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  1. the moment you realize this game is every AAA game made by EA and mobile games, but with grind on steroids, and more manipulative methods for you to sprung and spend money, the only difference is, they have good PR, and a cult of white knights
  2. like seriously, why i don't get it, do people even use that weapon? all i see all the time is people using zaws / whips isn't riven disposition supposed to change according to the weapon's popularity?
  3. i used to say that about lephantis...then i played other games, and let me tell you, though lephantis is above any of the bosses in warframe, (profit taker, is a clusterfk of mobs and noise that cant even let you think unless you go with 99%damage reduction or chroma, the eidolons are better but the one shot with snipers meta is just stupid) compared to the norm on videogame bosses, well is garbage, like helicopter in the division 1 garbage, like any kind of bullet sponge garbage, DE has been getting a little better over the years, but still really behind other studios that make bosses better
  4. in times like this im glad im a zephyr main, cuz i know my warframe has many weaknesses XD
  5. looks more like a dark sector mole, instead of a dark sector stalker now we just need Hayden Tenno and Nadia Sudek back 😄
  6. Wait for the duviri paradox, my hype for space combat died years ago when arch-wing was still "cool" right now im more interested in the lore, the weird robotic inhabitants of the void plains, and the adult operator, the sariman, the void horse, now thats content im hyped for.
  7. remember the infested chair and the bed in the infirmary? yeah, those are forgotten too...i think in a recent devstream when they asked about the chair, they admitted they forgot about it XD, so yeah, DE staff is just doing stuff on the fly, if they forget something then expect them to remember possible YEARS after XD
  8. i would be nice if they finally decide on keeping the graphics intact for once instead of keep adding unnecessary post processing effect that only break the game's graphics, forcing them to also update all of the game's materials/maps
  9. cant we just have a bunch of exemplary tenno as the whole faction leaders? vote for me as tenno minister and i will give better kuva rates, fight against riven mafia and better prices for cosmetics on the market
  10. ill vote for that after i get to see empyrean and duviri paradox
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