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  1. Just a side note: Plowing through Oxomoco works with the Nightwave challenge, but not the riven challenge. Had a shotty riven and thought I'd better get around to unveiling that. But alas... 😛
  2. Just did it in Oxomoco solo. High duration/range Ash, using 1 and 2 and a lot of energy pizzas. Long range enemy radar (Vigilante Pursuit+ Primed Animal Instinct in my loadout) is a big help, as mobs tend to respawn behind you. Just go invisible, burn mobs down with shuriken, pull back before invisibility runs out, slap down pizza, rinse and repeat.
  3. No, I don't like the idea. I suggested a more dynamic world, that would be shaped by collective player agency. That has been on the table for many MMOs, but hasn't really been implemented consistently and successfully. What we end up with, implementing your suggesting, is a moral meter. Good points, the needle moves up. Bad points, the needle moves down. Player options and encounter chances are added or removed according to where the needle is at. Basic ludomechanics, that is still being used and abused in modern games development. You might not think it akin to other moral systems, but it sure smells like Bioware. Well, someone is confused. What I argued was, that to avoid ludonarrative dissonance, that is introducing an obvious contrivance and thus putting a massive strain on immersion, you have to explain moral arbitration. You need to explain, who or what is keeping the score. Who or what changes the environment in response to you being 'good' or 'bad'. Without a proper explanation, the gamification of moral action is too evident, making suspension of disbelief harder. But you are not the only one confused by my pointing out the need for the depiction of a 'Primus Motor'. You need to explain, why my actions have consequences, without any logical causal connection. And without using concepts like deities or cosmic clockwork, you end up with "That is how the game is", or psychic planetary guards.
  4. No. What I argue against is some form of moral tallying system in the game, as only a deitific being will be keeping record of your "naughty" and "nice" points. The world might change its perception of you due to observed actions, but said actions need to be observed for that to happen. You also need to stop conflating game with reality. It is not healthy. No. I specifically cited KotOr, and mentioned Bioware in general. Please don't make up stuff. Besides, the Mass Effect paragon/renegade system was more of an order/chaos approach than a traditional good vs. evil mechanic. ME was also notorious for hamfisted moral choices. Funny how things got a lot more nuanced in KotOR 2, when Obsidian were in charge of things. Perhaps you should try and read my post again. I specifically suggested a causality based environment. However, as I mentioned before, our actions need to be observed for them to have consequences. But OP want more than just a choice driven dynamism, but personal changes as well. In real life, committing attrocities often results in PTSD or the erosion of empathy, but do you really want to try and implement that into the game? Overall, moral choice is not really relevant in a context, where NOT helping your team mates and NOT butchering hostiles is severely counterproductive. If we had a proper stealth mechanic and non-lethal options, we could discuss about bonus outcomes, but presently the game is pretty straight forward in regards to moral choice. Warframes Light/Dark choices are hardly any measure of morals. Even the most vindictive choice can be explained as much-needed catharsis, and a show of mercy can potentially have catastrophic consequences for others, victims of your desire to feel good about yourself. I have found that game designers rarely make good philosophers, and this karma system would only implement a mockery of a concept, that to this day still begs for consensus.
  5. With a little effort, you can be offended by anything.
  6. So basically a Bioware-esque interpretation of ethics... No thanks. I wouldn't mind seeing a more causality based environment, where the choice of the community could determine how missions, nodes and even planets would turn out (permanent or temporary). But the whole good and evil balancing act is a crass contrivance, that may have worked to a certain degree in KotOR's light-/darkside mechanics, but is ill-fitting outside a paradigm with divine arbitration. Besides, the concept of a moral scale tend to make good people do bad things. One of the very interesting things the Star Wars community driven lore has touched on, is the concept of good vs. evil compared to the light/dark nature of the Force. However, Warframe has neither pantheon nor Force analogue (unless DE intend to shoehorn additional lore into the concept of the Void), and quite frankly I prefer the game to stay as secular as possible.
  7. Umbra Ember Umbra Ember Umbra Ember Rumba Embra... DAMMIT!!!
  8. As the smartest hobbit on the internet says: Facts don't care about your feelings. 😄
  9. Wisp was released last Wednesday. The cyst can be drained/removed after 7 days. Please do the math.
  10. When viewing relics, it is in the upper right corner, as a currency. Some of the new features are a bit cumbersome and counterintuitive.
  11. In Io defense mission, mobs can get stuck in a room without a way in/out. When the mobs then are adapting to your AoE damage, you basically have a failed mission.
  12. Or maybe you've been tooled up for so long, you can't relate to undergeared players anymore. For someone starting out, maxing out a Serration is a lengthy project in itself. Sure, metas can burn him down in seconds. But not everyone is running a wolfganker build. Not by a longshot. Observation: Players very often leave, when their mission is invaded by the wolf. That or they just run past to get to the extraction zone. Observation: If players choose to fight the wolf, it can easily take the aforementioned 10-20 minutes. Once in a while he gets killed in a minute or two, but as a general rule, the mission gets quadrupled in length easily. Or as I've seen several times, the mission fails as objectives die/gets destroyed. Joy! Observation: If I bring my Rattleguts on solo missions, I can get him down in 5 minutes. However, the time I waste on him and the convicts is time I could use to finish one more mission. With a short time booster running, THAT is infuriating. On top of that, the fight mechanics are contrived, inconsistent and glitchy, and just one more source of annoyance DE has injected into the general game. And sadly, while the event is over, the wolf and his molotov cocktail spamming convicts are still dropping into my missions. If anything, this event made the glaring difference in powerlevels apparent. The game really needs something for the facerollers to do, something seperate from normal activity. Orb Vallis was a perfect example of what happens, when you try to make something for everyone in shared content. At some point, noone is happy, things being too hard for some and too easy for others.
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