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  1. I letteraly described it 2 times so far. Path of Exile used this system of damage reduction and evasion the last time I played the game and it worked. Hell, D&D uses both system and it works too. Especailly the underlined sentence is the most questianable. You are pushing for a different enemy archetypes or numbers, to further separate existing factions, and this is fine. However, what speaks about additional differences within factions themselves implemented in form of different armor types or shield types or Excel color spreadsheet how you would say. Are you looking down on a game that allows holy damage to be stronger on undead? I really fail to see where those supposed shortcomings of a well executed multi damage system are. English is not my first language, but your interpretation of those lines is insane. Straw man much? Those lines clearly state that a stat based tank is different, because he has advantages in a different environment. Yea, said the same words in my very first post here, thanks for reminding me. Then go and ask for an entirely new damage system with new scaling and everything surrounding it, if you think a complete redesign is the only way. This slipery slope from removing armor to redesigning enemy factions is laughable. I say - current system is not working, because its scaling needs a look, as well as damage weaknesses/resistances need to be more distinct. It is not fine tuned.
  2. ShortCat

    Meta Shifts with endgame

    Or maybe, those few outliers should be tuned, so that they do not overshadow 90% of competition? This would fix #1 & #2. This problems stems in terrible design of said frames, especially Chroma and Rhino, weapons and the fight itself. Why? Because those frames are tanks with an option to buff and deal insane damage. They embody tank & DPS archetypes in one shell, which would be kinda unthinkable for RPG like game. Additionally, we can easely support ourselves with enough health or energy, there is no need for a dedicated support. Pure DPS frames like Banshee cannot affect bosses at all; another DPS like Mirage is not durable enough. Oberon or Trinity are durable, but lack offensive power in their kits, which can be compensated by stupidly OP weapons. Those are the reasons for the current meta.
  3. Nothing. Was not mentioned anywhere in the OP. I could ask you what is preventing DE from reworking armor in the first place? I see you did not read my post, again. A frame with 50% evasion may be able to tank unlimited shots from a lvl 3 000 000 Balista, whyle a frame with 50% DR will just die. Or to put it more mundane, evasion may catch sudden damage spikes, while DR provides more general security. Evasive character should be on his toes all the time, but has statistically more room for mistakes in a presence of a big threat; while DR can sustain larger groups of weaker enemies, but cannot handle high priority targets that well. Exactly. It is not the system's fault it is not working as intended, or as desired. The implementation is faulty. If you see it, why are you questioning the system itself, not its implementation? If you think DE is not able to handle this complex design and painted themself into a corner, thus should switch to a simpler version - just say it. Those are two wastly different takes on the current problem. You do not seem this narrow minded from all your posts I read so far, or are you just neglecting my posts because I oppose you? First of, I never said one version is better than the other, they are just different. That hard-counter is already there and is called Inaros. He tanks with stats/mods and not abilities and is not as susceptable to ability canceling. Inaros has to maange his HP not energy or cooldwons, so that it creates a different playstyle as well as gear dependancy: e.g. Magus Elevate is not as usefull on Inaros, while Arcane Grace is especially usefull on him. Same issue as above: core design and its faulty implementation. Either ask for better implementation of existing mechannics or an entirely new design.
  4. But you cannot talk about the one without not mentioning the other. Our armor works just like the enemy's, so does the damage. Your post does not exclude those changes to the enemies. Thus I said your idea is not thought out. Furthermore your suggestion of %-based resistance mods is the same eHP multiplier you are complainging about, the only differency is a clear indication of the said multiplier on the mod. You could just ask for a change in the UI and equal armor values for the same effect. If you think armor isn't interesting enough, read some posts again. They do not have those effects yet. Nobody is holding DE back from implementing such enemies. Elemental damage becomes more and more common on the enemy side, then we have Viral conditions in Sorties. I do agree with the issue of huge gap in survivability, but I do not agree with presented solutions. As I see it, your post loses its relevance when the "solution" part starts.
  5. Does your answer also apply to this? My first answer was incomplete, but wrong is stretching it too much. Lets focus more on our different view on other mechanincs. All those mechanicns provide different defensive playstlyes, if executed correctly, which is not the case in Warframe. Just on cenceptional level, DR increases eHP, but it still has a limit, so that there will be a point where enemies will become a threat again, even in Warframe. In a more moderate version, DR would be a great defense against many weak attacks, but secceptable to rare heavy hits. Evasion is an entirely different mecahnic, as it is basicly a dice roll. You can evade a weak attack, but also a heavy hit that no DR could ever sustain. In theory, evasion is a better defense against rare heavy attacks, but secceptable to many weak hits. While Nyx and Titania have their issues, primary from heavy imbalance and scaling issues, they allow more room for mistakes, even it is just one and at this point evasion did its job. Even with this simplistic color coding, it has still more depth than plain HP system, deceptive or not. The concept of factions succeptable to certain damage types is in my opinion interesting, because it creates room for specialysations in gear or modding act as a base for team compositions. I dissagree. Inherent stats like armor allow more room for diversity, because it allows for tanky characters based on a stat, not an ability and can serve as a solid counter to ability canceling. Armor also allows a destinct separation to pure eHP tanks in case weakness to damagy types, usefullness of diverse healing/damaging mechanics with fixed values or %-based and how those affect said archetypes - for us and our foes.
  6. @MJ12 & @Teridax68 I have no idea why you jump on one sentence and ignore the rest of my post. Armor modifies multipliers from corresponding damage types. Even 1 ferrite armor point will grant 15% resistance to slash even before DR calculation from the armor value is considered. Thus, it modifies weaknesses to certain damage types, which cannot be achieved with health type alone. Furthermore, armor is "separate", because we can strip it and negate its effect, modifiers & DR, even before the fight begins. It may be not as relevant for us, Tenno, but it is important for our enemies to be able to create varaity. You focus too much on our perspective, yet you forget that enemies use the same mechanics/weapons we do and with removal of armor current damage system would become completely obsolete. So yes, "resistance to damage types" is innate to armor. Now to the Viral misunderstanding. I was short and not specific enough on that matter, but initially I ment Viral damage in general, as most enemies are flashy and vulnerable to it. Right now, flash is often covered by an additioanl defense in form of armor and its DR, so that we have options to focus for its weakness, strip it or bypass it. Remove armor and Viral will become the go-to damage type, which will reduce weapon modding choices from 3 to 1. Prock was in brackets to remind how good it is even right now. Did not expect one word out of context to produce walls of text. Armor is an interesting concept, if you do not reduce it to its DR calculation.
  7. I absolutely agree on the 3 bullet points. Yes. I see the same problem. Tanks in Warframe are way too durable. This is only half of the problem though: in other games tank archetypes exist and can also reach rediculous defense, however their role is different, because they are ment to sustain damage from the whole enemy armada with taunts and do only little damage in return. In Warframe, there is hardly a way to taunt enemies and redirect fire from teammates on yourself. Furthermore, in Warframe lack of offensive abilities can be covered by stupidly overpowered weapons, so that you have an immortal god steamrolling missions with a boomstick. The absurdity reaches new hights if we consider, that tanks also can have damage buffs in addition to their defensive kits: Chroma, Rhino, Nezha even Inaros. As a result, we have frames which struggle to survive and die as soons as the player makes 1 mistake; and frames which trivialize content with high defensive and offensive capabilities. That is the reason Sorties or Arbitrations are dominated by Inaros, Rhino or Nidus players and Forum is full with "we need endgame" threads. Even a monkey can finish Warframe with Rhino and A.Plasmor. I do not agree with all of your suggestions though: Armor is an interesting defensive mechanic and leaves more options than just simple DR or evasion. Furthermore, universal DR mods feel boring and mandatory. Simply boosting stats does not reflect frames survivability, as abilities, mobility, CC, damage output and player skill affect it. This is a complex topic. Most Sortie lvl enemies are already there, only in missions with bossted damage and resistance conditions I experience OHKO frequently.
  8. What exactly was changed last year? Weapons? Changing values is hardly a time consuming task and can be done by a trainee in short time if the direction is clear. Same goes for Riven changes. Frames? Nyx or Titania changes are hardly worth a "rework" tag, because mostly some numerical values were edited. Vauban? Ember? Saryn and Nezha - that was a piece of work. New Exalted mechanic is nice, but still only half done, because there are frames, which require stat sticks. Furthermore, this rework was necessary, because not enough thoughts were put into Exalted mechanic intially. Which is the case for most systems in the game, and now those half done projects start to pile up and bite DE in the rear. Warframe requires a new damage system, new modding system, frame roster revisits, next weapon and Riven balance pass, Focus 3.0. Functional AW controls for upcomming space content. Empty PoE caves, actually the whole map needs some love, etc.
  9. I still have to wait 2 days till I can claim him from Foundry, but from the Wiki and various display videos on YT, I see massive problem in his kit: Baruuk's abilities show heavy anti synergy with each other. Elude builds his special resource every time he evades an attack. However, sleeping enemies cannot attack you. Disarmed enemies need more time to get closer and perform an attack. Elude losses efectiveness, if it as well as other abilities are used for Restraint. Lull will put enemies to sleep. However, then you have no attacks to evade with Elude. Furthermore, what is the reason to disarm a CCed enemy with Desolate Hands? Desolate Hands' disarming mechanics misconceptions are already coverd. Additionally this ability grants much desired DR, if daggers are not used for disarming effect, which requires negative range to be most effective, which in return is counterproductive with Elude & Lull. In the end, Baruuk needs high range stat for the one half of his kit; and low range for the other. I get the impression, his meta build relies on maintaining DR with Desolate Hands and spam his other abilities, regardless whether they are actually needed, just to fuel Restraint for Serene Storm. That is, if you want to use Serene Storm at all, as people say it does not scale well enough.
  10. ShortCat

    SU resources and drop rates

    Encountered the same problem as you. I assume you are talking about second Orb bounty. My solution was to run 4th bounty, even if I do not enjoy the fight itself. It is OK in pubs at the moment and has better drop tables. I know this pain. If you still want to run this bounty solo there is trick to cut the dialogue. When you enter Fortuna after a bounty, talk to Eudico that grants normal bounties, this will stop the dialogue. We defenitely need massive QoL and performance updates on this matter.
  11. ShortCat

    Nyx: Allow swap gear on Absorb

    Mind Controll is terrible offensive because it is dependant on gimpy AI. No matter what it is a distraction and one additional meat shield at best. Psycic Bolts on the other hand is a great/cheap debuff that enables huge DPS potential for Nyx and her team. The "press #2 to release restriction" holds it back; it could just affect 6 new targets and dispell affected ones on a recast, but I am not sure if it would become completely broken then.
  12. ShortCat

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    This could be a very interesting approach even under the current system: one heavy expensive ability to create high fire procs in tandem with a cheap spammable ability to keep those heavy procs going and not override them. Sadly, a lot of cited YouTubers and suggested builds advertise 2-3-2 combo as a fight starter and instantly reflects their understanding of the topic. Even more sad is the ramp up damage on WoF's latest version, as it suffers from the same issue, which should not happen on developer's side.
  13. ShortCat

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    Because there are 2 new topics about an Ember rework created every day, I think my thread deserves some attention again.
  14. ShortCat

    Adding new things is not the solution.

    MMO or not, the amount of seizable content can be compared. If both studious have similar size, employees have to work on something right? Warframe also lacks the WoW's scope, so the difference will of course be there. I have no idea how the workflow is there, but if you tell me it takes one year for 170 people to release 3.5 new frames, 15 weapons, 5 minutes of scripted video and one empty snowy map - I would say that's not much. Throw in some bugfixes in combination with new bugs, to be fair.
  15. ShortCat

    What do you expect from The New War