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  1. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    after the update my HUD is not working. It's completely frozen. no minimap, no reagents count, no energy value (frozen too). excavations and this is It, no HUD working
  2. AH!!! @Bombazen nice ver que o skullcrew ainda está up. O vosso clan usa algum voice? tipo discord?
  3. oba já tenho clan, ainda é pequeno. Fazem aliança? cmps Senhor da guerra
  4. [July 11] Connectivity Issues - Investigating

    yup, website loading pretty fast (as before), but it's time to lunch!! :D *grins*
  5. [July 11] Connectivity Issues - Investigating

    it started when the update was downloading, (at same time I was playing and I got my first kick). I restarted to install all, and the issue started in a crazy loop, login seconds latter kick to client login page. Even to login here, I waited (not joking 15 minutes to page to load lol ). ps: I don't have a single problem accessing any USA or any other part of the world, any server or site is working perfectly
  6. [July 11] Connectivity Issues - Investigating

    For some reason I found much more annoying remembering last weekend people complaining on that, (looks like it's affecting Europe people, north and south america are good as far as I know). Now it's affecting me as well (in portugal). Runned a workaround with no success (google dns, opendns, change warframe servers to North america, flushdns etc), nothing changes. and I see on EE.log file lots og HTTP error all others checks are ok, like UPNP ok. This started for me after a Windows 10 update 1 hour ago. Did u received a windows 10 update as well?
  7. Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    This plot blows my mind. Thank you DE!!! "speak speak speak!!" :D
  8. Warframe Account Migration Is Live!

    That is extremely marvelous :)