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  1. 200 and something Harrow BPs
  2. I mean the video explain better than my words. Harrow Ability 2 (penance) plus Askstilleto Prime fire rate & elemental damage blast almost enemies. Trying to figure out if someone has a different combination (warframe + weapon) that combines and give similar or better results (fire rate and damage)? The first time I tested this, jesus, U can't imagine my face O_o
  3. Glaive ideas - Mark your targets, and more!

    Personally I love the Glaive as it is. A simple thrown weapon, point & thrown or a melee. With the new plains and new weapons I don't think DE would be spending time changing an existing weapon when they have the new system to develope/fix. The only thing that I think they changed and personally I don't like is the Thrown while you jump (or maybe I am missing something). Previously I tried and loved that feature, now if you jump and press "E" the melee it is not working as before (jump, point and throw, love the difficulty).
  4. My account has 3 years, my MR is 14, spent 1 year without login in and in fact MR does not bother me.
  5. Estive a ver a falta que faz uma skin deluxe .Quiçá fica (mais uma) sugestão nesse sentido. Eu falei no alcance e apostei nisso porque deu-me jeito poder apanhar-los mesmo quando estão lá ao fundo do corredor, ou a vir em multidão pelo campo fora Reparei na temática acima sobre se é end game ou não. Isso não me importa nem tenho essa visão dos diferentes warframes. Cada tem é a sua estratégia. Lamento que o tema tenha estrapolado
  6. Ok, andei as turras com isto. Pesca e mineração. Para começar a pesca temos de ir a Cetus (procurar no mini mapa icone peixe) comprar ao comerciante uma cana Lanzo Fishing Spear (precisas pontos de reputação indo um par de vezes ao openspace, duas ou três missões acho que é o suficiente). Quando a tiveres só acoplar no gear e usar. (pesca é questão de jeito, quando apanhas o jeito é aos 50 70 peixes). Os peixes depois é só voltar ao vendedor e ou vender por pontos de reputação ou "filetar peixe" (eu diria melhor preparar) o resultado é ao mesmo tempo que fileta extrai recursos (foto abaixo). O mesmo se aplica a mineração. Vais a Cetus tem no mini mapa icone picareta. Vais lá e compras ao comerciante um minerador nosam. Acoplas ao gear e é só usar. nota: para encontrar de forma mais fácil os pontos nas rochas, só acoplar e andar pelo mapa, o minerador faz um som caracteristico quando estás perto e facilita muito. Para farmar ambos sugiro equipa combinada, ou em modo single. É ficar até enjoar.... sugiro irem de Ivara ou Loki Muita gente está a procura de Fish Oil para o Archwing, é com o peixe filetado os demais recursos é no openspace completando as missões no mapa e apanhando drops.
  7. Logic and beyond? Fish oil

    Ok that was it. I found quiet tricky the translation into my language (portuguese from portugal), the menu say "filetar peixe" (portuguese from Brazil),means slice fish (diretly). I would get that easier if it was something like (prepare fish) or "extract resources". Because now I see that I have tons of different resources and fish slices wasn't that clear (I slice fish to eat, I guess) :) thnks!!
  8. Logic and beyond? Fish oil

    Hi there, Since the openspace it's quiet huge. I´ve spent the last entire night fishing, about 70 to get the annoying Fish oil, 70 fish and no a single one drop of oil. Between the night fishing I've read the Entire INTERNET and not a single TIP how the hek we acquire the oil, just to build 50 Archwing drops. I've tried to sell on Cetus, searched all the market and not a single CLUE. ps: neither understand the logic of Fish oil to use archwing. Why not more logic "steal Grineer squad fuel", NO. ps: My last try on the codex there was nothing about the 500 new things.
  9. Playing with a mouse and keyboard

    It's quite easy. Default binds are quite good. asdw + space + shift + control .... abilities 1+2+3+4 Tenno "5" So used to play with keyboard and mouse that I can't imagine myself playing with a gamepad.
  10. Opinion about Reaper Prime (build it or not)

    Gold, thanks!!!! loved the Reaping Spiral, looks like the coolest stance for this Reaper. I'll try it for sure!!. Cheers!!!
  11. Opinion about Reaper Prime (build it or not)

    I'm going to give a try. But I really hope there's alternative to this kinda of stance ie: that I use on Dual Kamas Prime "Crossing Snakes" - I don't feel as an efficient stance for this Melee, it "only" cause damage in front of the warframe and not that good controlling a crowd (at least as much as Othos prime), in my experience.
  12. Hi there. Since very long time no see the Reaper prime. Finally and by accident (I mean opened vaulted relics) and go the SET! But I am very undecided if it is the best to build it and enjoy, or if should I sell it (not sure if worth 150 plats people are asking on the market, probably it will happen same as Scindo prime "free on twitch prime, i guess). if you are going to suggest me to keep the reaper prime., what instance do you suggest ?
  13. launcher keep crashing

    Sorry but i'm not a "dude". Next time no help. Have fun .
  14. farmando Kuva e aplicando roll,
  15. launcher keep crashing

    too generic to have a clue. Try execute client as admin. Also verify cache via client: Run warframe as admin. Click the gear icon in top-right corner of your launcher Click Verify Wait until it finishes Click "Optimize Wait again Should help or if don't, just follow this steps and open a support ticket https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182250-What-information-should-I-give-when-submitting-a-ticket-