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  1. removing from the pool Negatives such as CC, CD, DMG, MS would be a great start already ngl, and probably enough to mend the pain of a bad RNG, you can always get for the next 10 rolls in a row +ammo max + firerate -recoil + status duration +status values eventually, if RNG really hates you lmfao but still....
  2. AFK/Macro and Odin in the same sentence is the most stupid and poorest excuse dear DE, the way an organized group farms Odin and the way the mission itself is structured i can guarantee you that doesn't allow for that so called afk'ing/macroing thing. You got pissed off that another good farm was found after the changes to Ophelia and the community outsmarted you end of story. You want to just drop the hammer on the best way to farm kuva but you should ask yourself : why people are so obsessed with it ? Because the way your dear riven RNG layers and rolling costs work mean it's
  3. Yes please ^^ PS: We need a new way to make use of thousands of riven slivers - Add them to Bile resources or whatever , as long as we can dump them into something else than Palladino
  4. Sometimes i wish i knew what kind of pog quality weed they're smoking at DE's HQ when they come out with stuff like those arcanes and a good amount of redundant augments
  5. That would be a good addition indeed, and overall i think most of those archwing mods need a complete overhaul/boost except those that are already in a good place like the 60/60 and 120% elementals
  6. You could slip in Xakus changes round 2 , God forbid *rolls eyes*
  7. Scotty , first of all consider giving also some love to MANY casting speed abilities, alot of them feel clunky to use without Natural Talent. Ps: 🤩 Natural Talent exilus slot when ? 🤩
  8. When the he_ll are you gonna drop those Xaku changes round 2 ?
  9. WHat exactly sentiment echoes have you heard because of 40+ pages of feedback and multiple topics, youtube reviews, the echo i heard was that everybody considered 75% evasion very poor, and the common sentiment was either that evasion should be bumped up to 90% and or change evasion to damage reduction against all kind of damage types. Another echo you probably missed is that again the majority of players giving feedback asked for an overall increase in casting speed of xaku's 2 and 3... That being said, having tested intensively and extensively xaku, i gotta admit i really love that
  10. Fix grasp of lohk guns targeting the gaze targets, it's detrimental and rather annoying
  11. Xaku void damage fix when ? because no offense but even with the changes it's still a piece of trash lul... Give it a %bonus vs everything, a middle ground between 75% and 15% ( i'd say 40% )...make it unique and get rid of those lame procs that prevent any kind of headshots
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