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  1. I'm a bit confused by the amount of people saying melee is useless at high level now. I just spent a good few hours testing out many different melee weapons and overall I'm impressed with the high level performance of a lot of weapons that previously weren't very good. Sure, some Standout Hits like the redeemer prime did get hit pretty hard by changes to mods like condition overload, but they're by no means useless now. Ether daggers, fang prime, caustacyst, machete wraith, sheev, nikana prime, silva and aegis prime, etc. all perform very well now, (though I'm noticing that condition overload is a mandatory mod on basically everything now). A lot of weapons perform way better than they ever have now as well. Sure, their overall theoretical damage is technically a bit worse now that melee combo multiplier no longer gives them a damage boost, but the stat buffs made to compensate for this (especially the status and crit buffs) mostly do their job well enough that melee weapons can still perform against level 160 heavy units very well (though I won't lie and say that is the case for every single melee weapon in the game). Melee is far from "useless" after the changes. it still works pretty damn well. The new combo system is mostly good but there are a good few stances in the game that still only have 2 combos total. I thought this was going to be addressed in this update but, it wasn't. Also stances like gnashing payara, sinking talon, and stalking fan are just.... completely awful now (not that any of those stances were good in the past but. for real they're.... really not good at all now. all 3 of these feel a lot less fluid than previously and they just. god they seriously suck. though credit where credit is due: y'all did manage to make sundering weave bearable now. but cyclone kraken is still leagues ahead of it). It also seems like melee "lock to target" isn't nearly as aggressive as it used to be, and as a result, combos with movement tend to break off of enemies even easier than before, which makes them fairly clunky to use. I've also noticed that sometimes when air juggling enemies with melee, the enemies will randomly decide to fling away from you at warp speed, which makes air juggling... not as good as it should be. To the point that I try to use combos that don't knock enemies into the air so that horrible fling doesn't end up happening. It's nice to see charge attacks no longer force the the first hit of a melee combo before actually charging, now that it has been moved to a different button, but. they honestly still just don't perform well at all (with the exception of gunblades and glaives of course. and the caustacyst, but that's because it has a special effect). their damage doesn't justify draining your combo counter, and against high level enemies, they do nothing more than tickle them most of the time. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the jat kittag lost its crazy particle effects on slam attacks. please for the love of god...... fix this. the jat kittag just isn't the same without it
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