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  1. Yes. You can also just do runs without a booster and wait for a smeeta buff to confirm it yourself without spending plat.
  2. 1, but boosters and smeeta work on it too.
  3. None of the screenshots did it justice, it looks a whole lot better animated and the trail you leave behind you is pretty good too. The resource booster and the 8 runs I had to do for it was entirely worth it.
  4. @Shonaney From a post they made prior to the statement you quoted: " Any existing gear you have will simply be re-rolled for Avionics capacity, which will automatically be a buff in all cases (note: the Vidar III which has just compressed its top-end entirely to not have the 30-100 range, it's now 90-100, but it will not give you lower rolls if you had one in the 90-100 range before this change)." Re-rolling is pretty much the opposite of adjusting the stats relative to their previous values.
  5. Contrary to what DE said about giving the Reactors random rolls, they adjusted it to the "tier" of their previous roll instead, which was imo the right decision. I made a list of all my vidar reactors before and after the patch for anyone curious about the conversion rate. Edit: @Skaleek Already pinged you with the quote, so I hope you won't mind if I do it here again. There's a good chance that this topic changed DEs intial idea on how they'd convert the avionic stats, so thanks a ton for creating this topic in time! I also spent a good portion of my holidays grinding stuff and getting the "perfect" avionics rolls, it would've been awful to have those turned into low/mid tier stats.
  6. Why do you want to delete your account? Maybe there is a solution to the problem that wants you to take such drastic measures that doesn't require you to lose all your progress.
  7. Please make avionics linkable. Just head someone insisting that "Battle Stations" did not exist and it was pretty hard convincing them otherwise.
  8. The handling of the existing avionics capacities was 10/10. My 50/290 Zekti turned into an 80/292 my 69/80 Lavan turned into a 90/82. Seems like my high stat rolls were respected and turned into high stall rolls after the change too. Flux capacity should receive another review though. Can't speak for Zektis since I didn't have any spares left, but Lavans should be hard locked into 100-200 and Zekti into 200-300. Same for other ship parts, min stats need to be moved much closer to max stats.
  9. Can we please get the same treatment for engines and shields?
  10. Here's the post they're talking about for anyone not glued to mega threads.
  11. That's a great start to fix the current issues this game mode is having! Can we expect a similar fix for engines and shields too? I have been getting absolutely unlucky with my Vidar Engines and it would be great to have better chances with it too. Any chance the Flux capacity is getting a fix too? Zekti Reactor should always be 250-300, otherwise they're still just going to be the thing you use until you drop one of the others ones and then never end up touching them again.
  12. A major breach will disable your battle avionics, which in my experience, will kill everything much quicker than boosted railjack weapons.
  13. People keeping themselves into a major breach state is just an issue for badly equipped ships. Please fix the issue behind this asap and do not sit on this band aid fix forever, with a decent armor value gaining 1k health back was a good way to prevent a breach and take a couple more hits.
  14. How would the damage type be the problem? I'm doing the exact same thing, which I did many times in 27.0.8, now in the very same location. The result is I need more shots as I described earlier. There was no mention of munitions vortex being buffed/nerfed/changed in the patch notes if you're talking about its damage type being the problem.
  15. Gian Point exclusively, there's no point in playing other nodes more than once. The Vidar Cryo has a +59.6% damage roll, so it could be better, but I doubt it would change anything at this point. I got maxed Zekti Hyperstrike, same for the Crit Chance and Crit Damage mods, but those do not work on Muntions Vortex (just like crits do not work on Anti Matter Drop). The only way I could further boost my damage would be a Zekti shield with a small recharge delay bonus, Last Stand requires me to stay on low health, but since I want to use avionics I can't risk getting down to a major breach or it'll cost me more time.
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