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  1. True, Condition Overload is a rare drop but if you want to farm for it; Mod Transmutation (with a transmute core) is actually the fastest way... Even with the Drop Booster doubling the rate, I don't think you'd beat the odds from Transmutation...
  2. No clue about any of these supposed Set Mod exploits but I do know that Deconstructor Prime is a devastating Sentinel Weapon, if not the best the arsenal doesn't show this, but it will fire 3 glaive attacks in succession, with separated Impact, Slash, Puncture damage type each (plus anything you modded in) ie, the arsenal displays a IPS of all 3, but they get applied in separate attacks. This makes the Deconstructor incredibly good at applying Many Different Status Procs. Which you can then use with a Condition Overload mod to do ridiculous damage multipliers. In fact, when I am trying to do a Melee Challenge (Riven or NW) I have to remember to disarm my sentinel; because it will actually kill everything before I can get them into melee range.
  3. I take issue with being called a liar. I believe you misinterpreted my statement: I've seen communication messages like 'how far we wanna go' very commonly Just Not While Waiting in Extraction I see that being asked at the Start of the game. I didn't say that there was no productive communication; just not at Extraction. I disagree with the justification that the Timer gives a 'communications window' considering that the entire match Before then was already a huge window. Since people have plenty of opportunity to come to an agreement early, I find the extraction timer to be redundant, and annoying. To that one guy who asks '1 more rotation' Only After he sees someone try to extract I say "Are you kidding me? No, you had an hour to figure that out already. Why should I stay around and help someone who hasn't said a word to me the entire match." This kind of last minute planning is impolite and is no substitute for agreement at the Start of the match; and the 'Extraction Timer as Communications Window' is only enabling that.
  4. I'd rather see No MR Requirements on Rivens At All never saw any real point to that, considering the weapons themselves already cover the MR progression angle this would also help dispel the long running myth that a Riven's MR affects its stats and it lets Riven's data drop an unneeded MR number field for more Database savings (DE has always said that Data bottleneck was a big reason they don't increase the Riven Cap, so that should help the situtation)
  5. Fair Point in that case I'd suggest that Entering the Exit starts the countdown as usual however, each of the 'han solo carbonite trays' acts as a interaction prompt console where you can walk up to it and press Square (or whatever PC uses) which will then instantly pull you out if you so desire. That shouldn't interrupt any character control, and it gives all the options; taking nothing away from the current system and 'window of communication opportunity' for those inclined to wait, but letting people who are currently complaining about how they really just want to leave, well leave as they want. doesn't remove or alter anything, just adds an extra option. everyone win
  6. I dunno, I've played plenty of pub group endless missions and have never seen such a Communications Opportunity being used productively. (before Individual Extraction) typically it consists of someone going to the exit, waiting a min, then cussing everyone out for holding him up cause he wants to go and they don't. (now that Individual Extraction is a thing) typically its just silence, no one ever says 'hey please stay and help, I'm doing a bounty' or anything like that. its just no one caring either way. I'd suggest that with that being the typical usage, the Extraction Timer be removed entirely and instead a player entering the Exit shall be prompted with a 'do you really wish to leave squad?' message. that should prevent accidentally leaving, and before selecting 'yes' you have the opportunity to chat with the squad should you desire (though i doubt anyone will)
  7. I dunno I think Plat makes Trading Easier, not 'more difficult or tedious' instead of me having to find a Specific Player who has Exactly the item I want, whilst I must have Exactly the item he wants. we can just trade for Plat, a more Generic item instead. Now instead of finding that one Special Someone, I can use the Plat to go halfway. Find the specific item from someone else after. It just makes things so much smoother than trying to do a non-plat Barter.
  8. But in a pub group realistically almost no one will be communicating extraction decisions, its usually just everyone for himself the only time people usually communicate is if they're clan or lfg squads, and they'll be deciding extraction ahead of time; no need for the timer. and if by 'accidents' you mean ?host migration? well that's on DE; they really need to fix that system for more seamless world-state transfer
  9. Make an Emote that goes with the Jacko'lantern head where your warframe takes it off and juggles it briefly to go Headless Horseman mode?
  10. altering the genetics on your pet to change what it looks like is just messed up its like an extreme form of the cruel tail and ear 'docking' we see in modern times you should accept your pet for who he/she is
  11. The problem is so bad that I just Don't Kuva Farm when the Fortress is at Ceres. I really wish DE would alter the Fortress Rotation to move a little faster and desynch more drastically from my daily schedule. (I know the fort is on like a 23hr cycle so it doesn't end up in the same place every day for players who play on a schedule) but can we push it off even more? say a 17hr cycle (prime numbers bro)? as it is now a perturbation of just 1 hr means I'll get 'dry stretches' where the Fort will be in that region of the sky when I login for several days in a row. The cycles do eventually descych to be more useful, but the process is too slow....
  12. Excuse me ?what? who in their right mind randomly opens a Trade without a specific transaction in mind already? and who in their right mind accepts Trade requests from total randos? There is both Text and Voice chat, use them. Agree to terms Before opening up the Trade screen. and tell the new guy in your clan dojo to quit randomly opening trade window with anyone who stops by.
  13. Old Alerts were better than Nightwave in this regard. With Nightwave, you have a Set Number of bounties per week; then a Set Number of ranks it caps out at. Do your chores then nothing left to do till next update. On the other hand with Alerts; you can just keep playing all you want! Nightwave is geared more towards casual gamers; who DE expects will not be playing enough to ever hit the Caps Alerts are better off for more hardcore players; who are on all the time...
  14. Goes both ways. Think about it from the Leaver's perspective maybe he's holding a Radiant, sees that you don't. Leaves because he doesn't want You Leeching off his Radiant with your Common? Your focus on how it affects your 'fewer choices' is total give away that you're the one leeching; expecting to see something good pop up in Other People's Relics. And if you're serious about getting a specific Relic opened; use LFG to ensure everyone's bringing the same things. In a pub group since everything is random it shouldn't matter to you if anyone leaves; cause you had no guarantees about what they were holding anyway. as for the people getting added afterwards not having enough time. That's on the rest of the squad Speedrunning instead of being Considerate and Waiting for the late guy to collect his traces.
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