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  1. not in my experience. Have you data on that?
  2. they are good but not used. That's the difference.
  3. The usual thing I do when i get bored is that I pick my most unused frame and weapon (between those that still I like tho) and try to make a good/fun build out of it. Also many times instead of focusing on min-maxing I try a build which actually could give me more variety in the gameplay, for example taking Mirage into account, making a build which focuses on her 2nd ability. Same with weapons. And if I'm out of ideas for warframe/weapons I try some activity I rarely do, and here we have plenty of choice: going on skateboard, railjack, hunting animals, fishing, playing lunaro, the framefighter, exploiter, profit taker and so on. Luckily the nightwaves are very good to let you rediscover forgotten content.
  4. Pal, If you're talking about how not new user-friendly is the game I agree 100% with you. Infact I think this game could use much more tutorials instead of make studying on 3rd sites mandatory. But... if you can't understand how lich works or even how to encounter an hydrolist after "hours and hours of videoguides" I would guess it's more your problem than the game :/
  5. You just need to recruit a proper team.
  6. Well, it was good till it lasted. Thank God I finished the last mission of the farm just before the hotfix :P
  7. wow man, so much effort just to make a point, bravo.
  8. Implementing a code which lets you discard or better "reset" your lichstatus can be done even by the lamest programmer in a very short time and does not involve any kind of resource investment, except for the time required to materially write it down. So basically you have no reasons as to why it should not be implemented except for "high resource investment" (which is false and should not involve you as a player in the first place) and "for my personal point is not needed"? Quite weak honestly. As an easy counter argument I could say that no matter how many hints you can give, errors can be made especially in such a frenetic game as Warframe, and I don't speak just about physical errors but even judgemental errors. Infact someone could start a lich hunt without being properly prepared or really knowing what he would confront (since Warframe is not the most user-friendly advisor game out there) and you can't pretend everyone to study the game on wiki before playing it. Circumstances can be various, the problem still remains,in order to fix your error you are forced to endure an extremely long, exhausting and boring farm. And yes I say long, because not everyone is min-maxed, not everyone has the proper amount of time neither the will to invest in it. Moreover we're talking about a 1 time for week option, so I can't really see why you should reject or oppose to such an idea when for us players it's a win win situation and what could be some "work to do", should not bother or concer you in the first place. Are you by any chance a developer disguised as a normal user trying to keep his weekend free? xD
  9. Misclicking a larving and having to farm an entire lich for a single button error is indeed a good argument to ask for a quick solution as to discard 1 leech for week. Instead I could not really see any benefits from not applying such an easy fix for such a recurring problem in the community. Would you care to share any reason as why implementing such a solution would be a detriment for the game instead of the buffoonery "idc, u suck, git gud " ?
  10. Unfortunately my friend that is the downside of pure RNG not limited in any way. If it was up to me I would give at least the chance of choosing among 2 different rewards, especially considering the fact that it's a cumulative 3 missions lvl 80-100 reward.
  11. Nothing new, usual Warframe experience with totally lack of any friendly-user guide or whatsoever hint at what you're supposed to do, leaving you with the annoying duty to gather infos from 3rd p sites.
  12. Can I ask you one thing tho? Why is it so important? I mean you clearly want it for collection reasons... but if you think about it, what will change in your everyday by having this slot as "completed" in your codex? Some of you guys, give this game too much power and influence over your mind.
  13. You genuinely made me grin, mate. Have a good night.
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