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  1. Reaper Prime is one of those weapons I have fond memories of, its problem is that its an old weapon at this point, and like many of the weapons from the earlier days of warframe, its showing its age. I really hope the melee updates breath new life into it and many of the other older weapons.
  2. The sentients, the massive ones could be destroyed, the dead remains of dozens of them littering the plains alone is proof of that. The Tenno were the most effective at killing them, but in most cases it probably took alot of firepower to do so. Regarding Hunhow, is it even confirmed that it was destroyed, for all we know Hun is just skulking somewhere in the sol system recovering.
  3. DE tend to put alot of things on hold when their new content comes up. Zephyr deluxe is one of many things including the PBR update to all the older frames and proto weapons skins that DE have previewed, they just get moved to the bottom of the pile and many people forget about them.
  4. That feeling when you miss devstream... again! I'm terrible I swear
  5. Then you would just get the same problem when multiple players in the squad use the same glyph Op
  6. Have you tried hitting him with a bigger hammer Op? One with lightning damage maybe.
  7. We're never going to have a Day form that looks feminine are we.
  8. During the quest, Balla's recordings state that they did the same thing to many others, Wouldnt be surprised if being turned into a warframe became a form of corporal punishment during the old war.
  9. This, I would love to be able to run two elemental types without having them automatically combined, maybe have it so mods have to be next to each other to combine, and having another mod between them stops the combo.
  10. Agreed, the topic has been debated to death at this point, could nightwave be improved? without a doubt. DE do listen despite what Op says but they just dont respond to every topic they have to do their jobs too. My opinion has from the start been that NW Dalies/weeklies could give a small ammount of wolf creds so we wouldn't have to spend ages grinding to those single stacks of 30, just to be able to buy 1 of the cheapest items.
  11. I can't tell if this is intended to be a serious topic of discussion or a Joke thread.
  12. Alerts as they were, were horrible considering they were pure RNG and they definatly needed to be reworked. Credit alerts were a nice idea at first but the payoff was too little for most people to bother with when what you could get in an alert could be farmed quicker just by selling off collected BP/mods collected in a single mission. Nightwaves problem is the repetative grind just to get the wolf credits required to get even a single item, it would have been better if each completed challenge gave a few credits along the way, with the milestone credits being a hearty bonus.
  13. Exploiter Orb randomly doesn't spawn out in the Vallis when in a squad, so its currently very difficult to complete the fissure closure
  14. Also it no longer spawns out in the Vallis making closing fissures and completing the event impossible.
  15. I'd like to see more options for alt models when it comes to primaries. An AK-47 skin for the karak would be an automatic buy for me.
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