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  1. Like does each clanmate need to build their own ship? Or is the cost for each section shared
  2. ok so i asked this question once before and got no answer im hoping someone can actually answer me this time. I could have sworn that nidus got buffs the more mutation stacks he had. I can't seem to find any proof anywhere. Am I crazy? or did they remove it and not say anything?
  3. Dear god im still getting this issue. Im going to assume that whoever else has this bug wont speak up. Thanks. Just gonna hope this gets noticed and taken care of
  4. I dont see any mention of the bug where the game still thinks you have a kuva lich in which case you can no longer spawn a kuva larvling even though you do not have an active lich. The end result is that you have to steal some poor souls kuva larvling in public.
  5. Adaro sedna and the most important part is to make sure alarms are raised. Also its kinda buggy. If you get the flicker and a kuva fatman doesnt speak within a couple mins of the flicker. Abort and try again Manual block only works in melee mode (doesnt work with invincibility on in simulacrum). There is a way to fenagle it in quick melee involving the block combos but its not gauranteed or practical.
  6. can you elaborate on this blood rush cap? Why is it 580%?
  7. Ah you dont see ypurself as a problem cause ur too high up on your horse. Lets be honest your about as annoying as the people whining. You contribute about as much as them too. What exactly are you gaining by adding to the idiocy? Have you provided any construct feedback? Yes and no. These are obviously your opinions based on knowledge and a rework you do not yet possess and thats fine. Speculation is always welcome but then the second half of your comment is basically "i like salt". Your whole comments value is then undermined by it. It wasnt needed. All it does is instigate more problems. Again part of the problem not the solution. Also you have no proof that naramon wont get left behind. I am attributing my information to the fact naramon was not mentioned on prime time but zen was. The things not said are just as important as the ones that are. Naramon, the melee centric school, was not addressed.
  8. To be fair some of these are legitimate concerns ie Naramon becoming completely useless. Or life strike being harder to utilize. Still goin a bit overboard, the people whining and people like you who only instigate the situation. If you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem.
  9. as of this topic I realize im not the only one worried about naramon. Also made me realize that life strike is basically getting nerfed unless i spec into zenurik.
  10. No seriously i need confirmation on daggers not sucking anymore
  11. Oh wats gonna happen to daggers. I want my fang prime to be epic
  12. Love it. Well most of it. Not a fan of the life strike change. Really hurts my rage strike finisher build on umbral excal. Id need to try it tho
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