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  1. Always farmed every piece of equipment I have. Sure you can buy a frame instantly, but what's the taste in that? The game literally revolves around collecting every frame and weapon and doing so fill me with big satisfaction. Moreover sometimes you get to do quests to unlock them which can be quite interesting and fun. For example I really appreciated the quest of Octavia and Umbra, and recently the one of Yareli. I know that farming for plats is much more efficient, and in the end you always someway "farmed for it", but imo is not the same thing, because you buy someone else achievement, you don't make your own or earn it.
  2. "I tried so hard and got so far.... But in the end it doesn't even matter... ~" Goodbye Gladiator Set Hyper Charge. You were truly an amazing friend. Jokes apart, ty for the update, it's massive, gonna take a while to do all the new content.
  3. The real problem of Warframe is that this game, in an attempt to be everything and its complete opposite, gathered in its community people with totally different mindset about how the game should be. So no matter the change, there will always be people unhappy about it or trying to "drag" it toward their favourite way of playing.
  4. I don't see a reason to do it. Ignis wraith is achievable in many different ways. Having the bp in your dojo just gives a quick and convenient way of acquisition. If people don't join your clan, it's not Ignis Wraith assence fault. And if you want this just for colletionism, your intent is not so different from the "elitists" which wanna keep the bp as a prize for their effort.
  5. No thank you. I prefer they focus on chore mechanics, quests and balancement in the game instead of half-baked battle-pass. Nightwave does pretty much what is supposed to do, keep us busy while DE develop the very interesting parts of the game. No need to extend that or turn it in a business model.
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