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  1. That's not how this game works. There are already multiple builds and all of them have their own saves and servers. For example when the devs stream they are most often on a dev build with new things that don't exist in the other builds, and are unable to play with the normal player base as a result of the version mismatch and separate servers/saves. After all if they were using a new piece of equipment and joined a player who did not have that equipment in their version of the game, there'd be a lot of technical issues. EDIT: Not to mention that there's things other than new items/frames, like the gas city mission replacements, engine updates, networking changes, and other things that would make it impossible for people on different builds to play. A lot of other games don't update their engine piecemeal as they go along, but Warframe does.
  2. The time frame may be smaller than consoles due to the lack of requirement to get a build certified and other red tape, but... there would still be two builds, one with newer things than another, with separate saves, and players using one unable to play with others using another.
  3. Rapid development and feedback are part of why Warframe has been able to add and tweak so much content through the years. If you want to play on a more stable, older version, there's always the console builds. If PC did get a cutting edge and stable build split, players on one wouldn't be able to play with players on another so you might as well go console in that case.
  4. It can rarely drop from some caches. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nitain_Extract But it's like 0.67% to 2% depending on the location.
  5. 24.6.0? They edited the post 4 days later to note the actual level cap in public runs.
  6. One of the stated reasons was to try to prevent hosts from leaving. That causes host migrations and all the problems that come with that, which I would rather not deal with as a player. As somebody who's done some arbitrations, hosts leaving when they die was the worst part.
  7. For some reason the ESRB has Waframe listed twice with the same info, differing in the mention of user interaction. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=33895 (not rated) http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=10000951 (mentioned) The first ID follows the format of current games (with a really recent game being ID 35640 for example), but the second ID doesn't seem to match the format of other games I checked out. That's the very first actionable offense listed in the chat moderator guidelines. And people certainly do get removed from chat for doing it (when they're caught). Some troublesome mods have been removed, the guidelines were redone and are publicly available on the website now, and DE hired professional moderators to help during off-hours. That sounds like multiple changes to me. If you still have concerns, there's some things you could do depending on what the concern is. If the concern is about a policy or the rules, you could post feedback in the forums or send it to the community inbox. If you think certain rules need re-wording or changing, if you think that some involved groups aren't working together in the way they should to solve problems, etc. Of course it'd be best if you actually gave constructive feedback by outlining what the problem is and what change is needed to solve it. If the concern is about a specific person or incident, please gather evidence or enough detailed information for support to find the incident in the server logs (like usernames and dates), and submit a support ticket to report the individual to get them taken care of.
  8. Warframe is rated "M" by the ESRB for (and I quote) "Violence, Blood and Gore". It is NOT rated to contain other things that would separately result in an M rating. M is a level, not a category. Also, the ESRB covers game content, it does not cover online interactions with other players. Feel free to check the ESRB site for details, as they record the ratings and such for games. The word "trap" by itself should not result in any action. Using it to describe an entity in a gender-related way does earn some action. If you used it in a different way and the bot got triggered anyways, send a support ticket. The word "owo" by itself is removed as spam if it's the only thing in the message, because people will spam it until actual conversation is not possible (people trying to actually chat get scrolled off the screen). Using "owo" in a sentence where you're actually chatting is fine. I can see why the bot wouldn't like that one word in the name, but the bot should only act if it's used in a similar context. Definitely send a support ticket if it still happens nowadays by simply mentioning the name. Then it matches the way many MMOs treat public chat channels. Almost every MMO out there has some form of chat mute or restriction system, even if they rarely if ever use it. For example I had no idea Mabinogi had a chat mute system (implemented as a status effect on the character) for the first few years I played it, until I saw somebody get muted at a GM/staff event in-game. In comparison Runescape players earn mutes every so often, and on the far side of things there's entire levels and mechanics for mutes and chat punishment systems for League of Legends.
  9. The launcher used to refuse to launch if it found certain programs were already open. It would give a text warning telling you to close them first. (It doesn't appear to be doing that for me right now though, and there was no warning given once in-game either.) So that warning could be re-added and one in the client added as well maybe Idunno'.
  10. The problem is that DE rarely gears things for new to mid level players nowadays. They've been gearing things for what the high-end players are suited to handle, and hoping the base scaling is still weak enough for newbies to handle. As an example of the differences that we can actually quantify in a post, look at Fortuna (being some recent big content). It's situated on Venus, a planet with enemy levels that are 3-10 depending on the mission. Venus is likely the second area new players will access, as it has the easier junction from Earth (since it only needs the tutorial done and some modding, opposed to another quest like the Mars junction needs). Common crewmen that show up on Venus at levels 3-10 will have the following base stats. This gives them about 218-374 effective HP according to the wiki's calculator. This is something that I think is reasonable for new players to fight at the level they encounter it. However if we look at Fortuna's enemies, the weakest type available range from levels 5-15 and are actually a buffed variety. This gives them about 348-888 effective HP at the levels they're encountered at, which is definitely more than new players face elsewhere. Is it insurmountable? Of course not, players can grind elsewhere and then return for what Fortuna has to offer with no problem. However it is definitely more than what many new players are able to handle at the point they first reach it. Of course, note that when Fortuna was released, it was much worse and DE had to patch it to nerf the enemies... multiple times! 24.0.4: "Orb Vallis mission and Vox Solaris quest data showed that certain Terra enemy types were not on par with other Corpus enemies, causing an unintentional difficulty spike, especially noticed with lower level players." 24.2: "Venus Shield Ospreys the spawn Nullifier bubbles only spawn if the Orb Vallis Alert level is 3+ and if the enemy level is 20+." So once again more dangerous enemies were having too much of an effect in lower level area. (Some other changes were made as well.) And after those nerfs, we still end up with enemies stronger than the area they're at... but at least they're approached for players who reach them now. My point was we have such low drop chances in part because we can do stuff so fast to begin with. When DE plays along and lets us go faster and kill harder, things change to account for that.
  11. 1 - DE has not had their head in the sand. They have made announcements and changes to the program recently. The second video you linked is from last year. The first one, despite being newer, is talking about older situations. At least one of the people discussed in the first video is not a mod anymore, even before the video was made. If you'd like to learn more, you can check the volunteers/programs dropdown on the main site to see the updated regulations/guidelines for moderators, and you can find the news announcements if you actually care enough to read about it. 3 - Power creep is becoming an issue with the game. When we kill too fast, drop rates are lowered to compensate. When we do too much damage, enemies are beefed up to compensate. This leads to <1% drop rates and bosses with tank like The Wolf, and I don't find those things fun. I really wish it was fixed, so I guess that's a personal opinion thing on if you're okay with it or not. 6 - I don't understand what you're talking about here. There's way too much missing, even given the screenshot, to tell what's going on. Could you clarify the situation?
  12. If you set your computer type to laptop in the game settings, you'll be in a lower priority for host selection at least. Also there are geographical regions that players can set themselves to in the settingsthat will affect matchmaking (and which chat channel instances they get into).
  13. Try the survival, I got G3 5 minutes there twice in a row (only needed 2 at that point).
  14. Could chances/possibilities for syndicate relic packs be added to the output?
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