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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if DE will do an annimation for Wisp. When I am using the Primary and Secundary weapon she floats ( and LOOKS EXTERMELY AMAZING, Wisp is a instant FAV). But when I use a melee the Wisp walks. It's a bit annoying because cuts the mood of an unique Warframe. BTW: I love this WF since looks like I am playing another different game. Seriusly love this frame 😍 Here is the example -
  2. Just did the update, took 8 minutes and did the cache check. All running smooth. Region EU - country Portugal. fyi Just have minor issue, after doing mission and returning to Fortuna, client just crash
  3. Those brainless Grineers - lmao. Ordis is right. haha
  4. Cyan I still find ocasionally but Ambar became rare GOD. 🙄 I'm confused lol
  5. For those with problems to update, Try now. I just got the update now after "N" tries. It's done.
  6. update failed - Getting this message over and over, on PC via steam. What should I do? It's just an update 😕
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