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  1. Yea definitely, such a choice with a so long farm required to reset, should be more pounded, an hold x for 3 secs would be an huge improvement at 0 costs. No reasons to not implement such a basilar feature.
  2. My god people, every time we get a cool audio-video effect in this game, it must be always tuned down because there are 10 people who suffer from a peculiar problem and can't stand it. Can't stand the visuals? Lower your graphic Can't stand the audio? Lower your volume Just adapt yourself instead of ruining the thing for everyone.
  3. I respect your courage and I sympathize for your grief. All I can say, not to lecture you, but as a life advice... please, spend less time possible in the huge farming trap that is this game (in games in general) and enjoy every single moment you have with your son. Your time is too precious for Warframe, or any other kind of online game out there.
  4. indeed it does complement Excalibur. His 1st is perfect to quickly engage His 2nd gives you a bit of cc so you don't get destroyed His 4th is the core of his gameplay. and his 3rd is when you're totally surrounded with enemies on different levels and you want to quickly clean the place. The only problem is that rj has bad damage.
  5. I totally agree. I'm very happy about these changes, but liches should not be the usual "apart from the rest mission", they should be integrated in normal missions, so you could farm them as long as you play the rest. Then, if you want to do an intensive farm dedicated to it, there should be proper nodes with that as purpose.
  6. I mean, the situation described by the OP is quite clear, and does not leave space to much interpretation. I don't see how keep dying while excavators need protection and your team assistance, and exposing your team to lethal danger in order to recover you, can be considered in any way contributing while "enjoying the game in my own way". You're not even enjoying yourself in the first place except if you're not suicidal or a troll.
  7. Sure everybody is free to play and use the approach they want, but my post was taking in consideration the situation the OP referred to, in this case being on an arbitration excavations without proper defensive frames, and without a proper build to withstand the tipical high damage of the mission. You can play however you want as fine as you contribute to the success of the mission and do not sabotage it with your selfishness. Because in that case you're "enjoying" the mission at the expense of your teammates, which actually are having an hard time because of you. In this case as he mentioned, he/they were dying repeatedly (this tell us they were not using proper builds/frames), probably getting extractors destroyed in the process and failing the mission or wasting it as consequence while OP was doing all the hard work. I don't even think they were "enjoying" their play, since hugging the floor for several minutes until someone eventually ress you should not be a crazy experience as the fact that once healed they ragequitted testifies. Actually there is a well known post about the possibility of implementing an LFG System in the general section of PC feedback, feel free to join :)
  8. Absolutely, the system with every update is getting more convoluted. Recruiting people for outdated missions is becoming a pain, and I don't see why we could not use a more polished automated system which could save precious time, letting us do more fun activities than sitting in chat. I mean, there are literally no cons except enduring the no-sense crusade of just 1 guy on the forum, but I think we can handle that.
  9. Is not that people are not capable. It's just that In these day people are lazy and expect to be carried while they level stuff/try special risky builds and so on. Also the overwhelming easiness of the normal gameplay create a misconception on what the frame is capable to withstand. For what concern the difficulty to recruit a proper squad, many have suggested an LFG System (which by nowadays is quite a standard in mmos) with possibly automated functions and more details available, since text filters are just a band aid to address the problems deriving from such a convoluted state.
  10. Sorry but that is clearly a feedback done without a real complete experience of the system behind it. The only critique I can understand and share is that if you play alone or not very organized at the beginning, it can be quite frustrating. BUT, with proper equipment Railjack is not harder than whatever mission we have in warframe, even soloable. To make you understand, try doing a mission with no mods/operator/lvl 30 frame and with only mk1 weapons. That is exactly the starting point or RJ. Telling you, with mk3 parts, proper avionics and high levels talents I can solo Gian Point (one of the hardest for lvl) in 5 mins or less (with good spawn), and if I repair the ship 1 time is even too much.
  11. This is just a glance of your last 48 hours of activity spent mainly at criticizing and diminshing anybody who did not share your thought (so everybody in the topic). See, there are two kind of people, the more genuine as me who tell you directly what they think of you always staying on the decency level and those who are more subdle, they always "imply", but don't say, using a condescending behaviour to be safe from Moderators, and that's you. You act polite, but you are not it by far and anyone can notice. Also feedback does not work when you imply literally everybody who does not share your thoughts is an idiot. that's why someone start from a propose and develop the argument without shattering the idea before coming to a conclusion. Only because the proposed system may or may not have implied to be usable only by host, it does not mean the actual system would work in such a way. On the contrary a LFG system should necessary be able to be used by both Host and Client. Man, I play since launch with more than 4k hours on my back, I could teach you not just how to use a filter but how this game works from A to Z. And my feedback is based not just on my experience but on the thoughts of my whole community. I don't speak just for myself when I leave important feedback but I see if the sentiment is shared among others (clearly not your case) Yea, that's exactly that kind of behaviour I was refering to :) Really? Am I implying everybody is stupid? Can't you see everybody is going against you and disclaim your opinion? Do you even ask yourself why? Mine is exhausted and frankly talking with you is just a waste of my time. Borrowing a Mark Twain quote : "It's useless to argue with idiots they will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." So enjoy your "win", have fun with it, your feedback was appreciated, thank God nobody agree with or share it. He just plays smart, he always "implies" and doesn't "say", keep a bare minimum the post constructive so he never goes out of topic and so on. Best thing you can do, is just ignore him as I'm willing to do. Sorry for the spoiler xD
  12. Ouch, someone is out of arguments and started with epiteths ? I will not, cause we all did already multiple times, and the real object of this whole Topic is to discuss the potentiality and direction of an LFG system and never was on "why filters can still do the job" that's a derail you made and for what I'm curious on why a moderator has still not intervened. I never did it. You just interpreted my words on your convenience lol. kid, you're speaking of it as if it was a space shuttle , it's just a crappy filter lol. You don't need to "get acquainted", you just need to know it exists. The problem with it is not its "difficulty" (only you could think using a filter require some sort of skill) but the fact it is annoying because precludes you from all chat, even interesting activities which potentially may interest you , unpractical to use because needs constant tuning and changes while switching and lacking of an automated system which consent you to not sit in chat. Describe how using filter can automatically find me a game while I reorder my mods or create a build or trade with people or do whatever other activity. Do you know that also other games have global chat but they don't use it because there is an LFG system who does the job for them right? I know you're very limited, but you should be capable of understanding the difference between a chat and an automated system. On the contrary, I'm sad to look at someone who does not even have the minimal required means to understand how limited he is. Said the guy calling everybody idiots, claiming to be some sort of Warframe guru and using nicknames when he's out of arguments lol. Unluckily not everybody can keep their temper when they confront blatant idiocy.
  13. I'm not your pal, or buddy, or sonny or whatever creepy username you may come up with, I don't know you, neither I have remotely the intention of doing so. You have my attention only because you're bashing some appreciable feedback with your idiocy and ignorance harming the development of the topic. And as stated previously, filters do not cover not even half of the options a LFG system would give, and let's clarify SYSTEM (cause when you cry for the effort it would require it becomes a "system", and when you are diminishing its importance and difference from filters it becomes a "tool", so pick one instead of blatantly changing according to the situation). Literally missed it was a sarcastic answer, didn't you? Ah right, you're bad at it. And even if ? 1 out of an entire topic? So that can pass for "common sense", those are "crappy assumptions", "minor issue" here, "minor issue" there. Remind me, who are you to establish it is a minor issue when an entire group of people does not think so and you're literally the only one to disclaim it? Who are you to establish it is a crappy assumption or same ? Who do you think you are ? You're literally a nobody . There's no guarantee that the other users have their chat filtered for that specific activity is a crappy assumption? You sure have more ego than logic. When I said pugs in my post I was referring to "public groups" in general, both auto matchmaking and recruited team as opposed to Clan and alliance parties, but I should have known that someone as pedant as you would use it as a triumph card, my bad. Still you indeed are a fool to belive whoever in this game could play without using recruiting chat (unfortunately). A group of people is telling you (wasting their time) they don't use filters because they are annoying, unpractical for general use, lacking usefull details and mainly lacking an automated system who permits them to bypass the chore of waiting in chat till the group is formed. Giving the opportunity to invest that time in something else. And if this has moderate impact on waiting time for "new content" missions since there is more partecipation, it is a life safer for all the oldest, rarest, hardest and niche ones. You're just delusional to not recognize that a LFG system is a common feature in the gaming market which is complemented by filters. So together with us, also 90% of games industry consists of idiots implementing an obsolete and useless system? Nothing is worst than an idiot who belives he's a genius But even you are usefull for something, since thanks to you this topic gains answers and gain more visibility in the feedback section, so... good boy, keep it on ! For whoever wanna add to the discussion, feel free to join, we just have a troll in the house, just ignore him and keep your post constructive, don't let him derail the topic.
  14. Sorry "buddy" (bleah!) I'm not even reading at that wall of idiocy, when you can't understand such a basic difference between a LFG feature and a filter. You're literally the only one saying they are the same thing, everybody disclaim your viewpoint, no one support you. And as stated multiple times in this topic, not only they are not the same thing, but they need to be complementary cause just filters have many flaws, among these: And btw what Op posted is just a basic LFG, we are just discussing about all the possibilities and details such a feature could have. Such as an attached description note, ping, frames used, Mastery rank, relics equipped and so on. Ask yourself, are everybody wrong or maybe, just MAYBE you are the arrogant fool who belive to know better than everybody? I'll spolier it for you, it's the second one.
  15. which we don't which is not true and does not concern you in first place it does not the fact that you belive to know something does not actually means you know something. Sad to see you can't recognize blatant sarcasm, don't worry I'll make it easier for you from now on. Narrowing all the possibilities at just one ,which still could land in a bad result is beyond disillusional. Ah wait you're bad at sarcasm, is this supposed to be a joke? Do you even read what you write? Oh man, don't bring that argument here, you're the solo guy who is too much toxic and elitist to handle a team. Dude the only reason at all at why people join your clan is to get the researches and gifts and fly away, one can simply figure out how unbearable boring and pedant you are just from the way you answers on forum lol Returning to the argument 1) Everyone spam in recruit for well know reasons which i'm bored to repeat, the only missions you don't spam for, are the newest ones which have so high demand you quickly find your team. 2)The courtesy of pointing out details was of course referred to other hosts while you're looking as a client for a team but I appreciate the try to confuse my argument. Yea sure, I always write my full 10 string strategy in my recruitment text btw /Sarcasm So, adjusting numbers is a pain but you can handle, spamming text is a pain but you an handle, trying to find people for specific strategies is a pain but you can handle. Making a simple system who could remove all these: OMG, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE ! ... ok why? "Because I think it's useless and too difficult 1!111!11!" I'm not the one playing a coop game in solo cause I'm too good for others and buying company for gifts. I play every content with clan, alliances, and people in pugs so I know much more than you how this community works. Put your head out of your ass sometime, you might learn a thing or two. Only you, from the Maximum height of your nosense logic can figure out how a filter and a LFG system are the same thing. I would use the same advise for you, but I'm sure you would fail in the task so i simply say... try your best.
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