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  1. My only problem with Warframe is that I think I reached a natural point of burnout. The only missions I have left are sorties, fissures to get prime parts and some lich to do to cap damage bonus on all my weapons. Now the problem with lich and fissures is they are not fun. They feel like a chore. Fissures especially, the only fun about them is trying to min-max the rush, and "how efficient you can be" (as a good 90% of wf content). Liches are not bad if you farm for the weapon, but once you reach the point you need to kill them multiple time to reach the 60% damage bonus, the idea o
  2. Not that level of common but I agree. Nice idea, it would also make relevant the weapon used while unveiling. I would add another random riven to the "deterministic unveiling" making the chances 1 on 4. I think it would be more fair considering the difference from the huge pool we have now. But besides this, I think it's one of the best idea I've read about it. Chapeau. Need more clarifications on this. If I got it right, in your idea all rivens should start from 2 positives, and you can add or remove a stat paying a price (I guess in kuva, and fixed since you did not talk abou
  3. That is an interesting concept, but more than a Riven mod, this would turn it into a random daily bonus for a certain item. Nothing to work with or invest time into shaping as you like , according to your needs, but just something to accept passively. I also find the limit of just 1 riven for account restricting but since you propose a total different thing from what we have, I guess that would be adequate. I agree tho, that the stats given by rivens should be more unique and peculiar and not just grant too empowering "flat" stats as +Damage, +Critical Chance and so on, or at least m
  4. It is well known both in game and on this forum, how the Riven System is quite disliked for various and different reasons. Someone even hates the whole concept of it, even asking for their removal. Now, leaving aside the last option which is quite extreme, if you had the power to change anything regarding Rivens, what would you pick and why? (You can take more options) 1- Way of acquisition 2- Way of unveil 3- Way of cycling/changing stats 4- Types and/or Amount of bonuses 5- Which weapons could use them 6- Disposition and relations to other variants of the w
  5. Can I give you an advice which will really speed things up with liches? Just rush his levels. He caps at level 5. The problem with every level up is that RAGE is resetted, which is the stat conditioning the chances of your lich appearing into the mission. When you reach lvl 5 (supposing you are enough tough for enemy level) you can cap the rage and get almost a 100% spawn rate in every mission.
  6. Why? Nobody forces you to use them, but in the meanwhile people who enjoy them will be free to use a mechanic in which they invested.
  7. but you can't go beside this point, because this is the point which makes the difference. No Man Sky devs sold people a dream and people PAYED that dream with the full price of a triple S title. But the game was just a big lie, an empty, flat and boring sandbox. They even lied about being multip instead of single ffs. And after that they did not refund all the disappointed clients because in order to understand what a failure the game was in that state people needed to play longer than the refund period , letting them feel as scammed. Assuming they were in good faith, it was the w
  8. Pro: 1) Vitrica is a very cool looking weapon, I loved the fact you get it after killing a Boss, instead of the usual farm and assembly. The mechanic is interesting but I would change it into a chance to vitrify with every attack, as it was a proc + aerial attack with aoe Vitrify. 2) I enjoyed the Fight with Nihil 3) The concept of Nora was interesting, even tho her voice was a bit flat and uninteresting considering how important it was for her whole concept. Cons: 1) Too much repetition: scene crimes to pixel hunt and jumping on the platform with the right clue
  9. Did you forget that No man's sky came out with a price tag of 59,90 while Warframe has an history of 7 years of totally free dlc ,reworks, improvents and expansions ?
  10. Unfortunately my friend, in free to play games and especially in Warframe, the fun to do activities are never the rewarding ones. But you need to consider that many people do not like Eidolons or are burned out from doing them so much, so a chance to get some arcanes doing something else is always appreciated. The problem for me is, this should be a chance, not a reliable source. This event lasted too long, but luckily this was compensated by the fact that the access gear to a proficient farm was quite high. Imo Scarlet Spear and OV were good events, OV will even become better when
  11. 102% wrong with a 2% margin of error
  12. if we should adapt the whole warframe concept and development addressing only the laziest and most generalistic part of the community this game would be flat and boring. The most exciting experiences in warframe (except for new lore) are those who require some sort of coordination and team work between players. The real problem here is not the teamwork activities but the absolute lack of any proper mean to recruit a party with a certain required competence. The only thing we have is wasting our time while sitting in an oversaturated chat spamming a recruit message in hope someone will eve
  13. I like it Hell no, the reason they are separate is in order to create team work. Railjack is born as an attempt to involve players in a more coordinated mission in which everyone has its role. Man, different topic, same response. We get it, you hate mechs with passion. Why do you feel obliged to repeat it in every Necramech related topic?
  14. Necramech PvE can be better but it's decent, it's just you that did not enjoy it at all. As for Necramech PVP : Never.
  15. Is it even a question? Umbra Excalibur ofc. Excalibur prime is just a normal exca with a void key in the face, not even the rarity makes him appealing. Even if was possible for someone to give it to me, I would simply decline because I would never use it over the Umbra version, which is not only by far cooler but has IA control and the howl which resets sentient resistances. There is literally no reason whatsoever to use Exca Prime except to brag about it or have 2 mins of fame with fresh players uncapable to realize its futility.
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