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  1. "Underperforming" was a poor choice of words on my side and I will revise it. With this part I was mostly reffering to the repeated attempts to underline how "fundamentaly more varied" guns are and how players "choose to get there" messages, sprinkled through out the post. DE made an attempt to cater to differnt gun archetypes and playstyles by pointing out on multiple occasions how many choices there are. Yet, they gave a rocket launcher the same power boost as a handgun and expect players to experience enhanced divercity. Not going to happen. Global pass or not, if A. Deadhead had a
  2. Recently released DevWorkshop shed some light over the upcoming changes and made it possible to make predictions with regards to its aftermath. Melee As expected CO, BR & Berserker took a hit. Is it substantial? Not really. Melee weapons deal enough overkill damage, so that even planed damage cut won’t make melee less valuable. Popular weapons like Kronen P. Nikana P, Guandau P or Gramm P will remain top dogs. Hybrid weapons, mostly with intermediate crit stats, like Lession, got hit harder and will be less competitive. However, those off-meta weapons are already under the radar
  3. Lephantis, Vor (not many), Tyl Regor, Juggernaut, Jackal, Kela... I am sure I am missing some
  4. What is the point of those reworks, please explain, because I do not see any? All I see are changes for the sake of changes? Is infinite uptime not possible with the "on kill" requirement? Won't cap change from 75% to 70% not produce the same "animation noise"? Btw, the better way to stack attack speed was (and it seems like still will be) Berserker + A. Strike/abilities. Only undergeared Tenno stack attack speed mods. Too little, too late. Most glaives are actually not all that grerat, it's Glaive P pulling the weight for the whole weapon type. And Glaive's power com
  5. Because random Frame/weapon buffs worked really well in Arbitrations, right? Bad idea transformed into bad design will lead to a lot of headache for you guys. Nothing invigorating found here.
  6. This is a completely pointless change for several reasons: As already mentioned, base mods function as first means of progression (whether you like it or not) as well as Creddits and Endo sinks. So removing them without a replacement is coutnerproductive. What would be the point? If you want to remove those mods, what goes against the idea of integrating this damage directly into the weapons from the get-go? Why do you want to punish unranked weapons, when ranking them up can be done in 3 minutes? This change would only impact new & clueless players, who have no idea how to ran
  7. Add something like a "useability rating" to gear aka "Ignis Wraith, a powerful weapon for blind Tenno who have no ability to aim or manage ammunition". Or "Kronen Prime, we throgh so much stats at the enemy that the game cannot keep up". Ther is nothig better than the game itself mocking players for their inability. On a more serious note, the issue is a deep one. If you want diverse arsenal, you have to design gear as well as enemies with game mechanics in mind. Like, weapons are not allowed to have recoil becasue the playerbase will cry out on its "bad useability". And even before that,
  8. You are as wrong as you can be. A good number of items maintain their value because there is a limit on how many trades are allowed and because it is not easy to find the right seller/buyer. With unlimited offers prices will plummet, because everything is a one-time purchase in this game and the farm rate wastly exceeds number of players who need those items. In your words - supply of any item wastly exceeds its demand, while prices are artificailly inflated by trade limitations & inconvenient trade interactions.
  9. After some thoughts I came to the conclusion that an auction house wouldn't be as dreadful to the economy, because there is a daily trade limit. Thus, AH wouldn't be flooded with countless "Streamline - 1p" offers from one player. Let's say a listing would consume 2 (or even 3?) daily trades, then the number of possible listings is drastically limited and as a result AH is not flooded with junk, since those few slots are better used for something more valuable.
  10. Debuff procs have no business on slow and heavy hitting weapons though! A one-hit-knock-out weapon, which is usualy the slow one in status application, is ment to kill a target in 1 hit, not wear it down with 1000 cuts. As such, the right thing to do would be to mod it for damaging elements, not for debuff elements. Thus, there is no issue with not damaging procs in this regard. Lastly, more status chance already allows higher status application.
  11. I thought it was pretty obvious when I wrote base mods. Elemental bonus on Rivens is based of 90% elementals and Vigilante mods are already allowed to work with with base mods. What outcome do you mean exactly? The optimal Riven could have many facetes with this system, since stacking is not a thing and players would have the opportunity to slot 3 utility stats in one mod slot without losing on damage. Since there is no more disposition, there are no changes, so player investments are preserved. Or are you reffering to g-rolls that go for several 10k plat, which might become less d
  12. With suggested changes Rivens would still infuse an unhealthy ammount of power creep into the game and still favor the more wealthy players. My Riven system suggestions: Riven boon/curse stat range & Disposition are removed; stat values on Rivens for all weapons are based on regular mods. Curses should still increase possible boon values though. However… …Rivens cannot be stacked/equipped together with base mods, if they share the same stats. In other words – Rivens should become a combination of several base mods and replace them in weapon builds. I suggest to transfo
  13. Invisibility = immortality. Loki is untouchable in the right hands. Since we have enough options to deal massive damage with weapons, Loki does not struggle to kill stuff even at higher lvls. It is tricky to defend stuff with Loki though. Finaly, Loki is the ultimate utility frame. He will do basic utility tasks, like catching fish, mining, scaning undisrupted. I would say he is faster, but it's mostly preference. He is designed to be a utility/infiltrater frame. I find he is doing exceptionally well in this role. In combat he is on the boring side, mostly just a weapon platf
  14. At least the player has to be activce & perceptive to not die, even at lower lvls. I won't deny, there is a design flaw in shield gate, as more shields do nothing but harm. That said, do you know what's really lame? Stacking high armor/HP values & Adaptation & an innate 90%DR ability & arcanes so that a Frame becomes immortal while afk outside of endurance runs.
  15. The most applicable analogy under current circumstances: somebody choose a (bad) option, which you particulare did completely ignore, yet the consequences did very much affect you in the end. There is nothing illogical, bad or more so dishonest here. "Don't [...] it, don't [...] it" is not an argument.
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