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  1. How about Warframe Market just quit piggybacking off the Forums for their verification process?
  2. So..... now that I found that the Mausalon is terrible for my eyes.... and there doesn't seem to be any Archgun Stability Mods what about Rivens? is it Possible for -Recoil to roll on Archgun Rivens?
  3. Well, it makes sense considering you take a dead Velocipod, and taxidermy his Skin into your K-drive the Real K-drive engine underneath it is still going to be operating and making sounds. I really wish they'd actually let us use a living Velocipod companion. not this Skin thing, its kinda gross to think about. Plus I feel sorry for the dead Velocipod...
  4. Got simultaneous releases now, remember? Consoles getting so much more glitches now cause new content isn't getting ironed out by PC ahead of time anymore, and then the console update Certification process means having to live with it for months before fixes can come out. It sucks Need PC Beta mode back.
  5. Whatever game shouldn't have to be held back for all the rest of us cause someone out there has a potato PC that's below the listed system requirements for Warframe.
  6. I was referring to the Nebulous royal 'you'. so You, your clanmate, whoever internet rando happens to read this at any given moment. they're all just 'you' to me. The distinction doesn't really matter, I'm not going to remember their names.
  7. Ok, So DE didn't intent for it to apply damage straight off your weapon card, cause you can Overkill (see Borderlands mechanic) with that. Fair. So they capped it based on enemy HP ... that would be OK, except that enemy HP and enemy EHP are Not the Same thing. especially as armor Level goes up. Just make MFD cap at Enemy EHP, that achieves the no Overkill goal, but still lets it work at high level. done.
  8. Dude, its just like 5 extra floating point Multiply operations, That's insignificant. Trust me, its not what's slowing your PC down. go Turn off particle effects.
  9. Seems Redundant slower firing weapons are already typically balanced to have higher damage per shot vs bullet hoses. that's the same old firerateVsdamage trope that most games use.
  10. Enemies in Rampharts can be Petrified however the Ramphart turret shield will still rotate and track players. I should be able to Petrify, then nonchalantly walk around to the rear of the Ramphart and stab the grineer in the back Doesn't work out if he keeps rotating....
  11. Just make Blast damage Ragdoll enemies stupidly high into the air, the way slam attacks did during melee 2.5 before they fixed it. Then I'd build for Blast just for the Luls, regardless of DPS effectiveness.
  12. "Something something DE Nerfbait" Yeah, I'm not telling. They're watching.
  13. Same here Deconstructor Visi-decidex 192.8 Melee Damage 107.1 Status Duration 95.9 Status Chance -8.3 Combo Duration <- note that companions don't track combo, so harmless negative Built up with a Condition Overload build works great with how the Sentinel does his 3 glaive attack of separate IPS each. OH, and the best part is: its Unrolled and I bought it for like 20plat.... the other guy was like "?You use Helios?" and I was "Uh yeah, I'm just a little weird"
  14. I would have settled for Daughter's phone number but I guess a mech mod sounds ok too....
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