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  1. So much for the 1 year login count!! Windows 10 did an update with nothing else changed and bam game gets login crash of death no matter what I do. Razer synaps now updated to latest approved version, windows 10 sadly updated to latest version, everything to do with xbox uninstalled or disabled, graphics card updated, game uninstalled and reinstalled without steam verify.. but game crashes right away after login. I sign in with my phone app but windows? not a chance. I will switch to my backup hard drive for now but would appreciate suggestions. Yes I tried disabling my razer so no that isn't the issue. 😞 I did reinstall my wireless network card thinking maybe the server was blocking me.. no luck. Haven't tried youtube window toss yet but some guy did that once. lol
  2. I have had several issues with dojo decorations.. If I copy a decoration then drop it and try to move it again I can't. Some times the decoration will split in half / move only part of it. This can commonly be seen with water fountains and soru lantern. (the glitch was seen on warframe twitch 9/12 inside a dojo scene) Dojo hallways can no longer be decorated the same as before. I have one hallway wall completed with Corpus branding vertical and side by side. I have 3 more I would like to setup exactly the same way but the decoration turns red and I cannot place it in the same spot. That entire level of the dojo is setup that way so I would appreciate this getting fixed. :
  3. Thank you for the updates. This is the best game ever when it comes to patching. All the other games I played they just let bugs get out of hand. There are a lot of players that dont like certain frames and how they seem to dominate maps. Usually this is level 100+ builds being used at lower levels. What about adding a toggle in game options for player level matching?
  4. I agree.. there are a lot of people trying to enjoy the challenge and the leader board is part of it. Every time the leader board goes up somebody finds a loop hole to get to the top. :(
  5. Dojo lighting was changed at some point. It is so bright you need sun glasses to walk through the hallways. When you go to navigation it is the opposite. New graphics are awesome but they have a side affect? :(
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