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  1. So if u claimed frost last year you can't get trinity now???
  2. I've still not gotten the loot either. I've logged in multiple times and even relinked my accounts.
  3. YESSSSS!!! [DE]Danielle will u marry me?!?! Somebody marry damnit!!! 😍
  4. So after doing more work I'm gaining a little better of an understanding on this tweak. The reason I'm liking the swap of corrosive and viral is bc with the damage climb, and our control now over status chance now, enemies would literally drop like flies if spores still did viral. That not only is very inconsiderate in a team setting but would also make miasma to an extent pointless in my opinion. Where now u can tear someone's armor down, helping the team too, and then [for bosses] stick them with a guaranteed viral proc that u can keep reseting if need be while spores keeps breaking down armor. It lets us kill with more intent where before u had to go cast happy and more or less wait for death to come. One issue I think a lot of us are having. I feel, in all honesty, this rework is hard to "perfect" test. I understand the changes for onslaught 100% however these changes make elite onslaught the only real testing ground for her spores. To go into a high level survival [ie. Mot or Taveuni], in order to fully test her, is vey hard. Before I'll admit nothing really could survive spores bc of how infinite and fast it would stack. But now once u get to enemies high level to kill, there's so many and they're killing you faster than u can kill them. And that's with a maxed steel fiber and arcane guardian. I do like how now you're lethality isn't purely determined by range like the initial revisit bc it made 2 of my 3 configs more or less useless. But in all honesty having range is what helps lessen this "chasing" feel when dealing with large groups of high level enemies. I still really feel strongly that the infected enemy max for climbing damage should be increased. At least to 20 maybe 30 tops. That way we can keep the reset decay and decay rate, but also have a less rushed play experience. I don't want to be able to click and walk away but now I have to stalk that spore counter. If I lol away for a second or stop moving I'm dead. If not, maybe lower the decay rate and/or reset decay. Or even maybe just have the decay rate without the initial reset. If we're being encouraged to recast maybe give more a incentive than reduced casting cost on uninfected enemy while spores is active. In practice it comes off more a degradation. Yay to reduced energy but then there's the damage cut on recast, as well as a dual decay system. I feel like I'm being punished. You either have to just suck it up and deal with the "chase" or stop trying to be so effective. And I dont find that to be exactly fair. Before all the of my configs did different things and required different play styles. [Gas chamber, Sludge bomber, and plague] now all play the exact same way and the only difference in results is how spores spread bc of the difference in range. I'm feel like I'm required to stick to a set flow now. Also don't think we need the 2 energy gain with toxic lash. Yes it technically "helped" when there are leeches but with the need to cast greatly reduced a basic rage pays out much more than before. If you're having as issue with energy I personally feel you're over casting by choice. Plenty of warframes come across the same energy theft issue and that 2 gain per melee kill honestly didn't do as much to combat it anyway. I do like toxic lash but I've shot at spores numerous times and it never popped. May be a bug [someone please let me know if it is] but being able to pop spores with our other skills would be great again. Maybe not molt as that would cause the same issue as casing spore on molt. But miasma detonating spores I think should be a thing. . I also think we need the old spore detonation with Miasma back. Typically if you're modding for strength you lack efficiency. And if u have high efficiency you'd power strength is lower. So using miasma to detonate spores with all that's been done would still contribute to the idea of an active play style. P.s. Sorry if my explanation is all over the place. I just have a lot of different tweak ideas and they sometimes start to smear together in my head.
  5. I've literally played as saryn since her release faithfully and always loves everything about her. The revisit and this revisit 2.0 are amazing though I understand the need to adjust spores. I'm always open minded to her changes as they always work out for the best. This change through for me seems like a "containment nerf". With this change you're casting a lot "chasing the high" of spores. Thank you for the range fixes but would it be acceptable to increase the max number of damage climbing enemy's from 10 to 20 or 30 at the 2 damage climb giving for a 40 damage a tick?. That way with the decay rate we can more comfortably stack our damage. Also spreading on death was nice, very nice. But for the sake of gameplay i agree with it being taken away. However I've notice miasma doesn't pop spores therefore spreading them. Since spread on death is a no go can we get that synergy back? I understand different people's feeling and bias but I feel like I'm being forced to shoot heroin using spores. These tweaks I feel would flow wit the ideology behind the revisit while still giving us dedicated and veteran saryn users an enjoyable poison experience within damage limits. If not and this is a permanent change I think the decay rate should be rethought. I'm willing to admit I'm still tying to make this work efficiently but so far I'm not having any luck. P.S. Please please please please please [DE]Pablo when tweaking her again take in consider the staples to veteran player rather than the request and demand of new players. No offense but requests like [let us attatch spores to mold again but dont allow us to pop them, change spores to toxin and toxic lash to corrosive, and a multitude of other bad ideas] I feel come from those who either don't really connect with saryn or honestly don't understand enough to know what the asking. P.P.S. [DE]Megan awesome #*!%ing job helping with the new audio for her skill set. I absolutely love the new feel when I cast.
  6. I've been playing since the original beta launch and have been using Saryn literally since her release. She also consistently holds a primary place of use with me. Her first rework was amazing and in my eyes perfect compared to other warframe rework, but this proposal doings way to good to be true. Anyone who understands Saryn like me would be mire than excited but with this being time 2 I'm extremely afraid of what you're taking to compensate for all you're "giving". When can we get more information about that? I'd hate for her to end up stifled just to appease a community of complaints from players who don't even identify with her as a frame.
  7. Now I can't acess the uprade or appearance tabs in my arsenal but my y and x button work out in mission. Am I crazy????
  8. I'm really excited and all, don't get me wrong. But they just fixed a long lasting issue I had with my start menu and now it's broken again so I can't help but cry
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