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  1. spyvspyaeon

    Ivara stuff?

    yeps, a cool Deluxe skin would be better even for Tennogen. Deluxe mostly change some body aspects, with Tennogen over it, gives more options. Ivara it is my top fav warframe, love the default skin, but love to have some more options. I'll vote up for this. 🙂
  2. spyvspyaeon

    TennoLive Appreciation Thread

    Seriously? My brain melted Tennocon18. What an amazing future. Next level!!! Thank YOU!!! GOD!!!
  3. spyvspyaeon

    The Tennocon relay key is a horrendously executed idea

    massive DDoS?
  4. spyvspyaeon

    TotalN3wb: Gone, but not forgotten

    :( rip. My feelings to his family
  5. spyvspyaeon

    Arcanes from quills

    Oh thank you SIR!!! Finally I got that. I never imagined that I need to highlight that with gold. Yesterday I bought 3 more BP to up that amp. Latter I'll follow your indication. Bless you!!
  6. spyvspyaeon

    Arcanes from quills

    I've tried to find in the AMP but not option available there. Also on the arcanes panel, when I select does not show anything like "install". I'm confused cause I don't know if it is even a "bug". this is what I have http://i.imgur.com/ZghSkwU.png Quiet confusing
  7. spyvspyaeon

    Arcanes from quills

    lol same here. I don't get where the heck I install the AMP arcane. There's no option on the AMP only on the Tenno and logically says "u don't have TENNO arcane". YEAH I know lol tried all google search, wiki, chat and still no clue. Only I see is videos showing how to do it in the previous UI. My case yes, I did forged that arcane it's even listed in the arcane panel
  8. spyvspyaeon

    Question about Virtuos Arcanes

    Sorry my miss explanation. I know where it is. I see the Virtuos Arcane in my inventory, but when I go there on the tenno menu, I see the option to install. But then the warframe popsup a message saying that I don't have any. I am serious confused. Do I need to do something more than craft? I spent the last night farming Nyth stone to craft that, I see the arcane in my arcanes inventory but not sure what's going on.
  9. Whody, I just finished the craft of one of the Virtuos Arcanes, the strike one. But I don't get it. I don't see anyway to install the arcane in my tenno or Amp. Not sure if it is related to the new UI or if I need to do something that I can't find info. I am asking this about UI because I noticed a very minor issue of the Fish tank where players does not have a way to put the fish in the tank lol
  10. spyvspyaeon

    Irrational Limbo Hate

    Let them cry like babies.... I don't understand those haters but I don't understand more futher those who give the that importance. Just let them CRY. This is their problem, not yours. Play and enjoy, or else mute them 😉 .
  11. spyvspyaeon

    Which melee would you recommend?

    I use a melee dat mostly people don't comment about it. Reasons: * The Shaku is fast, so to do crowd control + hability works pretty well for me. * The Shaku has an astonishing animation (DE did an extraordinary work on this). * We can talk a lot about damage, dis is not the top melee weapon (but i love it for the reasons I mentioned above). * I got a Riven mod for this weapon pretty cheap LeL 15 plats, and boosted the melee (it's even faster + more damage + More range). Enough for me since clears the MAP with mobs. For mobs lv 100 and > I use primary weapon and WF hability. here a photo
  12. spyvspyaeon

    UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

    I want IT ALL ! 😀 😀 they looks amazing!!!!
  13. spyvspyaeon

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    😞 RIP.
  14. nice, eu estou online no jogo quase todos os dias depois das 20:00. Mais logo se te encontrar dou-te a ajuda 🙂
  15. spyvspyaeon

    [SPOILERS] Primed Trailers + Sacrifice Theory

    I assume that yes. If you remember the June 2017 trailer. For me the sacrifice it's more about Lotus and the tenno fate.