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  1. Personally prefer the definition of spectral fragments given by the wiki, as we know that their consciousness hasn't been destroyed, as it is well alive and kicking, trying to revive through Revenant during his quest... and we still haven't heard the last of it. Eidolons are mostly revenants, parts of a fallen Sentient that rise up from the grave to gather some pieces, trying to fix themselves while looking for the "head" in order to become one living and fully functional Sentient
  2. Eidolons are fragments of a dead one as far as we know. By saying that it isn't an Eidolon, I mean that the clean form, the one with a cube on its head (called first phase in my post), Isn't an Eidolon by itself, but a fragment of a living Sentient (like those on New War teaser) with a proper mission and purpose, and killing it, thus triggering the second phase, makes it come back from the dead as an Eidolon, out of control and extremelly dangerous as it no longer follows its original commands... until Alad reins it again with the infestation at least... Ok, scratch that, just looked for the 2 models again, and it seems the one with the cube on its head is actually using Unum's flesh as a hat, so it should be the Eidolon form, not the living fragment one. It can't pick up Tower flesh on the go, so that one must be exclusive from Cetus or something, and the other one (also featured in the teaser) must be the one we are facing in Gas City. Wonder if they are calling both forms Eidolon because they are the same unit and its to just call them that, or they are just gonna say that all sentient fragments are Eidolons, doesn't matter if they come from dead or alive Sentients
  3. I expect short phases, but up to 3 at least Phase with that "cube" over its head as a weakpoint Phase, the cube is broken and the Ropalolyst itself looks damaged, but still up for a fight Phase, Alad V comes out of literally nowhere like "You though that I was dead, but I was just waiting for the right moment, that is now, as you just activated my trap card!!" and have the Ropalolyst turn into an Amalgam/Mutalist... amalgamation? Don't expect much in the lore department, just this thing being the reason for alad having sentient tech to play with. I think its unlikely that the Ropalolyst is an Eidolon, but a fragment of a living one, way bigger one that is starting to wake up
  4. As long as there is a worty tradeoff, Corrupted mods are a great idea for min maxing, and the ones that we still lack should be created, if only to have the whole set. I wonder what kind of weird interactions like speed Nova would we find out if we could reduce Range, Efficiency or Duration to negative values like we can do with strenght. Also giving us a +crit chance, - status chance or viceversa mods would help with zaw customization quite a lot
  5. Honestly, as much as I don't enjoy pinballing around any archwing mission, i prefer having the birdolon be a pure archwing instead of having something more akin to a benny hill style persecution scene with the Ropalolyst running for its dear life while 4 angry, hissing Warframe pursue it with their fully formaed Paracesis
  6. Pretty fun weapon, and not so bad after those buffs, even through it still isn't the best of the best. The change I would like to see isn't stat related though. Could Wolf Sledge Slam Attack be changed to 3 energy waves that cause knockdown and extend forward? Similar to Wolf's own overhead slam after he became an amalgamation
  7. Don't know if it can be considered that way, but if it becomes something more interesting, I don't mind it becoming a corpus augmented Revenant Have been playing Warframe for years now and I still don't know what the Zanuka Hunter does, as soon as he pops in, it gets melted. Amalgams seems the perfect opportunity to upgrade it, with new looks, mechanics and weapons, and also hopefully this way it might be able to survive more than half second
  8. I'm keeping my wolf creds until the last switch with hopes of DE adding Wolf Sledge pieces to the Nightwave exchange Wolfie haven't been nice with me, neither in spawn nor drop...
  9. Love them both: The Roplix seems big enough to be easy to spot while roaming around cetus, but also seems able to defend itself, something that Cetus still lacks, I can imagine it ramming into a Grineer pack and send them flying The Vulqit also looks great designwise, but after hunting Sawgaws I dread the "Appears as a plant, making it hard to spot", I don't really want to spend 20 minutes looking for one just to have it be camouflaged besides a three, 2 metters away from me. About the ideas, I have none at the moment, but there is something that had me intrigued. There is no nocturnal fauna in Cetus. no Eidolon-affected fauna, or something similar to Kavats and infestation, a predator that has learnt to prey on something that is deadly to everyone else. With how adaptative nature is, i'm really surprised not to have already seen at least an Eidolon infused fish or some other underwater creature, at least in Gara Toht Lake, where the mind of the Eidolon rests
  10. I think that considering Jupiter's new enemy type, the amalgams, and also considering that Zanuka Hunter has been in a bad place for a while now, It could be interesting to upgrade this one to become an amalgam unit with new skills, in a similar way to how Stalker became Shadow Stalker
  11. I love them, and would be great to have them included into the game as special troops or something. Its quite likely that if a warframe was to appear in this form, it would be Mirage, as she was desintegrated by the Sentients, but we do the same with Syntesis and capture Targets, so that might not be the end of said corpse....
  12. Xolot

    Mara and Dragon

    Yeah, I was mostly refering to the mastery skin system of some mobas like Smite, that after reaching X mastery lvl with one champion, unlocks a special skin, that then can be bought for ingame or paid currency. I was thinking about using the mastery achievements like you said at first, but I remembered that there are problems with those when using Steam and switching to vanilla client or vice versa, potentially blocking some players of ever obtaining these achievement and the weapons related to them. We can't allow a bugged achievement system to block the players, so I think ditching the "Achievements" from this Dragon system would be safer. Was pondering about if adding a challenge system similar to rivens or nightwave, but your post gave me a more complete idea, still is made more or less on the run, so might not be perfect. You are right in that this would require a lot of work, but it is also true that we aren't even close to having enough Weapons/Warframes to reach the mastery rank of True Master at lvl 30, so I think that for the Devs would be almost a relief to be able to create a big amount of weapons without having to worry so much about them being extra different to any other in order to not be dead on release when compared to past, better weapons, while also not having to go so crazy on the design, considering that these should be similar to the weapon they come from. This also gives another alternative to straight up Priming everything, allowing players to use weapons with stats and potential equal to primes, but with other design and strenghts/weaknesses The only complicated part would be creating some characteristic for every legendary weapon, and creating Tenno-based weapons for melee categories that have none, like Two-handed Nikana (Tatsu does seem more like a sentient design) or Whips.
  13. Xolot

    Mara and Dragon

    Didn't really think about a possibility like that, Flux Rifle has been in need of an upgrade for a while now, and also has a peculiarity related to Corpus naming pattern along Detron and Amprex according to Warframewiki. It really seems like a perfect candidate for Mara. I wonder what the criteria for choosing Detron for Vandal or Mara was, it would be great if DE themselves told us so we could better know wich weapons are more fit of this category, but I fear that not even them know at this point. You are right, I did call "Dragon" a "prefix", but it works as a standalone weapon from Nikana, so I'm quite wrong when calling it a "prefix". I totally forgot both building materials and how Dragon Nikana and Nikana don't share Riven mods. Treating it as just a prefix might be a demerit for the weapon... Just making it up on the run here but... What would you think of Dragon being special weapons related to mastery over one melee weapon type? Achievement related weapons, in a similar way to the Mastery skin system used in some Moba Games. Maybe with each having some special skill related to the weapon in question.
  14. Xolot

    Mara and Dragon

    Thats a really interesting point of view Can't really say that I totally agree with it, as I consider Mara to be beautifull enough for us to get more weapons of that style, and still can't quit the feeling of uneasiness when looking at the wiki and seeing Mara alone. Can't deny that having such glittering weapon as some kind of standalone uniqueness sounds also atractive by itself though, even more considering from who it comes from, the king of shiny and luxurious sellers.
  15. Xolot

    Mara and Dragon

    Excuse me, I said what? I literally said that I ignore a forgotten, vague line of lore that in no way contradicts the selection of weapons that I wrote in the main post. Not only it doesn't disprove me in any way, but also can be used to reinforce said selection. Quoting myself down here, don't wanna explain that again: The lore of this weapon is an example of one of the worst lore writing sins (in my opinion), that being trying to set something up, and then forgetting about it, one problem often seen not only on DE, but in many other games, movies, books... The lore of Mara Detron is below, please tell me if you find anything in this line that say that any of the weapons I listed in the main post can't be a Mara variant (Excepting War and Broken, as they were added just in case that people actually liked the idea of another, rarer variant of prisma weapons for assassins, even then, I myself said that wasn't really sold on those two). Unlike Dhrekr, that assumed things like the Orokin-Era smugglers being unrelated to Zanuka or the modern era Corpus This weapon tries to get something going about some smugglers, and that they used these weapons for dispute resolution, while not giving much else about how such strange weapon was actually made, unlike any other weapon variation (Even Dragon, that are made from ancient Tenno steel), it leaves lots of questions unanswered, and then all of it gets lost in the flow of time. Who where these smugglers? Is Baro one of them? (He seems to come from the Orokin era based on the dialogue presented in Sand of Inaros) What affiliation did they have? Former Orokin? Proto Corpus? Did they only use this weapon? Nothing else? Why did they use this instead of prime weapons available during the Orokin era if they were smugglers? These questions and more appear with that simple line, just because of how vague it is, and something that could be easily fixed by releasing more Mara weapons with further lore, ends up being another forgotten piece of Warframe's history, fixing this one or outright deleting and leaving it like Carmine Penta might be better solutions that just leaving this forever unfinished and alone as a testament to abandoned posibilities The only personal canon that I used is somewhat trying to give a valid reason about why it is made from different prisma crystals, while it obviously looks like a prisma weapon, without mentioning its lore due to recently exposed reasons. I never said for a fact that it was the way I was describing, just said that it "could be". Just for the record, I don't want to turn Mara into something else, but create more of these beautifull Mara (and Dragon) weapons
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