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  1. METEOR WHIP SKIN Wukong Samadhi's signature Whip Skin. i do not agree with this please give him a staff skin. a wip is not the signature weapon i can not agree with this PLEASE RESPECT THE LOR as we respect you where is Ruyi Jingu Bang Skin i would like to use it on bo prime
  2. at the end screen when collecting rewards weather survival or extermination solo or public i am getting a network disconnection and freezing. The timer pop up but there is nothing there for 2-10 seconds and then i freezes on the item i could get and then wont let me progress
  3. ok so this is jest a update i am using a net cafa and i am frezing other players with me and o dont know if i am geting my rewards
  4. i have been getting the issue for the past 7-8 days now please help AN Existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host. ERROR 10054
  5. can we have a repeatable night wave that runs all the time but it is caped with the points like kill a night wave boss that spans in X place because i have NOT GOTTEN the wolf drop and dont know what to do with my self now cant buy parts cause he is expensive and i want to get all event items please help rn jesus help me
  6. hi can we have a bandage for it like a separate trad chat for rivens only so we dont have to go through the hell of looking for buyers and sellers of prime parts
  7. can somebody send me the math as to how 2200+90%=2695 because i did not pass math class nor did my phones calculator 2200+90%=4180?
  8. give nyx a real passive please. This is not going to do any thing it wont let most vets play her more and higher lv aoe is still going to one shot you it is pointless if your enemies cant aim at you and if it apply to her ult it will take longer for you to accumulate damage in he 4 . also in a realistic fashion if i cant seem to hit a enemy why continue aiming at said enemy when i can aim at there objective i mean i wont hit them any ways. also this may make us see the problem in you AI pathing even more it has been a problem for years . If you Nerf spin to win there will always be some one to find out a way to hide behind a corner and kill millions of canon fodder and create a new cheese
  9. but the bit size players are not loved Server disconnections to the bit size players !!! huzar
  10. what is worse saying a we going to drop it this week with the little bugs as posible and push it back by mounths. or say nothing untill thay one day befor thay drop it and tweeting abought the stuff thay are working on whole time and not know when it will come .
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