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  1. im just waiting for the command intrinsic, im not touching railjack anymore until that gets released, that and more content for raijack
  2. at this point i agree with OP, warframe hasn't changed anything significant at all for 2 months, not worth playing for people who have already most of the things from the game
  3. yup, zenurik is my old reliable for everything, i just level up the way-bound from other schools
  4. meh, it fills the purpose. but so far people haven't been answering most of them
  5. lol i do lich content solo just to avoid all of that bs XD, from the larving to the final blow, doing liches with other people is actually inconvenient
  6. meh, i jut farm for duplicates then rank each one differently, no biggie
  7. i hope it does, at least as an option for those who want it.
  8. at least they should finish railjack first XD
  9. i think they said they are adding commands to pets, that actually solves the problem of incompetent AI
  10. you are in no position to lecture me, when you don't even understand anything outside your limited vision of how supply and demand works
  11. everything you need for plats to play the game is being given for free on the game already, stop being such a drama queen
  12. this whole search for end game is what killed most of MMOs, so stop with this foolish thinking that we need end game, cuz online RPG's are about enjoying a journey not being on top of a mountain if you want the later go play competitive games, there's your end game
  13. ill just wait for primed booty
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