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  1. LoL corinth prime has the same dmg stat the same as corinth normal, and now corinth normal has more dispo.
  2. ty for the hotfix, xata's whisper still not working on eidolon limbs health , but works when you will kill/capture the eidolon
  3. Yes and yes. I've been in warframe for a long time but it doesn't mean that I breathe warframe day and night
  4. I think I have more than 5 years in Warframe, 8016 hours played. And over the first 3 years I've had so much fun, but these last few years, it's been a bit strange. They have left me thinking about some things. When the daily reward was introduced, the maximum was 1000 days, now the rewards are eligible at a certain time when initially it was not. It is obvious that now weapons can be bought back as zenith, zenistar in case you have deleted them, but what after 1000 days? , There is no new primed mod, there are no interesting things, the typical options are 50k kuva, 30k endo or boosters f
  5. I am not aware that if DE, has shared information about what they will do for the future on the MR30, but I understand that with the arrival of 1 weapon, for those who have Excalibur, Skana and Lato prime, they would reach this MR and the rest would be possibly with the weapon from Chapter 5 or Glass Maker Assassination Mission + next prime access. But once being MR 30, what would come next? 31-32 ... and more? Is that because of benefits for mod spaces, because of your MR, it would be reached in the MR30, so if the game will still have more and more content, how would this be approached and
  6. Try with melee + Ash + Fatal Teleport
  7. I was also surprised with the distance of the nebula, even so this explanation feels better
  8. Thank you very much! Then I would wait
  9. I am very curious, the wiki says that: Veil Proxima is a remote location, far outside of Origin System, where the Sentients travel back from the Tau System. In this regard, it is probably also where the original Sentients embarked to the Tau System via Void Jump during the Orokin Era. And I'm bad about the Lore, is there no additional information related to Veil proxima?
  10. In these last days I have used mirage for many missions, and I noticed that the bonus information, shown in the upper right part of the screen, next to life, incorrectly indicates the bonus that you have current in your wf, and also visually they exchange. In dark maps, whether open world or normal missions, you get "damage reduction with its visual effect on the warframe", but if you change to another side or at certain points even though it is dark, you get "damage bonus, with its respective visual effect ", but already testing the damage (if what it says is real), you actually have" da
  11. TY for the update some things need to be checked like: Arcanes with fire rate / reload speed bonus, stop working if you get off the archwings Grinners have very high damage, quickly killing other non-playable targets in the Plains of Eidolons, as well as your own Warframe. Grinner damage is too high. Textures on the profiles look very different Eidolon dies instantly after his last limb has been destroyed. This happened with the guests when they hurt the limb, but now being a host it has happened to me several times, but it happens rarely, but it happens unexpect
  12. This is still missing and: Arcane Momentum / Acceleration or fire rate/reload buff arcane they stop working after getting off the archwings Grinners do too much damage in the Plains of Eidolons. Primary or secondary weapons are locked after repeated (very fast) use of melee, for attacks Vomvalyst, their speed has never been improved, they are still too slow
  13. And it is true that you can achieve 6x3 in one night, but the point is not that, but that the skill does not work as it should. And if it did, it would be one more alternative of the possible options presented, almost all DPS, Roar has been installed in its builds
  14. For that reason I clarified at first how the ability works, and reaffirmed that I do not want the ability to affect shields, but health of the limbs, because if this ability exists at the time of killing it, as I showed in the images, why not affect the health of the limbs? , because ROAR is an exaggeratedly good buff and Xata's whisper hardly a similar buff to other wf but with a damage that DE classified as neutral damage. And being a neutral damage, it would not get additional bonus against shields, armor or enemies without the above. Xata's whisper deserves to affect the health of the li
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