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  1. im going to be referencing some grineer names for this concept its is basically a more rewarding survival mode base enemy spawn numbers are 40 per player and 10 eximus units in them each 2:30 min a rathuum enemy unit will spawn ----- it will have a guaranteed drop of a random rare mod (rathuum number of enemies spawn will increase by +2 each 2:30min) each 5:00 min a mini boss enemy will spawn (ex: vor/ lech krill/ hek) ------ they will drop a random weapon blueprint (mr of weapon will increase each 5min) each 10:00 min a boss room will spawn with an epic boss fight (ex: tyl regor/ kela de thym/ chicken form hek) -------they will deop 500 endo or 2000 kuva (kuva reward will increase by 500 and endo by 250 each 10min) each 20:00 min number of enemy spawn per player will increase by +20 each 60:00 min the grustrag 3 will spawn (but they will be balanced like the wolf of saturn aka cant be one shotted that fast) ----- they will drop new primed mods so thats pretty much it, pretty simple and challenging enough 😛
  2. you forgot: zephyr deluxe flying eidolons cetus conservations increasing the decoration limit in ships adding gravimag as a drop from the profit taker orb also adding alt fire mechanics to the rest of the weapons adding the ability to color archguns when on land Link mods for sentinals
  3. BTW i love the time gating, its really amazing how you can manage to make a 2 week content update last for 2 months, i am very impressed.
  4. still not fixed the unskippable cutscenes at the beginning of the hiest the drops are bad, the 3rd phase is not rewarding at all, you play for like 10 minutes to get its data and it only gives you one common drop, its the same problem that happened when plains bounties came out
  5. please DE can you add chromatic abiration as a setting in the game, it will clear up alot of the jagginess of the game at 1080p and make the game look a bit smother and better imo i can include some screenshots with chromatic abiration and without it using reshade
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