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  1. about the powerlvling back then on Draco Ceres, i think youre right, they could have banned us all because it was a game mechanic that wasnt meant to be used that way and if you think of the EULA they clearly could have handled it that way which is crazy when you think about it and back then people used this so much several times a day for months until it got patched and now they are pushing out bans after 3 days ... About the Q&A issue i have nice quote about this "Next, we have teams of QA that are much better at their job than anyone else looking for bugs. We do not need, we do not want, and we do not allow you to use bug testing as an excuse for anything as it is not your job. If it's again the Terms of Service, don't do it." this came from Support and since then i realised how f ed up DE sometimes handles their business everytime i see this quote i smile and cry at the same time because its so crazy to deny help from the community but it hurts to much at the same time that this game and community which is/was so great gets destroyed by their policy i really understand your point about the "stockholm syndrom" because i keep playing the game hoping for DE doing better from time to time but looking at the direction from when i started playing 2014 to now close to 2019 they often dont care that much about their old veteran fans and community and push out more casual content which is just boring for us to play i really hope they do better in the future for me the Arbitration were so close when they would give sth like kuva and if the scaling wouldnt be slower than a normal mission. Kuva Surv too why no scaling in an endless missions not even a tiny bit why creating endless missions when the maximum efficient amount is 20min ...
  2. the limiting factor is usually forma not the time you spend lvling the weapons and when you go lvling you usually go to boring Hydron or ESO anyway where it takes only 5 min to lvl a weapon from 0-30 so the difference in time is not really there considering you spend forma on khorra and invest more time to get her to lvl 5 every time that means when lvling you wont play "DUNGEONS" anyway if anything you will play this kind of stuff afterwards when youre done lvling so it doesnt stop you from playing the content it makes you play the real conten faster, unless you consider lvling weapons as content but if you do ... i cant help you anymore
  3. to the unearned leg up i think its kinda earned when you consider that somebody just used his brain to find it out and he had to spend forma every time but yeah my opinion its way much more earned then leeching in ESO or Hydron dont you think?
  4. they even said it in a interview so say what you want im 100% sure i know more about the warframe history then you because i was there and you dont
  5. very kudo when they instantly ban anyone who used it even the partner itself and afterwards they say they will check their history ^^ in addition to that the youtuber himself did videos way before he was a partner and did stuff like this every week they probably should know he could publish a bug again to get some clicks and i dont blame him if you see how little they get for working for DE
  6. and ? you mean its okay because thats how the game works and those people use those mechanics to leech ? i think its better for DE and us as a community if you let them lvl their S#&$ up fast per khora exploit and we can have a good time again in eso and stuff without those leechers because this exploit was not bad for the community or economy of the game or DE but afk leeching is
  7. yes they know but no they shouldnt
  8. its just a smart way of using a game mechanic (earning exp for every ability used) because he actually used his brain i know what a shame i think those kind of experiments are a main part of the game and they actually help the game growing because otherwise DE wouldnt find those in years so this exploit had such a little impact on the game itself and has the positive thing about it, that they can fix it now and thats how exploit fixing and finding worked for years someone found one published it and it got fixed after 2 days or so and noone got banned for it
  9. and ? you dont get a million per minute with the khorra thing too especially considering the forma you need to spend and the time to lvl up khora every time
  10. hm how am i different than you in this way just bending the words to fit the case while trying to "be right"
  11. you still didnt understand the fact, that i didnt use the exploit because i already had lvled everything ?
  12. nope they didnt thought of it, many many things in the game were not intentionaly because its hard to think of all the items that could synergize with new incoming stuff
  13. because i did this several times and it didnt work
  14. who cares ? its not about the definition of exploit its about the policy DE has/had when treating those
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