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  1. Second Half/End of March 2021 probably... Here is how it works : 1st preview, then 2/4 weeks later abilities preview with some gameplay, then 2/4 weeks laters the release. kek
  2. Good Riddance, inb4 6 months of intermission and season 4 around tennocon 2021 kek
  3. tonight is the night, i feel we gonna get the never seen before triple reactor lmfao
  4. how about a little boost in the dmg department ? +2% crit chance and some status and minimal fire rate for a prisma variant...compared to other prisma weapons which much better stats than their vanilla counterpart
  5. Just replace her 3 already with something else more effective whether it's a damaging ability or utility one.. The main problem is that you created a monster with Voidrig's 4 and it's normal that people are finding Bone's 4 subpar, hell with her kit she was already born subpar... When you create something like Arquebex you should know by now that the second version of a mech either gonna have something outstanding more or less on par with the 1st one or people gonna shi_t on it regardless. I kinda am sorry about the sad state of this mech because the look of it is really good bu
  6. Bullshi_t replacements for bullshi_t SE gains after a mega bullshi_t decision to remove SE drops from Eximi with a even more bullshi_t shop with scam prices and poor lazy rewards save for the umbra forma...at least some armors sets or something... GG DE
  7. I don't see any line regarding a fix to BoneWidow 4 NOT applying mods, thus resulting in laughable dmg numbers aka pretty much nada de nada
  8. removing from the pool Negatives such as CC, CD, DMG, MS would be a great start already ngl, and probably enough to mend the pain of a bad RNG, you can always get for the next 10 rolls in a row +ammo max + firerate -recoil + status duration +status values eventually, if RNG really hates you lmfao but still....
  9. AFK/Macro and Odin in the same sentence is the most stupid and poorest excuse dear DE, the way an organized group farms Odin and the way the mission itself is structured i can guarantee you that doesn't allow for that so called afk'ing/macroing thing. You got pissed off that another good farm was found after the changes to Ophelia and the community outsmarted you end of story. You want to just drop the hammer on the best way to farm kuva but you should ask yourself : why people are so obsessed with it ? Because the way your dear riven RNG layers and rolling costs work mean it's
  10. Yes please ^^ PS: We need a new way to make use of thousands of riven slivers - Add them to Bile resources or whatever , as long as we can dump them into something else than Palladino
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