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  1. Toppien

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    IKR i dont understand why people keep mentioning blade runner like if it was the holy bible of cyberpunk or something...
  2. Toppien

    Are crossbows bows ?

    i have a riven for it 7u7
  3. Toppien

    Are crossbows bows ?

    well i use crossbows on only bow sorties, so if the game says so then it must be true XD
  4. nah, because most of the PvP demographic think PvE is boring and the PvE demographic thinks pvp is the spawn of satan only a small amount of players like to play both
  5. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    i hate to be that guy but "NEVER PRE-ORDER" and im not saying it cuz i dont have enough money, im actually going to buy it if they improve the optimization by the 15 when people start reviewing the actual final product, but i also have experience with pre-orders and you will always regret it, ALWAYS, best thing you can do is wait, be patient and if the game sucks you wont be feeling bad for spending money on a false promise do you really want to spend all that money that you probabably wont get back because of terrible EA's poilicy, plus a title no one will care about and a pretty lame skin?
  6. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    this is an interesting topic that even devs are aware of, but yeah, people are getting too passionate, i hope they dont close the thread for unknown reasons, AMD is running better, i have an Nvidia card and all issues with FPS come from people using nvidia cards, probably something to do with post processing, that AMD cards ignore but goes wild with nvidia who knows, thing is, i want to play it but the performance is not the best for Nvida users and i doubt its going to get fixed
  7. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    yeah...thing is, the frostbite engine in anthem runs like hot garbage from the rear of a kubrow XD really poorly optimized,(consoles cant run at 30fps and high end pc's cant reach 60 fps, hell i barelly reach the 50 fps on an overclocked rig) and in my humble opinion a really good optimized engine is better than any "pretty" engine the evolution engine is designed to be modified, thats why steeve can implement new effects with almost no performance cost, while the stupid frostbite engine is a nightmare to manage according to devs testimonies and dont get me wrong, im really interested in anthem for its gameplay, but their terrible optimization is a deal breaker
  8. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    i just tried the demo, and its a technical mess, you can actually get less FPS with low settings, and going ultra-high gives you good performance... theres no longer the problems that happened with the last demo but now theres that problem where you get dissconected and send back to bastion out of nowhere the game is really fun actually, once you get used to the movement system (its acutally more annoying than archwing XD) it gets really intense, bosses are a little tedious if you have bad gear, but i say they are fun also. i might buy it, but ill wait until release. that poor optimization and server problems kill the experience for me (even when i clearly have the hardware for recomended specs) oh theres also that annoying sound problem where you start to hear less and less sounds untill you hear nothing XD
  9. look at zephyr, that is the mess that happens when DE relunctantly tries to implement a fan concept
  10. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    im sorry but... when in hell theres been anything in traillers or gameplay videos that sugested there was going to be PvP? XD seriously wtf? dude
  11. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    for what ive been investigating the pve is really good, the demos are trully old verions of the game, idk why bioware is giving such a bad first impresion by not presenting the latest version, but the game is much much better than in the demos, and its big according to various sources, with really extended loot, they even have legentary ability modules that modify how stats and mechanics for those abilities work, the big city actually changes as one progresses though the main story, and the 20$ cosmetics are full sets (they are bundles) theres no need really for a pvp mode, to begin with, bioware isnt known for making pvp
  12. Toppien

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    how the hell you have a 64 bit system but only 3 gigs or ram... unless you are trying to use 64 bit OS on a 32bit system...
  13. Toppien

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

  14. Toppien

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    i was interested in it the moment they mentioned they would only use microtransactions with cosmetics and no lootboxes, besides, bioware and EA right now are under a lot of presure from the public, media and even goverments, they are trating this very carefully too, the 2 demos plus an alpha to make sure they dont pull a fallout 76, is a delightfull sight to see XD they are being forced to not do their usual bs XD, so im confident in that regard that anthem is going to be decent enough
  15. Toppien

    Mod prices dropped?!

    also the trade market mafia has moved on to riven mods, everything is about selling those rivens for 200-25000 plats