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  1. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Forced out of Survivals

    First thing I do when jumping into an Arbitration Survival is message squad with "4hour survival" at this point 1-2 of them will leave, thus solving the issue of 1 round forced extractions Note, I don't *actually* plan on staying 4hours. I'll typically get killed on round 3 or so, but at least saying that let me get to round 3 in the first place.
  2. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Advanced aim controls

    Funny thing In the PC update notes they addressed this in a recent patch ( console doesn't have it yet) where they acknowledge the horizontal vs vertical bias and decrease it so looking up/down is easier however they don't give the option to actually set it to your Preferences; just adjusted it Permanently for everyone. which... is stupid. - halfway bandaid fix that'll bug everyone who didn't ask for it when they find stuff is different. still waiting for it to hit the fan on consoles... note: doesn't affect Mice, just controllers on PC
  3. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Smeeta AI(?)/Positioning During Missions Suggestion

    I just want my cat to stop jumping in front of my mining beam right as I'm about to hit the mark. Tho I'll admit this is accurate to real cats.
  4. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Please split the Riven mods into their own chat.

    we can have Exclusion filters? hows that work? I can't figure out how to set them on PS4 do we also have access to boolean logic filtering? && || xor?
  5. "range" Why would a Melee weapon stat be useful on a Shotgun? there is no 'range' stat on shotguns, the falloff distance is purely affected by Projectile Flight Speed
  6. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Glaive Prime Nerfed

    I believe All Thrown Melee weapons have had their charged throw time increased. I don't have a Glaive Prime but did notice the increase in normal glaive, cerrata primed fury does still have an effect -try taking the mod off and the charge time will be even slower. Seems to be a base speed change for all of them
  7. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Sentinels' Weapons need some buffs.

    DE: " Got it! We'll Nerf Deconstructor to be more consistent with other sentinel weapons."
  8. QUIET YOU! Don't remind DE that the Scaling %damage% mods exist lest they might Nerf them to do fixed damage like everything else. Seriously I feel like they were an experiment that was forgotten and DE just hasn't remembered to remove them because they're so uncommon...
  9. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    How about make the ejected magazine explode as a grenade?
  10. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Hind Wraith / Prime

    QoL update? how about making the Alt Fire a toggle switch like on the newer Argonak and Stradavar....
  11. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Chimera Update, Glave Charge Timing OFF

    nope, havent seen any update notes Any rate, I'm actually fairly happy with the Timing Changes. Seems that the throw timing of all the different Glaive style weapons is much more similar now. convenient to only macro one timing
  12. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Hind Wraith / Prime

    If DE were to do such a thing I would hope they have the foresight to first neutralize its Riven disposition to avoid a Tiberon Prime situation
  13. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Could Hema and Phage get some buffs

    Actually, there's a point that you are missing: Weapons in WF have different idiosyncrasies; this diversity is a Good Thing. Rather than ask that they change everything to fit your style, adapt and learn how to best use each one for what it is. Hence my example; using the Hema's low accuracy as an asset, not a drawback. as for changing from Headshots to ALL hits. I think that would be pretty overpowered; I'm already doing fine with the number of heals it gets currently. There's another (several) threads discussing Macros and Semi/Auto; might want to migrate thoughts over there rather than dilute this one. I'll just say ultimately I don't mind either way if its semi or auto burst since I'll work around it one way or the other. I guess it'd be nice to give everyone who doesn't use a custom mod controller a leg up...
  14. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Cryotra with Glaxion Riven? PS4

    I was browsing through some of the PC update notes and saw an interesting line about DE fixing a glitch where Cryotra (sentinel gun) was able to equip Glaxion rivens. Just wondering, does anyone on PS4 have both a Cryotra and Glaxion Riven at the moment who can just do a quick test and see if the glitch has been patched for PS4 or not? Wanting to know beforehand before I go and buy a Glaxion Riv myself....
  15. (PS4)haphazardlynamed

    Could Hema and Phage get some buffs

    Hema is fine as is rather than worry about its low accuracy, my approach is to take advantage of that I put on lots of multishot, as well as Heavy Caliper to increase spread even further and spray bullets everywhere, get plenty of headshots by 'accident' the Semi/Auto issue is a more general problem, not specific to Hema use a rapidfire macro for it like everyone else does.