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  1. Resources and mods should be seperated in the list imo. The amount of unique resources you can gain on a single mission are usually in the single digits, which I why I think they should be sorted to the top, mods can easily exceed 20+ with the majority of them being very uninteresting as most uncommon and common mods are very uninteresting past the first drop. Most important category: Credits, followed by endo, followed by void traces. 2nd category: "Special" drops, Oull, Requiem Ultimatum, Ephemeras, probably other things I can't think of. 3rd category: ALL of the remaining resources sorted by their own rarity, reasoning above. (Holokeys would be rare resources, or maybe even above, instead of being part of the "least important" part category) 4th category: Prime Blueprints -> Prime parts. Right now Blueprints in general are sorted right behind endo, including common blueprints and prime blueprints, this is fine (even though I think prime blueprints should have a higher priority), but right now all prime parts are sorted to the very bottom of the list, which is imo pretty misplaced. 5th category: Blueprints and Parts, not prime this time, this includes wreckage. 6th category: Relics. Sorting within the relics is already done correctly. 7th category: Mods, sorted just like they are right now, I'm not saying mods are the least important things in the game, but it is unlikely you will miss a rare mod drop with my suggested sorting unless you stay in a single session for a long time and fill your current loot list with relics and prime parts. You can also break up mod drops by rarity into their own categories, just like it is right now, but I personally prefer to have everything sorted like this.
  2. a) The Nightwave store is still accessible on PC, it sounds like a bug which DE hopefully manages to fix in time before they shutdown the current nightwave. b) There will be a 1 week break before the next nightwave starts, none of the tasks you currently have uncompleted will be active or recoverable on august 4th, complete them now asap if you still want the creds (if you can even use them that is).
  3. The subsume option will popup in the ability selection menu, IIRC it's at the very bottom of the list. Have you unlocked the option to subsume Warframes yet? You need to feed helminth several resources before you unlock it at Rank 1, after that you will need to unlock more slots, but other than infusing roughly 3-4 abilities, you should be able to infuse all Warframes back to back until you unlock the unlimited slots.
  4. That's a pretty good suggestion. I "solved" this problem by expanding the chat to the biggest size and placing it in the middle of my screen.
  5. Don't play with the "Lens Loki" at all and contact support http://support.warframe.com/ Ask them to restore the lens back into your inventory, if they deny the request, you have to get a new lens to put on another frame.
  6. I recorded a video of the bugged rescue medallion spawn, if you don't open (or simply can't) the pod, you will not be able to get this medallion at all. https://giant.gfycat.com/ConstantUnconsciousArmedcrab.mp4
  7. Loki and Gunblade were viewing the stream with a linked account exclusive, you also had to click a "claim" button within 1 week after viewing the stream.
  8. From my own testing, you can't recover tasks that are in the current weeks night task list. Personal example: You are pretty much relying on RNG to recover the right tasks, in a way that enables you to reach your desired rank late and in time. I think this should be classfied as a bug and hopefully DE fixes it one day.
  9. That isn't a bug. It's a grab bag for this week, you will get 5 random items from the list DE provided, you can even get 5 of the same item if you're unlucky. Also you can receive all 5 drops on the same day, as long as you keep claiming them, for this week (and the next) of twitch drops.
  10. I'm a little worried too, but as long as the switch is still supported (and the outdated consoles), it all depends on the min specs you need on your phone, it might be above the current specs of the switch. Crossplay is more of a problem, pub exterminate fissures just aren't going to be fun for phone users if the rest of the team has already cleared everything out, I hope they make crossplay invite exclusive like they do on Fortnite, or at least have you wait a bit before it matches you to other platforms.
  11. Not a bug, but a classic newbie trap instead. The Arca Plasmor and the Tenet Arca Plasmor, both have different Riven dispositions, which means that the Riven will have better stats on the regular version of the weapon. In a trade window, you will only see the stats of the regular version, you can ask the other side to link it into the chat, clicking that link will open a window that has an option to display the riven stats on another version of the weapon, but you have to own said weapon to check it.
  12. Just use melee when the magnetize bubble is on you, Malice goes down in a few hits without having any melee enhancing arcanes or buffs on 0 combo. Use something to restore your shield when it breaks or use Warframes that can survive getting hits to health damage by acolytes. The first time I killed myself when Magnetize was on me I was surprised, but on every encounter after that, I know that when this acolyte spawns, I have to switch to melee and stop firing my guns for a few secconds, just like I know when Violence spawns, I have to keep my distance and use guns, as Silence is going to make it impossible to abilities to defend myself in close combat.
  13. Clear uncleared quests, do the content they introduce to you, check your unmastered weapons in your profile and do the content that is required to obtain them.
  14. I wonder if they'll make that an option for migrated accounts, if at all. I didn't touch my switch account much at all, but I still carried over years of stuff when I created it, having all of that again with so little effort might be a bit too much.
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