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  1. well i wouldn't say is without strategy...
  2. uh...how's this has anything to do with Mexicans...? cuz im mexican and i find that confusing...
  3. thats what you get, you endure 60 seconds for abandoning your teamates XD
  4. you know you can buy the "what stalker?" bundle and be done with it right?
  5. i pretty sure is one of the 2 1.- the operator goes to the bathroom when it goes to missions 2.- the operator doesnt need to eat cuz it feeds on void energy
  6. they should revert, if it wasn't broken why try to fix it, same thing happened to arch-wing
  7. heh, at this point i came to the realization that DE just dont want anything to do with zephyr rework? after 1+ year of being announced, with design council asking for feedback on tailwind (guess all of those ideas went to frames like Titania and Hildryn, while zephyr got a crappy hover instead, clever) a prime? i waited years, and even when it was her turn, "hey guess what, people would love mirage prime for the holidays!" ¬¬ the deluxe skin? its never happening still to this day the multiple bugs zephyr has are still there, and the problems her only "rework" brought too, why? DE just forgets zephyr exists ive even heard of one guy who basically put feedback in front of one of the devs faces and all we got was a minor buff to how fast tornadoes move hahahahaha... forget it man, zephyr is an unwanted child
  8. i honestly use it to fix the graphics DE is taking forever to fix (damn adaptive exposure, i have my own retinas thx)
  9. in my eyes both destiny and warframe have gone stale (tho warframe has one of the best monetization models to date)...so i don't really care anymore...
  10. well, the zariman was a colony/capital ship, so, probably a few millions i mean, many people dont really think about it, but we are talking about a ficctional point in time where civilization have already extended across the entire solar system, you count the amount of people living in earth nowdays, now multiply that for each planet, plus people living in space colonies, we have billions of individuals in the orokin societly, so a colony ship making a jump to the tau system probably had a lot of people
  11. still no fix, for zephyr's animations not playing when deploying arch-guns also, still no fix for adaptive exposure taking hostage bloom and lens flare when being deactivated
  12. nah, tenno won, and if someone even thinks on rustle their jimmies, then total civilization annihilation happens or loot, loot is a good reason for total civilization annihilation too
  13. sentients are kinda stupid, thats why the tenno won the old war XD
  14. i swear i told myself when i saw it "if this frame has a flying mechanic im gonna lose it"
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