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  1. Yeah, same for me. At this point they are broken. If I'm doing daily SP missions and waiting for the accolyte to appear it feels like it happens at random. The absolute record for me was t~8:40 mark for him to appear. Disgusting...
  2. Banser

    Icon and UI Text Sway

    Forgot to mention that I have custom HUD margins too.
  3. All icons (like crewship indication), UI text (like bleed out state) and artillery laser tray (can be seen in railjack being as a host using client to shoot smt) doesn't show the exact location. I'm using windowed mode, custom Zephyr UI, custom HUD colors and resolution (1144x874). It's very confusing to play like this.
  4. Wait till someone express an opinion via a twitter. Maybe after that developers consider to add an option to remove it. That's an interesting thought. Can you elaborate on this?
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