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  1. Melee is definitely too strong. First thing to understand is, that not the entire Arsenal should be viable on higher dificulties. This is simply not how gear based games work. You want to face "endgame"? Gear up! No. Power and balance are not mutually exclusive. It is more work though. CO, BR & WW should be weaker. Conditions to reach peak performance from those mods are too flimsy to justify such power. Melee offers seizable AoE capabilities against groups of enemies at no cost or danger for the user. To balance it out DE could take a look at the follow through
  2. I know, My stance always was that there is no need for "new game+". However, now that it's there I do not pretend it does not exist. Or does not influence the whole game. I also do not pretend our Arsenal is fine.
  3. It is naive to think that both sides, DE or the players, would ignore the hardest content in a serious balance discussion. (Same goes for Rivens btw)
  4. There are some options available. You could reduce melee top damage by nerfing BR, CO & WW. This has to happen at some point as those mods break the game. Restrict melee AoE power. This can be done by another look at the folow through damage multiplier. More enemies which punish melee playstyles. There are Grineer Guardsman, who will force you in a stumble animation with their block; Ghouls leave toxin/cold clouds and punish close proximity kills. And melee profits from gun support via priming, while guns do not profit from melee nearly as much.
  5. Guns are in a questionable state, but not just becasue they are bad. It is slightly more complicated. Compared to melee, guns underperform. However, melee is stupidly overpowered and even beginner melee weapons can take on SP. Steel Path is the toughest content in the game, it is OK for majority of the arsenal to underperform in the hardest content in the game, that's is an inherernt feature "hard". It is not OK for 90% of melee weapons to be viable in SP. Another issue with SP is, that it has higher enemy densitiy and thus naturaly favors AoE weapons. But all melee are AoE, but not
  6. There is nothing new or unexpected in this development. Back in 2015, when discussion whether WF is a hordeshooter or an action/tactical RPG was a hot topic and the game was in an identity crissis, I made a topic and suggested DE to step up their community work. The game was heading anywhere and nowhere at the same time, WF was aimless. DE had to take a strong position. What happened is the opposite - DevStreams became a biweekly add. The accomulation of "feature turned bug" cases. The game run into different directions and created fractioned communities within one community, because DE t
  7. Slash/Viral is anti armor. This does not work, for a long time now. You are not up to date. Try what works for you best in this case and considder the option to subsume a damage buff, like suggested. Maybe it will shift your preference.
  8. Yes. However, how exactly did it improve the situation for players who already own arcane helmens?
  9. Very interesting concept. Sadly, it is not achievable in this form. Reasons: Requires excessive rework of the entire combat mechanic. DE will never put this much effort in any rework. Warframe in its current form is not well suited for this playstyle to be the cornerstone of combat. You already experienced the flood of infantile "free choice" complaints. You would achieve more general acceptance if this playstyle could be realized via new mods for guns & melee.
  10. This bug exists as long as Excalibut Umbra does. All Warframe buffs from all sources are "dispelled" when you go into Operator and back.
  11. Dude, its literally written in the part from the DevWorkshop. Furthermore, what exactly is there to develop to beginn with? They just had to add one of the 3 initial multipliers to the stat calculation formla. I bet it took them more time to devide Rifles into 3 categories. The only delusional person here is you.
  12. Whether it was 1 week later, 2 months later or 4 days later doesn't change anything. The so-called lie you arrogantly lecture me about, doesn't impact anything in my argumentation, it might as well be a typo. You should also read what you link to support your side of the argument. "Lastly, what is the immediate iteration you can expect? In the past 3 or so days since The War Within has been released, our community brought up some very pertinent points concerning this system. The first is trading, and the lack of UI indication of how many times a Mod has been Cycled and the Weapon it
  13. Certainly not. Initially Rivens launched without any disposition and Soma P (the meta weapon at that time) could roll the same stats as MK1-Braton. Only weeks after launch DE added 3-tiered disposition as well as the official fairy tale reasoning behind Rivens. The point of such a weapon is to throw it away. Braton is a starter weapon and is designed to be replaced by a better gun. If you liked its handling, there is a Braton P with elevated stats. As such, I genuinely do not understand the "make bad weapons competitive" narrative. However, it becomes problematic when upgraded
  14. This game is called Warframe and not MechWarrior. I did not get involved to pilot metal tin cans, but agile ninja-like warriors.
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