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  1. I hope you still got a couple of days left before you hit 950, it looks like you can't even progress past it at this point.
  2. Please put some paragraphs in your post to make it easier to read. Didn't read your post yet, but I think new raids will have a hard time getting a decent playerbase in the days of many solo players that also never want to fail any mission. Edit: I think the power creep just sells well, back in the day when emptying your entire Brakk into a heavy gunner to kill it was considered an amazing weapon, DE had to add something even better to get people to farm/buy it. Now years later we have a laser pointer that takes out a group of those same heavy gunners in a seccond.
  3. The third slot gets replaced first, treat them like priority numbers. So your #1 crewmate will stay by your side the longest, while your #3 will bail first.
  4. Which collection did you buy? The Sevagoth collection in the ingame market for 589 platinum has it included. The Tempastrii suporter pack you can buy for 26.99€ does not have it https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum
  5. I am talking about this: "The UI now displays a max of 999,999,999 Credits (our servers will still track up to 9 quadrillion Credit balances but will not be displayed in-game). "
  6. Thanks to many x2 credit weekends I finally hit a billion today. But how can I see how many credits I actually have? I've stumbled across a (recent) screenshot of a credit amount with 10 digits recently, but at the time I neglected to ask how/where they were able to take it.
  7. Bleedout is skipped entirely in arbitrations, Inaros also doesn't enter his sarcophagus.
  8. It's just RNG. Liches started out with a 5% chance to get an ephemera, which got boosted to 10% and eventually to 20%. If you really want a certain ephemera badly, you can buy a converted lich from someone else, otherwise you'll just have to keep trying.
  9. Which Warframe with what kind of build are you using? Rage or Hunters Adrenaline can restore your energy when you lose Health, you can use a warframe that can heal by itself or subsume an ability that restores health through helminth, there's also Magus Repair which lets your operator heal your Warframe back to max health in 3 secconds.
  10. There is nothing special about it. The whole purpose of it is to only encounter other players with MR 8+ on it. Baro Ki Teer also shows up there every 8 weeks, so you will only be able to buy from him there when you already reached Mastery Rank 8.
  11. Bump. I wanted to create my own thread, but I used the search first and found this one instead, but I'll still copy paste part of what I wanted to add to my thread. 126k Total mastery from all "companions" 90k All cats and dogs on your profile (15) 24k The 4 moas 6k Venari Total 120k, but still missing 6k The Plexus also awards 6k mastery, but isn't listed under any of the other categories on the mastery breakdown. The plexus on your equipment tab is listed under vehicles, but the mastery breakdown list, splits all those vehicles into their own category, wi
  12. The MR30 blessing only affects the drop chance, as in the chance that enemies will drop argon crystals. So to answer the question, if you pick up an Argon Crystal with a drop chance blessing and you don't have a resource booster (yellow) active, you will get 1 Argon Crystal added to your mission inventory.
  13. Can you repost the picture on https://imgur.com/? I get a 403 error when I click on your link.
  14. After opening my 5th relic and reaching 25 minutes in a Void fissure mission on Taveuni, the mid mission relic reward screen tells me that I obtained a void relic, but I don't actually get anything. This also applies to every following "5th" rotation, I didn't get anything at the 50 minute, 75 minute or 100 minute mark either. I have checked through ALL the 5 types of different relics for any new exceptional (25 minutes) and flawless (50 minutes) relics, but there were absolutely none. (I heard from a random person I played with that you supposedly get axi relics as bonus rewards on
  15. Yes, even if you convert a traded lich, you will obtain the ephemera. If you convert a lich you obtained in a trade, it will turn into an untradeable lich that you can never get rid off again, which means that the specific lich will forever be in your pool of random allied lich spawns, don't convert a lich you obtained in a trade unless you really like how it looks like or if you like their abilities.
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