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  1. My personal issue is with how bright and shiny everything is, it almost looks like they added a plastic wrap filter to the whole game, it looks terrible at times.
  2. Deth Cube prime... Forget about Atlas, Take all of my money and give me that gold plated Cube of Deth!
  3. Looks through the list of fixes... Not one single fix for the seriously messed up lighting... really DE?!
  4. Yeah Its happening to me too, lighting seems to be going from one extreem to another through out the game, the orbiter seems to go from normal looking levels to something akin to maxed out brightness and bloom intensity.
  5. I was wondering why my UI randomly broke for a minute or so after my game had a small momentary freeze during a mission earlier after what sounded like a shawazin note played.
  6. Hell just the ability to craft more than one at a time would be a godsend.
  7. The Queen's are Orokin forced to live in Grineer bodies, so even if the elder queen "dies" during War Within worm can revive her, presumably with enough kuva, and is at this moment the defacto leader now that her sister is stuck being revived, But it wouldnt surprise me though if worm is deliberatly delaying her sisters revival to keep control of the Grineer.
  8. Couldnt agree more, So far in all the story quests, we have had the choice on what happens, and when it comes to Natah/Lotus I hope DE sticks with giving the player their personal choice, and not an "oh its going to be the same result regardless of your choice" ending to this storyline. I personally wouldnt save or kill Lotus, I would simply walk away and leave Natah to rot in whatever hell she's made for herself and walk my own path through the origin system and beyond.
  9. Even to this day I still feel Volt speed should have worked on Volt only, I've lost count of how many times my gameplay has gotten messed up due to a Volt spamming speed all the time.
  10. I got to 30 this morning, it literally gives you 15 credits per 10k after you hit 30
  11. Agreed, My Riven storage is full of unwanted Rivens for weapons I never use, and When I DO get a riven for a weapon that i want just getting something useful takes forever, and with the increasing cost per roll I end up wasting thousands of Kuva just to get a roll with something half usable.
  12. Yeah this is somewhat annoying, having it rain on occasion gave the plains a nice change of atmosphere, but now it rains there 24/7 When the weather used to change it was a nice change of pace to have dry clear skies one moment then you come back twenty minutes later and its a thunderstorm, and a night time thunderstorm was something you could take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy. now whenever I go to the plains I find the constant rain is kinda irritating.
  13. While I find this Tac Alert amusing and fun, the grind for the rewards is ridiculous, if the rewards for the final mission were better it would be less of a grindfest, I dont have a problem working for the rewards, but theres working for a reward and theres grinding a mission to the point of burnout, just to get enough pearls for one freaking floof. Agree, just one pearl dropped per soak, would aleviate the grind immeasurably
  14. Better yet, remove the limit alltogether.
  15. The price of prime accesories has always been expensive, and unfortunatly DE arent going to change that anytime soon. As much as I would love to have the prime armor set, I'm just aprehensive about spending that much on what are basically just cosmetic items.
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