it hasn't been rolled yet, I'd buy for 30p. as far as 'scamming', as long as both parties Agree to a price, its not a scam. in a free market the equitable price is subjective. Pick a number you'd be happy with and broadcast the offer, if no one wants it at that price lower it gradually until someone does. Or try again another day if drops below what you're willing to part for.
  9. New Player? Get Nekros as soon as you can his Desecrate ability can be treated as a passive loot boost in all missions you run and as a new player you definitely want to be stocking up on resources. Hydroid and Khora and Atlas also have looting abilitites to consider but they're tougher to use while being mobile, I like that Nekros' is just activate and forget about it.
  10. I don't use it just for Warframe I setup a custom control script for every single game I play. It's not just about fixing the few games that made poor decisions, it lets me customize personal preferences everywhere. Reassign stuff that's not reassignable ingame, Do crazy stuff like touchpad gesture recognition, gyroscope aiming. Weapon anti-recoil scripts. Weapon trigger type changes. etc. I'm really proud of my Occucor script; monitors my ammo usage and auto-swaps to a holster reload before I'm out so I can keep the bonus tendrils going indefinitely. Cool stuff, don't look
  11. Open Worlds get Dyanamic, Proximity Based Matchmaking. Walk around and meet people, instead of just the same squad of 4. so you can be wandering the world doing your own thing, fishing, mining, etc, and see completely new players. Potentially joining in their activity. making the world serve a similar purpose as Relay/Reqruiement Hubs. add Public Events, waypoint marker appears, helps to draw those random players together if they are so inclined. To share an objective like capturing a base, drone, etc. Replaces Bounties with a participation based activity, solves the bounty leec
  12. Why does this topic exist? Raids were removed and are never coming back. When DE says they're "looking at" a possibility, that's actually doublespeak for: No, but at long as we never directly say no players won't get too mad.
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