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  1. I don't see a reason to do it. Ignis wraith is achievable in many different ways. Having the bp in your dojo just gives a quick and convenient way of acquisition. If people don't join your clan, it's not Ignis Wraith assence fault. And if you want this just for colletionism, your intent is not so different from the "elitists" which wanna keep the bp as a prize for their effort.
  2. No thank you. I prefer they focus on chore mechanics, quests and balancement in the game instead of half-baked battle-pass. Nightwave does pretty much what is supposed to do, keep us busy while DE develop the very interesting parts of the game. No need to extend that or turn it in a business model.
  3. Told you... I can understand the concern about cheats being always more subtle but this is way overaggressive.
  4. for what I know, many anti-cheat systems consider as a cheat attempt just the software running in background. I heared that on League of Legends, till some time ago the game closed even if you were searching in a chrome bar the terms "cheat engine". Something concerning a lazy script.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I'm more than sure you just forgot the software open in the background. Who in his sane mind would try to hack a game with an account he/she invested hundreds if not thousands hours in.... I've read many posts which told the same story, and honestly I'm terrified too. The only thing I can suggest you is 2 usefull tips to avoid repeating yourself. 1) If you use that software often, always be sure to check your task manager before logging. Also use the feature to remove the driver from the memory. Or if you can, just restart the computer before playing warframe, just to be sure. 2) If you can't or don't want to restart your pc try using a second account and run a mission with it before switching to your main account. If for any reason the software eluded all your controls, at least you will not directly lose your main account but have another warning and manage to find what's the problem. I know, those are just band-aid and as you I would really like if these kind of warning were only temporary, even if the duration was like 1 year span. Unfortunately it does not seem the case.
  6. A real True Master mate. I'm proud to have you among us.
  7. People on general chat were already mad they had to use RJ to farm the new frame lol.
  8. My friend, it depends on who you play with. If you go with a meta player, having 10 or 100 enemies in your area will make no difference. He will still obliterate eveything before you can even aim.
  9. How can you be fat and boney at the same time ? Midnu Ha'm: let me introduce myself
  10. The problem imo is that the quest was too short, and the flow maybe a bit too fast. We had not the chance to even make a full opinion on both characters for how short was their screentime. If I see at one of the best story quest we had , the one with excalibur umbra, in order to grow attached to the characters we were given much more storytelling.
  11. I can concur, the storytelling was a bit chaotic and hermetic in some parts. From my understanding that's what happened. There was a Void storm and a Corpus Captain (Vala, the girl you see at the end) was in charge to investigate and retrieve. As usual we joined the party and ruined Corpus fun. While doing so an ancient vessel emerged from the void storm. Cy reveals that the vessel (Tempestari) is helmed by a "Ghost", a lost crew member with a secular rescue mission still to complete. Vala also reveals that he was his target all along, since corpus do not tollerate his existence. After a brief fight the Tempestari disappear and the only way to find it again is to get the coordinates of void "gates" guarded by corpus. Once you do that, you use the coordinates, have another encounter with the Tempestari and wait till he choose to lower the shields and let you in aboard. There you meet "shadow" the ancient ghost who invites you to interact with (the tempestari core?) but while you're doing so, Vala takes you both by surprise and traps Tempestari in a Gravital anchoring laser. -- Don't ask me what the scene in which you take control of Shadow is supposed to be or mean because I did not get it lol -- (the only thing I noticed there is that you were haunted by Parvos ghosts... maybe while you were fighting on one side, shadow was fighting in void?) Btw after that, you destroy the laser, go back into Tempestari and use a powerfull weapon of the ship which opens a "void hole"and sucks Vala into it. Vala makes a call to her "sisters" to avenge her. Those sisters will probably be the Corpus Liches. You instead reach the final destination of Shadow, the lost capsule of Sevagoth. Now they can finally reunite. in the meanwhile Vala trapped in the void reach Parvos, a character we previously encountered, the "founder" of Corpus, kept alive all this time thanks to the power of Protea and also trapped in Void. I don't know why we turn Sevagoth into fireworks tho. Maybe some sort of funeral? Dialogues say that Sevagoth was sparing that little of life kept in him waiting for Shadow. Maybe after that he could rest in piece and go out with a big bang ?
  12. I'll Thank you in advice a lot for your hard work , I'll be sure to update this post after having analyzed and properly experienced the frame !
  13. I'll Thank you in advice a lot for your hard work , I'll be sure to update this post after having experienced and explored all the new content carefully.
  14. Thank you guys ! Time to go full edgy ghost
  15. At the base of a good game there is a delicate balance. Changes just for the sake of change is s a naive and self-destructive policy. You don't "try" a change, in order to be successfull they need to be well calculated, considering a great variety of factors, such as playerbase preferences, core mechanics, impact on the already existing system. Especially if those "changes" are not simple implementations or additive tools but totally different and disconnected inglobated games. A difference you still fail to comprehend. RJ is still PVE, it is still cooperative, it has Warframe core game mechanics inside his objectives. You are championing an idea which suggests to make a MOBA....can you even realize how fondumentally and conceptually different that is from Warfame? Hell no, it's what they are. Nobody in his sane mind plays Warframe just to catch fishes or mines minerals (and if someone genuinely does, I would advice them to change game, since far better options exists for those kind of interests lol). As nobody uses such activities to describe what Warframe is at its core but at best what its RPG part feels like. Pleasant (or for someone not so much) extra activities to diversify the farm or to relax dumping a bit of time. Using your same logic I could say that just because in your own personal experience you came to particulary like fishing and mining and consider them a fondumental part of Warframe core game mechanics does not make them such, and that your assumption is flawed. And spare me the "I know plenty of people who..." it is never a valid argument inside a conversation since I could simply say that it is a minority and then quote hundreds of posts of people who not just dislikes but openly HATE such activities and try their best to avoid or skip them entirely. This very post reactions is self explicatory on how the MOBA idea is perceived. Then why are you championing an idea who even yourself admit to be undesirable? So basically you're saying that we should accomodate whoever comes with an idea, not taking into account how little is the part of the community asking for it , not caring about how totally unrelated to the game is, just because they MIGHT EVENTUALLY enjoy it? Then why stop at MOBA? Let's make a card mode, a date sim mode, a D&D mode, a BattleRoyal mode, a Casino Mode, etc.. till Warframe will just become the name for a binder of tematically and conceptually detached experiences. How do you think this is healthy? I agree that part of the reason why PVP failed it's because DE did not manage things well with it. But I clearly disagree that's the only reason. If people were really interested in the concept, they would have pushed for it to improve or they would have simply left the game, as you said, to find something better. Suprise suprise, we're still here, with growing numbers at every patch. And you know why? Grab yourself, it may shock you... almost the entirety of warframe playerbase enjoy playing PVE content in a PVE core Game !?! The big part of the playerbase did not leave the game and kept playing PVE totally ignoring PVP, not bothering at all about the mode no matter the improvements and dedication Devs put in it till they just stopped caring. What this means? The pvp enthusiastic part of the playerbase was a irrelevant minority and all what is left is a community clearly not interested in PVP. Is it a clear enough message? Again dude, I simply don't understand you... why supporting something you certainly knows it will be a failure wasting resources which could be used in something potentially valuable? It really does not make any sense to me.
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