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  1. This error/problem is annoying, and sometimes it happens in such a way that we cannot explain. How do you get to activate? It is only possible to see it in the open worlds, plains of eidolons and orb vallis. Activate archialas Collide with some structure and next get off the archwings What problem does it create? (If this bug is activated) You can't activate chat (almost always) "/ unstuck" doesn't work You are rarely unable to respond to using ESC You can't aim the gun you can't jump You can't run (Almost always) You cannot reload the weapon You can't do melee attacks You can't shoot with your operator You can't use any warframe skill How to solve it? Pressing "Q" (Tools) and activating archwings or K-drive but depending on the intensity of the animation (bumping into something), the problem may continue.
  2. Inexplicably, one of the arms of the siphon is left with an animation bug, regardless of the times that one catches the kuva cloud, the arm is not destroyed or does not appear, as a result the siphon never dies or is never completed
  3. Any chance, to combine arcane rank 3 or rank 2, with another rank 3 (Sum of arcanes)? Rank 3 = 10 arcanes + another rank 3 = +10 arcanes + 1 Rank 0 = 1 rank 5. (21 arcanes) It would help a system a lot so do not restrict the amount of Rank 0, necessary to level up an arcane either because we have many of the same type, already in a higher range or by mistake
  4. I really consider this alert as one in which I can spend hours or good minutes without a problem. It's really fun, and the rewards are fine, a good source of endo and sculptures to decorate the ship, among other things. BUT, there is a big proble... It is true that everyone is free to extract, but it is assumed that this alert is to spend a little more time than normal. There are people who do just 5 waves of defense, 1 round of interception or 4 disruption conduits... Okay, one possible solution would be to invite friends and play, but the other problem is that not everyone is interested in this. That's why I choose to play in public. Recommendations: 1) Considering that it is a "Special Alert", the extraction point should only be available after or at: 20 minutes of Survival 20 Conduits completed in Disruption 20 completed waves of Defense 4 rounds of interception. It is an alert where the player must show his abilities and be able to resist and show that he can with the mission. And this would prevent the defection of the players 2) Possibility to buy 2000 units of Kuva with 5 essence vitus 3.1) Completing the mission without dying once, gives you 5 vitus essence, or the possibility of receiving 1 vitus essence for each round / wave / cycle completed. (I doubt it is good for the issue that many players would choose to use Inaros / nidus or Warframe more resistant for all types of mission) or 3.2) Complete the mission with a good grade (Time given by the DE as a class division S / A / B / C / D ...) depending on your final result, you would be awarded or not a reward (essence vitus) 4) Have the possibility to revive your companion / pet 5) Improve the rate of fall of the essence vitus, there are times when you spend a lot of time (half an hour), without seeing a vitus essence and other times where you only get to see vitus essence the first 10 minutes or you see in some much vitus essence or In others nothing. 6) Kill with Warframe / Weapons that have bonuses, will increase "drop rate of vitus essence of drones"
  5. In the past on an unknown day this light was lost as the hope of winning like the hopes of living at peace But one day, but one night, they woke up they returned Along with the hope that others took from us that others robbed us The light began, the light began to shine again, again today We get up together to them to reach every corner to reach every hideout where Tenno must arrive Where we all should go The light began, the light began to shine again, again today Stars awaken Railjack is ready for flight The enemy is close us They cant touch us We'll never give up The time is over We're ready for flight We are ready... are ready Ready for fight ---------------------------------------- I had a music in mind but now everything is confusing LOL
  6. Intrinsics and affinity obtained. I noticed that you only level up (get point), if it is you who does some activity, such as repairing a ship, destroying an enemy ship, obviously using Railjack weapons or doing all kinds of things inside the Railjack. My point is that the number of people who only stays to repair the ship has increased and does nothing more than that, it does not help with destroying other ships or with the ships where you need to enter and destroy its reactor or murder missions. I think that the fact "Limit" the affinity to activities that only you do is too bad What happens to those who leave the Railjack to do the murder mission or help from outside? They practically do not receive an affinity point to complete the Intrinsics level and get an additional point. The solution to this is that both outside and inside, EVERYTHING that players do, be repairing, destroying ships, killing main enemies, or enemy ships in arch mode or killing enemies that have gotten into the Railjack, is shared. It is not fair that one who gets to do more things in the mission just gets 4 Intrinsics points, and those who spend fixing the ship get 16-20 points, is something really unfair. It is practically the same with the players who put their Host, in open worlds like Venus or Earth, so that the other players do the mission while they fish, or level up their K-drive. For cases like that you should block the reward for players who do not contribute to the mission In the case of Railjack, each player is important or vital (it is also obvious that you can play alone, but the goal is to go in a group), so why limit the Intrinsics by activities that a player does, blocking the chance to win from another why did one do something? It's like if we stop receiving some kind of affinity from enemies killed by allies. It is only an unfair and enlightening way to have to repeat the really boring missions 2000 times in order to complete what we need even when we have completed the rest. The game is free, but Warframe is an excellent game, do not fall like other games of other companies, which OFFER their customers / players too much variance, we lift the HYPE through the clouds and then when the time comes, it is not even 1 / 10 of what they promised. When they launched the open worlds, it was something too giant, Warframe with an open world? When the amount of missions and details were implemented they were unique and immense, and that they continued adding things (for now not), and then visually improved everything. The open worlds delivered almost complete With Railjack you can understand, but if you plan to get half updates, after playing with our feelings, time and platinum (money), NO WAY, you are doing things too badly. If you are going to throw something, take all the time, but at least do not take something that does not even come close to what they show us. Sorry for my english
  7. @[DE]Megan Helloooooo o/ I have a big question. Are the Intrinsics affected by affinity Booster ?. I have some friends from my clan who have active booster and I do not have an active booster, but we both get the same points finishing the mission
  8. The update has too many errors/bugs/glitch, it would have been released the first week of 2020. Right now, in a hurry, they send an update whose concept is giant, but which is really badly implemented. I complained to the kuva lich farming, but DE always has a way to surprise even more. The year is not over and they hurt older players more. What happened to the game before where they performed events and events or other types of modes? It is true that it is a free game, but even the best game is no longer fun when you understand that you must spend 1000 boring hours in front of a monitor doing 3000 missions.
  9. Additionally, archguns damage is too low, state effect is applied but even so the damage is still a mockery compared to the damage others do. Some enemies have too exaggerated armor and another still have 4 active corrosive projections (red life comes out but the damage remains the same) Weapons are not affected by increased damage buff, and it seems that damage bonus like 1st of oberon / volt / saryn, not incredibly damage correctly. In normal missions the damage is noticeable but Railjack seems to handle other formulas (even in non-archival mode) Bows hit too much and snipers hurt very little in railjack. It is said that the affinity booster increases the intrisinc points but in reality it is the double resource booster (it is somewhat absurd) When I use affinity booster the intrisinc never increased (same missions in both cases)
  10. DE, the damage of Sniper Rifle cannot be inferior to that of the Bows When an arrow can hit 5-7 times more than a sniper rifle bullet? It makes no sense that Bows like Cernos Rakta, Paris Prime, Dread, Daikyu, get to hit up to 500k of damage, and a sniper (all) on average barely reaches 150k (with combo multiplier x4), it is impossible, it does not make sense that logic. The damage of Archiarmas / Archimelee is ridiculously low even having 4 corrosive projections active, in Railjack. How is it possible that weapons continue to hit so low. If in other missions of space archiarms, the damage is too different and now it is practically a mockery to force you to use the ship that still does not get to hit so much from the beginning. Railjack points scale strangely, while more points have slower points get, what happens here, is it like leveling up or something? What determine upload or earn points? It would not be better to use another alternate way to redeem some resource (also difficult or heavy to get) per Railjack point. I have spent more than 26 hours and I have barely achieved 31 points, it makes no sense, and before it was faster, why the more point you have the harder it is to obtain them?
  11. Check the damage of the Bows, they do up to 5 times or more damage than any sniper, and this makes no sense A bows can make up to 700k orange crit, in a normal loaded shot (without buff) (headshot) while a sniper rifle barely manages to do 89k-230k damage (headshot, the same enemy), even with an x3 multiplier, using zoom and active roar
  12. I also notice something really amazing related to the Sniper and the Bows After the change received by the arches, they began to paste more I give an example. I have a Vulkar and Rubico riven with Multidisparo + CC + CD and neg and a Snipetron Multi + CC + Dmg and Vectis CD + CC + Electric dmg, and a Cernos Riven with CC + CD and neg. Using the same build, the cernos rakta with a headshot on 1 grinner level 80-85 (Sortie / Railjack), makes 330k (oranges) (0 corrosive projection) In the same case: Vectis 44k oranges Rubico 78k oranges Vulkar 80k yellow Snipetron 66k yellow Using a buff like Roar de Rhino, it still doesn't overcome the damage to my cernos Increasing the sniper combo to level x4, even so it does not exceed 240k My point is, in real life, a sniper hits much more than an bow. I know it is a game, but it is logical that something that has flying time or a shot propelled by the force of an arm and that this shot, arrow, is getting closer to the ground over time, generates much more damage than a sniper?
  13. I also have an inconvenience that the archgun damage is irregular, that is, sometimes I have some smeeta buff (orange critics), and I do 200-400 points of damage to the enemies but sometimes I have not got the same buff and even so I keep doing the same damage to some enemies (not all) Why do weapons do such low damage? (40-120), has one used Forma and Forma and Forma, in those weapons so that they do not hit any damage, is it disappointing, and incidentally only to increase it by Railjack level? Even if you put elemental mods on the weapon as radiation, (in theory you will do more damage to the enemy), you actually keep hitting the same damage, nothing changes and if the state changes, and if I have corrosive, even if the damage is applied it remains the same even if in theory the enemy does not have armor in some cases. In other cases the aura of corrosive projection does not work on these enemies, I have gone in some with 4 corrosive projections (100% guaranteed that they do not have armor) and even so the damage of the archgun and the archmelee remains the same.
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