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  1. I would like to present the theme of an Elementalist Warframe I think it would be interesting to have an unconventional Warframe whose 4 skills are each one base element (Cold, Electricity, Heat and Toxin) and are tied to one arm. This warframe could hold in their hands an orb made of elemental energy, what remains after casting the corresponding skill (Developing 2 ghost arms like Nova Asuri in order to be able to hold all 4 elements if needed), upon having at least 2 orbs, will hold both hands together and release a new composite skill attuned to the fused element resulting of those 2 previously used. This warframe would lead to some interesting animations on skill casting, while keeping a somewhat skill ceiling in the weaving of composite skills.
  2. Here's my counter offer: Leave it as it is, Primed Chamber is a relic from the past, and Charged Chamber was made to "compensate" those that wanted it but couldn't affort huge amounts to plat for it. Instead make Primed Primed Chamber with the white border and augmented stats/drain of Prime mods
  3. They werent as many as some would think, but they were enough to fill the forum with complaints and drown those that were on board with the system (like me). At least it wasn't something like that sole guy making universal medalions not available for conclave... Playing it would be way more entertaining, and would definitelly add the difficulty people have been looking for in the stalker for a while now, but also would bring lots of complaints because most fights would have to be 1 vs 4 only using a dread bow, or people that couldn't opt-out and got destroyed by a Dev and took it the wrong way. I guess DE simply decided to let all of this go not to have to withstand all of that. Honestly, this topic made me realize that this community aint ready for something like the Stalker Mode, it didn't take long for people to argue mostly about the mode itself instead of the change, the mode was already discussed long ago, and I changed it to Devs only to transform it to something that would bring some joy and fun, but almost no one cared about that (there are some that gave pretty interesting feedback on that). I'm not blaming anyone in here, but I suspect that if they ever implemented this modified system, people would still scream and rage, fearing for the time when Rebecca spawned in their mission and missed every shot trying to hit them (half joke/half serious here, I have seen her playing Stalker).
  4. This one is a pretty legit problem. I wonder if they would be able to extend this to players all around the world. It is their hands to do so, but not sure how difficult it would be to do. Honeslty, I once wanted the Stalker mode for every players, but realized that it isn't meant for us, we are Tenno, sentient beings, the Acolytes also are sentient... but they don't seem to be Tenno, so we shouldn't be the ones to incarnate them. If we can get fun and some lore off it, even better. "The Blackout Club" Devs contact in real time with some lucky players during the game and speak as if they were the gods of said world, giving usefull lore about the game all around and often making players feel lucky of having interacted with them. Honestly, if they can steamroll my Revenant with a Dread bow while i'm with other 3 teammates and packing explosive weapons of those that nuke everything in a general direction, they REALLY deserve to get that victory. I don't get why they should stream it all over internet, I mean, I guess they could do if they wanted to, but I aimed it at something they would do in their free time if they really wished to... but yeah, I wouldn't mind them streaming it, i have been playing this game for years now, but i'm not even close to a perfect shooter player and i'm really bad at PvP Why would they "adjust" anything to win in a game made to have fun? They get nothing out of it, and I would prefer that we neither (might be important to also ask for Stalker Marks not to be consumed in these special encounters if we aren't going to get any drop off it). Also, no, they aren't masters of their own game, even more if we consider that there are 42 warframes, and some of those 42 Devs are bound to not play Warframe enough to know the game exactly (I don't expect a sound tech to know exactly the falloff of Dread and the exact amount of damage it would do on every Warframe) Unanimously means that EVERYONE in the Warframe Community disagreed about adding this... thing is that it wasn't unanimous at all, and probably never reached even half the Warframe community that doesn't participate in this forum. I guess the grief could come from being beaten by the invader Stalker... I could understand that from a random player- controlled Stalker, but I wouldn't grief if i had to go 1 v 1 with someone that is there just for us to have fun (in most cases)
  5. I would have liked seeing this mode come to fruition, but I think they did the right thing about not implementing it when so many people hated it. It is really fun to watch, but wouldn't be so much fun if you only want to farm Stalker and you are being invaded by a pro PvP Stalker I guess. DE would have to take huge amounts of backlash (Like Lich and Railjack, but mostly Lich) and they would probably end up abandoning the system if this was ever implemented for all players to play. Then you are safe. I guess this system could use an opt-out if it was ever implemented. I'm not fond of Pvp in any game, but would love to be invaded by some dev and show them the glory of Mirage-Kuva Bramma
  6. I have bad news: Rebecca and Megan play it sometimes during Devstreams and Prime Times... I do advice you not to play during those, if not it's possible for you to have to face them
  7. Because the system is already developed and playable, but people hated on it until the devs had to stop implementation for players. If the work is already mostly done, I say put it to good use, making it fun for players and Devs alike. Stalker mode should have been added with opt-out, but now it will never be because people hated the idea of having to face an inteligent Stalker (even if it would die by spraying a bit of Wraith Ignis on them)
  8. If there is something that "Warframe" and another game called "The Blackout Club" has shown me, is that the community really enjoys interacting with the devs, be it by cooperating in missions or against them (as seen during Prime Time Stalker Mode stream). The system is almost complete, but won't be introduced because of how much people complained about the idea, so why don't we make use of this already developed system and create something new and better? I propose that they make Acolytes versions for every existing Warframe (42) and assign one of each to some dev or DE worker, these would then be allowed to invade our missions as a Stalker when they wish to (probably during their free time). What does this brings to the table? -More Player-DE interaction -Funny times, be it by DE getting stuck in something, flawless extermination or even just memorable times due to how that person plays the game. -Giving each Acolyte, and all around the Stalker faction, personalities. Each Acolyte (and Stalker) would have the personality of the DE member they were assigned to, giving life to a faction meant to mirror the Tenno. Some will be jerks and kill everyone, some will be nice and help you with objective, but also some will be trolls and will taunt and try to ruin the mission for the fun of it. -Possible new Stalker-related loot? Well, this is a looter-shooter, so this point is quite likely, but i don't consider it the main attraction of this idea. Should be Stalker's droptable, not to devalue Acolyte mods even more. Possible questions Wouldn't this make it impossible to newcomers? Old Stalker is already a newbie killer, with this they have chances to have a nice time playing with a DE worker... or get trolled by them, still in a way fairer way than the old Stalker. What would happen if a DE member leaves the job or never uses the system? That Acolyte is reassigned, and they themselves will make sure they notify the change to players they come across... or keep it a secret to mess up with everyone's names. Notifying them in patches would also work, but I find it extra charming for the community to come together and try to identify these Acolytes Is there a way to turn off this system? Is it really necessary? They are people that are doing this to interact with you. Why don't you try telling them that you don't want to be invaded? i'm sure that one or more would simply abandon the mission if you asked them nicely Would this give good loot? If they wish so, I don't know why they wouldn't, I don't see it as something necessary, but if DE did adapt this idea, they might consider this and add some drops beyond Stalker's
  9. Misery was just a Nekros spectre that spammed SoD, instead of bringing back normal enemies, he brough back the other Acolytes as shadows. Doesn't sound like it would be extra problematic, considering Nekros uses SoD where he wants to, but it might be a bug with the AI or something, when taken outside of that Defense mission.
  10. Sadly, it feels like the only chance we could have for Stalker/Acolyte lore was scrapped, because people didn't like the Stalker Mode. But yeah, having a Nightwave dedicated to the Acolytes would be a good way to explain why Misery has been missing for more than 4 years now (although we know that they forgot about them and haven't found a satisfactory way to reintroduce Misery). Maybe even adding new acolytes, as current ones are too battered by now. If everything fails and they don't want to make a Nightwave for them, at least add them to the Leverian with a fitting story and Prex card to match
  11. Laughs in Revenant, forever shooting at my feet while obliterating everything around me... but also forever with 2 hp
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