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  1. What sourcery is this ? So good after all this time to find a mod I did not know.
  2. I think Warframe has so many good ideas, but unfortunately the Dev team has not enough focus. Everytime they come up with something new and interesting, they release it in a beta status and when the hype settles down, they just abandon the project and move on to something else. I know that something new and shiny sells much more than tuning, fixing and keep developing what already is there.... but the result is that we are collecting a cluster of carcasses of underdeveloped modes and features which moreover are often totally disconnected from the normal activities: focus, archwing, railja
  3. In my opinion he does not really need to be changed but just a bit tuned. This is how I would go: 1) Decoy is immortal and is prioritized by any enemy in range. He constantly shoot causing noise and luring surrounding not alerted enemies. hold 1 to switch position with Decoy 2) Stealth : Any enemy killed with a stealth kill does not emit sound and his corpse is insta destroyed without alerting surrounding enemies. 3) Switch teleport: Mark an enemy or ally, the next ally or enemy on which you use the skill will be switched with the marked one. Hold 3 to switch the
  4. I would simply implement this change: - any enemy you hit with soul punch is "copied into VIP memory" when killed - VIP Memory cap is 5 enemies - among all the enemies summoned with SoTD, those in memory have max priority and overwrite the weakest ones from normal memory.
  5. Hello and sorry for the delay, as stated before Predas and Vulpas were intentionally excluded, as for disclaimer. I count on doing a new survey 5-6 months later with the aim of seeing after the initial hype how much these new pets have actually changed the habits of all of us. Ty for sharing your insight :) and ty all for sharing so much details and partecipating, hoping to gather as much data as possible with more people joining in !
  6. Predas and Vulpas were intenionally excluded, as for disclaimer. They are both recent, but Nychus at least has 4 months from release, Preda/Vulpa has just 1 month which indeed is a stretch too far for a "most used" category. Still you're free to share your experience with them and what you used before or what brought you to switch ☺️
  7. What do you mean with "most used"? I DO NOT mean the universally used one that appears in the profile. Generally speaking (especially for older players) the information is tainted by the fact that many companions that would have been used more, were only released long afterwards or at times when players had less time to invest in the game. I DO NOT mean the one you like most or have more fun using. What I really mean is the companion who, for better or worse, whether you like it or not, has always accompanied you on most of your missions and has almost monopolized your choice
  8. To enhance and remove any limits from matchmaking. It's the same very reason we're not permitted to set ourselves as host while creating a public session. In theory since warframe has not an overwhelming player population especially in niche acitivities giving us the option to fragmentate even more the power of matchmaking would result in more players having difficulty finding a full pub session. The problem is not the "drama" or abuse you were talking about, the real problem is that giving players more options on "who to play with" would actually let us notice how the game is not v
  9. I second this. Moreover the cutscene expose you to danger leaving you vulnerable to potential lethal burst damage. A toggle could really be usefull both in conservation and fishing.
  10. it's not a zaw and, as such, cannot benefit from zaw arcanes.
  11. The kick option from party is present in almost every online game on market since ages, and was always an effective tool to manage team interactions. I don't really know what you're talking about neither what you're saying is "universally proven".
  12. Hello Fukoshi and welcome to the forum. Primed Fury, Vigor, Shred and Sure Footed are not considered to be part of the common mods collection. They were conceived to be fidelity rewards and to awards players who choose to spend a considerable amount of time within the game. The mods even if powerfull are not an actual necessity, since their counterparts are still effective and more than enough to make your arsenal strong. They are, in simple words ,QoL upgrades given to community hardfans. Now you have a chance to prove your passion for the game as everybody did before you with
  13. I totally agree. Unfortunately people on Warframe are extremely gelous of their control on the game. Anything and I mean ANYTHING which dictates how they should play or what they can do or not will always be seen as repuslive. I think they realize that kicking you out or disbanding the party to reinvite others without you is the same exact thing, but they simply cannot accept that "someone" could have that power over them.
  14. Yea DR does not work with infested and sentient hybrid demolyshers. Rest is okay
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