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  1. Male Operator hair when? Also, are there any new insight/info regarding the new cinematic/introduction quest for beginners? Like Orokin Grineers, Operators, any significant meaning of the lotus flowers being offered?
  2. Any chance we can purchase Wolf Beacons for Wolf Credits? Since we don't know what exactly means that "Wolf will still be around by the time Nightwave 1 ends", surely there must be more info than just that?
  3. I suppose I can also add it in here, with the changes coming to PoE, including Conservations with Condrocs and Kuakas, would Rivens requiring us to kill these creatures change?
  4. Any chances that the PoE Minerals and Ores be changed similar to Orb Vallis/Fortuna? In such a way that Sentirum and Nyth would be 1,000 Standing when exchanged (as opposed to 400) and can be farmed in quantities more than 1. In addition, any chance to refund those Hearth Nyths and Radiant Sentirum from crafted Arcanes back for other uses?
  5. How would this affect in the scenario wherein Rivens were traded for another riven? I believe players can still manipulate the market by simply trading a Riven and Platinum back and forth, provided they have enough credit to supply all their trades daily.
  6. Okay, here's an immediate question that I'd like to get an answer: seeing as this is an episodic type of change wherein lore and stories (maybe rewards for newer players), does this mean that it is still possible to miss the previous episode? I really enjoy the lore, especially with how Warframe is growing and the lore continuously expanding with each new update, would you be doing this in such a way that: The first episode of Nightwave, Wolfs of Saturn Six, will be available on release and will always be the starting point of all new and old players, regardless of when they started playing or interacting with this system? Players are able to regress, advance or choose a specific episode of Nightwave among all the current available Nightwaves (given that new episodes has been released), allowing them to learn more about the lore (and or gain rewards) specific for that episode? Players begin at the current episode of Nightwave and goes from there, rendering them unable to learn about lore (and or rewards) from the previous episodes? I hope I can get your answers on this, even if it's not a definite answer, but at least the idea you guys have in mind.
  7. Zephyr was a community-created Warframe, can we expect possibly contests that would stir creative minds within the community and have a chance of their Warframe Concept get implemented in-game?
  8. Will Cetus gain another way to obtain Standings in a similar way to Fortuna's Debt Bonds? Will we see any other updates for Cetus and Plains of Eidolon? Is there also a chance we can get random resources that are exclusive to Plains of Eidolon when breaking containers as such?
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