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  1. There is a problem when you are the host in the plains of eidolons. After destroying the first limb of Eidolon Teralyst, the game crashed (always). This bug always happens after the first limb with the host (possibly because we have a low-end computer, but this problem was not before the update). If the host changes, this error does not happen. Please fix this; C Postscript: I loved the update, although there are some slight bugs if you fall off the map after defeating the Ropalolyst, like returning to appear on the stage where you first fought. I really like the visual improvement of light effects and textures.
  2. Bug with Metronome (Octavia), when you are invisible and you take out your operator, you are visible again. Enemies see you and shoot you, but you can not become invisible either, you can if the duration of the 3rd ability ends
  3. There is a rare bug, it does not always happen but it is annoying. Of the times that eidolon are hunted, 2 or 3 times a night usually happens. The first lure, yes or yes, is fully charged by absorbing 3 Eidolon Vomvalyst. But in an inexplicable way even if it has absorbed 3 Eidolon Vomvalyst, the Eidolon Lure does not charge or turn blue. I have already played 3 times in 4 nights where you need about 4 to 5 Eidolon Vomvalyst to be able to return blue to the Eidolon Lure (as a signal that is fully charged)
  4. Host migrating is still happening in the plains of eidolons for no reason.
  5. Since the last update, host migration problems are evident. And the weekend of double resources I could not take advantage of it because in 10 missions that were just 3 I went without problem. How is it possible to enjoy a mission with friends, if the connection is lost and you lose everything you've harmed with them or what you played with them in case they need your support like hunting eidolons. That problem happens even when window firewall is disabled, and also without connection problems and the connection between players is less than 100 ms of ping. then regardless of what factors would be stable this problem affects too much. The other thing is the ram consumption increase, some missions presented an increase of 100-400 mb of ram consumption additional than usual with the latest hotfix, not only increases ram consumption but also processor temperature and also card video, although in this last one I do not know, the fps in some parts or mission scenarios are reduced speaking of less than 30 - 40 fps, but based on 120 fps. But losing such an amount of fps is surprising. In the eidolon plains, the yield of fps is not stable. There are times when there are no enemies near or without so many effects of light or something, without any explanation, the FPS decrease. When I hunt eidolon, I end up with the teralyst and then I go to The shrine located in the middle of Gara Toht lake. More than half of FPS is lost, ie 120 fps at 55 fps (it is not noticeable but this problem is evident) but this happens only for 10 - 15 seconds. For something strange that seems, the more enemies are close to you (depends on the background scenario), the performance is affected and the FPS decrease As an additional, the mission that is to be carried out in the index, of the nightwaves, even when you perform them, does not give points and remains as if it has not been carried out.
  6. I'm really upset about this. When it was the weekend of double resources, I went to farm 2 million nano spores. But the connection with the host was lost, and I could not meet the mission and obviously I lost everything.
  7. I noticed with the last hotfix, RAM consumption in some missions rose between 100mb to 400 mb more than usual.
  8. The same thing happens to me, since the last update it is really difficult to go hunting eidolon or farmear kuva or something simpler than doing sorties in public. I am surprised that when I am a guest player let's say player # 2, (with a ping of 80ms) the connection to the host is lost. And when I'm the host, to a friend who lives in the same city as me, I give him a 30ms ping, but he or I present host migration. Like you, I checked my hardware, and also my internet connection, I called the technical service, and they did not find any error. I tried other games online, and I have not presented this error, but this game is the only one that has it.
  9. Dex sniper rip. I miss the first years where they gave us Dex weapons. More weapons like that would not be bad, taking into account that it is once a year.
  10. Using the exodia contagion is uncomfortable with mele 3.0 Especially if you carry a sniper rifle, yes or yes, you must aim with the weapon is primary or secondary to be able to launch the attack of exodia contagion
  11. Eidolon are still teleporting, Although it does not always happen. It is real. Please eliminate the animation of fleeing and sumejerse in the water, Eidolon Gantulyst and Eidolon Hydrolyst. These two eidolon do it even if a charged Lure is suggesting it or even if no Limb of his body has been destroyed. Please also fix the host migration, not everything is fortune. The plains of eidolon present the same problem and there is no reason, taking into account that the connection is stable and good.
  12. Thank you very much for the hotfix. But there is also a host migration problem in the eidolon plains. 1 or 2 players get the "Host migration" or "lost connection with the host" , even if they have a very stable connection with the host.
  13. It is a little uncomfortable that the melee 3.0, works in the operators. That is, with melee being in the air we can direct an attack to a place on the floor. In operators the same thing works when you press "e" for void blast, which makes it uncomfortable for the operator to travel forward. This effect increased in the update
  14. Host migration problems in the Eidolon Plains This problem started from the last update, the Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0, when you are invited or you are a host, and you are going to hunt whatever the previous case, the moment will come when the connection with the host will be lost. In case you are the host, one to three players will see the host migration (it is random) In the case of being the guest player, host migration appears and there is a minimum chance to be reinstated in the game. I checked my connection in the 7 cases, and I have not had problems with my internet, nor have other colleagues had it, but already to different group this error has happened. We all have directx 11 activated, we usually hunt without problems with our host or as a guest and something like this has never happened. Only this problem occurs in the eidolon plains. I went with a friend of the clan to fish and to me I appeared host migration without any reason and my ping was 90ms. When I stayed there was no problem but after 20 minutes in the plains I realized that I was alone in the mission and the message of host migration had appeared.
  15. In the plains of eidolon, there are problems with the host, host migration occurs without any explanation.
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