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  1. Would have been nice if the Nihil fight (and puzzles) was in an environment, that didn't trigger severe vertigo. Whatevs, not much of a loss, narratively or loot-wise. Now to wait for DE to pull their finger out and deploy another intermission, so there's more of an incentive to do the NW challenges.
  2. Found some 280g packets of chicken breasts at bargain price. Gonna have a few poultry dish days with sum experimentation, innit. Also grabbed an armful of leek and potato soup in portion cartons, for when I'm feeling a bit under the weather and can't be arsed to do much in the kitchen. Just chop an onion and add some extra leeks to the pot, possibly a few meat balls as well. Stay prepared. Joe had a rather interesting guest on, regarding nutrition. I'm not entirely sold on the carnivore diet, but we are seeing certain ethnicities living almost entirely off animal product.
  3. Halloween event started in Rift, and I'm currently farming the event currencies there. With my... umm, heheh... 26 characters (Ok, I have a problem. Hi, I'm Yrkul, and I'm an altoholic). Warframe is taking a bit of a back burner right now, with all their dawdling. Made some ground beef with black beans, onions and garlic last night. I've been going overboard with the garlic recently, now that I don't have any more appointments with the dentist.
  4. It is not tintable. Reb said so at the time it was given out. It is supposed to symbolize the fight against breast cancer. Having it changed to another colour would change the symbolism as well.
  5. The problem is, this is not a singular instance, where DE got caught up in a world crisis and is coping the best they can. They have been deploying one half-baked project after the other, over and over and over again for several years. This is a pattern, so "giving them time" is not going to solve the problem. Furthermore, I was pointing at the failure of delivering the so-called "story". There is something called "pacing" in storytelling. If the story is too rushed or too drawn out, the audience disconnects, and the narrative FAILS. Adding even more time only exacerbates the problem.
  6. When the rabbitholle beareth the sign "Bardcore"...
  7. Whatever rudimentary semblance of a story The Glassmaker had has grown stale and uninteresting. Just get it over with, and give us an intermission, so we'll at least have something worth doing challenges for.
  8. What kind of repressed, butterknife banning, Orwellian state are you living in? UK?
  9. Been chilling in Guild Wars 2 for a couple of days. Shoulder is pretty sore from the pneumonia shot, but at least I should be covered the next 6 years.
  10. Almost. Now you need to link to this page from Twatter, Tumblr and Instagram, and proliferate your rage through 87 sock puppet accounts.
  11. With a little effort, you can be offended by anything.
  12. Yep. That would be nice. Some of these changes DE makes smells rather passive-aggressive
  13. Coping with how the pandemic has impacted the health assessment program I'm on. Pains got a little worse the last couple of weeks. Probably the weather. Going into a high-energy low-focus period, where I'm basically bouncing off the walls and have a hard time spending that energy on anything constructive. My condolences, by the way.
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