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  1. Embarrassing typo in titel is embarrassing.
  2. I see and feel those. Got a significatn FPS increase and load time improvement on my P.O.T.A.T.O machine. Person in charge deserves a raise.
  3. There it is. The most important lines. You focus so hard on potential weakness, that you forfeit all her strengths. Ditch those Umbral mods; focus more on shields and play more with Pillage. "Play" as adjust it to your liking/needs.
  4. I didn't mean those with my last bullet-point, Nox & Bursas actually shine compared to most other enemy designs. If I am not mistaken, in one of the later DevStreams they talked about new enemy type, that can only be killed with a finisher. Well, Exploiter Orb also kinda belongs in this category.
  5. So, your gripe with Hildryn is more fundamental or ideologic, than her actual performance. I for once see no problem in this particular case. If DE tries something out, I appreciate it done this way on a small scale. Furthermore, why are you not mentioning Nidus, as ha also kinda undermines rules of energy economy. People already told you on multiple ocasions, that it is actually fairly easy to maintain overshields or mentioned other option. Also, her abilities consume only a fracion of her shields, so no, you won't run out of energy shields if you use her abilities. Or even spam them. Previously, I asked for your build, becasue your build in OP is rather vague and more than suboptimal. I also see a huge playstyle issue, you just don't like her, which is fine, but you make a mountain of a molehill by talking about failed concept.
  6. You misplace cause and effect: ability spam rises -> so does the number of ability immune enemy types power creep enables way too much damage -> invulnerabilty phases on enemies or bosses status effects became too potent and bypass certain game mechanics -> status immunity or cleanse is introduced then there is base damage reduction to combat all of the above then there will be "kill with certain action" to combat all of the above You got way too strong and do not want to lose a fraction of that power, now watch how you are disarmed step by step.
  7. In return all mods, arcanes or Focus nodes, which are ignored for the most part work well with her. Furthermore, it makes her immune to energy leech effects all across the game. There are actually not that many ways to receive a magnetic. It also works similar to Viral proc and only reduces total ammount, so that after the effect wears out, you are back to normal. You always can use Arcane nullifier if you fear this proc. This is an exaggeration. Hildi has inbuilt solutions for this, namely her passive as well as status cleanse effect from #2, which is easely overlooked. In case of direct survivability, you already mentioned Adaptation. Her #2 is a very reliably way to gain overshields. The Augur effect does not work for obvious reasons - infinite resource loop. Gas is not a problem, becasue Gas damage itself deals -25% damage and its proc works like Toxin. Yes, this is indeed an oversight. But it actually works in her favor, as of right now. I disagree. This point is nothing more than personal preference. There are no downsides on being able to use #1 on its own with full freedom of actions. You also cannot cast #2 while in #4, because it is a design lock to prevent infinite loop of perma CC, damage and survivability. First of all, you spend only a fraction of her shields to gain even more shields, which is absolutely not a problem in the end. Second, compared to Mag, Hildi cannot run out of energy. Would you be kind enough to post your build?
  8. Nightwave is not an endgame content with an exclussive membership. First and formost, it a replacement for Alerts and caters to all players, including newbies.
  9. Mag deals good damage way beyond Star Chart lvls, just not with Crush. Any more buffs to Crush and it goes into P42W territory. Why does she need 3 damage abilities in the first place? Does Mag deal not enough damage? Where is it stated that Crush is SUPPOSED to be a damage skill? Fracturing Crush is a clunky augment, but it is not a band-aid. It opens entirely new options and provides a decent enough buff to the basic skill, that is already loaded with utility. You discuss Crush in isolation and disregard Mag's kit as a whole. Agenda behind this thread seems more driven by personal preference than general wish of improvement. I cannot support those cahnges in any way.
  10. I would argue against damage buff on Crush because: Crush already does respectable damage and even moderate PS builds murder Corpus on Star Chart with ease. With a dedicated Crush build Mag can P42W on maps like Hydron just by standing on cryopod. With recent cast while airborne buff, Mag also joined AoE rush Frame club with Ember, Equinox or Saryn. As such, she could suffer the same fate later, should she become more mainstream. Mag already has 2 great offensive abilities with Magnetize and Polorize Crush has great utility in form of CC, quick Overshields boost as well as armor strip Conclusion: Mag's kit in general is not lacking offensive power, thus more damage on Crush is quenstionable. Furthermore, Crush shines more with its utility options.
  11. This is factually wrong. People complained that they had to choose "worse" looking gear for a minor stat increase. Then DE removed arcane effects from Alt-Helmets, but did not change already obtained ones, because those are payed items. It all happened long before first arcanes were introduced with LoR. This was a good development. No to gear with stats.
  12. We had this in the game at some point, it was called Arcane Helmets. And it was bad, because you tie stats to fashion frame.
  13. Modding in general is all about making sacrifices, you are not supposed to equip every single mod Denial of the above mentioned point, led us to massive power creep we have right now Exilus did not inspire new builds, it introduced more power creep and created a separate mod pool with "best to use"/"not to use" mods. Exilus actually failed to achieve it stated goal, namely make utility mods more relevant. The issue is not the number of slots, but mods themselves or how necessary they are for the game. (Arcanes are actually second tier mods and suffer the same fate) Especially for weapons, which sole purpose is to make damage, will lead to more power. Do we need this additional power in the first place? In worst case scenario. How would you acquire this new slot? In worst case scenario. How will you mange additional drain? Firm "no" to Exilus.
  14. What? Did you even understand what I said there? Your weak ability heat procs will block much stronger weapons heat procs and reduce total damage. Yea, I said it. What is not fine, that her currently worst ability becomes her best. Press #4 and forgett is not how Ember is played in higher lvls. Its her Accelerant augment with scaling weapon damage. This reworks steps in big footsteps of Ember's last fixes to completely ruin her, becasue people focus too much on WoF and its low lvl clear capabilities.
  15. You gimped Ember when you took away her Accelerant and especially its augment, as such disarmed her. Including Accelerant effect into #4 is useless, because you do not have enough fire damage to boost. All of the reworked abilities now can proc heat status, which is bad, because heat cannot be overriden. Your Ember will set enemies for whooping 125-300 damage on fire, while stronger heat effects from weapons cannot trigger. Fireblast, her worst ability right now, becomes the best ability in this new kit Main idea behind your reworks seems to somehow enable her horrible passive so that Ember can spam Wisp inspired fields. She loses all her scaling damage and almost all CC she has.
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