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  1. i would start with zenurik its overall most useful....if u wish to lvl up fast gear and farm focus naramon is for that
  2. go in room where is operator on ship go customize operator scroll down second last option is to change amp
  3. i alwayes talked about this problem.crazy prices.. rivens witch are not even decent ppl selling for very high amount of plat... hunting ppl who are not very familiar what stat are good what not getting ripped of
  4. i have it maxed fro me its alwayes worked fine.. current focus punish u if u choice to have more option... u max 2-3 and that is.. with new changes maybe things will get better
  5. my worst rng moments are be wen is ember prime helmet been one of rarest parts... 35 runs in row.. got it on last one.... mitter barrel 24h farm and scindo handle 3 day farm then i disaced to never farm gain... now just trade what i need
  6. wen u buying plat do that only from warframe site to be safe.....just buy missing amount of plat and u will be fine...any other way will get u banned..
  7. i disabled all effects... i like clean smooth picture xd
  8. unlock all nodes on saturn see what u need to do to pass on next planet..
  9. riven mods dont give that much range... but if u got some very good riven... stick with it...i use on all melee wepons primed reach.... cz allow u to hit multiple targets in same time...u rack up u combo much faster...and its much more easy to keep up naramon shadow step
  10. reomve spoiled strike u lose lot dps...primed reach would be very good
  11. lot ppl going to trade and they dont know to trade as trader.. lets say i have 3 maxed primed mod... i post my price... and wen someone wish to buy i can drop price a bit np....but every time wen u see someone try to sell something and post pm offer just skip it...
  12. if they become for solo to i will play it.
  13. best aproach is try to understand frame and adapt to playstyle u need to play with x frame.. u cant play all frames how u wish...only thing i would change on harrow is 3 wen active enyone who kill give team energy
  14. i had one too long ago i sold guy 4 maxed r10 corrupted mode after we finished trade... i got same msg user ignore u i was like wtf... just forget it..
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