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  1. Kuva ignis with kuva cloud effect instead of normal fire would look dope
  2. They already tried to infect Warframes (by reviving us) and failed miserably, we didn't even get a cyst out of that (Although I would've loved to be able to get a new kind of Charger out of Arlo's straing due to NW2, but oh well). This kinda lets out the first, but the second could work. We have no real idea about what Arlo's flame actually is, but if both infestation strain managed to mutate together, it would be more than possible for these to work together. What we often forget, is that the Infested are a Hive mind that assimilate the minds of every infested. If there is some kind of central Golem, its probably incredibly intelligent, and will sooner or later coordinate the rest of infested to expand. It is already trying to create something really similar to Warframes. The only thing stopping it is not having Void Powers to become an unstoppable warrior
  3. If they ever went forward with an Invasion mechanic, Stalker mode would be enough, but as we have already seen, people aren't really eager for an invasion mechanic on other playes. Besides, I fail to see why Tenno would attack eachother with Kuva liches to obtain Kuva, when we are part of the same faction and the best way to obtain Kuva would be taking it away from Grineer
  4. I'm stating what I would like you to explain to me bluntly. Until now you've given this points: (bit resumed not to bloat the answer) Nightwave can be rewatched in its designated section This is Warframe and they never just flat out say the lore to you. Season 2 ending was disappointing but that's no motive to change what the leverian is for. Leverian was made so DE no longer had to make FRAME quests specifically. There is a difference between past lore and current events Making it simpler, maybe i've failed to explain myself properly What of these points state an actual reason for not adding a section about Nightwave in another wing of the Leverian? Nightwave can be rewatched, and still not give additional info that the writers could easy pour into this section of Leverian, doesn't seem that this contradicts what I'm suggesting it any way Warframe DOES state the lore bluntly, usually by quests and sometimes by comics or ingame writing, still can't see this as a reason not to add that section to Leverian, a history museum. Also... in wich way does adding Nightwave dioramas change what Leverian is for? adding a side wing to a museum doesn't erase the main building, if only helps the Museum grow bigger and attract the attention of even more visitors that might be interested in that. This third one, about the original objective of the Leverian is an actual reason, I mean, doesn't explain why it shouldn't be made, but does add grounds for DE not to take that approach, still, wouldn't be the first time DE adds something to a mechanic, boss or mission to give it another purpose on top of what it already had (Warframe parts and mod relocation often, but also things like Codex having as section for secrets, or even Nakak's mutiple shops) There is a difference between past lore and current events, and it's that right now only Nightwave part 2 is current lore, while NW1 is already past and soon NW2 will be. Remembering those stories, getting more data on them that we might've overlooked is also valuable, even if it might not seem like that to you right now, even if they are pretty recent, and there is Nora telling us roughtly what happened, having somewhere we could know everything about this past event is important on its own right. Warframe story is already foggy enough with how past quest's lore was handled and the lack of repeating event quests. Your opinion seems to be that Nightwave shouldn't be added to the Leverian Museum because they aren't part of the main intent when developing that space, because they are vaguely told in Nightwave and are fairly recent. Mine is that a Museum needs to grow, and that adding this would in no way harm the Leverian, only make it greater and bring more people that might not be interested in the newest Warframes but might be eager to know more about how the whole system and factions reacted to what happened in each Nightwave, bringing a bit more of life to an otherwise ever-still universe of Warframe, that is also Nightwave's intention to begin with
  5. I am reading you, yet i've yet to see you tell me why it would be a bad idea, or in any way detrimental to expand the Leverian instead of leaving it as dead content until a new warframe is released. Just because you make something with one objective in mind, doesn't mean it can't be expanded in any way beyond that point, even more when we are talking Warframe's Universe. Also Leverian is a Museum, if there should be a place where these kind of stories are told in detail, is in there, not in the codex or from Nora herself Codex also has Warframe and Weapon dioramas Why does DE have to tell you what happened? Because the whole Nightwave is about telling a story maybe? Why does DE have to tell you what happened in Altra? Use your imagination
  6. But wasn't the leverian and warframe quests exactly for that? Telling you the lore, flat out. Codex is info on technical data about each unit, has nothing to do with lore "The Leverian is a museum of artifacts curated by the enigmatic Drusus Leverian. These galleries serve to shed light on WARFRAME's lore, typically centered around an individual Warframe along with associated weapons and items of interest." -Taken from Warframe Wiki Right now the leverian depicts just 1 warframe, but nothing really defines that it must stay forever based solelly around Warframes, and having another subsection added to Nightwave wouln't hinder or hurt the development of the Warframe section of the Leverian in any way, if only it would give more use to the Leverian beyond a new diorama every time a Warframe is released (and hopefully some data on those warframes that have nothing at all)
  7. Yeah, that's why i'm proposing that it get extended to nightwave too But we can't see more in depth data about the wolf pack, about what they did to them or the Wolf in order to turn that way, dioramas of every of Wolf's phases and how they differ about each other, or even the weapons they use. Also we can't see Arlos's true form, know what happened with him or Kenga after NW2 end, know how this new strain works to create those infested exo suits. Also seeing dioramas of different mutations or even a big diorama of an infested derelict would be great
  8. The Leverian seems to tell about things that left a mark in the past, currently is only related to Warframes (Gauss), but Nightwave stories also marked the System, with the Wolf and his wolfpack on a killing spree and becoming the first affected by the Amalgam technology, or with Arlo infesting what at first were just innocent devotees and threatening to infest the whole System with Derrelicts I think it would be great to have a place where there are dioramas related to these and every new nightwave, maybe with bits of lore or info that we couldn't get from Nora, a story told from the point of view of Drusus, that saw things that neither Nora or us could
  9. I feel that it was wasted. So many more things could've been done, like having Helminth comment on the strain some warframe got while revived by devotees, our warframes hearing voices, any comment about how similar can zealots be considered when compared to warframes. Also, I still don't know what happened with Arlo, just that he seems to be back at it, we never got to face it. I do like to think that Kenga is the Zealot we face as a boss, but there is no confirmation, and the ending feel flat, although it had so much potential
  10. I think that having the Man in the Wall talking directly to us, the players, sometimes in our Orbiters or during missions wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't bring much more to the table due to those comments having nothing to do with lore, but would add a lot to his/her "Unknown God of the Void" aspect by making it look almost allknowing, deciding not to mess with the real world just by pure whim
  11. Wait, they released those already? I though they still hadn't
  12. Vauban => Big Exosuit carrying a deployable Turret-Heavy Machinegun
  13. Most of your designs looks quite cool (depending on colors the Ivara-Slug might be Amazing or Nova Asuri) (yes, Nova Asuri is considered a negative number when used to gauge how much default colors can help or mess up a good skin). Specially loving the ElswordXWarframe skins, they look great and do remind me a lot to the Elsword characters, not to sure about the Warframes they represent though. At first I though it was NishaxEquinox and AddXMesa to be honest
  14. It does, if you look at the back of that ancient, you can see an arm and a head with white helm on sticking out I did the same and nothing has happened by now, doubt anything will happen at all, but would be cool that having this strain also in the body forces Helminth to "mutate" in some way, becoming an even stronger strain to overcome this new "Arno Strain" or even combining with this by making use of their common base. the craziest that could happen would be hearing Arno's voice in our head, as any other mutation and such can't go much crazier due what Warframes are
  15. Would be nice to have something like that, but maybe not with the skills of normal frames, as some would be pure pain to recapture (talking about you, Umbral Inaros), maybe have it that if you waste all your revives or abandon a mission while having some cyst-like special status, you lose said warframe and have to hunt down a mutated version with common skills, somewhere in the Solar system (No assassination nodes, no Lua, no Kuva Fortress) in order to recover it. There is already a default frame system in order to avoid leaving newbies with no Warframe upon having theirs abducted by Zanuka hunter, so the same default Excalibur could be used in this case. This system could be quite a nuisance, but i think that being able to craft some other infested pet, like a mutalist moa or infested Kavat could help to motivate people to take this risk. Well, considering that the new ancient infested have Devotees popping out of their backs, it feels like that's exactly what's gonna happen
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