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  1. This topic again... The problem is, that kick functions opens up for all kinds of abusive behavious. Instead, make it so we don't get into a group with people on our ignore list. Leech on me once...
  2. French? Sounds more like klatchian to me.
  3. The Grattler is a quad mount autocannon firing explosive shells. "Old Painless" is a minigun firing rifle rounds. Ok?
  4. A lot of the mouse-overs and clicks bog down functionality, and actually obscures information sought. I understand, that you want to avoid information overload, but right now you are overcompensating. The game offers up a lot of information during gameplay, and the new UI strategy tends to obfuscate that. I come across screens with one mouse-over point and an entirely blank screen at times. Functions often have a series of redundant clicks, before I have to make actual choices. Basic information, that could easily sit in a corner or edge of an icon without obscuring it, now need to be accessed with clicks and mouse-overs. A good UI in an information rich environment need to give users easy access to that information. Some information is needed for quick overview, like amount in possession, amount recieved, if a weapon/frame has been mastered or relic refined etc. Other information is less valuable for a bigger picture, like the effect of a mod swap on an ability, and can be covered up until retrieved. And while this may break with a functionality pattern, a strict adherence to the current pattern is hiding information, that is needed up front and accessible at a glance. You also seriously need to reconsider your use of washed out colours on icons. Some of us are getting a bit old, and our eye sight isn't what it used to be. Subduing a mass of icons and making them less distinguishable isn't helping.
  5. I'll just leave this here: The Streisand Effect,
  6. Have you checked the vehicles tab? The one where archwing weapons are supposed to be.
  7. How about no. Some of us do the event solo, and I personally find the Hemacyte fight to be tedious. Your suggestion would make the fun factor plummet, not just for me, but also for others who mirrored my sentiment during the earler event runs. If you're really that bothered by people not contributing catalysts or phylaxes, do the event with a premade group.
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