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  1. Ah, yes, this old fallacy again. Skins. As far as I know, skins are the main income for DE. If there is a greater variety in items people want skins for, there are more incentives and creative freedom to create new additions. Furthermore, you do not have to fight the same audience with a Nth Mesa skin. As far as I know, Prime access happens to "old" Frames. You may take a gues how successful Titania's PA would be without any changes to her kit. Wukong PA is another example, where a Frame went from least played to most played with a rework right in time for a skin as well as PA. Reworked content is new content. Reworking can be easier than creating something entirely new, since most of the assets are already there. Properly managed reworks may improve the gmae in general, which is a long term goal. Reworking crucial parts of the game (ahem New Player Experience) helps with player retention.
  2. I am twofold on this topic. On the one hand, tools like Protective Dash with its 60% heal rate & 5 seconds of invulnerability with the ability to chain indefinitely completely trivialize any defensive mode and remove a fail condition. With such powerfull protective abilities it is almost impossible to create engaging encounters/missions/events. On the other hand, revieweing subpar and niche interactions like Khora's heal stance or Sancti Magister is beyound stupid. Not only do such interaction create more situations for Frame diversity, it also creates new paystyles - on a Defense mission you could either protect the VIP from any harm or let it take some damage but healt it. 2 perfectly valuable strategies. Reducing it to "pretect only" is a leap backwards. Both options should be available. But both options should also lose their respective extreme cases.
  3. Limbo makes any content without ability counters trivial, becasue he is poorly designed. Any mission with Infested or Grineer plays the way SS does. For years now.
  4. @Jarriaga don't feed the troll. This guy is an official white knight and one of the more prominent [DE]fenders. It should be pretty obvious by now.
  5. Disagree. Her healing was not usefull enough to be considered for player heals, she absolutely cannot compete in this field with any other support Frame. However, healing defensive targets (with whooping 50 base HP/sec) is a rare and benefitual interaction, that made Khora more relevant and gave her one more niche application. And since you started talking about consistency, Khora could heal players as well as defensive targets, while other Frames connot. Let's be real. This "fix" happened only due to ongoing event. DE have all the rights to change the game however they want, however, they cannot treat palyers like brainless cattle. This was an incompetent attempt to sell a nerf as a "fix".
  6. So this nonsense condition will remain untouched? Translation: Players were farming rare caches in Murex raid, thereby increasing their chances to get heavely RNG & time gated item.
  7. Cannot share your optimistic take on the mianline changes. Build variety is down, since Viral dominates them all. More weapons are "viable" because enemies got nerfed really hard; the bar is just so fraking low that anything works. Hardly a positive development if you ask me. Status shotguns, like Tigris P. used to kill 170s with ease already. But when the "same" build performs the same against massively nerfed enemies it is a net loss in the end; on the other hand, there are weapons that got significantly stronger.
  8. It was the only useable concept, with bonus MEME potential. Others were either overlaping with existing concepts, or "lacking" to put it nicely.
  9. The RNG factor is the flotilla you choose, becasue without full 100/100 Murex progress your gains are pitiful. And when you join a flotilla at the start of a new wave, you cannot guarantee it will reach community goal.
  10. This event is not exaclty rocket science. Patting yourself on a shoulder becasue you found out you need a defensive oriented Frame for protection and the most meta Eidolon setup to kill an Eidolon is not that hard. Bonus points for optimizing against adds, since this phase is the only real bottleneck in the ground mission. But when you talk about those 15k+ points, as if bonus points are a guaranteed gain, is dumb. 2/3 of the rewards come from a system an individual player cannot affect. Without those points from 100/100 Murex progress you end up with lousy ~5k in your bank. And suddenly it doesn't look that good.
  11. Off topic. This attitude is incredibly moronic. The whole idea of democracy is that, if elected representativs do not what they promised for said election, people should stop their support or even punish them. Politicians are servants and people are their judges. Over the years the system got corroded to such a degree, that people expect politicions to lie, abuse them etc. The next time you say to somebody to suck it up, just imagine in what situation you would be without any opposition.
  12. I do not think this is the case here. WoF range nerf came becasue there were too many peolpe complaining about Ember ruining low lvl misisons, which was actually the case. Unfortunately, that rework completely failed, partly becasue the approach was wrong from the getgo. The last rework, was again an impulsive reaction to missguided feedback and resulted in another train wreck. One of the complains was that she is squishy so she got a DR skill. Fireblast's armor removal mechanic is a dictionary definition of a bandaid, since most wannabe Ember players complained about armor being in her way. I am ready to bet half of my plat, that at the time Ember was worked on, there were no plans on changing armor scaling. And if threre were, person responsible for the design did a terrible job, since Firebalst is even more useless now outside heat gauge regualtion. I am convinced this is a string of terrible decisions and incompetence, not a malicious plan.
  13. Old Ember had problems, becasue she had a lot of overlap. Accelerant and Fireblast competed for fast CC; Fireball Frenzy & Flash Acceelrant & Firebalst competed for damage buff; Fireball & Fireblast & WoF & weapons competed for fire procs. Before the rework, you would gimp yourself to use either Fireball or Fireblast for damage, becasue WoF did more and procs did not stack, so that you would block yourself from higher damage; Fireblast was inferior to Accelerant as a fast CC tool. Nevertheless, you could play Ember as a buffer or a mobile CC source or low lvl exterminator. Right now Ember is one-dimensional. Her buffing was reduced to a slightly better elemental mod. Her CC is non existent. Her ability damage got higher, but still not enough to be considdered for higher lvls. She has been reduced to an Adaptation tank with the potential to nuke lower lvls; in higher lvls she is only a mediocre Adaptation tank. If you consider managing Immolation solely for its DR an exciting playstyle, I have nothing to say to you, except - you have my deepest condolences.
  14. No, I said her old kit would could be OP with the new fire proc.
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