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  1. Because DE can barely design and balance Warframes as is allowing a single subsume of each frame's garbage ability was a desperate attempt at refreshing "content" more than one would be more than they can handle
  2. DE really just needs to fix the projectile speed mods to not be equipable on weapons that cannot actually benefit from them it would solve so much confusion (really all mods in general, this is just one example; AOE stuff on non aoe weapons is another obvious offender) this used to be the case; but then they got lazy and 1 too many times introduced a new weapon and forgot to Enable the mod for it I guess they just decided to make it always enabled to save themselves the trouble in the future. Puts the burden on players instead to figure out if it actually applies or
  3. Most new games cost $59.99, and that's a one time cost forever. Maybe go play one of those instead? Think about what your money is really worth vs the entertainment value? Cause honestly, I don't feel like Warframe is a 59.99$ AAA studio value title....
  4. Because many of us aren't Apathetic/Racists and care about human lives even if their skin isn't the same as our own.
  5. This is true but knowing how DE operates with the whole give n take thing I figure asking for a Mod that forces us to give up a slot for QoL, has better odds than just directly asking for QoL.
  6. I'm all for making Gauss Faster this would encourage more speed runners to use him instead of Volt which means I might finally get some peace from constantly being Speed Boosted against my will.
  7. Ground Effect Thruster allows your archwing to glide across surfaces instead of crashing and 'staggering' i think this would be a very good QoL mod for Archwings It would also improve the Viability of Other Archwings than Just ITZAL -at the moment, even with the nerfing of Blink Teleport; Itzal remains my one and only Archwing in Open Worlds the reason for this is that it is the only one capable of Safely picking up items, via Cosmic Crush other Archwings cannot pick up items as flying low to grab them causes you to tumble and stagger; which is just unaccep
  8. They don't Owe you Anything its a Free to Play + Microtransations game and the loot you lost was from the Free section if it was a purchased$$ item that you've lost then you'd have a case.
  9. I guess they've finally been completely abandoned. Not like I've seen a player Actually Use them, Ever.
  10. They Dilute the rewards table for Sorties, so you get the higher valued items less often.
  11. This and if there was on Option to Disable Auto Blocking for All Modes, I would gladly use it.
  12. Uncombined Base Elements doesn't this harken back to the days of Rainbow Meta as seen in archguns briefly? which was stupidly overpowered Having elements combine is a part of balancing. Can't just pile up everything to cover all factions; they combine into more specialized elements with pros and cons vs different targets. On a Related Note though at the moment Innate Elements are applied After the 8th mods slot; in terms of how they combine with other mods. a Nice Change, would be to have them apply after the 4th mod slot. This way you have room either be
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