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  1. When will the squad take down results be live?
  2. Help been connecting for past half hour wifi is fine Worked two hours later sorry
  3. Whilst I do agree with this I believe that sentinels should be used with a single purpose in mind and be really good at that and for other purposes such as combat, pets would be used instead.
  4. Oh and before I forget to mention I mean after codex entry is complete and also have this apply to Kavat for Kavat genetic codes
  5. I believe that there should be setting or even a mod that allowed your Helios to scan plants however naturally it would take lower precedence than any other entity. What do you guy’s think?
  6. I would like to know how much plat a few items would go for such as each of chroma prime’s blueprints and if you can trade ceiled riven mods how much they might go for? If anyone could help I would be grateful.
  7. Edit: we play on Xbox Submitting to Unedited Submissions category with my squad mate Squad list : DialingArrow400 Skull dotty MR12 and MR3 clan members have to stick together even in the most difficult of times.
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