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  1. Tried with Tombfinger, Boltor, Vaykor Marelok, and Ferrox. Didn't trigger for any of them when relying on Hushed Invisibility. I then added Suppress to Vaykor Marelok. Didn't trigger stealth bonuses whether I had gone invisible or not. Then I tried Hush on a Vectis Prime with no multishot. Same deal, would not trigger stealth bonuses whether I had gone invisible or not. So I tried the silenced Vectis Prime without the Hushed Invisibility mod installed. Did not trigger the buff. So I next tried both silenced Vectis Prime and silenced Vaykor Marelok on Saryn. Did not trigger the buff. I did a melee stealth kill in the same missions as the last text and that did trigger the buff. So I guess stealth kills with guns are broken right now.
  2. No, I just covered that. There is often game content that has not released yet because it requires something in the mainline update that's not out yet. That's where people started making the association I guess. As I just stated, "mainline" does not mean "content", it is a technical term for their engine/branch/build state.
  3. Mainline is more of a technical term than a design/content term. It means something along the lines of their latest engine branch (usually for content that needs that engine update to work), so it's likely to have a lot of tweaks and fixes/changes to existing parts of the game too. (There is more coming than what was in the post, the post is just a teaser.)
  4. All of their attacks can hit now if the player is contacting them, but it seems their chosen melee engagement distance is further than their weapons actually reach. The dude just stays here in an infinite loop trying this. Since this is the attempted engagement range for the enemy, if I move closer and get hit he will actually back away to this range again, I guess he thinks it's the right range to hit me from.
  5. For some reason the ESRB has Waframe listed twice with the same info, differing in the mention of user interaction. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=33895 (not rated) http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=10000951 (mentioned) The first ID follows the format of current games (with a really recent game being ID 35640 for example), but the second ID doesn't seem to match the format of other games I checked out. That's the very first actionable offense listed in the chat moderator guidelines. And people certainly do get removed from chat for doing it (when they're caught). Some troublesome mods have been removed, the guidelines were redone and are publicly available on the website now, and DE hired professional moderators to help during off-hours. That sounds like multiple changes to me. If you still have concerns, there's some things you could do depending on what the concern is. If the concern is about a policy or the rules, you could post feedback in the forums or send it to the community inbox. If you think certain rules need re-wording or changing, if you think that some involved groups aren't working together in the way they should to solve problems, etc. Of course it'd be best if you actually gave constructive feedback by outlining what the problem is and what change is needed to solve it. If the concern is about a specific person or incident, please gather evidence or enough detailed information for support to find the incident in the server logs (like usernames and dates), and submit a support ticket to report the individual to get them taken care of.
  6. Warframe is rated "M" by the ESRB for (and I quote) "Violence, Blood and Gore". It is NOT rated to contain other things that would separately result in an M rating. M is a level, not a category. Also, the ESRB covers game content, it does not cover online interactions with other players. Feel free to check the ESRB site for details, as they record the ratings and such for games. The word "trap" by itself should not result in any action. Using it to describe an entity in a gender-related way does earn some action. If you used it in a different way and the bot got triggered anyways, send a support ticket. The word "owo" by itself is removed as spam if it's the only thing in the message, because people will spam it until actual conversation is not possible (people trying to actually chat get scrolled off the screen). Using "owo" in a sentence where you're actually chatting is fine. I can see why the bot wouldn't like that one word in the name, but the bot should only act if it's used in a similar context. Definitely send a support ticket if it still happens nowadays by simply mentioning the name. Then it matches the way many MMOs treat public chat channels. Almost every MMO out there has some form of chat mute or restriction system, even if they rarely if ever use it. For example I had no idea Mabinogi had a chat mute system (implemented as a status effect on the character) for the first few years I played it, until I saw somebody get muted at a GM/staff event in-game. In comparison Runescape players earn mutes every so often, and on the far side of things there's entire levels and mechanics for mutes and chat punishment systems for League of Legends.
  7. The launcher used to refuse to launch if it found certain programs were already open. It would give a text warning telling you to close them first. (It doesn't appear to be doing that for me right now though, and there was no warning given once in-game either.) So that warning could be re-added and one in the client added as well maybe Idunno'.
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