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  1. Still waiting for all of the rest of sevagoth tweaks/changes regarding all the feedback given with abundance of details
  2. Are you going to acknowledge the other big portion of feedback in regards to Sevagoth? So far only the tip of the iceberg has been scratched with that minor efficiency tweak to Gloom... Is there anything else planned for him? Because he's far from being polished and subsumes aren't the way in case some smart_ass is already thinking of such answer.
  3. If the "tweaks" we got are all DE has in mind,then we're not on a good track as they totally ignored the whole complaint section about some clunky movements, horrendous weird hitbox on his claw, that annoying momentum on his shadow form 2nd plus all the other things mentioned already.Imo they should give the death well meter some extra perks...all the other frames using a mechanic like that get their other abilities boosted ( gauss 4 the higher the battery the better his other abilities get ), nidus deals more dmg on his 1st for sure, the higher the stacks and fuels 2 abilities and his passive
  4. Alright, what about the plethora of feedback regarding the clunckyness of his shadow passive , the unpleasant momentum, weird hitbox and general clunckyness of his claws ? On a side note : nidus stacking mechanic gives improvements to his 1st ability damage for sure the higher the stacks count goes, Gauss battery makes all of his other abilities better as the battery charge goes up,to the point his 2nd makes him literally invulnerable against grineers ( save for nox toxin ), his 3rd is insta freeze,and his 4 overall gives boosts to reload, fr, melee dmg etc...Ember's 2nd the higher the me
  5. I've been asking this almost everytime since grendel was out, now DE has a chance to make things good with his energy drain since they're already working on Seva
  6. thank God , i must admit i had a blonde moment, in that case it'll be a small improvement but nonetheless, still appreciated
  7. Might as well subsume breach surge and replace it kek, at least it has good synergies with his 2 since the dmg dots also trigger surge sparks Ironically gloom works better on frames like ember and protea thanks to their passive you can achieve insane strenght and keep modding flexibility, or day equinox with augment , i agree it was disgusting to achieve a 95% slow but gutting the drain isn't the way to go. Lowering the slow potential at 70/80% could have been enough
  8. Yeah i had to edit my post after running some numbers, my fingers were faster than thoughts..it's a frigging nerf indeed, i so wanna face palm myself lol
  9. While you are at it can you have a look at grendel energy drain and ember 2nd ability? at max eff ember shows 2.5 but it exponentially grows in time , many other frames have damage mitigation abilities which aren't even draining per second, if nothing else the 2.5 on ember should stay consistent for as long as one has energy and not exponentially scale to even 20/30+ en per sec. Grendel could use some love as well on his first, maybe give him the 10 enemies cap too?
  10. Gloom still not working as intended when it's subsumed on Lavos
  11. What is not acceptable is that they don't really listen to some relevant feedback, let's take orphix game mode, it's been pointed out by everyone that for the amount of time you invest into completing a full 36 orphixes cicle you get what ? 3 arcanes, when you can get 12 in the same time, if not 12, let's say 9 ( a slow 3x3 ), they sponsor that as an alternative to Eidolon hunts but more like an alternative, it's a sadic fetish for self punishment or you really have to love just driving a mech and killing sentients for the solely purpose of watching things explode ( which probably is a minorit
  12. As of now, after farming Seva and the Epit there's no reasons to go run Void Storms aside personal pleasure of flying in space, the time invested / reward ratio is simply not there when it comes to relics even on the fastest exterminate mission. Unless you start allowing the ability of carrying and cracking 5+ relics at a time, void fissures are a dead on arrival addition, without counting the eye cancer, extreme eye cancer that they are ( hopefully the fix works for real and drastically tones down the visual clutter )
  13. Subsumed Gloom doesn't work on Lavos, ( kind of expected gloom not working at launch since Lavos has no energy )
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