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  1. That's one of the worst Gloom builds I've ever seen. Avoid following 100% what these youtubers says because they take a good concept and turn it to trash. Also the misinformation on ore gaze petrify double dipping with desecrate is something that should be common sense by now that it DOES NOT work.
  2. Could someone please show this to Pablo on twitter or to any other devs social network? I don't have social network, sorry.
  3. I'm re reading your comment. Only the shadows will ignore defenses (armor/shield) but they will not deal true dmg - yes your assumption is correct. One more thing I used to do with Nyx and Ash (shuriken, psychic bolts) was to keep enough ability strenght to strip almost all defenses but leave like 2% armor/shield so the corrosive, rad, heat dmg modifiers still works. When hunting Tusk thumper domas on steel path, I, however prefer to strip all its armor because even at 2% or 5% armor left the thing is harder to kill then without armor. The terrify buff I mentioned would work similar if not completely ctrl c + ctrl v to nyx' bolts with addition to dmg boost to targets who innately have no defenses such as most infested.
  4. thats up for the game devs to decide. I dont know exacly sorry.
  5. @BiancaRoughfin I feel like Nekros should have true dmg in soul punch and perharps even other abilities that i suggested on my rework post "Nekromancy Revamped 2021" because it fits his theme well - if you are hitting the soul of the enemy itself why is it being affected by dmg reduction makes no senses to me. The other guys behind the 1st target getting impact or blast from the ejected soul makes sense but the soul punched target must be true dmg. Terrify stacks multiplicately and not additively. I have casted terrify 20 times over the same enemy and it still had armor. If it was Additively I could strip away all armor with just 3 casts or i could cast 2 times and leave a bit armor for the benefit of corrosive, heat and radiation dmg types. Nevertheless, striping away all armor is better because at higher lvls some enemies still have like 2 thousand plus armor if you reduce him to 5% armor left. Supposing synthesis targets are equipped with 3x stacks of Health Conversion mod equivalent to 1450 armor, you can have the idea of how tough its to kill armored high lvl enemies. Desecrate have already been shadow nerfed so you can no longer desecrate small body parts such as fingers, arms, skulls, legs - only a body cut in half will provide 2 parts. Few exceptions such as ospreys will have 3x parts to be desecrated. Dont go tunnel vision with "You can infuse Petrify and use ore gaze" or "froze enemies will break into many parts" No, these things doesnt work anymore. I just want the Shadows to be able to do what any other minion from a Necromancer is able to do - be useful as a damage dealing source, support (already distracts mobs and serves as meat shields), heal caster. I'm tired of typing now im on xbox lol
  6. If you are actually serious with the questions I recommend you reading this: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage
  7. Go to your Simulacrum, spawn lvl 100+ > corrupted heavy gunner, kill some and spawn them as shadows, allow your smeeta strip away the armor of some untill their health bar is red, observe how shadows are now able to kill their same counterpart. Do this and you have your answers.
  8. Maybe after the New War they start caring about old frames again. Hydroid needs a rework too but he is not even near the decaying forgotten state of Nekros. For more info you can read this:
  9. Before a full rework mentioned here: I would like to present you (the devs) with a much simpler way to fix and make Nekros' gameplay more interesting and meaningful: Soul Punch: Add TRUE DAMAGE to the first enemy hit, the other enemies hit by the soul projectile will get IMPACT DMG. Soul punching shadows will kill them. Terrify: Casting the ability a second time on enemies already afflicted by it will KNOCKDOWN said enemies. Add more armor and SHIELD strip being able to 100% reduce enemies' defenses at 250% > warframe ability strenght. When facing enemies who innately have no defenses (armor/shields) they will be affected by a DMG BUFF. Desecrate: Warframe ability strenght will affect loot re rolling chance. Caps at 90% loot re roll chance when you have 250% > strenght. Despoil will fit at exilus slot. Shadows of the Dead: Shadows' attacks will now ignore enemies' defences (armor/shields) hitting directly the health pool (NOT TRUE DMG). Shadows' health decay will be reduced from 30 seconds lifespan to 60 seconds minimum lifespan. No changes to sound, sfx or effects. Just some buffs and tweaks and implementation of what already exists in the game. Should not be too hard and it will benefit and balance Nekros to the current state of the game.
  10. I send out a psychic mental panic attack then I catch them running in fear - with my Gloomy presence they are paralized in terror. I dismember their bodies and desecrate every piece. Even after death they still serve me as shadows of their former selfs.
  11. The fact that it looks like Lazarus helmet makes it even more awesome
  12. Its funny, on every new update Nekros gets a new glitch: Last one with Call of Tempestari he had a sound bug, now with Halloween update his helmets gets messed up. I wonder what comes next? He needs full rework, he's falling apart...
  13. Don't give up on this one. Current 2021 Tennogen stuff was pretty bad. If this helmet was there it would be the best thing. 10/10
  14. After the Halloween update came instead of giving the loot bot the rework he deserves he just got more bugged than ever. Almost all alternative helmets are with some kind of weird thick greyish texture and unable to change color. Current affected helmets are: Raknis, Shroud, Graxx, ion, Charon. What the hell is going on with Loot Bot? I thought only his gameplay core mechanics were overall FLAWED, badly designed and ignored for maintenance BUT this only proves Nekros' problems go beyond all of that. Will it take another 7 years to fix it just like soul punch and its useless mechanic? Was it intentional ?
  15. Are you really not able to correlate Nekros with Halloween or are you just trying to troll and turn the comment section into a toxic zone?
  16. Nyx is getting fixed that's good but why now? Nekros is on higher priority to receive a proper rework and they completely ignore it even now close to Halloween (which in my opinion would be the best date to announce something good for him). Anyways I'm already giving up. Please recommend me games in which Necromancy is fun to use and useful.
  17. "Baseless claim" It's common sense that besides than desecrate his whole kit is almost useless. It's not my job to educate random people on the internet, you should do your own research or at least play with Nekros for a few minutes.
  18. It's almost Halloween and they chose to buff Nyx besides Nekros (which is the most flawed frame ever) LMAOROFL. Time to move to another game in which Necromancy actually makes sense and is USEFUL.
  19. Remove desecrate from Nekros and you have a completely useless frame. Remove desecrate from the game and the 1% of people who plays Nekros for no loot reasons will drop to 0% because he's totally dependent of it...
  20. My only question is if there will be any buff or rework for Nekros.
  21. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Revenant/Abilities Danse MacabreErupt with a multitude of Eidolon energy beams and sweep a circle of death around Revenant. The beams will modify their Damage Type to target select defenses, while incoming damage is redirected back into the beams. Hold fire to boost Status Effects and Damage, at the cost of increased energy consumption. Thralls killed by this leave overshield pickups. ^
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