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  1. Yeah this is somewhat annoying, having it rain on occasion gave the plains a nice change of atmosphere, but now it rains there 24/7 When the weather used to change it was a nice change of pace to have dry clear skies one moment then you come back twenty minutes later and its a thunderstorm, and a night time thunderstorm was something you could take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy. now whenever I go to the plains I find the constant rain is kinda irritating.
  2. You know I actually like the look of the Sokatron model, I hope it gets reused as an actual acid thrower later.
  3. While I find this Tac Alert amusing and fun, the grind for the rewards is ridiculous, if the rewards for the final mission were better it would be less of a grindfest, I dont have a problem working for the rewards, but theres working for a reward and theres grinding a mission to the point of burnout, just to get enough pearls for one freaking floof. Agree, just one pearl dropped per soak, would aleviate the grind immeasurably
  4. The biggest issue with enemy scaling in warframe is the lack of rewards for taking on high level enemies, Do they drop more resources or rare items the higher level they get? No, we just get the same horrible drops that we get from fighting a level 1. Right now there is little incentive for players to take on high level enemies outside of the mission rewards.
  5. Blood Ravens do not steal, they simply accept generously given "gifts"
  6. So what happens to those people who dont have the weapons/frames that are on the arberation roll that day? I tend to not keep weapons and frames I dont like, so are you saying that I and other players are to be punished for not having every single weapon or frame in inventory at all times?
  7. Better yet, remove the limit alltogether.
  8. I think you just accurately described a pretty big chunk of the player base with that one. 😄
  9. Would love to get a Hyena pet... Of course, given half the chance I would try and make one that looks like Bladewolf... (chainsaw tail and all) Thats more than likely how DE would introduce Hyena pets
  10. The price of prime accesories has always been expensive, and unfortunatly DE arent going to change that anytime soon. As much as I would love to have the prime armor set, I'm just aprehensive about spending that much on what are basically just cosmetic items.
  11. To be fair, DE have stated they were going to do alot of things on devstream that never happened *cough*Protoweapons*cough* But doing away with the constant maintenance for organic pets, is a good thing in my book.
  12. I've noticed an issue with the leonessa skin, the "Bell" on the collar is displaced and its currently hovering at my feet.
  13. I have a question For DE: Will we still be able to get the rank up rewards such as the unique mods and Saturn six syanada/armor? I havent been able to play Warframe that much as of late and would still like to be able to earn those eventually.
  14. Technopsyche and Leonessa... take my money!
  15. That feeling when you miss devstream... again! I'm terrible I swear
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