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  1. Not much of an appetite today. Had some oats with milk and raisins, so I don't take my meds on an empty stomach. Took some pork tenderloin out of the freezer for tomorrow. Going to slice it up and fry it with a couple of onions and chopped sun dried tomatos, add some pork stock and let it simmer until the meat comes apart. Serve with jasmine rice, chopped bell pepper and broccoli. Nice and simple.
  2. We've been reading Exodus again, haven't we? (and using Google translate)
  3. Sometimes it pays off to be a non-steam-using luddite. And my main problem with the whole Xoris kerfuffle is, that it is the second corpus weapon using energy for a blade. Just one conceptual step further and: I can hardly wait! (Metal version of Duel of the Fates starts playing in my head)
  4. Had my curry pork with onion wraps. Added some chopped bell pepper and garlic dressing. It was good. Got some ground chicken for tomorrow. Plan is either curry chicken wraps, which might be a bit much like today, or some pan fried chicken meatballs (a fowl version of traditional danish "frikadeller").
  5. I got my diagnosis late in life, so I had to cope for a long time without guidance or medication. And once I got on meds, it turned out my heart couldn't take it, and the rest of the side-effects were really bad as well. So I'm doing it the hard way: Research, meditation, physical training, eating healthy. But overall, I've been really lucky. I've been able to early on observe where I had difficulties, and then compensate. And I had a dad, that was in the navy, so I got my integrity and discipline from him. It could have been worse. About 40% of all occupants in the danish correction facilities test high on ADHD tests, and most undiagnosed cases wind up in substance abuse or on medication for misdiagnosed mental ailments, so..... yeah.
  6. Best advice given today.
  7. Sugar is an upper. The brain prefers carbohydrates as an energy source, and it usually eats up 25% of our daily energy expenditure. People with ADHD tend to crave simple carb, since we have increased brain activity (not always in a good way). And the more carbs you eat, the more the body learns to use them before other energy sources, and store more as fat, build up insulin resistance... It's an evil cycle. Weight lifting and martial arts helped stave things off, but getting a degree late in life and old injuries acting up accelerated things. Hashimoto's, diabetes and narrowly escaping a full blown heart attack didn't help either. No, it's the stimulants, that has an opposite effect. Caffeine is a downer. Same with Ritalin. Both interact with the brain's neurochemistry, sometimes bringing levels of and response to dopamine and norepinephrine up to "normal" levels, and sometimes overdoing it. I am looking into it, but focusing more on therapy strategies and impulse management, so no thorough lecture on neurologic aspects of the disorder, I'm afraid. So coffee, amphetamine-based medication, energy drinks etc. makes me go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... 😄
  8. The more I look at those Deathwish Coffee mugs, the more potentially broke I get. And here I thought my lifelong hobby of Warhammer/WH40K would be my economic downfall.
  9. Funny thing about having ADHD is about 70% of us have a paradoxal reaction to stimulants. I found out after I had to cut sugar from my diet, that the energy I got from drinking "Split Second" style coffee was the massive carb intake. 😄 Now it calms me down, and if I drink more than a single cup in a couple of hours, I get drowsy.
  10. You're welcome. 🙂 There's even... https://www.amazon.co.uk/DEATH-BEFORE-DECAF-Personalised-Hilarious/dp/B07983MD6G/ref=sr_1_31?dchild=1&keywords=skull+spoon&qid=1593796901&sr=8-31 A little spicy for a simple engraving job, but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to send regular ones to an engraver, if one desired.
  11. I got 6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=skull+spoon&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  12. They have some REALLY nice mugs!
  13. I'd need a nap after one of those.
  14. Yeah, but then we're at the philosophical conundrum of: Is the transfered conciousness really us, or just a copy, and the original perished or simply not any better off than before. A bit of the same problem, that Star Trek teleporters creates. 😄 They can already 3D-print cartilage, and I read about attempts at printing heart tissue. Geriatric medical research is also puttering along at a steady pace. And neural interface development is somewhere between "interesting" and "scary" last I checked up on it. So us old geezers might get to see either regen treatment, vat-grown bodygrafts or outright cybernetic replacements.
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