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  1. IIRC the xaku prex card wasn't desgined by DE so it didn't get a number.
  2. Contact support and request the founding warlord status to be moved to someone else. http://support.warframe.com/
  3. Yo mama jokes were the funniest S#&$ on the schoolyard in my elementary school. Unless your son is homeschooled, he probably heard worse before. Especially now with kids having unrestricted internet access.
  4. It's really bad. I pick up containers in rooms in tiles above or below me, which would show up as around 800m away if they had a waypoint in them.
  5. Flawed mods were taken out of the very early game and hidden away because players felt like they were wasting their resources on them once they got the normal version.
  6. Ever since the Parallax was released I've been using them every mission. For over a year the Parallax air support was free, so I luckily never had to craft them! But with a fairly recent change it consumes a charge now too. I'm not asking you to make it free again, but please add a x100 blueprint like you did with restores for this one too.
  7. You can't sell him. Try contacting support, make sure to specify which one you want to get rid of. http://support.warframe.com/ I do not know if they will do this for you at all, but it's worth a try.
  8. Your PSN account doesn't get deleted when you remove it from your console, so you should be fine.
  9. For 100k overguard the Dante needs roughly 700% power strength. If that guy has an invigoration and got the arby/archon mission buff, let them have fun. Yes, big health numbers are new. Stupidly high EHP values are not however. With adaptation, 90% DR abilities and a lot of armor, we already hit very high numbers years ago.
  10. Yes it is normal. Liches can steal everything except requiem relics. You will get it back when you get kill or convert the lich, do not contact support for this issue.
  11. The glyphs have to be manually uploaded to the forum by someone at DE for them synch with your ingame one. If they haven't done that, you will keep your old one. Try changing to another glyph you'd also be fine having on the forums and log out and login again.
  12. I put all tome mods on it and pray my alt fire hits the enemies before someone else kills them.
  13. Check your profile if you got the mastery from it, at least the weapons that are level 30 when you get them from quest rewards give you the full mastery instantly. Edit: I checked your profile ingame and you do have the mastery for the gun already.
  14. (Primed) Pack Leader has an overguard cap it will snap back to if you hit something with your melee.
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