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  1. Can't have it both ways. Warframe is a 'free to play' 'pay to skip grind' game. meaning there's a correlation between Paying and having Fun. no pay = at mercy of RNG and un-fun Grind its all part of the business model that keeps the lights on. for that reason a Stat Locking/Choosing mechanism will never be implemented
  2. Select Fire Mode Switch makes sense for things like Auto Rifles. tying into the mechanics of well, firearms with select fire. Stuff where the Alt is a Momentary action, like an underslung grenade, it makes sense for it to be an Instant Trigger. to me, Zarr fits more into the Latter category than the Former. Its a quick panic-button to use a shotgun instead of your grenade when you get Surprised up close and don't want to blow self up. full on mode switch is to slow for that.
  3. It seems, that most of the Riven Challenges are just asking for us to 'cheeze' them anyway. So using a full on SP Meta build as the unveiling setup is kinda out of character; power doesn't matter if you're cheezing.... any case, and easy fix that doesn't requiring programming a new special 'veiled slot' mechanism (sphagetti yay!) is for DE to just turn on the Exilus flag for veiled rivens so you can shove them in there....
  4. yeah, lol I remember when "Japanese" used to be autokick because the filter was detecting the first 3 letters as a slur. Would go into Region and be like "Just started watching Dragonball! these Chinese cartoons are awesome!" and then like half the weeb names would fall off the list. good times
  5. I'd rather see it change Daily. having to wait Yet Another 4 Days in a row when he doesn't have the element you wanted kinda sucks. No, it won't cause problems with having enough Holokeys in time. Just plan ahead and keep them stockpiled.
  6. Well, in the same sense as Everything in the universe also being already decided, yes. but that is a larger problem of Determinism, Fate, etc. At any rate, rivens from the past can contain weapons from the present.
  7. Yes in fact it used to be Good Business to collect tons of Veiled Rivens of the correct type in anticipation of an upcoming new weapon release; for the purpose of hopefully unveiling a riven for it on update day. Now that new weapons have minimum dispo on release though, this market has fallen through.
  8. Thank you. Yes As they are now the two firing modes are very poorly integrated. when the Mode Switch is a Forced Reload Delay that takes longer than it does to swap between Primary/Secondary weapons; then I'm better off just equipping two separate weapons, say an Ogris and Twin Grakatas, to get the same rifle/grenade effect. Throw on a Synth set to get auto reloading and you've got superior versatility. Absolutely no point to Ambassador/T-Tetra/Staltha
  9. well congrats on finding someone foolish enough to buy it its a garbage weapon with a stupid gimmick. contrary to DE's intentions, good rivens don't save bad weapons.
  10. Are Acid Shells glitched out now? I see nearby enemies get hit with the explosion, but their damage hit are only 450. seems like its not applying the +45% Enemy Health portion.
  11. How about we wait to see how New War plays before complaining?
  12. Wow people actually remember the days before Console used a virtual 'mouse' Yes using a floaty 'Cursor' in Console is very clumsy. the Standard for Console games is to exclusively use the D-pad in conjunction with well designed menus. -I realize DE 'tried' to cater to this with the snap to button functions, but its buggy as hell and really isn't the same as other Dedicated Console Games.
  13. I want a skin and stance that makes it into Dr Ido's rocket hammer (Battle Angel Alita)
  14. I do it to make up for Time if an annoying Volt was constantly Speed boosting me throughout the mission, I'll hang back to drop out of his range so I don't have to put up with it. And then, since I won't be getting any kill xp at that distance, I figure, might was well make the most of it and collect some resources.
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