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  1. Fought him a day ago in non-SP missions and Sharpened Claws still worked.
  2. Okay I just tried this in 15.6.4 and the shot fired, I heard it hit flesh, but he spawned in with full health. So it looks like this has been fixed?
  3. Yup, did the same thing I did a few months ago and it took him out immediately.
  4. Just tried it again and it's still working in 15.5.5.
  5. Ammo pools being linked is on purpose. Ammo totals is not, but DE says they're leaving it for now since it's an effective nerf on launchers. Here's hoping they do something about it soon.
  6. When fully-charged, that is. In my opinion the charge time is too slow (it's the slowest charge time in the game). It takes double the charge time of every other charge weapon other than the Lanka/Ogris, which are both halfway between bows and the Miter. I've found the Miter's power to be good enough and it's fun to use, it just takes too much time to charge.
  7. ... dot dot dot ellipses (Dunno' if you're being sarcastic or not.)
  8. Holy crap, DE's finally back to reading the PC bug/feedback section? Thank god, maybe this U14 bug will be fixed for good. - Failing a mission tends to make them stop appearing, but it's not 100%. It may depend on if your failure and exit makes you leave the party or not. - Getting kicked out of a mission via failed host migration seems to do it every time. - Failing to load into a mission in the first place makes alerts not show up too. - Previously exiting the Dojo would present you with no alerts, but that seems to have been fixed sometime in the past two weeks. This migh
  9. Relog and see if it's there. If not, open a support ticket. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  10. Most active abilities/buffs are removed if you fall and get warped back.
  11. You do need to have that mission available for the alert to show up for you. Taxiing no longer unlocks missions. You don't need to have all the levels unlocked for a planet to get any alerts on it though. That's for extractors and nightmare, not alerts.
  12. No, it does not make you invincible anymore. There should not be any mod combo that makes you invincible, so they fixed it.
  13. Kubrows start losing health before they fully mature. Sucks, but hey, Kubrows have many other problems that need to be fixed too, so it's not surprising. If you don't have the collar, then run howl of the kubrow again and beat the solo defense mission. This is a step you have to do manually for some reason by selecting the quest again.
  14. Reply #1 said it's automatic from the quest line. Reply #2 said "Things in your inbox are added immediately upon viewing so even if you did need something you'll be fine". Reply #3 said "you don't need anything else" So cut the attitude. They answered you. It's not attached to the e-mail, it's from the quest itself. The email is just lore, flavor text.
  15. Nah don't worry about it, was just tossing hints and stuff.
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