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  1. She cheeses a lot of the MR tests like a dream, and makes it easy to reach Derelict/Void trial rooms. Her guns in razorwing tears things up pretty good, and there's something hillarious about a tiny pixie flitting about and chopping mobs up like a blender on a rampage. Other frames can do most of the things she does, but better. I mainly use her for the tests and rooms.
  2. Search term: Content locust. And last I checked, February was the second month of the year, and we're not through that month yet. Hyperbole use tend to undermine your argument, so... maybe... stop exaggerating and get back on your Ritalin?
  3. Yep. In orokin and derelict tilesets they do. However, the containers in grineer and corpus tilesets drop detonite injectors and fieldrons instead. Wiki for the overachievers.
  4. Scumble is made from apples... Well, mostly apples. But even a bottle of Nanny Ogg's strongest will make me trust this Nora character. I'll be thoroughly hammered, but I still won't trust her.
  5. Would, ah... Whould there by any chance be a few bottles of Sedna Dark Rum in said crates?
  6. You're not missing out on anything. It is basically just populist drivel and inane, pseudo-spiritual rambling. I'm already at a point, where I wish we get the opportunity to shoot her in the face. Turning the scanner off then on again switches it back to the usual grineer chatter, but I can't get bothered to do this every time, I get back to the liset.
  7. No. Different speech pattern and context. Nora sounds more like Sai Baba or Deepak Chopra. Lotus seem like some crazy cat lady, who collect cats to still a rampant maternal urge (and then send her darlings to fetch groceries and do away with troublesome neighbours). And then she betrayed us... -.- As a player, I don't really feel any motivation to establish any kind of relationship with this new character, based on what we've heard until now. I already associate with the Edgelords and Space Hippies of the Origins System, and those I prefer to keep at arm's distance.
  8. Nora's drivel sounds a lot like cult propaganda. I'm going to be really disappointed if she turns out to be our new handler.
  9. Rather than relying on hearsay from us players, you ought to contact the community team and see if you could get an interview with a spokesperson (which probably would be the lovely Rebecca). Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you could suggest everything from a physical or Skype interview, to chat or a list of e-mailed questions. You could start through the community Inbox. Be polite. Be professional. Prepare your questions well in advance.
  10. A little something from my youth. 🙂
  11. No drops. Usually works for me, but not last night.
  12. You can drain it as part of kubrow breeding in the incubator to get an infested version. There is no other benefit as far as I know. Wiki for the overachievers.
  13. Yep. Noticed the tweet and can relate. I get really bad ones that can last up to 3 days, with a lingering headache for for weeks, depending on severity. To make it worse, I react badly to all the migraine meds I tried, possibly due to interaction with my other medication. And now that I got a heart condition, I don't get near anything that constricts blood vessels, if I can help it... Which includes nicotine. I miss my pipes. 😭 Really looking forward to a closer look at Swoleframe, and the kitty kit is probably the best Twitch drop since Ash Prime. I'll be there.
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