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  1. The joycons have HD rumble, which when it's used is really great, but not even Nintendo themselves are bothering to use it anymore.
  2. There are no talks about transfering your account to another platform at this time. All info we have on "cross-progress" is still "we are looking into it".
  3. Can you post a screenshot of the Riven? Which mission/node/place on the star chart are you trying to complete this on? Are you using a companion? No idea if this is actually relevant: Are you using Physqiue or Rejuvenation on your Warframe?
  4. (Almost) another month gone by and the bugged spawn points are still in the game. Here's a fresh screenshot of a frame fighter data fragment spawning underground, they share the same spawn points as medallions.
  5. Did you make sure that you downloaded the PS5 version on the store?
  6. I like the idea, place it in teshins weekly items (and kick out something else) and make it extra expensive to craft if you have to. Bonewidow is the first thing I just can't bring myself to max out under the current conditions.
  7. I'd post it in the "Warframes" section since it's a playable charachter. But DE just might merge your topic instead with this thread https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1236086-deimos-arcana-bonewidow-necramech-megathread/
  8. DE please let us choose which bounty tier we want to play. The new Warframe arcanes are rare AND you need 21 of them to max out, isn't that enough to grind for? Do we really need to pay a ~25 minute entry fee everytime we want to take a break? I thought you were against long session grinds after the steel essence change, why are you demanding so much time in one sitting here?
  9. Free? How about $1000...which you pay DE for the privilige of being part of their game? In 2019 you were able to get one of the super limited legendary tennocon tickets which included voicing an NPC in Warframe.
  10. Only works on the Rhino Statue relays and then you have to hope the buff gets a popup in the middle of your screen or nothing happens.
  11. You can choose to Practise your current test directly from your orbiter now.
  12. Check Sons offerings daily, he sometimes has the tags you need for just a tiny bit of plat.
  13. It works based on region and languange setting of the Warframe client. Everyone in the server is supposed to have the game on english and the region is easily changeable in a couple of secconds.
  14. There's a discord channel dedicated to pinging people that want specific blessings. I pick whichever blessing I want to use myself, ping whoever is interested and then make use of it. I'm doing this almost daily, just skipping days I start playing late.
  15. Wouldn't mind being able to restore your relay blessings with plat. Just handing out all 6 boosters at once would be fun a couple of times. But this would lead to players begging MR30s to bless them nonstop, at least now you can just say "Sorry, already used it today".
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