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  1. No, we do not need this token system at all, since it is a downgrade compared to previous open world economies. Tokens serve no purpose but to increase grind and introduce additional time gates as well as RNG elemenets. Less intuitive/straight forward excahnge approach, which leads to a worse user experience becaouse... Economy in PoE/Fortuna: gems/fish/hunts ---> standing/items Economy in HoD: gems/fish/hunts ---> tokens ---> standing/items Tokens are pointless middlemen, as we still traide collectibles for staning or itmes. Unnecessary curre
  2. Really? I find it pretty straight forward. Well, it would give previously worthless items some value and an incentive to farm.
  3. Braton lost this advantage when IPS lost 4x status weighting. Since you mod for Viral with 60/60 mods to also increase status chance Braton will overproc Viral and deal not enough Bleeds. Soma delivers Bleeds mostly via Hunter Munition, which makes low base status chance and Viral overweight work in its favor. As Sevek7 already said, status rework nerfed status weapons more than it helped them and instead helped crit weapons. Ironically, DE stated they had the opposite intention with the update.
  4. There is Kuva for Riven rolling. Instead I have a better idea: rolled Rivens could be dissolved with slivers (1 roll would require 1 sliver) and refund ~30%-50% Kuva. "You rolled a Lato Riven 100 times and didn't get anything usefull? Spend 100 Slivers to dissolv it and get ~100k Kuva back."
  5. Yes, protection from dash does not apply to Umbra, but HP regen does. Not just buffs from helminth, Umbra will lose numeroes buffs in general going in/out operator mode. E.g. Umbra will lose buff from his #3 augment. That's really not ccol. A sane middle ground would be an On/Off switch for his AI in Arsenal.
  6. Yes, it will shift proc priority. However, physical damage mods will not increase proc damage.
  7. At no point did I deny parallel content development. However, even multitasking is not an excuse for RJ, especially since they were multitasking on it for a long long time. The point I was trying to make is, RJ is unpopular because there is not much to it. If in restaurant waiter brings you a tomato, grated cheese and flour will you be frustraited because you got an unfinished product or beause it is supposed to be a pizza? Of course there will be a number of players who will show distaste towards RJ. Thematically space ships and space combat make sense in a sci-fy setting, however g
  8. There is a grain of truth there, people indeed asked for incomplete version to be releasesd. However, noone thought the incomplete version is this bare-bones, supposedly after almost 2 years of development and hyping. Furtheremore, who is stoping DE from working on it and introduce missing features? Weren't command intrinsics and other additions promised to arrive soonTM after release? It is almost a year since this promise.
  9. I disagree with this statement. With shieldgate a good number of Frames function better without any eHP boosting mods, but instead combine quick shield gains via Augur mods, Brief Respite & Rolling Guard. My Mag or Banshee are more survivable this way than they ever can be by following the eHP route. As a result, I by default am at disadvanate.
  10. DE: releases content in alpha state with bare-bones features & functionality Community: We do not like this. DE: *surprised Pikachu face*
  11. Then are regular +status chance mods ok too? Ammo Mutation also increases sustained DPS, yet it is fine as an exilus. I miss logical consistency.
  12. Over the years I made similar suggestion which would lead to the same goal. For weapons I suggested a battery system for reserve ammo and a complete elimination of all ammo drops. Main advanatagoes I see here is a convenient way for individual tweaks, no RNG drops as well as less visual clutter, due to colorfull boxes infesting mission tiles. For energy I suggested base energy regeneration for every frame, with varying regeneration rate and ability cots (not the stiff 25/50/75/100 approach) adjusted for each frame/ability individually. While external & RNG energy sources like piz
  13. Well done at moving goalposts. First it was "only a Simulacrum flex" now it is "does M4D compete with broken stuff" or other esoteric reasons. Yes it does.
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