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  1. So uhm, just a simple issue I encountered during my run in Hydron. Shooting Catchmoon through Volt's shields has no issue, shooting through its edges though makes it so that it's an obstruction and immediately ends as if the projectile made contact with an environment, it doesn't pass through.
  2. Kai

    Fortuna using 100% hard disk

    Sadly this doesn't have to do with anything in regards to your system, this is definitely a Memory Leak as other players are experiencing such thing when prior to this update, they were able to head over to Orb Vallis without any issue and was even able to get to the point of Old Mate. When the Heists were introduced and the developers left for the holidays, it had left some unfortunate stuff that causes such memory usage whenever you try to enter Orb Vallis.
  3. Friend showed me images of the Warframes and I immediately went "oooh shiny." and after I started playing, it was painfully punishing. 4 Revives per Warframe each day (you can recharge it through plat) and the infinite stamina wall climb glitch to climb up in places on ODD so nobody can get to you. Honestly, aside from the 4 revive per day, it was pretty awesome.
  4. Kai

    Possible Memory Leak?

    Managed to complete the 1st to 3rd phases of the Heist, but it became considerably terrible to the point even entering Orb Vallis either way (Fortuna or Navigation) just eats up my Memory and can't even move it around. Please help.
  5. Any more possible Optimizations for Orb Vallis?
  6. Zephyr was a community-created Warframe, can we expect possibly contests that would stir creative minds within the community and have a chance of their Warframe Concept get implemented in-game?
  7. How do I check if Warframe is causing a memory leak in specific instances? This always happens when I enter Orb Vallis and nothing else. I used to be able to enter Orb Vallis prior to the Profit-Taker Update and farm and do bounties just fine, but once this update was implemented, I couldn't even reach Bounty 4 without crashing inside the Elevator, even entering Orb Vallis directly from Navigation will allow me to move about 10 meters before memory usage hits 90%+ and persists for a good few seconds after FORCIBLY closing Warframe due to not responding at all (mouse stops responding as well, tabbing out doesn't help, Task Manager takes a while to actually close Warframe). Aside from the obvious UI being broken and my OCD kicking in due to the Extractor Icon in the planet (where you hover to put your extractor drone or check the loot for that planet) is cut in half, this is possibly the only thing that broke my game so far.
  8. Kai

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Will Cetus gain another way to obtain Standings in a similar way to Fortuna's Debt Bonds? Will we see any other updates for Cetus and Plains of Eidolon? Is there also a chance we can get random resources that are exclusive to Plains of Eidolon when breaking containers as such?
  9. Warframe is that type of game where you get recruited by your friend who has tons of time spent in it, enough to get you through the basics and teach you through the systems that are normally not there, yet used by the game's community. Hell, I wholeheartedly agree that slots are a problem, the moment one of my friend says they're running out of slots, I'd gift them enough for them not to sell their stuff (especially Warframes).
  10. Kai

    Hiding Other Players

    As much as I like to see other players in a Relay or in Cetus or in Fortuna, I really hope we can get a toggle option to hide players so that the game no longer requires to load Warframe Models which can slow down computers and/or get reduced FPS for a moment. I just noticed this way since doing most of Cetus/Fortuna Opening Quest requires you to go back and forth, it drastically lowers my FPS as it tries to load other player's character model.
  11. Kai

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Are those distorted texts just a play or are we getting some sweet sweet Ordis lore?
  12. Kai

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    Ooooooh, someone's quite behind the Prime Trailer schedule. But no worries - with the Sacrifice and Venus coming. We forgive you <3.
  13. And I also know that they have a dedicated team for Raids solely but even they decided to it is the best decision to pull it out for now due to the consistent bugs that has been happening every Hotfix (refer to my 1st post). Given the chance that you're working on something that has tons of bugs and each time you fix it, a new bug comes out and that has been happening for years. Would you rather A.) Keep trying to fix it knowing that there will be new bugs coming out, some that might even break the game itself or B.) Pull it out and start from scratch while transferring the rewards to another working system while you do so.
  14. Also note, anything that becomes an advantage won't be reported: LoR's 1st Phase where the lower two doors can just be opened without stepping on the pads. The previous bug where Nullifier Drones on LoR Nightmare practically did nothing, you can cast abilities inside (FIXED). Disconnecting at the end of LoR's 1st Phase to make the 2nd Phase's puzzle pad faster and reconnecting. Nova's Portal and/or Loki's Switch Teleport+Decoy Combo to phase through the door during the Hijack Phase of LoR to hack/destroy mines in advance. Nezha's Blazing Chakram to phase through obstacles in JV to bypass things (and a few others, I believe this has been fixed). Itzal blinking straight into the Extraction Point of the first phase of JV. Bugs that becomes a disadvantage are reported ASAP and with such intensity. Amesha's 3rd Ability bugging Jordas. Probably a few others that were kept secret. So, overall - Raids are broken. DE stated they're planning to transfer Arcane Rewards towards the Plains in which case I suppose that's fine (I'll miss those rare crates) but as far as Teralyst fights go, they don't seem to be bugged at all.