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  1. Rydian

    How to link a PS4 Account to PC?

    There is no way to transfer progress from the PS4 to the PC, Sony does not allow it. In chat, you can type "/w username Hello" without the quotes to open a PM with "username" saying hello or whatever. Could also add them to your friendslist and PM them from there when they're on.
  2. Rydian

    I have an Issue with Baro's loot

    I mean he also comes with weapons (with a special skin and different stats) and stuff that can only come from him or trading with people who got them from him.
  3. Rydian

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    Another difference I didn't think of immediately is that MR is something people can get out of the way ahead of time. When you hit MR8, for example, you immediately unlock access to all items needing MR8. You don't need to do a separate time-gated process each time a new MR8 item comes out.
  4. Rydian

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    The timer on MR tests is a progression blocker, yes. People have asked for it to be removed for years, but DE's not budging. EDIT: Garuda's MR0 anyways.
  5. Rydian

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    Actually, yes. Daily limits. There's a daily cap on the amount of standing you can gain with Solaris United, so players have a daily limit on how much closer to that goal they can get each day. Marquis Thyst is used for Garuda and other things, refinement needs Cove rank, which is 141,000 standing minimum, and that's assuming that players picked the "right" rank-up rewards and totally ignore the kitgun, moa, and fishing blueprints/tools (which would cost standing out of that). Contrast this with mastery points, mission completions, and resource drops, which do not have a daily limit on how many you can unlock/obtain, so players can keep playing and keep building up however much they need.
  6. Rydian

    Uranus exterminate sorties need fixing

    I reported it two years ago. And then I pointed out the bug report to them in multiple feedback/update threads. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/715561-please-improve-the-uranus-tileset/?do=findComment&comment=7999127 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/626005-hotfix-1861-18611/?do=findComment&comment=7016259 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/628628-hotfix-1862/?do=findComment&comment=7041960 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/629210-hotfix-1863/?do=findComment&comment=7047333 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/632293-update-1870/?do=findComment&comment=7078407 And then I gave up trying to get them to fix stuff like this.
  7. Rydian


    Try the survival, I got G3 5 minutes there twice in a row (only needed 2 at that point).
  8. Rydian

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Could chances/possibilities for syndicate relic packs be added to the output?
  9. Okay. Updated through The Sacrifice so far.
  10. This is not what we were told was going to happen, and this does not address most of what keeps Focus slow (the huge point costs, slow gains, and points from a piece of gear being locked to a single school unless we waste lenses to change). Because somebody realized that if we didn't have to farm as many different types of lenses, we'd have to farm less overall, and that's not allowed right? Gotta' make sure we get drops we don't want (undesired lenses) so that we have to run more missions total right? If you were only working on one school, then it's 100% of what it used to be, which is no improvement. Increasing capacity for a school is like ranking up a weapon. It adds no abilities, improves no stats, and removes no downsides. The actual improvements come from activating and ranking up nodes (akin to adding in mods on a weapon). If I'm reading this correctly, that will still only be done with points stuck into the various schools. Focus is still going to be slow for the average player, people are still going to be very picky about what they put points into, and people who focused on one school for 1.0 still can't move themselves into another school using the point refunds if they're still going to be locked. If the 1,000,000 focus cost to unbind (which does not actually improve the ability's stats) still exists, then that's a bit misleading. 1,012,500 -> 638,878 sounds good (36% less), but for bound nodes it's actually 2,012,500 -> 1,638,878 which is just 18% less... on top of the fact that people only focusing on one school to start with have no improvement from the pool changes. There's so much wrong with this that I don't even know where to begin. Using Zenurik as an example, getting the full benefits of Energy Pulse and Energizing Dash costs 17 points together. If I also wanted Mind Step (and thus Affinity Spike) from Naramon as a passive, that's 24 points in Zenurik, and 8 points in Naramon, totaling (163,659 + 13,503) = 177,162 affinity in both schools total for the pool cost. However, if the pool was shared, the 32 capacity (24+8) cost 303,074 points, 71% more! 10 points in two different schools = 47,178 (23,589 * 2) 20 points in one single school = 110,622 (110,622 * 1) 30 points in two different schools = 527,904 (263,952 * 2) 60 points in one single school = 1,169,689 (1,169,689 * 1) What if I wanted things from four focus schools? 20 points in 4 different schools = 442,488 (110,622 *4) 80 points in one single school = 2,178,147 (2,178,147 *1) So it's actually a lot more expensive to have a single shared pool! ... right? This seems like a huge oversight, am I just really derping on my math or reading skills or something? (Somebody please tell me if I am!) Anyways let's look at the actual list of changes that the thread says are coming. + 36% less point cost on normal nodes, 18% less on waybound nodes. +/- Points respecced, lenses not. - Pool costs will be much more expensive overall. - Cap unchanged (despite what we were told earlier). - Convergence unchanged (still going to be annoying to chase down). This is more like Focus 2.1 than Focus 2.5, and you're going to need 2.2 to fix 2.1.
  11. Rydian

    The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited

    - Sortie Reward Changes The 2K Endo shouldn't be in there, it's a consolation prize at best (meaning you failed to get something special because RNG decided it). Farming dark sector missions for relics already requires less from a player (gear, experience, mods) than sorties, and can grant more than 2K Endo in less time (though time is RNG on both sides). I stress the fact that it can be done with less gear and experience. Sorties are intended to be "endgame" missions that require players to be experienced and loaded out (weapon restrictions and stuff), they should not be giving prizes that feel like credit caches in survival we could get elsewhere. I don't believe Forma should be there, even though it's built. I can see a need for Forma blueprint alerts and such to give everybody a chance at them, but by the time a player is farming Sorties they're doing it for rewards that they can't get elsewhere. Forma is not in that category. Nitain I'm iffy on. I can appreciate more sources and I personally know some people who scrape up every one they can get when they're on, but this is a resource we can get elsewhere which gets in the way of a unique prize (seeing a theme here)? Nitain already has a (supposed) source in sabotage caches, the drop rate there should be increased to actually be a viable source for when somebody needs one or two. Exilus Adapter Blueprint, I feel it should be a built one instead of a blueprint. Unlike Forma, this is something without commonly-appearing sources, and most sources of it are in blueprint form (which needs 2 built Forma in addition to other materials). It'd feel a lot more like an actual prize if this one it was already built (since other sources are blueprints), saving us the Forma/time.
  12. Rydian

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    No wonder your profile picture is a Corpus, gotta' get that greed going. Just to be clear, you are aware that you didn't lose any keys and you have the same total number as before the update, right?
  13. Rydian

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Correct. I'm taking issue with the people saying they lost something and that being given more is insulting. Compensation... for logging on at a specific time and not losing anything? I'd gain 100 relics out of that. I just counted, it'd take 100 more to match for me. I think that's just out of the question. That's just way too much for many players for no effort on their part. I'm in the affected group too. I'm waiting to see if they reroll the distribution or whatever is deemed fair (rerolls look the best, I'm sure we agree), but it's not like the relics were 1:1 conversions in the first place for T1-T3 because there's more relic types than the old-style mission keys. T4 is the only one where the keys number the same as relic varieties, but the drop tables all changed anyways so things aren't 1:1 there either. It'd be much less effort for them to just reroll the keys on our accounts.
  14. Rydian

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    For farming traces I guess, though they could just do it with a tier-1 key for the same traces right? As far as the second one, I guess that's along the issue of old key shares, being able to see what players have on them would be nice.