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  1. I just learned the Bonewidow has a shield bash when you left click with both the Ironbride and Iron Maiden out. Like many things, it appears to be entirely unfinished. https://i.imgur.com/yfOMqDX.mp4 It deals flat unmodifiable damage in a cone with no stun, no visual effects and consumes 25 energy in the process. But if you use it at an extremely close range, it deals high damage. Is this something the devs just forgot about and left in a placeholder state? It doesn't seem like it's working as intended.
  2. Haven't they basically already solved this problem with the Profit-Taker Heist? Basically you have to play through it once in sequence so that things play out thematically. But after that you're allowed to access any step at any point you wish. Would be nice to see that here.
  3. No I disliked Gambit greatly personally. I dislike PvP in general, I play PvE games because they're PvE. Gambit wasn't a "Fluid blend of PvE and PvP" to me, it was a competitive PvE mode where PvP occasionally rears its ugly head and ruins all the fun. The game's attention being split between PvE, PvP and PvEvP is a big reason why I stopped playing Destiny 2. This game doesn't need to shoehorn in PvP elements, it needs to play to its strengths. Warframe is a PvE game and it doesn't need to be anything more.
  4. I didn't realize they were slated for a rework. I would like to see them bumped up. They have the makings for an incredibly fun, but not meta novelty mod. However currently they're just totally useless.
  5. I'd be fine with being able to fight bots. DE should never attempt to focus on PvP, this game doesn't need to juggle two kinds of encounters at once, it should just focus on what it does best - PvE. There's a metric boatload of PvP games out there already.
  6. Unlike Archwing, which was shallow and taken in all the wrong directions at launch (Not to mention way out of DE's league at the time.) and thus died due to player disinterest, Empyrean after its rebalance is a solid experience, as long as you're on board with the concept, it's been done rather well! But rather than dying to disinterest from players, it's dying to disinterest from DE. They've got a solid foundation going ,but they're just prematurely shelved Empyrean in favor of their other projects. Empyrean has literally never received any (permanent) new gameplay additions since launch
  7. I admit, I get irrationally paranoid every time I subsume a Warframe, I have to make doubly sure I'm subsuming the right one. (Even when my normal one is a Prime and would make this error impossible to achieve.)
  8. Rhino, Latron (Later Soma), Angstrum, Jat Kittag. That was what I had as my "main" loadout years back. The Angstrum was new-ish and I just happened to have a couple of argon crystals (Without even knowing where I got them) so I could build it as one of my first crafted weapons. I didn't even know the Soma was a meta weapon at the time, I just saw it locked at MR6 and really wanted it solely because it was a high capacity machine gun.
  9. The Kuva cost needs to go, Liches are really just novelties, so making consumable gear summons cost an notable resource like that makes it not worth making for most, even for me and I personally love summons and AI allies. I'd personally love to be able to summon Liches on command, but I think DE's locked in this mindset that Liches are supposed to be "saviors at your moments of desperation that turn the tide of battle in your favor". Y'know. Instead of just the bloke that comes in and makes a lot noise randomly after you die.
  10. Previous Nightwaves have had new episodes every two weeks and then a few weeks after the final episode before the season actually concluded. Likely due to multiple causes, Glassmaker has had considerably longer gaps between each episode to the point where they can only say the final episode is "later this year." So I'd say you have plenty of time.
  11. Barely anything in Warframe is tutorialized. DE is very much about keeping everything a surprise to be found out by players while it's new content, but then they never implement tutorials so we just have lots and lots of content that the game tells you nothing about.
  12. I imagine the next batch of Deimos content isn't too far off. It was quite obvious that DE held back content in order to make their touted release date, between the near-empty Rank 5 offerings and the fact that they showed off two Necramech models but only launched with one. (And already have the second one almost ready to go).
  13. Noggles are incredibly simple to implement, they literally do not require any new art assets. DE deliberately paces them out I assume so they can have multiple opportunities to present them as new content. But then they forget they exist.
  14. Nightwave would've only worked out if it really was a side project they could handle easily. But as DE often does, they put more work into it than they needed to and in fact more work than they can handle, so Nightwave ends up being another one of DE's dozen upon dozens of projects that goes way past the release window anyone would've preferred.
  15. I'd rather augments just be buffed/reworked so that they can actually be interesting and encourage alternate playstyles. That's the entire point of them wasn't it? Yet so many of them are underwhelming and/or uncreative. I wanna be able to take an augment and then make a build around it, but you can't really do that with most augments.
  16. I think it's a super cool tech demo and novelty. I only ever find myself using it for funsies though when I'm in a defense or waiting at extraction. My big problem with it personally is that Warframe the vast majority of the time is a game that keeps you moving forward constantly. I just get no opportunity to use a Temporal Anchor because unavoidably it will force me to backtrack.
  17. Because the Celestial Twin copies your weapons and Tenno specter type units are far superior to any other AI ally we have access to. Meanwhile DE refuses to make any other kind of unit scale in any meaningful way, Rumblers included.
  18. The way DE often takes feedback, but not solutions. Usually resulting in DE assigning people who have never played their own game before to fix it by not actually fixing it, then just calling it a day for the next couple years. I want those PvP-turned-PvE augments to actually be useful, they said they would balance it for PvE use. They didn't. They made a couple small changes and just assumed a 4 second duration on Mirage's Prism augment was perfectly fine.
  19. Just give it a proper wide cone for tagging enemies and I'll be a happy camper. As it is currently, it's like marking with Blade Storm but even clunkier.
  20. I mean that's obvious, people are lazy and/or do not care. I think what's more curious are people that start Every Word With A Capital In A Sentence.
  21. I don't know what kind of testing conditions they used, but I'd like to think I did a lot of Empyrean. Yet the Helminth wants 1000 of my 1600 Fresnels for a single serving. A lot of the resources are wack.
  22. I just want it to have a cooldown on its invincibility is all.
  23. I want Excalibur Umbra to work while you're in the mech. Currently it doesn't function properly and that makes me disappointed. I want to fight alongside Umbra in a stronger form than small void child.
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