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  1. Soon™ (2021) idk when, it only remains to be patient
  2. Pls :c Xata's whisper, still does not work in the "health of the synobias limbs of the eidolons", it is true that this ability does not affect the shields (something really good to maintain a balance and dependence with using AMP), but this bonus is similar at increases of 1 of frost, oberon, volt or rhino, why with the others the damage to the limbs is noticeable? I am not bad, because I have gone several hunts and in the "limbs" this damage does not appear but when killing it it does appear. Something that feels half on this issue. Xata whisper bonus appears as "0 dmg" , on
  3. That's what I mean, grinners do too much damage that even having this they are capable of killing you or killing your lure quickly, even at low levels
  4. Nope, just joining in a normal or direct way, whether in normal mode or steel path, the grinners do a lot of damage
  5. I'm sure it's not my idea, since the last update the grinners, they do too much damage, they have even killed me using karak with a few shots (normal mode), then there is the napalm grinner, which practically kills me with too much state effects powerful ... At night, if there are grinners near your lure charged, it can be destroyed easily, the grinners have too high damage now, not to mention in Steel Path, where they are also able to easily destroy Eidolons lures.
  6. @[DE]Megan :C Grinners on the plains of eidolons, have an insane damage There is a bug in the plains of eidolon, the grinner have a significantly high damage, so much that one would be surprised, without exaggeration their damage is crazy, even in normal they are capable of quickly destroying an eidolon lure, and of killing you too quickly if you are careless
  7. Xata’s Whisper: (BUG) I was playing on an old laptop, hunting eidolons and wanted to try XATA'S WHISPER again and noticed the following, it works when one is going to kill the eidolon (damage appears gray or white, but this damage does not appear in limb. 0 dmg by xata's whisper Only this bonus appears when the eidolon must be killed This damage comes apart from the main damage, it is also correct that it appears in each Synovia (Limb) D:
  8. Xata' whisper, It should generate damage to the lives of the limbs and also to the enemies it amalgamates, since if it is a "damage bonus" it should be placed additionally even if the increase is minimal. But against these enemies it is still ignored, it is as if the bonus did not exist: c
  9. I have (I always forget) but I have more than 1500 days, by Daily Tribute, and you really need an additional motivation to tell you "OMG I have fewer days to choose something", I do not think the integration of new primed is wrong mods by Daily Tribute, that is, this mod cannot be sold to another user. To be honest it would make me too happy or anxious (positive way), that new primed mods are introduced to the game.
  10. They said that for "eidolon shields" it would not work, but the buff itself is a damage buff like any other ability, but for the health of the eidolon or limbs it should work, since it does not break anything in the game.
  11. @[DE]Megan Xata's whisper does not work against all enemies, it is true that now it appears as a separate damage of white or similar, but against eidolon (I do not know if versus Profit taker happens the same), it does not work D:
  12. After getting Helminth, and getting Xaku's ability as well, then I decided to try this better. I had done tests before but I really did not notice any damage but these tests performed between yesterday and today: Xata's Whisper: Now if it grants a damage in weapons when you use it against enemies, before that no matter how hard you tried, you could only see an increase in damage through xaku's own abilities But this bonus separates the damage and does not merge with the main damage, that is, whenever Xata's Whisper is active, you will see a number in "gray or pale white", whic
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