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  1. The sound effects of the rain are still audible when you pause the game in solo mode. Reproduction: Set your game to Solo Mode Load into a Mission with the Ceres/Shipyard Tileset Make sure you stand in the rain. Pause the game by pressing Esc. You'll now hear the rain despite everything else (like music) being muted.
  2. Are you sure about this? I took a long break from Nightwave during the last intermission, when I returned I kept getting recovered tasks until eventually I stopped getting new ones. Only after the daily reset I started getting new ones again. I believe this issue is related to the game refusing to give you the very same task twice at the same time.
  3. Elemental damage procs and enemy scaling got already reworked within the last 3 years you weren't playing. "Mandatory Mods" will not get removed, we recently got another Primed version of a basic +damage mod to proof that and even if they did remove the current ones, the players would figure out which new set of mods would give them the best possible DPS. You should also consider obtaining more Warframes, with the few ones you have currently played, you can't really judge what is and what isn't effective. Just because a Mesa has shredded all the enemies you saw on your screen can be found in every other mission, doesn't mean that lesser played Warframes are entirely useless (aside from a few exceptions which only offer crowd control). Have you modded the Talons of your Valkyr yet? I haven't played her myself in years but I saw other people showing off their super high damage crit builds.
  4. Railjack was a lot grindier when it got releassed, but after recent changes they made being able to hit 100% absolutely everything too quick. Asterite and Titanium drop 3 times as much as they used to, allowing to to build a huge stockpile for the future quickly. Vidar/Lavan Ship Components went from a 2% drop to an 8% one. Valence Fusion turned a grind that could've lasted for months into one you finish in days. Avionics "Railjack Mods" drop rate was increased. Avionic house variants got removed, making the overall amount of stuff you can collect much less. Enemies are much weaker, making runs much quicker, further shortening the time you spend in the game mode. Intrinsics are rewarded more often too, again lessening the time you spend in the mode. The exclusive quest hidden in the Veil Proxima can now just be started through your codex. The exclusive weapons you can use in other game modes are all tradeable. The only items exclusive to the mode is an ephemera and a couple of captura scenes, there is only a single node where you can obtain the currency to purchase them which can not spawn in the earth and saturn proxima. Ever since the removal of the ultra rare umbra forma blueprint, there is no reason to go back to the anomaly once you obtain everything inside of it. Several of these changes were great, but in return they do lessen the time you spend in the mode. Additionally the entire game mode only has a single mission type. You kill small ships, medium ships and then enter a big ship. The big ships are different, but there aren't very many of them either. Gian Point, the go to farming node for lavan/vidar ship parts and intrinsics does not have any big ships/additionally mission objectives, making 95% of all your missions exterminates. It's my favorite non deleted game mode in the entire game, as long as I am the pilot that is, but after maxing out all MK3 guns twice and getting each variant of the ship components also maxed out, I only rarely go back and play it for fun.
  5. Please allow us to spawn only the Kuva Liches we want to help us. They already are not reliable allies, only showing up rarely when you die and then doing their own thing. During my last Steel Path Survival run an electric Lich spawned, they cast Molecular Prime, slowing down the enemies and making it harder as a result to keep up with the kill to sustain life support. There are also Liches I converted which I'd like to see more often, ranging from having better weapons to just having a great looking set of armor with an ephemera attached. Currently the only way to get rid of an unliked Lich is to trade it away, but I own several ones from the days before being able to select the weapons and valence fusion, which means I would have a hard time getting rid of them even if I paid the other player to receive them. In addition, a converted traded lich that you converted again, becomes untradeable, forever binding it to yourself. tl;dr: I want this Lich to spawn because he is cool, but not the other one because he is not! Giving us the option of marking certain liches, even if said mark costs resources or you have to mark a min amount of liches, would make converting a Lich more rewarding and encourage collecting Liches to show them off like Kubrows/Kavats. Just giving us an option to delete a Lich would work too, but I'd prefer what I suggested above.
  6. I can't find their official work hours on their page anymore, but they do not work on weekends. Support can reply super fast or it can take several weeks, you sent the report in time and all you can do is wait now. Do not send the same ticket again or add more messages to your current one.
  7. Host the mission in the recruiting channel, no idea how popular it still is, but your best chances to complete it are on a sunday. If DE releasses Deimos on Tennocon you'll have a much harder time to get a full squad for a few weeks. Use Octavia for easy mode.
  8. There's a hidden timer that fails the mission when no enemies are killed over a set amount of time (not sure, 10 minutes?). This could be fixed by either having a few enemies spawns every couple minutes or disabling the auto fail timer while a boss enemy is alive.
  9. You have to kill a certain number of thralls before the node gets cleared from your lich, but I don't know how many exactly.
  10. A friend of mine once told me a friend of his (so it might be entirely made up) won the lottery and the worst thing that changed in his life were letters and phone calls begging for money every now and then. It depends where the winner lives and how they handle it, if you let "friends" (beggars) take advantage of you, you'll only attract more of them, especially if you broadcast it on TV.
  11. You're contradicting yourself in the same post now. You keep insisting that it is a currency and not a resource, but at the same time you say that disabling the >resource< booster for this totally not resource is a punishment and not just a fix? The single quote you're basing your entire argument on also states that this currency will be distributed through the resource drop system, which resource drop boosters increase unless stated otherwise. Absolutely everything points to this being a resource that can be traded in, especially it being effected by the yellow resource booster, please reply once you find a dev statement that says otherwise, the line I quoted earlier only reinforces my side of the argument. They're not just refering to it as a resource in the patch notes, but specifically as a "resource drop", which only further falsely points towards it being affected by a resource drop chance booster. Resources can also be obtained through "Mod Drop" and "Additional Drop", which are doubled by a resource booster, but are entirely unaffected by a resource drop chance booster. Arguing about this (and endlessly repeating the same points) at least keeps this topic on the first page, where hopefully people will be discouraged from buying the drop chance booster for their steel essence farms. DEs mission logs also only go back 30 days, if DE plans on increasing past gains or atleast refund the cost for boosters, they have to do so soon, if Deimos drops on Tennocon, this entire complaint will get absolutely buried and might only resurface way past that deadline.
  12. Sure, that's okay. This is all about DE not being clear enough about it though. A "resource drop" should be doubled by a "resource drop chance booster". When something is doubled by a "resource booster" it will also lead people to believe it is a resource drop. My end goal isn't "x4 steel" but for DE to make a clear, easy to see statement that the blue resource drop chance boosters are a waste of platinium if your only goal is to obtain more steel essences. They could title it as a "currency drop", or throw it in the existing "additional item drop" pool. I'd accept if the yellow resource boosters and smeeta kavats would stop working on them too as long as no one would spend money on something useless.
  13. Nope. It says they say the Steel Path Honors takes Steel Essence as a currency. Nakak and Master Tesonai will also treat some of your resources as currency for specific items.
  14. "Steel Essence can be found as a Resource drop from Eximus enemies within the steel path." Resource drop. Only makes sense that this currency that is handled as a Resource drop will be boosted by a Resource drop chance booster, doesn't it? Endo is also not a mod, but remained on the mod drop table when they converted fusion cores, this means Endo is handled as a mod drop, which a mod drop chance booster increases, you can make a ton of Endo with a mod drop chance booster. You also get more avionics, which are also not in the name of the booster. My point is, a chance booster doesn't only increases what it says it does, but improves the chance of getting something from a specific drop system, of which there are surprisingly many like "Additional Item Drop", "Sigil Drop" (which contains resources for the Exploiter Orb, stepping around the drop chance booster), "Blueprint Drop", Resource Drop and Mod Drop". Your chance of getting an Orokin Cell (which is a resource) from Corrupted Captain Vor will not increase with a resource drop chance booster, since this resource drops from his mod drop table and not his resource drop table. So it would only makes sense that something that is stated to drop from the Resource drop table, would then get boosted by a resource drop chance booster.
  15. Please reset the Palladino Riven Sliver Exchange timer at the same time as the new nightwave tasks, the weekly ayatan mission from maroo and the weekly clem survival mission. I've exchanged Slivers for a Riven sometime last week, but was unable to tell when exactly I could get another one since the game doesn't display any kind of countdown once you purchase a Riven. It would be much easier to keep track of your weekly Riven Sliver Riven if it would become avaible at the same time as the weekly missions.
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