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  1. 16Bitman

    Why is it mandatory to modify my game ID?

    If your name is force changed you can choose a new one for free, just contact support with your alias of choice. They're known to have very long reponse times though, so don't expect it to go through in 2 days, 2 weeks seems more like it.
  2. 16Bitman

    Atmo Systems are too difficult to gain

    You can buy them from Little Duck for vox solaris standing now.
  3. 16Bitman

    Baro has arrived

    You should still get it from trade chat, many people give it away for free, tons of people will gladly hand it over for an ayatan or a couple of common prime parts. Doubt many trades happen with something equivalent to the value of 550 ducats.
  4. 16Bitman

    Some Sets need 6 slots to trade

    What about just being able to unlock a 2nd row, which will cost both players another daily trade. That way set trades can be completed without either side having to worry that they won't get everything they asked for.
  5. 16Bitman

    Weird Rank Ups

    With a booster you can get a weapon to rank 30 by zone 2 if you have a DPS in your squad.
  6. 16Bitman

    Account suspended till 2035

    https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us We don't know and we can't do anything about it, tell them to contact support.
  7. 16Bitman

    [Spoiler] Little Duck Theory

    Reach max rank with vox solaris, move your camera into her head storage and talk to her. The head will very briefly be visible right before your camera moves into a new position, either record this or get lucky with a screenshot to really get a good look at her.
  8. Hold the bait key instead of just tapping it.
  9. 16Bitman

    Fortuna Codes

    Sorry but it expired on november 12th.
  10. 16Bitman

    Maximum riven capacity (90)

    If the Venus free roam spot doesn't come with a higher cap it will probably take a good while longer before we get more.
  11. 16Bitman

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    The only reason I want Umbra is mastery, I wouldn't trade all of my progress for the frame.
  12. Is there a chance the Khora Blueprint drops can be buffed too? I've been pretty much nonstop farming onslaught and I've yet to see a single part from the C rotation of her. A 5.64% chance every 20 minutes is just too low.
  13. New Grineer and Corpus Articula! All new poseable and scalable models of both Grineer and Corpus foot soldiers! How do I scale them?
  14. " *Developer note: Deciding to make the Kuva be a physical Koolaid bottle-looking drop allows for Resource Boosters and Smeeta Kavats Charm to apply! " Sorry, but I really don't like the idea of making it a physical drop. The regular siphons don't need any kind of drop you need to pick up to reward you with the kuva and resource boosters and smeeta still applies just fine. This really just ends up punishing players that wish to split up and farm kuva at multiple life support towers at once (if that is possible).
  15. 16Bitman

    Last Post Wins

    One of my topics broke, I'll just use this "high quality post central" thread to quickly test if this fix works: Edit: Nope it didn't Edit2: Here I go again Edit3: Nope Edit 4:Hopefully this time! Edit 5: Everthing is great now! I wonder if anyone saw all my tests