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  1. They are to a degree stat-driven by the MR requirement DE opted to give them. The Dual Kamas Prime are MR8 and the Nami Skyla Prime are MR11, so the Nami Skyla are supposed to be better, however it is pretty weird to have two Prime weapons of the same type have an objective better of the two. Especially considering all Primes are of the same-ish difficulty to obtain. Dual Kamas Prime are probably balanced out by the sheer amount of style they have
  2. They focused so hard on trying to create a thematically fitting area for the Simulacrum that they didn't stop to think about the practical applications of it. Making Captura scenes have proper Simulacrum capabilities would fix it nicely.
  3. True Punishment: +40% Critical Chance, -10% Combo Count Chance So not only is this the only channeling mod to retain a negative trait after the Melee rework, but it also didn't have its critical chance increase tweaked at all. It's 20% less than True Steel was and True Steel's crit increase was so low that it was just buffed to have double what it used to have. Though even with the True Steel change, True Punishment was left alone. Could we perhaps rectify this? Maybe give it the Quickening treatment of being a sort of Nightmare mod with +100% crit chance and +20% combo count chance or something? Mods like this don't have to be absolutely useless, they can be made useful with just a number increase. Also can we address Status mods please
  4. Please make the Kuva Quartakk a manually switchable fire mode, just because the Quatz mechanic was something different, doesn't make it a practical idea. There is no single practical reason why a weapon has to be setup like this, it's the definition of being different for the sake of being different. And while we're at it, can you convert other weapons like the Panthera into fire mode switch weapons?
  5. It's really bad UI presentation, but those 0 damage numbers are actually you damaging his Carapace, you just needa keep damaging it to break it, despite all the zeroes :v Like the rest of his existence, I shredded through his carapace with Peacemaker. It also shares the same brief invincibility damage-absorbing period as Iron Skin though, so it's possible it might've bugged out and not expired?
  6. Yeah runes are only used up after successful attempts, so a single rune will end up contributing to three separate Lich kills.
  7. I admit, those missions made me have to think creatively. It was interesting, albeit extremely frustrating. Octavia's Mallet and Resonator allows for a substitute to the lack of damage mods, and the Broken Scepter (Never thought I'd find a use for that thing) can be used to siphon health/energy orbs from the enemies, to which there are multiple MOAs around in particular. The Defense objective thankfully had enough health to withstand all 15 waves, I ended with about 2/3 health, Survival was doable and Excavation... Well admittedly I just let Excavators get destroyed till I inched my way to victory. Dunno how to do that one proper.
  8. They don't want people to be able to get their hands on new toys in any form immediately. Alongside collecting weapons, experiencing them is part of why people want all the new shiny equipment. Sure on the other end of things, people might be skeptical but then find the weapon fun if they tested it, but I think DE's settled on buying time before people can try the new things they release. After all that's why new weapons always have a grind to build them (Argons usually) or are stuck in the Clan Lab research which you curiously cannot rush with Platinum.
  9. I'd love to be able to toggle between melee and firearms without needing to switch myself, but DE is so deadset on the "Taking different roles" idea with the twin and while I appreciate them attempting to make the twin more aggressive with melee... He's still pretty useless at it.
  10. Are people still under the impression that you only get one Vitus every double-length rotation or something? Considering you're earning a Warframe 75 Vitus isn't that much since you not only get it with each rotation, but it's also a not-particularly rare drop from Drones and also packs of 3 are a rotation reward. They're not expecting to just hand you Grendel after you spend just half an hour in Arbitrations.
  11. Why do you keep capitalizing CATCHMOON like that? I don't think full caps is for what you think it's for. I always have a soft spot for any Warframes before they receive a huge rework, I make sure to capture footage of their kits before they get reworked so I can look back on it. It was fun doing a Defense where I used nothing but bounce pads as defenses. That said though, I am more than ready to see the two become something worth while. And to spam Flechette grenades everywhere
  12. Nail Grenade is gonna suffer the same problem as the Azima's Alt fire. The projectiles will be too inaccurate to hit enemies reliably, I suggest having it fire two rounds at a time, one that fires randomly and one that targets enemies.
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