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  1. Given how limited you can actually do Simaris mission and the standing it gives, I think it's about time that we get more options to obtain standing, either by increasing the amount of targets he provides daily or increasing the standing each target gives, this is outside the actual reward for completing it. To compare, I've received a x3 Corrupted Crewman which gave me a total of 11679 Standing (3893 each) and a reward of 7500 for a total of 19,179 Standing. For a MR29 whose daily standing cap of 30,500 - where do we get the remaining 11,321 standing? Currently, the most efficient method,
  2. Thanks everyone for the update and tips, seems like it is really RNG and given how time consuming vaults are at the moment, would you suggest doing T1 - T2 bounties for it instead?
  3. Running Isolated Vaults with Gara at 70k+ damage, no damage whatsoever. More Info: Managed to get it working by re-casting it. Issue started when I casted Splinter Storm while inside Limbo's Rift which caused me to not deal any damage at all,
  4. If you wanna do a triple Isolation Vault and at the same time get a chance to get a Scintillant, you'll have to scan every nook and cranny within the vault and that's definitely time consuming especially if you're doing it solo. chances are, you won't be able to get to your third vault with how this is being played. Even Cetus Wisp has a marker on the map that can be detected by loot radar. This one is just a joke and its frustrating, might as well sell it for platinum since you'll get better chances of earning cash that way given how this is setup.
  5. So Iso. Vaults, no Scintillant still. Heard they can be dropped by Necromechs - No drops (Also checked the Warframe Drop Table, nothing added). Did DE really made any changes to it? I know you guys want to be transparent but at the very least, tell us the drop rates for this VERY IMPORTANT resource - Just like how you provided the rates for Riven Slivers and Steel Essence drops. Can someone confirm if Necromechs actually do drop these resources?
  6. Any chance you can make it so that Bad, Good, and Perfect captures for Conservation has a purpose in this open world? At least 1 tag for Bad and 2 for Good and 3 for Perfect would be nice. Also, please increase the spawn rate of Scintillant - if this was the case of a revised Cetus Wisp where you can pick it up at any point in PoE, make it more available outside of Isolation Vaults because there's always at least one Cetus Wisp per session in PoE that you can pick up.
  7. I've been using Octavia and Stropha during my Isolation Vault runs, no issues so far killing them. The only time I back away is when they activate their 2nd ability.
  8. Does the room changes depending if you're solo or not? I can't seem to get that specific room to spawn for me playing solo.
  9. The only thing that makes it easy is how pointless Bad, Good and Perfect Captures are since they don't give standing and you always get one tag when it comes to Deimos Conservation.
  10. Tags are not given, we just happen to catch them nearby the cliffs wherein there's 3 pedestals close to each other. should had clarified that.
  11. All of this and more just by activating the pedestals.
  12. So far me and my clanmates have been experimenting with the pedestal scattered around the new open world, and as far as we've discovered, here are the things that they do: Can only be activated with by an Operator. Once activated, it does something ranging from knocking back infested to slowly draining their HP. BIG THING we discovered is that they also drop resources, ranging from fish parts to gem/ores from mining, spewing them out periodically. If anyone else has something that they can add to further explain their mysteries, it would be greatly appreciated! EDI
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cutting Fish provides incomplete Materials. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have it cut by Sister EXPECTED RESULT: More resources? I don't know the exact algorithm of cutting fishes but I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. Unless of course it is working as intended then it is a very crappy way to get fish resources. OBSERVED RESULT: Check Visuals. REPRODUCTION RATE: Did not noticed it the first time, but I've fairly gotten very few of it. This would be my 2nd time trying to cut. EDIT: So after trying to cut one f
  14. Proof on how hard it is to mine: First picture is Zoomed In. Second Picture is Zoomed Out. EDIT: Added Third Picture, on another angle and much farther away.
  15. Is there a point to getting Bad, Good, and Perfect Captures for Cambion Drift's Conservation? It doesn't give any standing like Fortuna or Cetus, yet they provide the same amount of tag as capturing one. I've captured 2 of those new dog infested, one perfect and one good, and with my Resource Booster, I've gotten a total of 4 tags for it. Is there a way to actually reward more tags with Perfect Captures? Also, can we get a more pronounced "Ore Veins" for the new open world - they blend in so well with the aesthetic of the infested that it's REALLY hard to spot them, having to rely on my Las
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