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  1. (PS4)aiptekfanboy


    Awwww please point on the doll where the rivend arca plasmor touched your saryn .
  2. (PS4)aiptekfanboy


    Good job. Watching tv show altered carbon till ps4 warframe fortuna is ready.
  3. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Explosive weapon suicide fix

    k barry allen....lol. The subject is at present explosive weapons are not worth using. i.e. angstrum, kulstar, stug, prisma angstrum, et all phone rings aaand tenno dies and dies again whilst tenno responds to phone call and tries to distractedly play. Versus ease of use supra vandal 300 shots, amprex, quanta, boltor, soma, et all phone rings and hold down fire button on controller as tenno responds to phone call. Thats why the avoidance of explosive weapons as the hassle is not worth the weapon slot. The acknowledgement from DE that theres a problem is a starting step however a rework is needed and not a bandaid mod. Plus arbitrations are fun as every so often I see a lenz user that gets DRT status in less than five minutes. That goes double when its a user that sends me pms to only later see that same tenno with DRT status so screenshot and my return pm asking about it....lol. And no not going to name and shame...lol. Oh DRT is milspeak for Dead Right There.
  4. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Explosive weapon suicide fix

    I main underused mag so like i said tired of underperforming explosive weapons with no minimum safe arming distance thus i deleted them all. I am just waiting till de looks at server usage numbers of explosive weapons so we get a real fix to underused weapon category. Plus i now have over 9 extra weapon slots from deleted explosive weapons so its a win win for me for free extra weapon slots and no more explosive weapon suicides.
  5. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Explosive weapon suicide fix

    So the kubrows kavats play tag with explosive weapon rounds is weapon user fault? Troll squadmate jumps in front of explosive weapon rounds is weapon user fault ? Laag is explosive weapon user fault ? Perfect fix is delete.
  6. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Explosive weapon suicide fix

    Server usage numbers of explosive weapon usage leading to a bandaid mod.
  7. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Explosive weapon suicide fix

    I still suicide from self damage explosive weapon with cautios shot as 90 percent reduction still is not sufficient . And forum try hards saying git gud instead of recognition that explosive weapon suicide is a problem . Thus. Penta? Delete Ogris? Delete Tonkor? Delete Angstrum, lenz, stug, kulstar, zarr, prisma angstrum, secura penta, etc all Deleted. I got back ten open weapon slots , no more explosive weapon suicide and its an instant fix to an out dated and underperfoming class of weapons. You listening DE?
  8. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Cautious Shot is absolutely terrible, please buff it

    I rather just they either buff to 100 percent or eliminate self damage
  9. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Zenurik Energizing Dash - Fixing the Easy Energy and Ability Spam

    This will be my last post on this subject in this thread. For those playing easy Mercury its damage frames but for folks like me that like loooong kuva survival farming missions there is only cc. Once into levels 160 or higher you do close to zero damage either with warframes ability or weapons thus the only viability is crowd control abilities and with energy limiting like you want you are destroying the type of game that i and others like.
  10. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Zenurik Energizing Dash - Fixing the Easy Energy and Ability Spam

    Seriously wheres the down vote button? What part did you miss on the boredom of getting focus points ? Seriously you want no abilitys being used Except once in a great while? Theres a game where its no ability used and just shooting. Call of Duty aka boredom . So with all due respect but no thanks !
  11. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Zenurik Energizing Dash - Fixing the Easy Energy and Ability Spam

    No. It cost a lot of focus points to max energy dash. It cost a lot of focus points to max anything in any focus school. A energy syphon aura is better than a basic energy dash. Basic energy dash is what 1 energy per second for 30 seconds lol. Syndicate suda weapons give energy so your ''proposal'' is lol And you want cc? Please ! Sigh max range most frames rhino stomp banshee quake mirage prism blind frost avalanche etectera etectera etectera for cc
  12. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Please can we have these available at low cost i.e. from baro? Also can we get an extra exilus slot on our warframes for those that want to use these mods? Thanks. Any chance we can get this PECULIAR effect? All enemies turn into MICE! Peculiar effect your shot bullets or shot arrows turn into cats that chase and kill the enemies turned into mice. Warning peculiar mod has a chance of turning enemies into chickens. Peculiar mod has a chance of makeing enemy heads grow much larger and enemies fall down and are unable to move. Peculiar effects may last 30 seconds. Peculiar effect enemies start to inflate and after max inflation will explode like ballons. Peculiar effect bad day rain cloud manifiests with a huge black thundercloud right after grineer say haterz wetsum (i hate getting wet) and after a few seconds of pouring rain an electrical thunderbolt hits grineer and we see grineer lit up with skeleton showing and you guessed it dead grineer.
  13. 200 kuva? Please try a better reward.
  14. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.1 (+ Zephyr Prime!)

    Seems this broke in the latest ps4 update......arcane awakening refuses to trigger with akstlitto prime...tried despair and a single arcane awakening and it works but,but changed back to akstilleto prime and nothing....sigh...upgraded arcane awakening to 10 arcanes and nothing...no work....argh ....spent plat and got 10 more arcane awakening....tried with twenty arcane awakening installed on my warframes and akstilletto prime in along survival and nothing, nada, despite only haveing pistols equipped and still notworking.
  15. Great and well done but my question is have dedicated servers been implemented with this release? Is it time for me to return to playing Warframe? I quit playing warframe months before due to the P2P lag needing dedicated servers. Thank you.