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  1. so roar starts at 30% and with my setup i can get 50%. Not bad at all still. However you let banish go through?????? are you kidding me? I dont understand. It is such a bad skill outside of limbo's kit. Although literally none of his skills are remotely good outside of his kit. I really wouldn't know how to fix this. It seems impossible unless you rethink limbos skills
  2. those sucked before but now..... i don't know. Might gibe brief respite a go with a few frames
  3. Im glad. Weve always been wanting MR to matter more. Wish eidolons was 15. I dont know how any would manage for so long without being least 16. We need some MR 20 items/missions
  4. Its hilarious when people think a 34% roar is mefiocre. Then they realize its applied to total damage and not base, and it becomes stupid amazing.
  5. Or just ward with ice. You will most likely stack some power strength for her 4 so ward will get a buff. Thats two mod slots free. No adaptation or augmnt. Part of that post was about opening up room for more build "variety"
  6. I mean thats what i said tho. This whole thing is great idea but the ability selection is too varying in power level. Honest to god tho i dont even care. Would have loved me some vex armor but you know op as crap. I hate radial javelin. Fix it de
  7. A nova, a glass cannon, without the glass. You get to open a whole new variety of builds. Just because you arent going to use it doesnt make it not powerful and thats the whole point. Theres a huge disparity between all the abilities. A great example is banish. Great on limbo because of his kit. Cast stasis, banish nuisances. Out of his kit this ability doesnt hold up. And as you mentioned decoy vs molt. Pretty sure most would pick decoy.
  8. Imagine a nova with ice ward or a shock ward on a hildryn? Its not that shock trooper is bad, its that ward is much more useful on almost any frame
  9. Not gonna lie but as varying as this list is I guarantee that only a handful of abilites are going to be used. Like why would a meta player take shock when they can use Elemental ward? And its really not a problem with elemental ward, its a problem with shock. I get that some warframes have abilities that when combined with certain frames would just break them but, if say i wanted to replace radial craplin-i mean javelin, why would i choose a lower powered ability. I personally like shock, will most likely use roar though or breach surge or condemn. That doesn't mean shock's gonna get a l
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