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  1. The answer is simple. Condition overload has EVERYTHING to do with red critical hits. Let me explain below: These balance changes should be interesting to see.
  2. That floating chestplate.... ugh, that pisses me off when I notice things like that. I'd like a fix for this, as well as some other frames with similar armor positioning issues. Great examples, too.
  3. I'm sorry, someone has to say this. Just because they nerfed the riven does not mean they nerfed the gun. They aren't the same thing. Guns like Rubico Prime and Catchmoon are still very strong by themselves, and I don't think even need a riven to be good. And as for your inquiry, no, the RubicoP itself was not nerfed. However, if you use a riven, it may feel like it was.
  4. Failure? Not late-game, like we're all used to, no. But I've heard that new players find the game pretty challenging and fail more often, until they get all the mods and guns and frames that let them cheese the game.
  5. I've been playing Baruuk for about since he came out, and getting to the point, after a while playing with him, I have determined that I'm ready to give proper feedback on two things that I found were rather detrimental to his 4 ability, Desert wind, in specific. They aren't major problems or anything, but still don't make a lot of sense to me. Gripe 1- Baruuk's winds do not often hit enemies on lower inclines, despite the projectiles clearly hitting them. This has happened to me during gameplay, and it's quite frustrating when it happens. I would normally amount this to a bug, but I'm not sure if it's that or just how his projectiles work: As you can see, the projectiles (The wind from his fists) Are clearly hitting the enemy, but none are actually registering as hits. I don't know why this happens. I'd like to see this changed so Baruuk can actually hit people on inclines, as it seems silly that sometimes he can, and sometimes, he just can't. Short and simple gripe. Gripe 2- Baruuk's Final Sunrise combo is mechanically contradictory. The combo I refer to is the one you invoke with this particular button combo, taken from Warframe wiki: The intended effect is to put enemies into a stasis-like state, so they can be (Presumably) shot out of the air with weapons. Example: My problem with this specific combo comes originates from this part of it: The "Hold" button of the combo. The "Double slap" I call it. There are two problems with this part of the melee action: The attacks move you forward, and, the range of their wind projectiles is extremely low compared to the other attacks, not just in Final Sunrise, but almost all of Baruuk's other combos. For the first problem: The reason why the action shouldn't move you forward is that; if presumably, you're meant to shoot something out of the air after doing this combo, being forcibly moved by your own attacks, getting closer to an enemy you're meant to shoot from a distance, does not at all fit with the CC effect of the combo, unless you were meant to use something akin to a shotgun when performing this action, from my view at least. For the second problem: And the range. If you bother to attack with the double slap from the same range you do the rest of his melee moves, then the two hits will be effectively wasted: As you can see, every time Baruuk performs the slapping motion from the same distance that the first shockwave hit, no damage occurs from the pitiful range of the said wind projectile. Just how close do you need to be in order for the double slap winds to connect? This close. And at this point, there's absolutely no reason to shoot the enemy, when you can just keep hitting them. If this ability is meant to make enemies float, so we can shoot them out of the sky, shouldn't it be the opposite? Shouldn't this be the longest-ranged combo, considering the CC effect, encouraging people to snipe enemies out of the air at a distance? It doesn't make sense to me, especially considering that the double slap is the only part of Final sunrise with this bizarre range restriction. Well, that was a little long, but these are just my gripes with these -specific- parts of Serene Storm. I hope I was at least comprehensive in demonstrating my issues with this section of Baruuk's kit, or at least, it was enjoyable to see me rant. Any thoughts? I know Baruuk is somewhat of a niche, but I'm also wondering if anyone who happens to use him has these same issues. TL;DR: Baruuk's winds don't hit people on lower inclines sometimes, and one of his combos wastes two hits at a range.
  6. Press F to pay respects, quite unfortunate.
  7. Yeah, she was just kind of the dispatch 'mission handler' type for me. The 'mom-and-child' trope wasn't really done well at all. If she dies, then meh.
  8. Realistically? This makes sense. But I don't think I really want the weapon class to change, to be honest.
  9. It was technically an exploit, so this was bound to happen. But so many players dealt with this phase in such a way because it was boring and pointless. I would have appreciated a way to speed things up along with this fix.
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