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  1. No i can confirm this. Notice this the last days, the moment the Lich spawn and someone finish it, the Thralls stop Spawning. To be clear: If someone Kill/Capture his Lich, even is the Cap of 10 Thralls is not full, the Thralls stop Spawning. Need to look if this is a host Problem (saw this only when the host get his lich) or even if a Client get his Lich. Happens in ALL Mission where Someone get his Lich.
  2. Can confirm this, have it every time when i enter my ship x) No Quests active, all done. Happens since last Mainline Update? Dont know exactly, Maybe he is searching my cookies i hidden on my ship :D
  3. Notice this now a while, here is a Video to show what i mean (map on the end of the video) Dont know what happen here, but its strange Edit: better video
  4. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: nechramechs reset the XP they gaind every time u call it or leave. Unable to lvl up this mech -.- VISUAL:no visual REPRODUCTION: Call your Mech, kill enemys, get XP, go to another bounty with your archwing, call your mech again, XP are gone. Even if you dont recall your mech, if u leave a open world you loose all your XP EXPECTED RESULT: LVL Up Mechs and weapon OBSERVED RESULT: Affinity reset all the time (i think we got this bug with kdrives when they comes out..) REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the times
  5. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Avichaea does something *strange*] VISUAL: [ ] REPRODUCTION: [On this Call Spot (Cerebrum Magna) the Avichaea get Stuck in this thing or something else, look at Screenshots x)] OBSERVED RESULT: [The Avichaea spawn? on the wrong places, sometimes on a completet differen spot than the Call Spot] REPRODUCTION RATE: [Like 9/10 Times? dont know other guys on voice said they had same struggles] Extra: Red footprints on a red planet? And the Footprints goes sometiomes thourg walls so u need to search it on other spots
  6. Hy everyone i figure out 2,5 Problems on PoE that exists now way to long. 1. Most times Lotus start talking on the Missions, my FPS goes down to 30FPS until she stop talking (happens only on PoE) 2. If you goe Solo on a Bounty it happens that the Mission comes where u should Kill all Enemys in a Area and then Defend it. Now it happens 3 times in a row that i faild the Mission cause the Enemyspawn was WAAAY to low. This is still a Problem and only this type of Mission on PoE does have this Problem. Just raise the Enemyspawn Up and btw: The Area we should defend is rly Big to Sear
  7. Sure, i can understand this and you are right with this. Doenst have to say anthing to this, my point was another for this post that i can understand the nerfs. But again, your right.
  8. So after a nap and some time to think about what u did last night here are some words... The "Nerfs": I can understand this and here is why: 1. U open with this *nerfs* the way that the Players take a look to the other Abilitys. 2. A Ability should on the Frame that it own be the strongest and not on a *sec* frame. If i can use Roar on my Wisp, it shouldnt be that strong as it is on my Rhino. That is ok. If i want the stronges Roar Buff, i need to use Rhino. This is the right way in my opinion. The other part are the MR-Nerf This is a point i rly cant understand. At MR8 u
  9. MR8 is way to early rly, railjack should be MR8 or above and this should be MR20. Lichs are with MR5 way to early in this game... rly... Yes MR only says how much u grind but it also shows what weapons/frames u can use and how much *exp* u have in this game... Better: Say u can only Unlock this after u got all frames (normal)... THIS would show what a guys saw all frames and have a idea what he can do...
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