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  1. There is an eidolon themed frame, Revenant, Nidus the infested one, Vauban the tech and engineer, Limbo the void mage etc. A lot of frame designs lend some from the current factions and I suppose when the duviri going to live then we will get time manipulator or dimensional frame aswell.
  2. Not only because represent my favorite frame but in real life I'll do a lot to keep my body fit 🙂
  3. Nice explanation. I still have sometimes a problem with screen freezes (background sounds and gameplay continues). I played the game always at 1920*1080 and on native. I have had only problems after the U25 shipped never before.
  4. I have the same issue it started for me after this update. Yesterday tried to play a long survival and around the 30-37 min timeline the screen froze and I could not do nothing. I tried to log out and log on from my user on pc but after logging into the game all my progress lost. I played solo. Tried second time with a group and it seems I can join after a screen freeze if the team still playing but then I lose the xp. Basically you cannot progress because anytime can freeze. I have win10 with a 3.2ghz 8core, 24g ram, and a Amd Radeon Rx550X card.
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