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  1. My record while farming Kuva Nukors was 5 hours to get the right one. Tried an impact Nukor with the new bleed mod, which was underwhelming. Perhaps the new Parazon mechanic will make it worth it. Also have a magnetic Nukor, which seems to be optimal, and a cold Nukor for captures and demolysts.
  2. An associate of mine tried fugu/pufferfish when he was in Japan. Said it wasn't particularly tasty. So I guess it is more the danger element, that makes it special. Fish recipes... Have you tried Quang Tran's channel? Warning: Noisy eater!
  3. Finally got some rain today. I was getting tired of living in a sauna, hormetic response be damned.
  4. Syndicate emblems would be nice.
  5. Remember to bring a bucket. Wouldn't want all that sodium chloride to go to waste.
  6. That is a general problem, not just confined to this community.
  7. I also find it telling, the amount of "Oh-Sh*t" moments whenever DE adds new content, be it large expansions or just a small update. It seems like they have little feeling with game mechanics before implementation, and any control is reactionary. I think DE needs number crunchers and theoreticians. Just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks won't hold for much longer.
  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of fluffy prose once in a while. We need the occasional white pill. Oy vey! GW is making a new Horus Heresy game box. Stuffed with new takes on the old beaky MKVI marines, the style that shipped with the 1st edition 40K. My youth! Nostalgia overwhelmeth! My poor, already undernourished wallet! I need to make some hard choices.
  9. I also don't have the time and energy to put into playing as I used to. I still have the Witcher 3 Platinum Edition in the wrapper on a shelf. Right now, though, I find my studies more compelling, and there's the whole health and finding work hurdle eating up surprising amounts of energy.
  10. Eh... Watched the recap, and... yeah. Not getting as excited over video games as I used to. I think I'll generally watch some playthroughs for the story and for ideas. DRM, online verification, unfinished products at launch and products as a service is so off-putting. It is more or less the premise of MMOs by their nature, but seeing it infest the industry as a whole is depressing. I miss Totalbiscuit.
  11. Also insomnia. The apartment being an oven from the lingering heat doesn't help.
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