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  1. Achaix

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0

    I wish there was a tears reaction for posts, but there isn't. All possible reactions to a post are basically the same as an upvote, and the only one that is kind of used as a negative one is the Woah one which can be easily misinterpreted as Wow.
  2. Achaix

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0

    Hire Ignus Dei again, his designs are much better than the inhouse ones. Very disappointed that you aren't even going with your modified version of his concept.
  3. Achaix

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6 +

    Quill Standing is still bugged, but in a different way - it's impossible to hand in sentient cores for standing.
  4. Achaix

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

    What about the couple hundred cases of people getting and then somehow losing their Octavia Neuroptics blueprint? Nothing that can be done about that?
  5. Gilded Forest FashionFrame(tm) loadout. Operator: Warframe: Good luck, everyone!
  6. "Quirky fun" of Oberon's passive? Sure, if you want to be functionally passiveless in any Void, Corpus or Infested mission. If this is really the one he will have, at least add neutral wildlife to more tiles. I do like the Volt/Mag reworks, but the list of passives suggests that some Warframes are given a gimmick when most get an at least partially useful passive skill.
  7. Bruh, do you even logic. You can't send someone to jail without knowing their identity, and DDOS attacks don't usually come with a note saying "u got rekt by (insert name, address, social security number)".
  8. Achaix

    What Are You Listening To?

    21st Century Schizoid Man, King Crimson.
  9. Is this guy for real? Ken thought as he entered the church just as Shane strutted off for the millionth time. Grumbling to himself, he headed to a mostly intact bench and sat down. Shrugging off the heavy coat, unzipping the hoodie and removing his shoes, he quickly lied on his impromptu bed, using the coat as a pillow. He glanced at the retreating kid before closing his eyes. Tomorrow. Tomorrow the kid would either learn, leave or be abandoned. Just had to wait for tomorrow.
  10. Almost instantly, Ken was pointing at him with a sharp finger and a sharper look. "We are freaks that have no place in nature. Only a handful of us are actually sane, while the rest think we're superheroes for some reason." He stepped closer to Hayden and extended his mandibles, revealing a gaping, nightmarish mouth filled with sharp teeth. "Is this the face," Ken hissed. "Of humanity's future? No." Ken turned, his eyes - his one human aspect - cold and lifeless, and slowly walked back to the church. "I don't care if we share genetic code or any bullsh¡t like that. You're not my family."
  11. Ken shrugged. "It's a bad habit, but they help me relax, and I usually smoke on the days in which sh¡t really goes down." His foot ground up the discarded cigarette some more to get rid of a few bright embers. "I'm thinking I should leave. Try my own luck out there."
  12. Ken blinked, the cigarette in his hand almost entirely spent. He shook away the ash and took one drag before dropping and stepping on it. "Sorry. Zoned out for a while there." He kept looking out at the wastes, hands in his pockets, nary a glance at Hayden.
  13. Ken watched the kid go back into the church, mentally chiding himself. It was too much to expect from someone like Shane to listen to him. Granted, perhaps Ken would also be arrogant if he had done as well as Shane had in the superpower lottery, so to speak. People with such useful and versatile mutations... Shane, Ryder, Hayden. Do they always have a stick up their &#!? He pondered for a moment. No, Cyriann, Dimitri and Seerana have good mutations too. I guess it varies. He turned to Dimitri, not caring whether Shane could hear, and shrugged as he counted bodies. "Even in Lasria, you can't escape hypocrisy."
  14. "That's where you're wrong." Ken pointed at Shane with his talon-like index finger. "Countering aggression with agression only leads to more agression, creating a vicious circle that ends with someone dying. Nowadays, armies evade the cycle completely by destroying their enemy in an absolute manner. One day it was Pearl Harbor, the next it was Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Our situation here does not need to become so extreme." "So, here are some tips on what to do when in a verbal sparring match with someone like that." He crossed his arms, a slight breeze making his duster flutter slightly. "First off, if logic and reason don't help you, then intimidation and humiliation won't, either. Ryder is determined - for all the wrong reasons, but determined anyway. You can't humiliate or show up someone determined and expect them to back down. You'll only irritate them and give them the motivation necessary to act against you. The best thing you can do is nothing at all, and wait for them to get tired of throwing accusations at you or to attack physically." "Once it gets physical, avoid them as long as you can. Tire them out, and if that fails, only retaliate with all you've got after they've tried to hit you at least once, but only - only - as a last resort." Ken dearly hoped the kid would try to listen, despite his bullheadedness. "As for the mutations... no, thank you. Why are you and Hayden in such a hurry to abandon your humanity, anyway?"
  15. Considering he was at least seven metres behind the pair, it was strange to see Shane instead of Dimitri react. Perhaps the kid's mutations gave him augmented senses? "I only eavesdrop when I have eaves to drop." Ken answered in a deadpan tone before cracking a very small smile. "God, that was an awful joke. Sorry. As a matter of fact, I wanted to give you some advice as to how to deal with Hayden, Ms. Ryder and other folks who have more weaponry than sense - that is, if you're sticking with the group. I was thinking about setting off on my own, so I might as well pass on my insight."