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  1. Anti-Grav Array could be good, but I found it difficult to get used to the new jump height and I also didn't want to stop using my kavat. Odomedic sounds good, but there are way better options to heal now than jumping on the nearest wall and hopping around. Rest obviously no.
  2. I wouldn't mind if they would replace it with a built aura forma now.
  3. It's still a thing, but you need less of them. "Ayatan Socket requirement for Acts lowered from 5 to 3." Source:
  4. These kind of threads got Lua Spy removed from sorties 😞
  5. Make sure you're actually still linked, I opened the account management to see this, good thing I watch only on twitch.
  6. I don't see anything there I wouldn't expect.
  7. Here's the source for that quote https://www.warframe.com/news/ask-cephalon-2
  8. Everytime you open trade chat you get this message, with this warning underline with red by me The promise was that the other person would give you back your riven, DE will not help you.
  9. Rhino. He gets paraded by nearly everyone as the best top tier super duper deluxe god 2nd frame to get, but he actually just teaches new players to turn off their brains. Eventually they'll hit later planets without having learned much on how to mod your Warframe and their weak Iron Skin won't carry them at all anymore. Bonus hate points for starting out when you had to slot ablities like mods, 99% of all Rhinos only brought Iron Skin and were next to no contribution to the team. Inaros Rhino V2, falsely declared the best tank by many, enjoy him doing nothing of value in your ESO runs, prepare to see him when you accidently qued into a pub arby too. Limbo "Rolls" once, does nothing all game. "Shoot the drones in operator :)" Exalibur Umbra Switches to operator and hides in void mode all game, "Lemme watch my anime, his Rubico is strong enough, stop whining" If you don't want to play the game, just don't!
  10. No, that's not how it works. The reason you don't see a ton of Rubico Rivens on the market is that people that want to use one, will never sell theirs. Rivens that are with people that are very happy with them, aren't part of the market anymore. Meta weapon rivens would be impossible to generate within a week if your theory was reality.
  11. Why are jade skins Xbox only? Its not okay and gives the Xbox an unfair advantage over PC
  12. While it isn't in the world state yet, semlar recently releassed a kuva + arbitration tracker. https://semlar.com/arbys
  13. Try using a headset. I wasn't able to spot them at all until they got very close with my speakers, but with headphones you can clearly hear the direction they're coming from.
  14. It's called Defection. They can cross Nova portals.
  15. No offense to DE, but with all the "Dead on arrival" mods we've been getting over the years, I assume the only thought that went into this mod was. "We need a new Power Strength Mod, but it should be worse than Intensify." "So I just lower the base amount by 1%?" "Yup, good idea."
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