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  1. Platform: PC IGN: LokiBird Wishlist: More Practical: Warframe/Weapon/Riven/Companion Slot(s) Affinity/Resource Booster Forma Eidolon Lens (any) Baruuk/Xaku/Gauss warframe For Fun: Shawzin Solstice or Vitruvian Glyph Pack Valkyr Noggle Thank you @Krilexis for the Valkitty! You're awesome!! ☺️ Domestik Drone Thank you @Gilmaesh!! You're the best! The cute lil' Space Roomba will be happily cleaning around my ship now! Storm/Grineer/Fire/Daybreak/Corpus/Dojo/Orokin Color Palette Euphrates Kavat or Kubrow Armor M
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