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  1. Just a friendly reminder, that mobile games are an abomination unto Nuggan.
  2. Improvement or just measure to put food on the table?
  3. Finally found the music Troy James used on AGT, and thought I wanted to share.
  4. So you just want to call people names, which acomplishes... what? Added stacks of toxicity? We have enough labels being thrown around frivolously in general discourse. Don't be part of the problem. And if you start a sentence with a capital letter and use basic punctuation, you won't get yelled at so much by people with OCD.
  5. Sometimes the "Git Gud" quip is warranted, and other times it is not. You have to elaborate why they are an elitist arsehat in a certain context. Just throwing some derogative term at them isn't constructive.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of Revenant Chassis Blueprints. For someone once claiming they wouldn't dilute droptables, you guys sure are doing just that. Why is a blueprint, useful twice only and already available in normal bounties, shoved into an event loot table?
  7. Hmh. That should teach me not to get too excited over a reference and a couple of quotes. Read Rothbard's Anatomy of the State, and found his insight... lacking. Very americentric, displayed historical literacy not exceeding a couple of centuries... And being a historical revisionist doesn't help his credibility either. So... If anyone else is curious... Bring salt.
  8. I am so grateful I kept my Windows 7 installation. Still running everything I use without problems. And with some of the shenanigans said to come with the next Windows iteration, I'd rather switch to Linux than "upgrade", should it come to that.
  9. This has been an issue since the mission UI revamp. And apparently, DE doesn't see this as enough of a problem to allocate resources to resolve the issue.
  10. I've been binging on bunny videos... SO FLUFFEY!!!
  11. Indeed I missed you. Welcome back.
  12. I could offer a certain quip, but that would be tasteless, stupid, uncivilized and would probably get me banned... so I won't.
  13. You're doing it wrong.
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