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  1. Could not explain it with better words. You know, it's not the Arcanes thing which bothers me but the fact that each system of resources is closed. I mean PoE is out-> resources for PoE , Orbis is out -> resources for Orbis and so on. It's like DE gave up any attempt of balancing the mats economy of the game and in order to avoid trivializing any requirement , make new resources system at every update. I really hope they will release new weapons and items both on PoE and Orbis, it would be such a waste to let those worlds become empty and without anything to do. Btw I think that Thumpers and the PoE revamp are steps in a good direction.
  2. I've just finished my farm of the new melee bp and I will be honest, even if it took me more or less 20-30 thumpers to get it, it was ...fun. The enemies were (at least according to me) fun to fight, they required a minimum of aim, coordination and had enough hp to last a dozen of hits (which on warframe is quite rare). But the thing I think was a big part on the good vibe, was the thought that even if I did not get the bp I was looking for, I still could loot tons of materials. Guys, I don't even need those mats, but looking at that reward pool made me feel good, made me value my time spent. Then again I thought, this is the funniest farm I had since Exploiter (and yes, I know many hated it) but personally I really enjoyed it, especially the warming up phase with the crash sequences. I mean loot is not all, infact I liked those two enemies for their mechanics, but I think that in this game what is really fun is always what give you less in terms of efficiency or/and rewards. Exploiter and Thumpers are a great example of a fun, well rewarded fight who pushes me to do more and infact even after obtaining the bp, my party kept farming for more just for fun.
  3. Would require time and effort to implement, and no one really want or care about it except for those who hate it.
  4. oh boy, nightwave quests were always fun for me, but doing archwing missions.... I would prefer filling 15 ayatan sculptures.
  5. I suggest riven market site, not as much used as the other market. But helped me to sell some rivens for decent plat.
  6. Absolutely worth, but man, you're in a completely different game. I highly advise to look for a clan to guide you and to use the wiki of the game, or you'll be overwhelmed.
  7. Making Archwing good would require to make a new game inside an already existing one, and btw would require a total rework of the system consuming lot of resources. Just keep Archwings a deployable like K-Drive, they are good only as instruments to use in "phases" of missions. Just forget them as a whole new mode, it will never work.
  8. Man By farming any relic for max 10 mins you can get the platinum to directly buy the catalyst already crafted from the market. Doing Nightwaves for cata is such a colossal waste of time which I doubt anyone who does that even stop and think about it for more than 1 min.
  9. Build some confidence dude, Warframe is not a game who is strictly reliant on cooperation between players, so you have all the power to do whatever you want. In a game like this the toxicity of the community is irrelevant, and btw WF has the best community I ever know in years. If this community scares you, I advise some therapy. Welcome and enjoy the game.
  10. And which rank you need to be now (excluding the fresh new weekly) in order to gain access to rank 30 reward before the time limit?
  11. remind me that time Zanuka from the Boss fight followed me for the whole tiset
  12. Focusing on literally the only thing not in the game in my list and ignoring the "without considering" , good read. So you want a CC mode in which you have enemies immune to CC and you need to kill them. Logic.exe stopped working so bad we got a bsod. See ? You don't read. When I even talked about players? I said Warframe does not prefer DPS approach over CC, because there are many missions in which using CC give much more benefits than mass-killing. If you even want to have feedback on your thoughts, at least try to read and comprehend it, and before you do that with others, do it on your words in first place, cause your arguments make no sense.
  13. Then why the hell are you playing a PVE cooperative game? PVE is the core of the game, PVP is just a side mode just for fun as all the other minigames, the amount of resource put in that mode was already a waste.
  14. Mobile Defense, Rescue, Interception, Excavation, in those you can completely trivialize the mode with cc. (without considering Raids which were totally build around it) In all the others (except those in which neither find use DPS or CC) cc is not a mode-killer but consent to dumb down any potential difficulty the mode could provide. Saying that WF prefer DPS over CC is just a blatant lie.
  15. I could agree if those kinda of info were not essential, as you do when you want to understand in full the abilities of a frame, so you go on wiki to study all the numbers. But WF was always terrible to even convey the minimum essential info required for an event, system, mission. Was always our job to go and look out on the forum or whatever platform to understand how to play. I don't event want to consider that abomination of JV raid, one of the most artificial-complexed and bad designed mission I ever did in my gamer life. TLDR : it's okay to look out in other sources to get more specific and deep info, but we should have for every event, mode or mission SOLID GUIDELINES to let us understand what to do, where and when, and what we could get from it (IN GAME).
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