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  1. Maybe I need to mention obvious things - Yes, I do shoot the target.
  2. For some reason Nekros Shadows doesn't heal from Well of Life BUT Garudas' Blood Altar does heal them. Description of both abilities are the same but functionality differ. So either well of life bugged or blood altar buuged (pls no). EDIT: Yes, shooting WoL target doesn't affect shadows at all.
  3. When you spawn Nekros Shadows they are counted as enemies thus you are losing secured level.
  4. When you are killing this mech boii he drops loot and green bag is falling through the ground. In the previous patch it was mentioned that this particular drop was only for one player when in fact it was falling through the ground and the player who was in the mech had more chances to grab it. Well the green loot is mech part. Just to be clear, you have to be close to the Necramechs' body to have a chance to catch the loot. Itzal used to help with this since it's vacuum loot for everybody. But now you can't do anything. Pure luck.
  5. Arcanes such as "Pax Bolt" and "Pax Seeker" do not work on primary gaze kitgun. For reference I'm using Brash grip and Splat loader with riven.
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